We’ve seen what happens when Adam Lambert is performing and something in the crowd disturbs him. Remember back in New York, early 2010, even before his first full concert at Fantasy Springs, when someone was talking on their phone during his acoustic set? See below for the video. Here’s the new and improved version!
4-22-16 Estonia

Photo courtesy Carol Hagey

At his Tallinn, Estonia show two nights ago, Adam was singing Trespassing/Another One Bites the Dust and enough was enough from three ladies videotaping him from the front row. He stopped singing and called the trio out, while the music continued to play. Adam’s usual sense of humor was very much present but it was obvious how annoyed he was. I don’t know if these three had done anything else that bothered him besides the taping. He identified them as repeat attendees who travel the world to see him, purchasing the highest cost ticket for front row access. He even chastized them for taking those seats from the locals. I wonder if they’ve had several Meet and Greets too? Watch the video, and at 2:25 the show begins. We’ll chat after the video!

Video courtesy DimkaDmitry/YouTube

What do you think? Could you believe how long it went on for? I know I’d be mortified if that was me! I’d have melted underneath the seat and I’d still be there. I’m not saying I wouldn’t shoot anything. If you’ve got a great seat, how could you not shoot a little? But we’ve learned that more fantastic videos will be on YouTube within hours of the show and he’s absolutely right about not enjoying the show because you’re distracted with the camera and not watching videos later, so it becomes a lose-lose situation.

These ladies obviously didn’t get the message or just didn’t care. He even orchestrated the “hands up, put your phones in your pocket” tactic and still it didn’t work. And then we get a rap about it! If Adam’s rapping, you know how out of sorts he is! Do you think maybe they sell the videos or pictures? I’ve heard comments from Adam in the past, stating how surprised he is that fans come to see him over and over and over. And that they wait in line for hours. He’s said he’s never done that (before he was famous) and can’t imagine doing it for anyone. He obviously doesn’t get himself the way we do! Personal note: Lila and I were at the Las Vegas show on April 1, with regular GA tickets. When we got in line in the early afternoon, we were surprised to see several VIP ticketholders already sitting in a different line! We were #6 in line for regular GA, going in after the 329 VIPers. And we ended up right next to them!

I only had a vague idea of where Estonia is, mostly from watching Groucho Marx movies. The world map has changed so many times since I left school. It’s in Eastern Europe, on the Baltic Sea, northeast of Poland, just south of Finland, bordering the northwest corner of Russia. See it here.

As promised, here’s the first incident from 2010.

I love this guy and nothing will change that. But can you say Diva?!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~