Adam Lambert Always Plays Fair!

Adam Lambert has added the California Mid State Fair to his rare summer performance schedule! He will be on the Paso Robles stage Friday, July 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM.


It’s very interesting to think about Adam playing at this location. The area is known for its country and western vibe, so booking Adam Lambert is certainly a happy surprise. There is a great balance on this year’s lineup, so maybe it’s fitting to bring in the Glam! In addition to country superstars like Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins and Rascal Flatts, also playing is rock mega superstar band Van Halen (in one of their only US scheduled shows), along with Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer and Huey Lewis & The News.

Paso Robles is in the middle part of California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, about 200 miles from both. If you’re thinking about adding this fun event to your calendar, good seats for Adam are still available. As of writing this, the venue’s Best Available ticket is the second price level $20 + fees, a little more than halfway back on the floor. Check here for tickets.

I’ll be making the trip north with my good friend Glenda, and we hope to see many of you there. We have two extra tickets for Paso Robles in the 4th row, right in front of the stage! I’m offering them here to our best supporters, for cost-only + shipping. These were bought on the Adam Lambert Fans Presale, which I didn’t find about until about 3 hours before the sale. If you’re interested, please email me at

If you’re still thinking about coming to the San Diego County Fair next Tuesday, July 2nd, one of our followers still has some pretty good seats available. Email her at and tell her Carol from the website gave you the lead.

We want Adam playing to full audiences. There haven’t been that many opportunities this year for USA fans to see him. With no national Trespassing tour, this is telling me that each performance is less scripted, more original, and the chance for stage shenanigans is high! Both of these fairs are in beautiful California locations, and will provide lots of entertainment for the whole family. You can still find good lodging using sites like Expedia. Now (3 days before the San Diego show) is the perfect time to bid on Or try Vacation Rental sites like The deals are still out there!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Random Medley says

    Whoohoooooo!!!! I’m also in the 4th row section 603. It may be an odd place but it has to be better than when I saw him in Sacramento. As soon as I heard it announced I called my best concert going friend to start making arrangements. However, as soon as my husband heard where it was he just said “road trip” and booked a room across the street from the fair grounds. BEFORE tickets were announced.

  2. Kelly Craig says

    That sweet boy needs to come to Texas more often!!! LOL … We miss him down here!

    • OMG, another one I won’t be able to see! I know that Adam works very hard and deserves some (or should I say a lot) of time off. I am being totally selfish in this regards, I am just dying to see Adam. I am 63 (I know way to old for all this idol stuff) but something about him brings the “young Jackie” back again. Of course now, Rock n’ Roll will always be the music I listen to. It’s what I grew up on….Woodstock Era & all that. I am so hoping that he will do a US tour and head towards SC. I live on a fixed income so can’t afford to fly anywhere or God, you know I would. With all these concerts I’m hearing about on FB I am teetering on losing it!

  3. Flamingo Lady says

    I don’t know whether it had any influence or not, but I’ve been e-mailing the Mid State Fair director for three years now suggesting they book Adam, so I was delighted to hear the news! I’ve got my tickets in the 5th row, center section, but wonder whether there will be a meet and greet with Adam before the show. If so, I’m a fan club member…how does one get included?

  4. Sweet, Adam always playes fair! He is a doll.WOW Just To look at him in ghe flesh and to get to know him somehow! I might faint!!
    I love you Adam. Just makes me sad I would like to see him in person. He probably won’t come to Arkie hell. We get some good country singers quite a bit. Kelly clarkson came here. And I am sure Carrie Unerwood has been here too! Keep singing ADAM!

  5. Woops, I meant to say luck at him in (the flesh)

  6. Hi Carol, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this site and your constant happiness about all things Adam. Fun stuff to read on here.
    Thanks, Merrilee

    • Thank you very much, Merrilee. It means a lot to know people like our site! Thanks again and please mention this conversation if we run into each other at a concert! 🙂

  7. My husband & I went there last year! My sister’s family lives about an hour south of the fair grounds. It was a lot of fun. They had bands like: Puddle of Mudd, Loverboy, Journey, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Paul Rodgers, Zac Brown Band, Uncle Kraker, Big Time Rush w/Cody Simpson, Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Kutless etc.
    This is a HUGE fair! Wish I could go visit my sister again & add Adam’s performance as a bonus, but the entire family is meeting in Las Cruces, NM for my dad’s 85th birthday & family reunion, ( which we are driving to). So broke this year! You Glamberts going have a blast! #GlambertsTakeOverCaMSF!

  8. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adam. I turning “50” July 23 & would have loved to get tickets & fly down to see him since I’m in Vancouver, Canada! BUT I’m working on 2 very large penthouse projects at the moment & it’s impossible for me to get away!!!! Boo Hoo! That would have been a great gift to myself!! I listen to his music everyday still & I just can’t get enough! I did meet him at a Meet & Greet in Vancouver & WOW…he is totally gorgeous & very genuine. I wish him continued success BUT on a much larger scale…we need him singing to us on the radio!!! People just don”t know what they are missing truly! Always…”ADAMICTED”
    “Thanks again for this wonderful site”…we all truly appreciate the time, effort & LOVE that continually go into such a venture! You are the best Carol & all the team!! XO

    • Thank you Michele! We wish you could come for the show too. I envy you because it sounds like you’ve got an exciting job! Good luck with the projects!

    • Michele, I am just so jealous that you actually got to meet and greet our sweet man ADAM. I am quite a bit older than you. But I have ADAM whom I absolutely love, love on my ipod. I love to crank it up and look at him and listen to that beautiful voice! Truly, If I were to meet Adam in person I would at least faint! I have loved this gorgeous hunk ever since I laid eyes on him! When they brought him out on american Idol to try out I was like ” Who the heck is that?’ Where has he been hiding his beautiful self? Oh it is a shame so many women are in love with Adam. But I love him anyway. Always will. Do you know anyway we could get him on the radio. It peeves me that I never hear him on the radio!! I mean he sings a lot better than a lot of people singing on the radio all of the time.

  9. glamity58 says

    I’m wondering how much are the tickets? I wonder also if this venue is close to LA or Huntington Beach. I have friends I could stay with. I’d love to go but it is a big if with the expenses. I am so jealous of all of you. Have a great time.

    Again how much are the tickets? I might talk to a few of my Glamberts here and see what they think.

  10. Lucynka Piotrowska says


  11. Tinydolly says

    Hello! thx for the great info about the show. I will be making the trip from Vegas with six others to see Adam in Paso Robles. We are on an Adam high after seeing him in San Diego! Now I have to make this trip work and I am searching for a decent ticket. See you all there 🙂