Adam Lambert Begins the “Non-Tour Tour!”

@adamlambert just began his next international blitz, starting in Seoul, South Korea yesterday.


I’ve only found one song, but it’s a fantastic way to begin this. He does his own mashup of Rihanna’s Stay and his own Underneath. Absolutely beautiful! ? We’ll post more videos as they become available. Thank you BlackInPOPNew for this.

Here is the schedule and venue capacity for the “Non-Tour Tour.” I’m really impressed with the capacity in Russia and Ukraine. I can only wonder if these larger venues are a direct result of his time on the stage with Queen in the same cities? And Finland too! I’m so happy thinking about Adam performing in front of Sauli’s home crowd! 🙂

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Tour Details:

2/17/13 Seoul, South Korea AX Korea 3,090
2/19/13 Tokyo, Japan Shibyua Kokaidou 2,084
2/20/13 Tokyo, Japan Shibyua Kokaidou 2,084
2/21/13 Tokyo, Japan Shibyua Kokaidou 2,084
2/23/13 Kanazawa, Japan Kanazawa Bunka Hall 900
2/25/13 Nagoya, Japan Club Diamond Hall 800
2/26/13 Osaka, Japan Namba Hatch 1,500
3/1/13 Manila, Philappines SM City North Sky Dome 1,500
3/3/13 Shanghai, China Mercedes-Benz Arena 5,000
3/5/13 Hong Kong, China KITEC 3,600
3/8/13 Singapore The Star Theatre 5,000
3/10/13 Jakarta, Indonesia Gandaria City 5,000
3/15/13 Minsk, Belarus Sports Palace 4,842
3/16/13 Moscow, Russia Crocus City Concert Hall 7,500
3/18/13 Kiev, Ukraine Kyiv Palace of Sports 10,000
3/20/13 St. Petersburg, Russia Ice Palace 12,000
3/22/13 Helsinki, Finland Harwall Arena 13,000

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  1. Other than those few small venues, these are good numbers. I wonder if he sold out South Korea today. I’ll check out more videos. Thanks Carol. I am still hoping for a Queen tour amidst all this. Why is has nothing on his calendar after March bothers me.

  2. I always worry when there are no more tour dates. I pray for a Queenbert tour. And I am sure he is working on a new cd and then tour! I would love to see him on some talk shows. No clue why he hasn’t been on Ellen or the Tonight show? What’s up with that?
    Carol you all are doing a great job on this site as always!

  3. I hope for a Queen reunion also!!! So happy to see these big venues for him!!!!

  4. marlis hanson says

    OMG!! So excited! I am from Texas and saw Adam three times in the US–Dallas (Idol tour), Minneapolis, and Tampa Bay (both For Your Entertainment tour). I thought my days of seeing Adam live might be over. I now live in Jakarta for my husband’s job, and I can see him here!! YAAAAY! He is popular in Asia to have so many concerts here–3 in the same venue in Tokyo? Wow. Can’t wait!

  5. Carol this link is either all or most of the concert. Love the Regge version.. Really enjoyed the accoustic versions.

  6. Adams version of “Stay” is the whole reason I still follow Adam after all these years, it is simply so beautiful.

  7. Adam needs to get working on that third album! And I REALLY hope it has a rock flair!
    I know we follow his every move but when he’s not seen in the US a lot of people here think he’s disappeared from “the scene”. He needs another “hit” soon 🙂

  8. granny gari says

    Adam is a hit, his voice is a special gift for us to share.
    I am on your journey and enjoy you.
    Thank you Adam.


    What awesome audio in this video. His voice is so beautiful. I can’t believe he is not recognized and embraced by the music industry, radio, etc. here in the states. He should be winning grammys! I don’t even listen to the radio, I continuously play his CDs all the time.

  10. I absolutely love,love ADAM! I have loved him since the first day I set eyes on him. He is just so handsome. Thank-You for the lovely song Rhianna’s stay. I love Adam best when he sings by him self. I just want to hear his beautiful voice!!!

  11. I heard a rumor that Adam will be performing at the Gay Pride in Chicago in June. Anyone else hear this?

  12. I have watched all the concerts on youtube etc, other sites and they are just wonderful. In HongKong he sang TFM a first and a cover of Tears for Fears Shout. Look them up guys or they are all on Adam Lambert 24/7

  13. Lorraine Garrett says

    I just wish I could thank Adam myself for making us wait for Trespassing until it was perfect. I listen to it almost every day. The more I hear it, the more I fall in love with the songs.

  14. I wish Adam would come back to the U.S. and start performing again.

  15. Adam i love you so much :* please come to TUNISIA you have a lots of lovers here 🙂 please come 🙂 i adore you 😉 i wish that you can come