Adam Lambert: Back on American Idol in the Judge’s Chair

It has been rumored for years that Adam Lambert would take the judge’s chair on American Idol, and now that rumor is one step closer. But this is not something to celebrate, because he is filling in for grieving judge Keith Urban during the New York call-backs, while Keith mourns with family over the surprise death of wife Nicole Kidman’s father. Lila and I send our best to the Urban-Kidman family.

American Idol logo with Adam

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

The following is from CarterMatt:

There is some big news breaking on the “American Idol” front today, but we definitely wish that it was coming under different circumstances.

Fox confirmed today for the upcoming auditions that are taking place in the New York area, season 8 superstar Adam Lambert will be coming in to fill the role of guest judge. Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman are currently mourning the loss of her father, and Adam is filling in here at the last minute. Our thoughts are certainly with the two of them.

As a judge, we definitely have the utmost confidence that Adam will do a great job. He’s done a guest role like this on numerous shows over the years, and he was on it just this past season as a mentor for many contestants before the start of the live shows. He knows not only what it takes to be a star on this show, but also how to make the most of your moments. We never saw it with him being a case of just trying to win a talent show; he was trying to build a brand and establish himself for many years to come. (At one point, there were even rumors that he would be a permanent judge.)

This also does keep a great streak going in regards to Adam being associated with the series. He has been present for the show in some way just about every year since he was first on it more than five years ago.

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  1. Can’t wait for this to happen. Hopefully it won’t be too long and he can get back to his album.

  2. Oh that is great, great news. Sorry for Keith & Nicole, really. Any idea what date or dates this is happening? What a wonderful man Keith must be to be at his wife’s side during her very difficult time.

  3. So sorry for the circumstances but Adam was the best choice. Love Love Love Keith as a judge and I think Adam will really do great. I am happy that Adam is available and not still on tour with Queen. Adam has been in the people competing shoes so he will be great as a judge. I can never get enough of seeing him.

  4. It is nice to see Adam anywhere. I love him. And always will. But I don’t care for the hair on his extremely good looking face. Sorry to Nicole and Keith for her dad’s passing.

  5. Wow, wow. So thankful that this will happen this coming American Idol Season. If it happened last season, I would have missed it since we didn’t have cable network months after Typhoon Yolanda. So I missed the last American Idol season. We need to see Adam on this, but we also want to see him back on stage. Ha-ha-ha. Thank you Lord for this sweet reprieve.

  6. one good woman says

    Thanks for the update. I can’t wait. Idol was never the same after the season Adam was on.

  7. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    It will be fun to see him on TV again!