Adam Lambert Releasing New Song Next Week!

Drink it in, Glamberts, it’s true!! Adam Lambert tweeted this morning that he’s releasing a new song on May 15!!

Picture courtesy of Twitter

Can’t wait!!

And by the way, let us be the first to wish you a happy Adam Lambert Day!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Susan White says

    I can’t wait. My sons (two grown and the nephew Im raising now) will get tired of hearing it but they love me lol. One is going with me to the Detroit concert. My hubby is going too but we were both Queen fans in the eighties lol. Carol, if you know anyone going to the concert at Little Ceasars Arena in July, feel free to hook them up with me. I have to take my scooter so we’re sitting on the mezzanine in the disabled seating,

    I love this pic by the way. I wonder if Adam picked the accessories or a stylist did. I collect vintage jewelry and will be wearing my blingy A’s and who knows what else. lol. Big hugs to all who need one.

    • Thanks Susan. Where is the Little Caesars Arena?

      • Detroit, Michigan

        • Susan White says

          Yep Detroit, Michigan in July. Are you going, Judy? I’m in White Lake, near Pontiac/Waterford, around the corner from St Pats and the VFW. I’m and WatersWaves on FB. I have Ehlers Danlos, MCAS and POTS, along with their other hitchhikers (I hit the genetic anti;lottery and got all the wonky genes from both sides). I didn’t think I’d get to go to a concert again but my family figured it all out. If you see somebody with a filter mask, on a scooter, that would most likely be me. lol Hugs to all who need one.

  2. Glamberr says

    Can’t wait for Adam’s new music. I watched the Queen +Adam Lambert show. Was wonderful how Brian & Roger praise his vocal abilities and how they love working with him. The second half of the show was nothing but praise for Adam from Simon and Nick Jonas. Maybe now people will actually give him the credit for his vocals. Voice from heaven. ?? Great seeing him on Idol too.

  3. Thanks for the information. I look forward to the new single

  4. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Wow, that picture is fantastic! Love the vibe… and those eyes!