Adam Lambert Returns to Billboard Charts with GLEE’s Lady Gaga Cover

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23FAF2168-E1AC-03E8-67609050EC924203.jpg.pagespeed.ce.y5RWqZ4GOhAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Lambert has returned to the Billboard charts this week with his cover of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Marry the Night.’ The former American Idol contestant performed the number during last week’s episode of Glee on FOX titled “A Katy or a Gaga.”

While the original Gaga version of “Marry the Night” peaked at No. 29 on the Hot 100 in the summer of 2011, Lambert’s cover debuted at No. 39 on the Pop Digital Songs chart.

Lambert first appeared on the Billboard charts on June 6, 2009, when eight of the songs he performed on FOX‘s American Idol made their first appearances. ‘Mad World’ was the highest ranked among them, reaching No. 19. Of course the rock star went on to further success The Following year when his single, “Whataya Want from Me” reached number 10 on the Hot 100.

Watch Lambert’s performance on Glee below!

You can buy the song here:

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  1. I love this news & this performance! Thanks for posting, Lila!

    • I am so glad to hear that Adam is back on the charts, any charts. When it comes to radio play (which I know varies from place to place), where I live very seldom do they play Adam. Why I can’t understand. He’s got the most amazing voice, at least in my book, that is out there right now. Not to mention the entire package. I thought his performance on Glee was so killer! I’ve watched it I don’t how many times since the show. I am (as you can tell) totally gone on the beautiful young man.

      • Jackie, I hear Adam’s music on certain stations and even in Stores but most of it from the first CD, IMO the songs on the second CD did not hold up as well. As far as overall Radio play I would think that Clear Channel Communications has at least a small hand in that. They own 1200 radio stations and growing in the US. alone and have a very narrow conservative ownership. Adam being openly Gay is a double edge sword that artist like Mercury, Elton John, Boy George and others guarded for a long time for these exact reasons. Slash made a comment about Adam’s Pipes and how he was blown away, I think the need for music that has great range and lends itself to his strengths is what he needs. I can’t wait to see what he might do with Queen in Studio if that ever happens. The GAGA song is an example of what he can do with the right songs. His version of “Who Wants To Live Forever” was amazing!

  2. Diane Rauber says

    I’m not surprised – I loved his performance of that song! I bought it!

  3. AdoringAdam says

    I have loved Adam since I first saw him on Idol. Was blessed to have seen him 3 times in person. The greatest singer/entertainer in the world.

  4. Evette #419 says

    I love his version of this song. I think it is ADAM at his best. I want to buy it, but I’ve never boughten music from Amazon before. Is there anything special I need to know? Do I need Wifi? I am totally computer illiterate, but I’d like to learn! Can anyone help?

    • Hi Evette,
      There are a few different ways to do this. Since you mentioned Amazon, I’ll suggest you download the free Cloud Player from Amazon. Then, when you buy your music from Amazon, the music will be stored there and you’ll open that program to listen to it, again and again! The same goes for iTunes. If you need any technical help, Amazon has a great Support system for answering questions. You should always save all your music/pictures/videos/data on another source too, like an external hard drive, just in case your computer crashes.

  5. He’s so fricken’ bad ass, and so is the song! My God, what a voice!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!

  6. one good woman says

    OMG I have been watching this video everyday. I love love LOVE his voice. He is freaking awesome. I want to be a VIP at his concert some day. He should be winning all kinds of awards in the states. WAKE UP US! You have an amazing star right under your nose. Take hold and embrace him. There is no one else like Adam.

  7. TThanks, love this song and hope he sings it at his New Year’s concert I,m going to:)

  8. Jenny D. Knox says

    oh, so long since i last visited… but you almoust got me on tears 🙂 nice that songs have inspired folks around the world, not just here, small, icy Finland 😀 thank u so much!