Adam Lambert at Morongo Casino

I know I’m really late with this, but I was at a family reunion that we’ve been planning for two years when Adam’s concert at Morongo happened then of course life happened and I’m finally getting back to ADAM! I found this great playlist that contains the entire concert. Enjoy!


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  1. I just loved this performance. I also wanted to say that I absolutely love original high! I was wondering if Adam will ever do an album that would mark a collection of broadway show tunes—his beautiful voice deserves to be heard at every level!!!!!

    • Gwendoyn Lord says

      I am so with you on this since his voice has such range.
      I live for the moment he sings something from “The King and I”….

      I am a little disappointed with “Original High”…Adam is still not hitting his mark, or found a niche or genre that does justice to that incredible voice although he always delivers a good performance.

  2. Wish I was there…but thanks for making me feel like I was. He sounds great and looks better than ever. Thanks Carol

  3. Nancy Lofaso says

    Will a single of Underground be forthcoming? I think it’s by far the strongest song on the CD!!!!

  4. Adamicted says

    OMG…as usual I just can’t get enough of Adam! Thank You Lila for posting this late or not! I absolutely love the “Original High” album! On some songs, it did take a bit to warm up to them…however, as I continue to listen DAILY.. I appreciate all the songs truly!
    You just can’t deny Adam’s Talent & charisma…there is nothing like watching him preform to the crowds. His inner magic starts to come out & it hypnotizes us all.
    Thanks million for sharing this gift…You & Carol do an amazing job of keeps us Glamberts in the loop.

  5. Love “Original High” album. Each song is unique. Keep listening to it and requesting Ghost Town on the radio. Adam looks & sounds great!!!

  6. Love “Original High” album. Each song is unique. Keep listening to it and requesting Ghost Town on the radio. Adam looks & sounds great!!!

  7. musicalgal says

    The best of course our Adam Lambert. God Bless you for posting this beautiful concert of Adam. I love him like all of us Adam fans do. Keep going Lila – thank you so much. Your site makes one of the happiest points in my life with music. One of the American Idols winners that made the show. Too bad it is ending. Thank you again.