Adam Lambert Jokes on Ellen “I Wanna Tie You Up!”

And he hopes it will bring out the best in dating prospects! Well, it wasn’t really Adam saying that to Ellen . . . you’ll just have to watch!

Ellen DJ pix

Fans on the east coast have shot this video right off the TV to bring it to you right away! Thank you YouTube!

This is all I have for now – maybe there will be more to come?!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I’m always longing for MORE…Concerts, interviews or spots on guest shows are NEVER long enough to get my filled of “MY” Adam! Always seems so genuine & fun-filled humor…and the voice is epic! I just LOVE HIM!
    Thanks for posting…I can’t wait for Glee…only 2 more sleeps! Yahooo!
    Always XO…”Adamicted”

  2. DITTO! I am so excited to see him on Glee, I just cant get enough of him! Love ya Adam!

  3. Can’t believe Adam didn’t get a chance to sing……disappointed.

  4. I’ve NEVER seen Glee, but all that’s about to change………..The 7th of November is almost here !!

  5. one good woman says

    I cannot find the right words to express how much I love and adore this guy. So genuine, talented, nice, funny, sexy, awesome, etc.

  6. So nice to see some eye candy on tv for a change. Can’t get enough of his smile. Impatiently waiting to see him Thursday night.

  7. Lila Hayes says

    I’ve always said it’s not what he sings, but the fact that it’s him singing it. Ellen knows what she’s talking about!

  8. granny gari says

    This may be a fan run website and not affiliated with Adam Lambert or his management however, you have been a great contributor on his journey to success and I appreciate
    all you do for all you efforts by keeping us up on his journey.
    He has and amazing talent with the entertainment capability to be a legend in his industry.
    Thank you for sharing with Adam Lambert’s fans.