Adam Lambert Working in Sweden on New Album!

Adam Lambert is hard at work in Sweden with Über Producer Max Martin on his third studio album. This news has rocked Glambert World, maybe even as much as the Queenbert Tour announcement! Adam’s last album Trespassing, was released May 15, 2012. By the time #3 is released, it will be well past the 2-year mark.

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Photo courtesy

Adam Lambert worked with Martin on his first album, For Your Entertainment. Martin co-produced the two single releases Whataya Want From Me & If I Had You. Coincidence? I think not! Martin has a long track record of proven hits with other superstars like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and the list goes on and on.

Trespassing was Adam’s opportunity to show his fans more of who he was, co-writing most of the songs and serving as Executive Producer. He stated in every interview that these songs were from his heart and soul. In my opinion, Adam’s fans are some of the most stalwart ever, and will love everything he puts out. But for some reason, even though Trespassing received heavy critical acclaim, it did not resonate with the pop world. Based on this, it didn’t surprise me that RCA was reluctant to proceed with a third album of original material. Perhaps Adam paid attention to this, and this is why he’s returned to Max Martin? I couldn’t be happier!

Click here for the article by Jason Lipshutz.

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  1. I don’t think RCA had any clue of what they had in Adam! They had no idea how to put him out there on tour or put him on any talk shows. They just blew it!

  2. Oh, and Trespassing was an AMAZING CD.

  3. I absolutely LOVED his first album. Side 2 of Trespassing was, in my opinion, very beautiful. All the funky, “clappy” stuff I didn’t care for. Would just LOVE if he went back and did a Rock album for this third, as was originally rumored, with his original band. Am counting the days til his concert July 12th!

    • Yeah he needs a rock CD, better writing and lets him use his vocal range.
      It would be like having Adele do dance music it would be a waist of her voice, same with Adam he needs to spread his wings and have little bit of nasty attitude, like when he did 20th century boy.

  4. one good woman says

    I can’t wait!

  5. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    I have high hopes for this album. Go get ’em Adam!!!

  6. glamity58 says

    I can’t wait for it all. Who’s going to which shows? So far I’m going to Chicago. I’m mad I overpaid for 4 seats (I won’t use them all), so now I can’t spend more to sit closer. The whole ticket process was a scam and I bought into it. Still hoping to go to one more show, maybe in Vegas. One will not be enough. I think these venues would have sold out if the prices hadn’t been way too high. I’m sure they’ll come down and I’ll be able to get another one for a decent price.

    • Oh, I can hardly wait. I’m one of the unfortunates who can’t go to any of the Queenbert concerts & I hate it. The late time I saw Adam was during the Glamnation tour. Loved it then so got the DVD. Anyhow I am rambling, but am very excited for the new album. He’s simply the cutest, hottest most sexy man EVER!

    • I’ll be there in Chicago too. Lucked out and got some good seats. Also will be going to the Vegas show on Sunday the 6th, again good seats. Since I also love N.Y.C., how could I pass up Madison square garden, again some good seats. Not great ones but still on the floor, 13 rows back. How they scalp these seats should be illegal, but they all do it. Since I have to arrange air, and hotel, the sooner I got these seats the more comfortable I felt.
      This is a once in a lifetime show, I’m just starving for some great music !
      My advice, get the tickets, and look for deals at hotels, eat cheap. You can make up the difference in other areas. Good luck.

      • I agree beab….once in a lifetime show. I got main floor, center, second row from the stage, at the Palace in MI. Worth every dollar!

  7. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    I’m hoping he eventually comes back to Australia. We don’t see enough of Adam…No doubt the new album will be fabulous, it would be great if it was a DVD….

  8. JoAnne T. says

    Am seriously glad to hear Adam’s doing a 3rd cd. I do think RCA and his past promoters sucked. They didn’t have a clue! I do remember, however, at the end of his Idol days what Gene Simmons said “if u come out with this your career will be half over”; meaning his sexuality. It just scares me that it may come to pass.

    • When Gene Simmons was a guest on Chelsea Handler’s show she told Simmons right to his are really an assh##e. I really agree with her and think he is wrong about Adams career. I remember him telling Adam that he should tour with Queen for a while and that I agree with. I really hope his sexuality does not hurt him cause I really don’t care what it is I love him no matter what!!!!

      • JoAnne T. says

        I hope it does not either cuz I love Adam regardless! I wish there were more tour dates for Adam & Queen, I live in Florida and the shows r just too far to go and would put me outta budget.

  9. Going to Philly show! Got a Groupon deal that sold out in an hour! Woke up saw it bought it! can’t wait!

  10. Tamara Wiehe says

    Any interest in joining me in Vegas for Adam and Queen? I have an extra ticket, second row. Celebrating my birthday.