YRB Magazine Photos Of Adam Lambert

There is nothing I can say to enhance this post. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet I am speechless.


Photography by Mike Ruiz Styling by Darius Baptist Grooming by Roberto Morelli
Hair by Davide Torchio for Cloutier Agency
file_4bdafc3788e80yrbH&M single button blazer
Ben Sherman ìBeatlesî logo shirt
Perry Ellis dotted tie
Calvin Klein slacks
TW Steel ìGrandeur Techî watch
Gold Toe silk socks
Cesare Paciotti lace-up shoes

file_4bdafca2867a2Moods of Norway satin jacket, Dolce & Gabbana poetís shirt, Hugo Boss slacks, Gasoline Glamour ìHarley Davidsonî ring

Ben Sherman jacket, Ben Sherman vest, Rufus printed shirt, Perry Ellis dotted handkerchief, Perry Ellis slacks, Allen Edmonds leather belt

file_4bdafd4f30460H&M plaid suit, Givenchy striped shirt, Peckham Rye dotted scarf, King Baby braided bracelet, King Baby ring




    NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HES SO DELICIOUS…….

  2. Fantastic! Where can you get this magazine

  3. It’s very…very FantastiC …

  4. EternalGlamNation says:

    How perfectly perfect and one man be?

    Where on earth does he find the time to do all that he does?

  5. I want an “Adam Doll” that I can dress up in everything from “casual hangin’ out” to “Mobster Chic”!!!
    Complete with hair tools and different nail polishes! Wouldn’t that be a kick?!?! LOL!! OOOhhhhh and “LIFE-SIZE”!

    Luv ya all!! Venus

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      Heck, I was hoping for a cardboard standup and you just made the leap right to full-size man-doll. I love the way you think. What a fantastic idea!

      I’d like to put my order in for a “life-size” version. And I’ll definitely pay for overnight shipping.

      Thanks, Venus, you’re brilliant.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I actually looked for a doll I could style like Adam at Build-a-Bear. Not too many of them have freckles, though. 🙂 I figure give it a few months, and they’ll have to have more glam rock accessories.

  6. No matter what he wears, he wears them so beautifully.
    Very handsome and beautiful altogether!!!!
    A delight to hear and a delight to see – perfect package, who can beat that????

  7. Absolutely flawless!!!! I have to have that magazine!! Please where can I get it??

    • Hey loveadam saw the mag today at borders but it was the old issue so when ever the new one comes in hopefully borders knows to order a bunch!!!

  8. Oh what a Joy for Adam (and for us) to get to wear these awesome clothes.
    I love the one with the African mask.
    I think we still have no idea what the creative possibilties are with this Beautiful Human. If he wasn’t so funny, humble and down to earth I would say he is truly from another planet. I do believe he is showing us the next dimension.

  9. Hi all. I did a little research and found out yrb is a New York publication and the YRB stands for yellow rat bastard! Anyway I emailed customer service to find out how and/ or where I can get a copy. As soon as I hear back I’ll let you all know!


  11. Miss Molly says:

    It is so amazing to me when I think back on the young, cute, yet pudgy, freckle-faced, and by his own admission, insecure boy he was and then look at him now. What a transformation. No doubt he is gorgeous, talented and obviously much more comfortable in his own skin, but I sometimes wonder if that little boy is still inside and the transformation is meant somehow to mask some of those insecurities? Just a little dime-store psychology. Your thoughts?

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Miss Molly, I think you have something there. In some of the songs he sings the pain he conveys is so real and raw he has to be bringing it out from somewhere deep inside. Mr. Lambert is not just a talented puff of fluff; he is complex and ALWAYS fascinating!

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      I think you’re right, Miss Molly. I saw that little red-haired boy peeping out after every performance on Idol. He always had the biggest smile when he finished singing and heard the applause. You could just see him beaming from the overwhelming acceptance from the audience (ala Sally Field’s “you like me, you really like me” speech). When he looks out at the audience he IS still that boy — he’s looking out with the same eyes he’s always had. As far as insecurities go — we ALL have those we try to mask, don’t we?

      • Out of personal experiences I know the pain of these insecurities never goes away. You can change and transform but you are still the sum of all these feelings.
        I also transformed myself, actually in a very similar way as Adam, from being very shy to being out there full blast (make up, hair, clothes). I think Adam has taken it a couple steps farther than I have because he truly believes he deserves all this hence his enormous success. So Adam has become my muse and I learn so much from him, he is now the inspiration for me to fulfill all my dreams.
        I think having gone through these stages keep you more humble than people who were very popular growing up and again Adam is the perfect example of that.
        I do hope that he will find a comitted and loving partner soon because his need for love is so deep. And being loved by thousands of strangers will just not do it anymore at one point.
        Well that is my 10 cents worth of Saturday morning psychology!

        • hunter girl says:

          I agree with you guys, he’s awesome, I love everything about him. All his songs have meaning and very encouraging. I use to be very insecure person myself, and without jokes his songs give me so much power. Sometimes I feel so desperate to find him and say that him in person. He changed my life.
          Check this link of him on YouTube where he says “it gets better”.. Those words of his are so empowering. And I do see that young boy inside him too. It is so genuine and honest… I love it!
          Irena: I can sense his need for love too. Love is in all his songs, esp. the slow ones..
          I really hope he finds the love he’s looking for… a person like him; handsome inside and out really deserves pure love.

