Adam Lambert On Global Citizen LIVE

Adam Lambert performed on Saturday’s Global Citizen LIVE from the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Dressed in a sparkly jacket and amazing black and silver industrial platforms, Adam sang Superpower and also a beautiful duet of Mad World with Demi Lovato.

On Superpower, at 2:00 he throws in an “aw yeah” in his regular voice and goes immediately back into his falsetto “power.”

Did I miss him shaving a slash through his left eyebrow or is this something new?!

Enjoy the performance videos below, plus some backstage videos, courtesy gelly414!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~


  1. Another great performance! Interesting twist on the eyebrow!

  2. Rosemary onori says

    Love Adam and Queen ,how do I get autograph vinyl .don’t know how to order from England. We are in our late 70s ,but we do have a large vinyl collection many autographs. We would love to see you in person but the funds are a problem. Stay on u tube your shows are great and we are watching,keep up the good work and it is good.your were the best ever on you guys.

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