Adam Lambert Shines at iHeart Music Awards

Make no mistake about it, Adam Lambert is here to stay! He graced several stages of the iHeart Music Awards yesterday from Hollywood’s Shrine Auditorium.

iHeart Music Awards
Thanks for the photo.

Adam graced the Red Carpet and had interview time with E! Entertainment’s Giuliana Rancic, where he taught us his selfie secrets. Then for the big show, he introduced Bastille from the main stage, as a new phase of the British Invasion. Bastille played their smash hit, Pompeii.

Adam’s truly brushing off all the chaos that followed from a certain November 2009 awards show. He served his penalty time and even appeared on the same awards show two years later. I just wish that last night, Adam’s Glambert FanArmy was up for the award that the Rihanna Navy claimed. But we’ll count our time and wait for when his new album comes out – then we’ll show ‘em!

Enjoy these videos from the iHeart Music Awards.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Red Carpet Arrival

Thanks TheWorldmonitortv for the video.

Red Carpet Arrival – close-ups
This video shows zoomed in still shots from the arrival and you get to feast on some great poses. Not too sure about the sockless shoes. I know it became a trend a few years ago, but I thought it was for more casual loafer/moccasin type shoes?

Thanks The Sixth News for the video.

With Giuliana Rancic and E! Entertainment

Thanks saspurs21fan for the video.

Introducing British Invasion – Bastille
When they started playing the intro song “Elephant,” I really hoped that Adam would be introducing Australian band, Tame Impala. But then I realized that the bass-pounding hit was the only thing that would be louder than my beating heart! LOL!

Thanks IraRV for the video.

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Exciting to see him doing this! He’s so smooth! (and I LOVE that Elephant song. I don’t hear it on the radio nearly enough.)

    • Patricia newton says

      Loved everything about his look, even pants and shoes – a real fashion statement. As usual, a good interview and the voice and stage presence when presenting was stellar!! I get to see him in July, YAY!!!!!

  2. glamity58 says

    I couldn’t get any of the videos to work. It looked like they were muted, but I couldn’t unmute them. My computer’s sound is not muted. I loved Adam’s outfit, but agree longer pant legs and a pair of socks for this event would be more my style. I couldn’t see his eyes through those sunglasses wither. Otherwise he was very cool.

  3. Glambert 545 says

    No, no, no seriously, there couldn’t be a longer pant leg or socks to take away from the glitz and glamour of those shoes. You can’t be serious!

  4. LOVE HIM, no matter what! I’m so anxious to see him in Ls Vegas in July! Taking my binoculars! I just wish he would truly get the credit he deserves without having other artists jump on his bandwagon. I know there’s so much jealousy in that field! I feel they are afraid to totally welcome him in with open arms! What can you say he has the most fabulous voice in the industry. He can’t change that. So please let’s continue to speak n comment for him as much as we can. I’ve wanted him to be on Dancing With The Stars, but they’re not listening. He would be magnificent!! Does anyone know if he’ll be a guest on American Idol as Daughtry was? Oh God I hope so! Not a day goes by without listening to him!!!

    • mandytwo says

      WOW!!! Dancing with the stars…that would be the greatest. He sure can move and he would fit right in with the beautiful partners the stars have. I have not watched that show in so long cause it’s on when the Voice is on. I sure would watch it then. How could we get that to his managers? What a great idea…

  5. Thanks for the post, Carol! Not sure about the no socks either, but really, it’s the nose ring I wish he’d lose. Everything else about our Adam is A-Okay scrumptious though! He simply cannot take a bad picture because he looks good from every angle…including his audition scene from Glee with that angle on him writhing on the floor! LOL.

  6. Lucynka Piotrowska says

    Hello! There has been some time since I last wrote something about Adam. This time I must say something positive about this man again; Does he always has to look so good?I think he is amazing. Best whishes from Poland. hm :).

  7. Adamicted says

    All I can say is Adam looked “HOT, HOT, HOT!
    I loved the look…I’ve never been a fan of nose rings since they tend to draw the eyes to the nose…but Adam looks gorgeous none the less! I am over the moon excited about seeing him with Queen here in Vancouver, Canada on June 28. It will be AWESOME… ADAM & QUEEN…who could ask for anything more! I totally can’t wait for his new music. I listen to him daily & “NEED” more of his magical, musical GENIUS!
    XO Love always…”ADAMicted”