Adam Lambert and HOT BREAKFAST: Owning the Stage, Engagement Aid, and Addressing the Glambulge!

While in Singapore, Adam Lambert sat down with HOT FM’s HOT BREAKFAST. This is a nice, lengthy piece (almost 19 minutes) that shows off Adam’s abilities to relax during interviews and please everyone, and hopefully himself. He even helps out with an engagement proposition!


Adam finally enters the scene around 1:10 and this interview doesn’t begin for another minute, but stay tuned until the end! We’re getting some new discussion topics which you’ll see around the 10:20 mark!

Thanks to noboobsok for the original post of this interview.

Love ya!


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  1. Hi, I couldn’t manage getting through my days without your blog.! I went to all of Adams Glamnation concerts in Australia. I then met him and had 500 Qs for him except he asked me 500 Qs!!. I then met Neil who has a wicked sense of humour, that really fits in well with us Aussies. The last concert in Queensland a couple of us went to the local hotel, WoW, guess who was in the beer garden waiting for their dinner, TJR, Sasha, Monte, & Terrence. the Carps… but that’s another story another day
    Then the Take40 Live Lounge in Sydney… but that’s another story another day.
    Carol, thank you. “Glammer” aka Yvonne

  2. glamity58 says

    This was a great interview. I hope I get to meet this guy someday. You both are so lucky that you were able to meet him. I fear he won’t tour near me again, but I guess I’ll have to travel.

  3. He’s so great at interviews!!!

  4. Robin Rourke says

    I loved this interview. Thank you for sharing Carol and thank you for all of your dedication to keeping this blog going.

  5. That was sooo cool. Loved the ending!!!!!!

    Glamb 616


    What a beautiful man. Thanks

  7. Maureen Mansoor says

    I’m so happy to know that Adam is aware of the “Glambulge” term!! It must feel really good to be objectified!! I know another couple who have also met through their love of Adam and are getting married next summer as well.

  8. I’m starting to feel a little abandoned by Adam. I was so looking forward to another headliner in the States, but that didn’t happen.

    Come back Adam. We love you!