Adam Lambert Announces ‘We Say Gay’ Florida Tour!

From yesterday’s comes this highly entertaining article on Adam Lambert and his upcoming Florida shows. He’s found his answer in dealing with the recent Florida legislation. And as usual, he’s not backing down!

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The following is the start of the article from Elliot Weld. Click the link at the end to read the entire article.

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Adam Lambert dubs Key West show unofficial ‘We Say Gay’ tour

By ELLIOT WELD Key West Citizen

As the world emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and live music began to start up again, singer Adam Lambert said he’s excited to play a show in Florida in light of a recent bill that passed the state legislature.

He will perform at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater on Thursday, April 28, in what will be part of what he’s unofficially dubbing the “We Say Gay” tour. It isn’t on any of the posters or promotional material, but is in response to a controversial bill passed this year in Florida known as the Parental Rights in Education Act; referred to by those opposed to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. (The law does not make direct reference to the word “gay” but bans discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity before grade 3, which LGBTQ+ activists say is potentially harmful to LGBTQ+ youth)

Earlier this month, Lambert, 40, told The Citizen that he’s gotten back into playing live gigs post-pandemic but some have questioned whether Lambert, who has long been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ activism (in 2019 he founded the non-profit Feel Something Foundation, which works for LGBTQ+ human rights) should perform in a state that just passed such a bill.

“I was like ‘no, there’s amazing people in Florida, that are part of my community, that are allies to my community, and they want a good show so let’s give them a good show,’” Lambert said.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill and Adam should know better. If he ever has children he’s free to indoctrinate them in Critical Social Theories but most parents are very much opposed. I have worshipped Adam Lambert since the first time I heard him sing one note but he’s going along with the lunatic fringe on this one and I hate to see it.