Adam Lambert VIDEO from NPR’s “Ask Me Another”

First let me apologize for the delay in publishing this. Our website updated and we had to learn how to put it together all over again. And this time of year is so convenient, right?!

As many of you know, Adam Lambert appeared with Tony Hawk on December 12th at the San Diego taping of NPR’s Ask Me Another. Lila and I attended the show at the Balboa Theater and ran into a few good friends – Glenda, Robin and Jamie! Lila & I secretly recorded portions of the game with Tony, the interview and trivia game with Adam. The views aren’t the greatest because they threatened if they caught people filming, we’d be removed. We didn’t want to post it until NPR’s publication date figuring it would get pulled. And we don’t need any more dings on our YouTube account, ha ha!

Adam Lambert appears on NPR’s Ask Me Another at the Balboa Theater in San Diego, California. Photo courtesy of NPR.

But now it’s released, so here we are. Sadly my phone acted up and I only got the game between Adam and Tony. However, Lila came through and did film the second half of the interview.

The biggest point I remember hearing was Adam discussing his new music along with next summer’s Queen + Adam Lambert tour. He was running down his upcoming events and he said something about releasing new music, touring his new album and THEN the Queen tour. Unfortunately, this and many other things were excluded from NPR’s posted audio version. But I know I heard him talk about it!

So sit back, hit play, click the links and enjoy! First is my secret video shot from my lap, then Lila’s secret taping of the trivia game in the final 8 minutes of the interview with Adam, followed by NPR’s audio. If you watch Lila’s video you’ll hear several differences from NPR’s edited version, including Adam’s usual wisecracks!

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to everyone!!

Love ya!

~ Carol & Lila ~
Midway through the game This, That or The Other, where Tony and Adam are given a word and they have to say if it’s a skateboard move, Adam Lambert song, or a character from The Nutcracker ballet. This picks up right after Tony is given the word “Cuckoo.” Video by Carol Hagey
After the interview with Adam, they played a game where Adam had to name other 2009 Rolling Stone cover subjects. Listen for what wasn’t included in NPR’s audio below.
Video by Lila Zubik

View NPR’s story with all the audio files on their site here.

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    What a fun night. I hope everyone enjoyed!

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for all the wonderful news in 2018. My friends & I went to the Adam Lambert Queen concerts here in Australia & each one of them was an outstanding night. Of course, now we’re all waiting for Adam’s new album, fingers crossed he’ll tour. We went to see CHER, she was amazing. The next concert in 2019 is Kylie, who we’ve always supported, plus appearing with her is Jake Shears, who I think is fabulous…..
    All the best for the New Year…

    • Thanks for the greeting & cheers, Yvonne! We love hearing from our international readers & love learning who else you’re seeing. We can’t wait for the new album also! Happy New Year & keep us posted!
      Carol & Lila