  12. Erica,
    Thanks a million… I need larger pics of these and I’d frame them to look at daily… I’ll tell you that I need to see a video of Adam each night to get my “Adam fix”.
    Did you see the photo of him on Details Magazine a while ago … was that not the hottest, most gorgeous handsome face ??? I don’t know which I love better —his voice or his face. … it’s a tie.
    I’ll be checking out this site to read what you find out.

    • This is the reply from YRB:

      First you need to have a paypal account log in and directly send us the total to:


      $3.95(per Magazine)+$6.99(Flat rate shipping)

      (the amount of magazines does not changes the shipping)

      If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us
      Thank you

      So it seems we are all able to get this issue which I believe is the April 28th issue, if I remember correctly.

      I hope this helps everyone!!!

  13. Oh man .. that picture of him in the white sport coat…. “look into my eyes baby eyes.”
    I need that in large size please…..
    If I ever saw him in person looking like that I’d faint for sure.. I honestly think I’d loose all speech and go numb!

    • His eyes are so intense in this picture they would burn a hole in your heart or your soul.
      Heck, all I know for sure is that you would never be the same.

    You can have these as background on your computer screen!!!!
    Just right click on the picture and click on “set as background” and VOILA! THERE HE IS … BIGGER…. TO LOOK AT.. WHAT FUN.

  15. I REALLY like the first black and white picture. But he’s SUPER HOT no matter what…too bad he hasn’t done Playgirl…Hell, I’d camp out for that one!! WOO-HOO He’ is SO sexy!!!

    Tina..aka..Mistress Lambert (I wish)

  16. Libraglam says:

    The one with the Red coat….he looks like his Dad….
    Most of the time he has his Mom’s trait.
    He got all the good traits from Mom and Dad !

  17. dainty says:

    Miss Molly, we always have our “little boy or little girl” inside” , but I don’t think that our successes are meant to mask our insecurities, past or present —— however, this becomes true when we are only CONDITIONALLY LOVED. But when we are UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED — and not judged or condemned, we have no more insecurities — Success or No Success. No amount of success can make a person happy if there are no people who loves him or her unconditionally. Adam had evolved, matured and had transcended whatever insecurities he may have had in the past, with the unconditional love of his close friends and family. It’s also a blessing that his loyal fans have this unconditional love for him. The heights and depths of emotions, he experienced in the past had become a tool or even a trick in his trade that color his songs and make him connect to people —- singing SO PASSIONATELY. Of course, we too can have this unconditional love from God — AGAPE

  18. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    I saw 1 of these b4, the 2nd one (blue jacket w/ mask beside him), & I showed it to my husband. His rxn was that Adam was channeling Freddie Mercury (My hub is a huge FM & Queen fan). Me not so much, so I had no idea what FM looked like, so searched 4 & found a few FM pics. One’s a B+W that shows the same kind of style as these ones of Adam do (http://i691.photobucket.com/albums/vv274/LufflesMrMercury/Freddie_Mercury_2776182.jpg). My hub says he’s seen other pics of FM over the yrs where he’s dressed in dramatic elegance, like these of Adam, & says no one could do this style justice since FM, until Adam. Like a lot of ppl here, my hub tolerates my Adam addiction but isn’t a big fan himself (he thinks Adam’s ok but thinks Allison is better). But given he is not a huge fan, for him to say that about Adam & comparing him to his idol FM, that says a lot!

  19. Kim (livingforadam) says:

    Not lovin’ this look, but absolutely love Adam. Like someone else said, I don’t know where he finds the time to do everything he does, I certainly don’t have the time to keep up!

  20. Courtney says:

    He looks amazing but I am missing when he has his hair down with no gel or anything. Just the amazing black locks across his face. He looks amazing no matter what i am starting to miss it.

  21. Simply Gorgeous!

  22. DNSowles says:

    Reminds me of the 1930’s and 40’s styles. Beautiful beyond words!!

  23. Pyrenze says:

    Love these pictures, but the plaid suit not so much! lol Plaid just isn’t attractive, ever. And DNSowles is right, very 1930-1940’s style, when men were more glam than they are today. And Micki…dramatic elegance is a perfect description. This man can do elegant like no other! But I do miss seeing his hair down in his messy, emo style with fringe across his face. Like the I Heart Radio performance of Fever. I think he’s starting to wear his hair down for his casual, day to day life, and slicked back or spiked up for his public performances. He’s a sparkly chameleon and has more “looks” than any other man I’ve ever seen, and that’s one of the things we all love about him!

  24. COOL but I liked the VMan and Details shoots more cos he looked prettier and hotter. But YRB is an awesome mag and Ruiz is a genius.

  25. Undeniable says:

    I like the white jacket photo, looks like Valentino. They’re all great, he can cross over into movies, fashion, design, talk show…. fiercely conquering the planet.

  26. Adam looks HOT in anything, he just so gorgeous

  27. Move over Rudolph Valentino! Love that boy!