Adam Lambert Treats Everyone on X-Factor for Halloween!

Adam Lambert gave his fans world-wide the best treat of all for Halloween – a live performance of Evil In the Night, complete with Halloween makeup, fire and a hot outfit. He even gave us a new version with a different beat and a delivery I’ve never seen before!
Photo courtesy Idolator

Even though he’s far away from home, Adam still managed to get in some American-style celebration of his favorite holiday – Halloween. The X-Factor judges’ and audience response was high, and Mel B revealed something she saw, which I don’t know if her Brit-speak translates to USA-speak, but I have to go re-watch now!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Video courtesy of KennyS

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  1. I loved this performance. He is so theatrical, so energetic….and still the vocals are perfect. His diction is great. I hate when I can’t understand someone’s words and Adam is very good at that (albeit I know all the words). That Shawn Mendes was not big deal. He sounds just like Nick Jonas. I don’t get the music world and the appeal of these average singers.

  2. Yep! Adam rocks!!

  3. Looks like Adam enjoyed himself and that always makes a performance better. Great job! Wondering though how did he get that makeup off so quickly if the show was live?

  4. Fun times!