Adam Lambert Makes a Little Chatty Holiday Goof!

Have you heard that Adam Lambert will be doing a Christmas Day interview with Alan Carr on Chatty Man in London? They’ve worked together in the past & Adam obviously enjoys this guy’s style.

Thanks to Cameron Willson for the photo.

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Geez this guy’s imperfections make him so much better!

Come back here after Christmas and we’ll have the whole interview for you!

Happy Holidays Glamberts!

Love ya!

~ Carol & Lila ~

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  1. I’ll be back to hear the interview. Thanks Carol and Lila for all you do. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you both and all the other Glamberts

  2. He handles any “awkward” situation with such class and humor!!!! I just love him!

  3. Love Chatty Man!!! He’s the best, so quick! Can’t wait to watch on DEC. 25 Adam!

  4. Love this guy!

  5. so cute!