I came across a Facebook message from one of my best Chicago Glambert girlfriends, Janet Morse – who has a heart of gold. I thought you might enjoy reading it too so I asked her & she graciously gave her permission to share it!

I’m also including a few more things – tidbits to most people, but I’m now calling them Tidberts!

Here’s something special from Janet:

So I’m at Walgreens today, printing some pictures and some holiday cards. An employee named Lisa offers to help me upload photos and figure out what I’m doing. She sees all of my photos of Adam Lambert and gets really excited. She voted for him, she tells me and he should have won. She’s always wanted to see him in concert, and with Queen. Then she sees my meet & greet picture and gets even more excited. As I’m leaving I give her one of the holiday cards (with Adam on it) and she starts to cry. Runs over to hug me, then asks her boss if it’s ok that she accepts the card. He looks at it, says “Oh, he’s the guy that’s singing with Queen now. He’s really good.” She gets to keep the card and I bond with two more people over amazing music. (We had an impromptu Radio Ga-Ga moment in the middle of the store. Clapping and all!)

It struck me how many fans he has, who may have never seen him LIVE or seen anything that he’s done since, yet they still remember him so vividly and speak of him so strongly. 🙂

And now for some Holiday Tidberts!

Here’s a Holiday Sing-along with Adam, found on Chris H’s YouTube page!

Next is a nice little treat – Adam Lambert – 7 Years of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Thank you to Cocoo Y on Vimeo for the next two videos.

And a spotlight on Adam’s X Factor moments:

Love ya!

~ Carol ~