Adam Lambert Bares His “Seoul” – In a Twitter Party – Extended Version!!

Adam Lambert just gave us a Twitter Party, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes!! This was while he was resting for tonight’s show in Seoul, Korea.

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Thank you to the super-fast bloggers who got this up within minutes of it finishing!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Here’s how it went:
“@thnksfrthsins: @adamlambert what’s your favorite part about being on tour?” The energy of the crowd. It’s a great rush!

– “@tattoojo: @adamlambert what is your new tattoo?” I filled in more on sleeve and added a crescent moon on my left arm. Im a night person

– @Sterlaangg as soon as this tour in over in early Sept, I’m scheduled to get back into the studio to finish the album. 😉

– “@susan_424: @adamlambert Do you now buy more stuff for your house than new clothes?” Yeah I’m obsessed w decorating it. 😉

– “@kamarmezher96: @adamlambert where are you at the moment ?” Seoul, S Korea! We have a show tonight!

– “@PaulKpaul101299: @adamlambert what’s your fav childhood memory?” First times being on stage. 😉

– “@AnthonyMikaels: @adamlambert Do you have a boyfriend ^^” no

– “@MadaSkcor: @adamlambert Do you like One Republic’s Love Runs Out? I love it!” I LOVE that song.

– “@griffith1321: @adamlambert do you like going on stage glammed out or more natural?” When I’m going on stage I can’t help but getting glam

– “@Chris3Austin: @adamlambert had much chance to write for new album?” Yea it’s about halfway written. Approx.

– “@colfabs: @adamlambert how is work with chris colfer?•” he was a total professional and very kind hearted. We got along like old friends.

– “@purpleELMA: @adamlambert What’s one of the downfalls about touring?” gets a little lonely offstage, but once u get onstage it’s all good.

They didn’t print the entire session but for more, go here.

Or go here for the entire session, thanks to Liybop!

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  1. Jeanine Politte says

    I couldn’t check my phone notifications, but knew it had to be A-D-A-M blowing it up again 🙂 Thank goodness for unlimited texts!

    • Lila Hayes Zubik Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Yep, when I picked up my phone and saw 26 messages I knew it had to be him!

      • Yeah, I was driving & my phone was dinging like crazy. After the 3rd one, I knew it had to be a T-party!

  2. neron glambert says

    Adam lambert is on of the most powerful singer in the world and I always belive u

  3. Lucynka Piotrowska says

    Love ya! from Poland:)