Adam Lambert – Ready To Run on Celebration For Change

Adam Lambert was one of the many stars lined up to appear on Joe Biden’s Celebration For Change. And fittingly, he performed Ready To Run from his Velvet album.

Screencap by Carol Hagey

Appearing from his home studio, Adam took the stage for this streamed event wearing a very low-cut, luxe tiger print shirt with his band of 3, all observing strict social distancing. Band members wore face masks and fortunately for us, Adam did not!

Video by Scorpiobert

In the past, Adam has not been very vocal about his political leanings. I think it was obvious where he was going, considering the causes he chose to endorse, but he left the politacal speak to his brother, @negativeneil. As things have become more intense, he’s chosen to speak up not only through social media, but from the stage also. I’ve heard several political statements from him, beginning with his April 2016 set in Las Vegas at The Foundry during the Original High Tour. With this performance for Joe Biden’s Celebration For Change, he’s chosen to tell the world where his support lies.

The entire 2 hour 20 minute show can be seen on the Celebration for Change Facebook page.  Adam comes on at 41:30.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Wow, nice home studio!

  2. Love Adam, don’t support his political views. Hate to see him caving to the Hollywood elites. I will always be his biggest fan for his music.