1st Sounds of Adam Lambert’s New Single, Ghost Town!

First a shadowy tweet is posted, with world-wide fans speculating its meaning. Is it a new philosophy? Is it something seen on a walk through town? Or is it partial lyrics to the long-awaited single to be released next month?
Ghost Town

Then confirmation is given by Adam, with a release date too!

And here it is:

Coincidentally, not only was the title Ghost Town a popular ska song from The Specials in the 80s, but Madonna just released Ghosttown (SIC) from her new album, Rebel Heart.

Do you think we’ll get more to taste of Adam’s Ghost Town before the April 21 release? Let us know what you think below!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Ugh! I actually kind of like the sound, but no Adam???

    • I know – we have to be ridiculously patient! It’s been almost 3 years! It sounds like Nile Rogers is either still working with him or he’s left his undeniable mark.

  2. Adamicted says

    OMG…the suspense is killing me!!! Interesting intro..difficult to tell which way the direction on the song will go…BUT…ANYTHING Adam sings is TERRIFIC!!! I LOVE all his songs truly & I just hope desperately that this 3rd album rocks everyone’s socks off. Adam needs air time in North America without a doubt…fingers crossed he FINALLY gets the long overdue recognition for his god given talent.
    It’s so EXCITING…Congratulations Adam for this last couple years touring with Queen…the show was over the top FANTASTIC! Best concert I ever saw.
    Now bring on the SUPERSTAR that has paid his dues & then some. Yeehaawww!
    April 21 can’t come fast enough!
    XO Always…”ADAMicted”

  3. I was hoping for a more rock n roll sound but it has a decent beat. I wish we could hear Adam’s voice too. He has such a beautiful voice.

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Yeah, I’d love to hear more of a rock sound, but he seems to think he’s a pop star, not a rock star so that’s what we get!

  4. glamity58 says

    So I guess the first song isn’t The Original High. Interesting. I like the beginning of it just because it’s a little different. I hope it’s great and he gets some air time with it. I’m not going to get too excited because I know how they’ve screwed him before – the Music World. I just want him to tour so I can see him again. Maybe he can do a small tour for his album and still sing with Queen.

  5. There’s a certain mystery about it-I just can’t wait to hear the whole song. This incredible artist needs to be heard by the whole world!!!!

  6. Can’t wait, ya all KNOW IT WILL BE GREAT.
    I love the mystery of the unknown..

  7. I love him and all his music. I’m hoping that this time he’ll get what’s due him. Soooo many of his songs have been great dance music songs. He just hasn’t gotten the radio air time, which I think Ryan Seacrest could have absolutely promoted him. But, Ryan is in with a different crowd now. I’m just hoping that it’s not any of the “rap crap”, he’s too classy for that. And since I’m stating a few things, let me say, that IMHO, many artists have gotten on Adam’s band wagon. I don’t mean Queen, by any means. They saw a talent in Adam, that they once had seen in their own music. I applaud them for recognizing Adam’s talent and showcasing it in their own music. I see their collaboration with Adam as a win, win for both parties. I’ve seen Adam 3 times and also saw Adam and Queen in Las Vegas, and may I say all 4 performances were the most exciting, thrilling, on & on, concerts that I’ve ever seen. Was so excited to go. OK, so I would love to see Adam on DWTS, as I’m sure all of you would also like. I don’t have a Twitter account, but those of you that do, should Twitter the judges, or host, Tom Bergeron, or whoever you think might have a say on what guests appear on their show. Can you imagine the thrill of seeing Adam and the dancers dancing to his song? OMG! I will continue to look for avenues where I can say how talented he is and that he should be on DWTS, and other shows, and also how much his fans love him and are so devoted. So I’m hoping that we can rally “FOR EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ADAM”!!!!

    • hal’2BMe, I just now read your post. That is one cool idea! Adam on dancing with the stars. Just think how he would look in the sexy clothes the guys wear! It really gives me shivers to think about it! And if they would play some of his music it would be a blast! I am also with you ” FOR EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ADAM ” We loyal fans have stayed with Adam a long time. I love you Adam Lambert!

  8. I kept waiting for Adam to sing. I thought something was wrong with my computer.
    Adam is really one good looking man. Age just seems to be making him look sexier!
    Love you always Adam Lambert!

  9. Love the sound, but can I just sit and watch those eyes and him slowlyyyy turn his head. Grrrrr.. Wow! How sexy. Can’t wait to see and hear more.

  10. katrina hill says

    Love him and his music a lot and he’s super hot and adorable

  11. Nancy Lofaso says

    Thanks so much for the release date! I was hoping it would be April 1st! As others have commented, I pray that radio America will play his music this time around. Hasn’t he been punished enough for his “indiscretion” on the AMAs way back when?

  12. I just hope I get to hear more of his pure voice. Skip the electronics and voice overs, he doesn’t need them !