Adam Lambert Pops His Instagram Live Cherry in Seattle

Adam Lambert found himself with some down time before the Seattle sound check last night, so he decided to venture into new territory. He gave an almost-12 minute Instagram Live video, answering questions to lucky fans who were online at the moment. The rest of us just get to watch and enjoy!

Screen Cap by Carol Hagey

He also gave some short backstage videos, and they’re here too. And by the way, sorry about the headline. Some days you just don’t give two fux!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

This is Adam’s first Instagram Live video. He talks about Queen’s reaction to his new hair color, styling for this QAL tour, why he didn’t bring Pharoah, the creation of Two Fux, and his current intentions with his music.

He keeps asking for questions. If I would have heard this live, I would have asked about the reference to OCD in Two Fux. I’ve never heard OCD mentioned with Adam. What would you have asked?

YouTube video courtesy of LynnevillePF


YouTube video courtesy of gelly414

Same backstage starting with The Bird, ending with makeup application.

YouTube video courtesy of Kathy Katz

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  1. How fun for those people who were online at the time!

    • Linda Carrier says

      Hi Carol n Lila. Love love Adam as much as before. Even more. Thank you
      I could sit n listen to Adam sing or talk forever.

  2. mandytwo says

    I could listen to Adam speak all night. So sweet and down to earth. It seems like fame is not changing him. That’s a good thing. Thanks for sharing Carol you are the best.

    • Carol Hagey says

      Aww thanks! Everything about Adam, including this site has been so much fun. Thanks for being such a loyal contributor!

  3. Well, Hi there Adam! Always nice to see you again. I wish I could have been in on the live questions too. I always love your look Adam, Now don’t get mad ANYONE! I
    just don’t care for the red hair. Personally like it Brown, or black. But I know this is show business. And I did notice a lot of the singers are doing it blond,Red,Purple. So that’s just a thing going on right now, I STILL love you Adam Lambert.Have been following you ever since American Idol. I wish you love, Happiness and your career is going great! Thank-You Carol as usual for the great videos of Adam. I appreciate your taking the time to do this site!

  4. Thanks for Sharing Carol – Love it.

  5. Glamity58 says

    I enjoyed his live chat,,,not crazy about his red hair but no big deal….it will be different when he comes to Chicago on July 13. I cant wait….anyone planning to come to Chicago?

    We have extra tickets,,,,,we arent able to sell them online. Some folks backed out. Any ideas on how to sell them!

  6. Glamity58 says

    Thanks so much everyone. I guess now we can put them on Ticketmaster. At first they said no. I will take the best offer, but I can’t go too low. Can’t wait for Thursday. The reviews have been very good.