Adam Lambert Chats LIVE About Superpower

Adam Lambert was so happy and excited after the release of Superpower and wanted to chat about it and get his fans’ reactions.

Screen shot by Carol Hagey

He shared funny stories about the day of filming, about the green suit, the melting ice cream and even what’s behind the wig toss! He keeps asking for questions, like no one’s asking anything. If you happen to catch one of these chats LIVE you’ll see all kinds of questions riding up the screen. He must be looking for something new – not the same old stuff that all interviewers ask. I think fans get overwhelmed and can’t think of anything in the heat of the moment. I know that’s happened to a few of my friends. My tip? Think of some original things to chat with Adam about, write them down and keep them by the computer. One of these days you WILL get lucky enough to catch one of these LIVE and you’ll be prepared. Who knows? You might even run into Adam on the street!

Thank you Scorpiobert for posting this on YouTube

Keep your eyes and ears open. He says we have live TV performances to look forward to!

Love ya,

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    He cut his hair? Wow, his superpower must be to grow hair! It seems like it went from short to long really quickly.