A Non-Glambert Gushes Over Adam Lambert!

This is too good! The following came across my twitter feed and I couldn’t look away until I’d read the whole piece.
1-12-16 Non-glambert gushes

It’s a beautiful thing when a non-Glambert goes on and on about what makes Adam Lambert such an incredible vocalist, personality and wonderful human being. The world is turning, maybe a little slower than we thought. This writer has cemented a place in history for Adam. These are the things we’ve known for almost 7 years now. It’s sheer heaven to hear others extol what we’ve been saying, thinking and feeling. Thank you @mmadamimadamm for tweeting this!

Read the start below, then click to finish. The audio with Brian May is really worth listening to. I loved hearing more in depth about how they found Adam before the American Idol finale. Brian says “half a million people had written to us and said ‘you gotta see this guy’!”

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

ADAM LAMBERT: The Fury and the Passion (and the High Heels)

Jon Dunmore, October 15, 2015 (originally posted on Poffy’s Movie Mania)

Is Adam Lambert the best vocalist in the world at this moment?

Adam Lambert sprang fully formed onto the international scene with his scintillating AMERICAN IDOL performances in 2009. Why then have I only come to this panegyric six years later? One word: QUEEN.

When I heard Queen was touring with some guy named Adam Lambert (long after Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers had decamped), well, put it this way: If Sean Penn thinks you’re a good enough actor to be cast in a movie he’s directing, then you’re not just “good enough” – you’re great! Likewise, if Brian May thinks you’re good enough to front his musically superlative band, you’re not just “good enough” – It’s a Kind of Magic!

The incarnation “QUEEN + Adam Lambert” having toured for two years now, I thought it time to look into this Lambert fella, and see what all the fuss is about. (YouTube, you font of archival memorabilia!) And this young necromancer’s sheer mastery of his craft overwhelmed me, hurled me backwards with his unbridled virtuosity. And with shock, with sadness, I realized… my own vocal heroes from ages past have been superseded by this newer model. (And what a model!)

Lambert is “in a league of his own” and it’s a wonder the AMERICAN IDOL freeloaders who call themselves judges actually used that phrase to describe him. (Maybe they’ve used it on other people – I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch that glorified karaoke dreck – but they actually got it right with this unique vocalist!)

The Simon Cowell quote leads this article not because I need him to corroborate my opinion, but because I’m shocked that even an unqualified numbnuts like Cowell can recognize the searing talent of Lambert. But why stoop to numbnuts? Hear the high praise from a god among men, Brian May:

Some might opine: Of course it behooves May to extol Lambert’s ability – to sell tickets for their shows. But those cynics miss the point: Brian May would not let anyone INTO his band as the frontman – the person most scrutinized due to Freddie Mercury’s enduring legacy – UNLESS that person was of such monumental caliber. (And if you want to focus on the capitalistic angle: If May did let a flounder in, word would get out, ticket sales would flop, chaos and looting in the streets…)

Read more here.

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  1. one good woman says

    What a great write up of Adam! It’s about time! Adam definitely deserves great stories about him.

  2. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Fantastic. Of course I agree with Brian about the superstar thing…

  3. This is great article..it’s about time someone besides a Glambert has something great to say about our boy

  4. OMG I never saw this article. It is fabulous. I printed it and plan to show it to everyone I can. Thanks.

    • Exactly! I kind of like the idea about printing & keeping it in my pocket to *show* (read: shove in their face) the next time anyone says anything negative about our guy! Kidding!

  5. I am not surprised about any of this! Adam can sing anything. He is gorgeous to look at. He has a wonderful personality. He is loved by tons of fans. And I think 3/4 ths of them are women. I love Adam. I always will. He is a doll. Way to go Adam. You were right when you said you didn’t care if you won. You didn’t need to win. I can’t wait to see where he goes in his career. It is only going to get bigger.Thanks Carol for this wonderful story about Adam!

  6. What a great article ! Something we’ve all known for years. Thanks for sharing !

  7. Help.. I want to see Adam in Los Angeles, are you going Carol or Lila?
    I cannot walk stairs, and need wheelchair assistance , I will have a partner that can take care of me with that. just wondering if either of you are going and if so could I sit near you?
    trying to purchase tickets NOW

  8. I am NOT going to the Los Angeles show..instead, my family are treating
    me to the LAS VEGAS show. yess. it will be the most enjoyable, I am sure.
    This is a birthday gift from my Family. I have only seen Adam in person once,
    and that was at the Delmar Fairgrounds.. near San Diego..
    What a show this will be, can’t wait to see it..

  9. Brian May has the Adam Lambert bug. He is hooked on his voice, personality, and probably his amazing looks. We love this guy as much as Brian does. What a great article and interview.