Adam Lambert & Xtina LIVE at NYC Pride Island!

Adam Lambert’s long-time dream came true Sunday night when he performed Lady Marmalade on stage with none other than Christina Aguilera!

Adam & XTINA at NY Pride – 6-25-23 Screencap by Carol Hagey

Evidently Adam texted Xtina to “have a great show” and she replied with an invitation to join her on-stage! Click here for his tweet about it:

This is a true bucket list moment for Adam and for the fans. Adam, ever the ideal duet partner, could have shown a lot brighter in this performance but he will never show up a partner. Especially not his dream duet match!

Full Performance courtesy Andrew M

Another video from Xtina Daily – starting when she brings Adam on stage and better quality.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Wow, what a performance!