Adam Lambert: Movie Review — STUNNING!!!

It’s a no-brainer. I’m posting this because it’s absolutely the best thing I’ve heard today!

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We’ve all read the rave reviews on his concerts. Now we hear the best words ever about him, based on the documentary The Show Must Go On! About halfway through, I wonder if you’ll be thinking, “this review was custom-made for Glamberts!” Because I sure was!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Sally A. Ball says

    What is left to say-but WOW!!!!! I sure hope Adam knows
    we all feel the same way about him. So happy-Adam is
    the BEST in all ways.

  2. That was so great – thank you for making these things available to us…!!
    I love Adam and think he’s so incredible as a performer and even more as a person. Its really nice to see him getting some recognition that he truly deserves. Its a mystery to me why he’s not more popular, but I think he’s one of the timeless ones who will keep getting better and better…!!
    Thank you again for doing this…

  3. Carol, This was a great review. As a “Original” Glambert, Adam is, and always will be to me, The greatest Singer in the World. I still watch all the music reality shows, including AI. Never have I ever heard anything come close to our Adam. Touring with Queen turned him into a Genuine Worldwide Phenomenon. Adamazing!!!!

  4. sharon R sullivan says

    Best review I’ve ever heard. This guy is amazing.

  5. Hey Carol! You are as good as your word! You said you would promulgate this review – and you DID! In the most fabulous way!!! Thanks so much. And glamtastic appreciation to all the Adam fans who have viewed and commented and subscribed! Keep on Glamberting!…

  6. nancy Lofaso says

    Where can you view this film?

  7. Vonnie Weiner says

    Just fantastic!!!

  8. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Fantastic review. Thanks for sharing!!!