Adam Lambert – A Full Circle Moment on Strictly Come Dancing

Adam Lambert gave a “wowza” performance of We Are The Champions on Britain’s Strictly Come Dancing. It was another full circle moment, since that was the song he sang when he was a contestant on American Idol.

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

It’s a bit different for him singing for a choreographed dance performance. He has to know their routine and hit his marks so as not to interfere with them. And check out his mark, it’s a Crown graphic! But with that voice, I’m surprised they just didn’t sit down and listen, ha ha!

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Thanks to Fan For Videos for the YouTube video.

The couple dancing to Adam’s singing was married couple Katya and Neil Jones. I have no idea if they are both pro dancers or if one is a pro dancer and the other a celebrity, like the USA’s Dancing With the Stars. But it sure sounds like there is some heavy drama going on in their marriage from something they call the Seann Walsh Snog Scandal! Read here for more juice, if you’re into that!!

Adam’s got a busy schedule ahead of him. Who knows where he is on releasing his 4th album but he’s got to be working on that. I’ve heard in his interviews that the business end takes so much of the time, so his part could be completed and now it’s in their hands, making the release/promotion/tour schedule.

And speaking of Dancing With The Stars, who wouldn’t love to see Adam as a regular contestant on that? But not with another North American Queen + Adam Lambert tour just announced for Summer 2019. Also look for Adam when he helps honor Cher on the Kennedy Center Honors, broadcasting December 26, 2018.

Busy, busy, busy!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. justin brent says



  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    I hadn’t thought of the technical aspects. Great insight! And that facial hair!!! Wowsa!

  4. Sally Ball says

    A MAGNIFICENT performance of this song by Adam. When he performs I feel like he is singing just for me. That’s part of his magic.
    Thanks for this video-really brightened my day!

  5. Does anyone have the code to buy tickets in advance to see Adam with Queen in Charlotte NC in August?

  6. Couldn’t see the video anymore….bummer. I’m sure it was great.