Adam Lambert Premieres His Make-up Tutorial Series!

Yesterday Adam Lambert popped up with a YouTube make-up tutorial. He says it’s the start of a series he’ll be doing. Yesterday’s premiere was the Natural Look, something he’s not usually associated with! Perhaps he’s finding more time on his hands with Los Angeles’ return to more severe Covid protocol?

He calls this his “Get a Drink” look. I guess I’m not much of a make-up person because it was way more intricate than anything I’ve ever seen or done, LOL!

Adam’s refreshing Before look!
Starting with those power brows!

Adam is a natural in the teaching role. He gave easy-to-follow directions while he was demonstrating on himself. He even shared the brands and product names he used for each step. And the little mascara goof? Who hasn’t had that happen too?! It shows he’s just like us, and how unafraid he is to let us see that vulnerable side.

It’s a hands-on job.
All finished!

At the end – a gorgeous finished face that I’d love to get a drink with!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Enjoy this make-up session from Adam’s YouTube channel!

All photos are screen shots by Carol Hagey.

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  1. This is so sweet of him… a number of fans have asked him to do another tutorial. on makeup.
    He is so caring for the fans.. thanks so much Adam…

  2. Lila Hayes says

    This seems like a natural thing for him to do, how fun!