Adam Lambert’s Auctioned Costumes Bring Major Cashola to GLAAD!

Adam Lambert donated 15 of his stage outfits for an 8-day eBay auction and sales closed at over $40,000! The donation will come from Adam’s recently-created Feel Something Foundation and all proceeds will go to GLAAD.

From the Glam Nation Tour – 2010 – One of the early pieces from Adam Lambert’s Skingraft collection that sold for $2,469.

The bidding war started immediately when the post opened last week, but slowed to marginal increases afterward. Just 10 minutes prior to closing, they were bringing in $27,072.01, but then the bidding war began, climaxing at $41,662.72! The screen couldn’t keep up with the bids so what showed in the final minutes was false. In parentheses I’m showing what looked like the final price, followed by the actual SOLD price.

I’m sure these outfits will bring back some great memories to all Glamberts. And some very happy days to the winners! Do you think Adam will include a signed card to all the winners?

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

  • Metallic Bomber Jacket – Original High Tour 2016;  ($2,075) SOLD FOR $2,550.03
  • H&M Black & Yellow pants – Trespassing Tour 2013;  ($1,375) SOLD FOR $1,476
  • Black Denim Givenchy Jacket – X Factor Australia 2016;  ($2,025) SOLD FOR $2,025 
  • Ashton Michael  3-pc outfit – Glam Nation Tour 2010;  ($2,025) SOLD FOR $2,200
  • Victor & Rolf Blazer – VH1 Divas LIVE 2012; ($1,125) SOLD FOR $1,308
Screen shot: YouTube
  • Leather Studded Jacket, American Idol LIVE Tour 2009; ($3,172) SOLD FOR $3,552
Photo Credit: Dan’niel McKnight
  • Dolce & Gabbana 3-pc Pink Suit – QAL News of the World/Rhapsody Tour 2017; ($2,025) SOLD FOR $3,150
Photo by Carol Hagey
  • Green Leather 99%IS Jacket Crown Jewels Residency/Tour 2017; ($3,450) SOLD FOR $9,101
Photo Credit: Dan’niel McKnight
  • Skingraft Leather Studded Ringmaster Jacket – Glam Nation  Tour 2010;  ($1,600.01) SOLD FOR $3,550.69
Photo Credit: Dan’niel McKnight
  • Leopard Tuxedo Jacket – X Factor UK 2014;  ($1,850) SOLD FOR $2,600
Photo: ITV X Factor UK
  • Sequined Bomber Jacket – Rhapsody European Tour 2019; ($1,850) SOLD FOR $4,000
  • Leopard Print 2-pc Suit – First QAL Tour ($2,500) SOLD FOR $3,450
Photo: Derek Storm
  • Skingraft Leather Jacket – American Idol Season 8 Whole Lotta Love ($ 2,000) SOLD FOR $2,700
Photo: American Idol
  • Black Lace Shirt – First QAL Tour 2014; ($2,028) SOLD FOR $2,700
Photo: Twitter @damanley
  • Skingraft 2-pc Jumper – Glam Nation Tour 2010; ($2,025) SOLD FOR $2,469

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  1. Wow! That’s amazing!

  2. Janet BILICKI says

    This was a great idea for a charity fund raiser for Adam. Happy they all sold and did well when you consider it’s really a rummage sale.

    • Ha ha ha, rummage sale! A pretty good one, at that!

      • Lila Hayes Zubik says

        Yeah, a REALLY good one. I’d love to have participated, but it was above my price range. And I’ll bet he’s a bigger size than me so I don’t have enough wall space to hang it for display like the Hard Rock, ha-ha.