Adam Lambert Goes In Depth with Byron Cooke

Adam Lambert opened up with Aussie Byron Cooke on a deep discussion about all things The Original High. This is an uncut version, and that doesn’t relate to whatever Adam was eating throughout the interview. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

May 2015 calendar
For anyone who didn’t get the calendar, this is the May photo!

Honestly, halfway through you’ll start hearing Adam munching on something, even stalling his answer at one point while he’s chewing. Awkward! With about 2 minutes left, Byron even calls him on it, which totally catches Adam by surprise. He finally gives up his snack item!

There’s good discussion about the roles RCA and Warner’s played or didn’t play in Adam’s new direction, and even some insight on Brian May’s contribution to Lucy, an as-yet unheard track on The Original High, promising us a “scorching guitar solo.”

Here’s the uncut interview, courtesy of Project U.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. LOL POOR ADAM. He’s always had a thing about not being photoed while eating. I imagine he is going to cringe when he hears all that crunching. On the other hand (although it was hard to really pay attention with all that crunching) it was a splendid interview and Byron really knew the music.
    What struck me more than the crunching itself was how empty (and just my imagination) his big house sounded.

    • Glambert1750 says

      Just listened to the interview – I can just picture Adam turning red with embarassment when he hears all the munching & crunching while being recorded. LOL In the future, I’m sure he’ll recall that interview as “one of my most embarassing moments.” At first I thought he might’ve been munching on raw carrots because the sound was so LOUD and noticeable, but the healthy rice cakes made sense (although I’d never eat those things). I have to agree with others that, in spite of the distracting “sound effects,” Byron’s interview with Adam was enjoyable to listen to.

  2. RipleysMom says

    This is probably one of the best interviews of Adam with a radio or tv personality. Very funny – especially when Byron is trying to hook up. The crunching was a bit annoying, but poor Adam had not eaten all day.

  3. mary ann says

    I love hearing Adam laugh! He is so gorgeous. The songs in this album are amazing. I cant get the songs out of my head.

  4. That’s hilarious, but I agree on the “giving up life” factor on eating a rice cake. Ugh. Eat a sandwich, Adam. You’ve lost too much weight!

  5. Byron Cooke always gets why Adam is there to promote his music and covers it so well while keeping the interviews entertaining and fun. It’s like listening to two friends bantering back and forth having a good time & giving the listeners a good time too. Both men have a great sense of humor and I could listen to Adam forever. He’s always upbeat & so real and friendly. I love his personality as much as his glorious voice. The mere mention of his success & what’s to come. Ghost Town is a winner along with the other 3 tracks I’ve heard, all worthy of being singles & turned into videos. Great interview!

    • Whoops! Part of my sentence disappeared above. Meant to say, The mere mention of his name makes me smile and I’m so happy for his success & what’s to come. 🙂

  6. Love all your music and am waiting impatiently. For your new album 🙂