Z-100 Radio Interview New York City

Here is an interview I found that is so fun to watch, it had me laughing out loud. It’s a pre-show interview before the Rock My Town concert. Their first discussion is that they are sitting on what Adam calls the “Nastiest, most bunk couch…” which leads to their talk about black lights, strobes, and lava lamps. From there they move to topics such as… Enough about Madonna, drive thru set lists, fashion choices, his stylist and their relationship, pictures of his butt, and at some point ends up with Adam winnning the Z-100 Best New Artist Award, voted on by the fans!! It is a fun, fast interview but cute nonetheless. Enjoy.



  1. JJ always does awesome interviews with Adam.

    • Oh, the memories of listening to Deep Purple and Emerson Lake and Palmer ( anybody still with me?) lying on a bed with only a Black Light on in the room. I can imagine Adam doing all kinds of crazy things with Back Lights and Lava Lamps……
      That JJ Dude is totally up his alley. He must really enjoy being interviewed by goof balls like him!

  2. Loverof LifeNH says:

    OMG! That was just so much fun to watch! Adam is such a joy to watch when he has an interviewer who’s just into having fun with it.

  3. It’s always a joy to watch Adam’s interviews. He is definately fun to watch.

  4. he is a riot….love when he just talks…as well as sings…he is so candid …so funny…it is really refreshing…..love it…and yeah i remember black lights, lava lamps (still have one)….neon black light posters…fog machines…disco days…was a blast….

  5. Adam is an “old soul”. Some of you know what I mean. He is one of us from the 70’s and 80’s who lived
    during the decades of great music, great times, great friends, and just plain, fun! Gosh, black lights, strobes, lava lamps, I feel stoned just hearing all that. LOL

    I love it when this guy, JJ interviews him. He is so funny and relaxed.

    So down to earth, no don’t ship it, I want to take it now so I can look at it and show it to everyone! LOL

    Love him.

  6. hahahaha,,,,so fun watching this….he is so funny and relaxed….He give a good day evertime watching his interview !!

  7. sun-n-stars says:

    I absolutely loved this interview. Adam just makes me smile.


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