Adam Lambert Spotlight on May 9, 2013 American Idol and Surprise Attendees for the Finale!!

Did you catch this beautiful piece on Adam Lambert on Thursday’s American Idol results show?

American Idol Spotlight  5-9-13

There was speculation that Adam Lambert wouldn’t be back on American Idol when he ended his management deal with 19 Entertainment. We now know that’s not the case. On Thursday’s show, Ryan said “Adam will be onstage for a killer surprise duet next week at our finale.” Could this be something more than the already-confirmed duet with 3rd place finalist Angie Miller???? After all, David Bowie’s got a new album out!

My friends, I want to share some great news with you. I’ll be going to Thursday’s show. I won tickets from my local San Diego Fox station! Last Tuesday I was checking my emails on my phone and saw one from our Fox station to enter a contest for tickets to the American Idol Finale. My first thought was “oh, I won’t win.” But then I thought “well, someone has to . . . why can’t it be me?” So I entered, and Thursday afternoon got a call from our Fox 5 telling me I won! I am so excited!! Honestly, I have never stopped watching and loving American Idol. I may not have voted once since Adam was on, but I still love the show. I’m a true Reality TV Junkie!

They asked me who I was rooting for, and I told them I was rooting for Angie Miller, but that all three girls are fantastic (which they are!). I was hoping I could go to the Thursday show of course, and then they made my wishes come true . . . again! She said they had two winners, and since I was the first one, I’d get my choice of which night to go to. Thank goodness I fought my impulse and didn’t let this unrecognized “Private” call go to voice-mail. Maybe the 2nd winner would have wanted Thursday also!

I added that I was so excited to be able to see Angie sing with Adam Lambert. I tried not to gush too much about Adam, because after all, this contest is to promote the CURRENT Idol. But I did manage to add that I was the author on Adam’s fansite, and then THEY got all interested in my story. They’re doing a news story on the two San Diego Idol stars, Adam Lambert and last year’s runner-up, Jessica Sanchez. Their reporter started emailing me for information about what Adam’s doing currently, and yesterday Lila and I went down to the station for a filmed interview. We’ll post it, if it airs and we can capture it. Even if I have to video it from the TV screen. We just hope we didn’t look like two silly fangirls!

So, I’m going and of course Lila is going with me. We’ll let you know any details that didn’t make it on-air! Is anyone else going to the finale? Let us know!

Wow, in the About Carol description following this article, I state that I didn’t know where this trip (with the fansite) is taking me. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years, and the trip is still just as exciting!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Hi! You lucky girl! Have a wonderful time for all of us, that are gushing just at the thought-still, of meeting the amazing man, Adam Lambert, and getting to see the Thursday show with American Idol. You… get the see the best part of Idol-that finale! SquEEEEEEE! Good thing I didn’t win! I’d be relocating entirely. My family would kill me! My wish list has always been to live in California, has more recently been to meet Adam Lambert, and have a photo of us to cherish 4ever, and win the lotto or powerball. If I won that I’d probably tour the world to see Adam perform. I’d follow great music globally! So….my dear lucky glambert fashionista, luv every second,
    ’cause you are living a dream we all want to share with you. Keep some photos to share, and some videos of you can…to share. Hug that winner, and anyone else who needs a hug there on AI, and please try to let Adam Lambert know…he’s adored beyond words! He’s the one American Idol who sings and speaks fearlessly…world-wide love and equality! <3 Sorry I was so wordy, but I'm excited to think about the opportunity you are going to be experiencing in just a few days!!!!!!!!!! YEEEOWWW!

  2. WOW! So happy for you!

    • I am truly greener than green with envy. I haven’t been able to see Adam since the Glamnation Tour & I think he has changed alot. For the better I might add. I loved Glamnation and was crazy for several weeks before the show & crazier for weeks after the show. I see all these pics of Adam doing a concert of show somewhere & just know (sitting at my computer) that seeing him again would make this “Glambert Cougar” happier than happy. I haven’t been a steady Idol watchers since season 8 when Adam was a contestant (couldn’t wait to is see him each week). You knew he was going to bring it all with his incredible voice and, OMG his unbelievable good looks. Well, I feel into the “crazys” and I have gotten “crazier for Adam” with each CD and the each beautiful, SEXY picture I see of him. Maybe someday I’ll get the chance to see him again. Seeing Adam is definatly at the top of my “BUCKET LIST”. You girls have fun. I’m eating my heart out, but always happy for another Glambert when I get this kind of news!

  3. Hi Carol. I also got a ticket to the Thursday Idol finale. I’m shocked and delighted at this little stroke of luck. And congrats to you for winning a ticket and getting interviewed besides!


  4. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    WoW, you go girl…….SO jealous…….have a great time and get lots of pics….

  5. mandytwo says

    I am soooo happy for you two for being able to go. I never stop checking on Adam(daily) so seeing him last week(piece on Idol) and now seeing him again on the finale just makes me so happy. Have a blast!!!!!

    Glamb 616

  6. I can’t believe our luck either! Can’t wait!!!

  7. glamity58 says

    Carol, I am so jealous. I would kill to go, but I live in the Midwest. I don’t think I could get off work. I never even considered him singing with David Bowie. I would freak out… would be epic, although Bowie doesn’t sing as well as Adam. But I’d take it….or a duet with Jennifer Hudson or Angie. I can’t wait now. Have a great time.

  8. Miss you Adam. But once again you’ll own the stage come IDOL time. So much has changed since you graced the stage, but your performances are still unsurpassed in IDOL HISTORY. You were the only one who was consistent in surprising people, and in your versatility. No one comes close to how artistic, magnetic and mesmerizing you were, like some Merlin who threw a magic spell, who can give the panting women some heart attack. No one knows the body’s chemical reactions you foment when you perform, raising womens’ depleted estrogens and reducing them into giggling adolescents.

    Once again, I will feel for you, as you take me to places unknown when you perform. Be ready Nicki Minaj as you swoon or fell off your chair, and wear some tight-gartered underwear. I’d want to look at Mariah and Nicki when Adam performs.

    So long GLAMBERTS. The coming day is our resurrection, as once again we rise from the dead of our buried emotions. Come alive and feel the power !

    • I am very happy for you & Lila. Absolutely green with envy but do want you two to have a good time. Know you will. I will be glued to my TV for the finale on AI as I know so many others will. I’ve loved Adam since the first time I saw him during auditions for Idol. Really thought my adoration of this incredible young man would fade a little. But NOT it’s only gotten worse. Have fun you two. I have no doubt that you will. You are so lucky.

  9. Judy Lushman says

    Oh this is awesome for you two. I know you will have the time of your lives. I’m excited just to see him on my tv. I can’t imagine how excited I would be to see him live. Congrats!

  10. justin brent says

    Congrats Carol you really deserve this opportunity to see Adam live on Idol. We all appreciate your continued time spent in support of Adam on this site.

  11. Lucynka Piotrowska says

    My God! He is so wonderful as always:)

  12. I was very excited to see ADAM. I always am. I did not like the face that they did not say anything about Adam until Angie was through singing her song with him. My husband thought Angie and Adam looked cool together. I think Adam always looks good. He is a very good looking man. I saw his Dad one time when he was trying to be the next American Idol. His dad is a really good lookiing dude as well. He looked a lot like Adam. He has blond hair. And is also tall like Adam. Love you Adam! Sherry K