Your Top 3 Adam Lambert “Moments”

Yes, the confetti from the Idol season finale is long ago swept away.  The “after Idol” TV blitz is in the rear view mirror.  So what is a fanatical fan to do whilst waiting on something new from Adam? 

  • Watch (and rewatch) all the iTunes videos
  • Keep re-charging the batteries on my iPod
  • Google until the wee hours of the morning for “Adam Lambert” + other strange keywords
  • Hunt for new YouTube videos – even when the quality is poor and there is no audio!

Hmmm…are you doing some of these same things too?

So I began to notice many subtle Adam Lambert “moments” as I watch and rewatch, listen and relisten.  Things I didn’t necessarily notice, or hear, the first time around…or even the second.  Things that only a fan with extreme enthusiasm would notice.  So here are my Top 3 Adam Lambert Moments:

3.   The trance-like state Adam pulls himself out of at the end of “If I Can’t Have You.”  You can watch it here at 2:34,  Adam said he wanted to do a song he could emotionally connect to, and WOW, did he!  He had to physically shake himself out of his meditative absorption (his “Zen state”) to transition to the judges comments. 

2.  This one isn’t just one moment, but a whole pattern of moments for Adam.  He has a natural ability to respond to negativity and still come across as polite, and any criticism or controversy or frenzy just seems to roll right off of him.   The “Whatever” comment works well for him, and he has used it several times!

1.  And my favorite is…   It has to be the eyebrow lift at the very end of “Beth.”  I could watch that move a thousand times.  (You know you want to watch it again too:   iTunes could have gotten away with charging more money for the download of this video…and it wouldn’t have had anything to do with KISS!

And I’m sure there are a hundred more.

Give me YOUR Top 3 Adam Lambert “Moments!”


  1. adamfan70 says:

    you picked up on the same things that I did, I love to watch his eyes, especially while singing Beth. He looked extremely happy and mischevious. And that trance he puts himself into, incredible!!!!!

  2. I have just returned from the Vancouver concert and have a few Adam moments but I can’t share them, I’ll spoil it for you !

    However, a heads up: do watch him at the end of “Life on Mars’… and again during Fame and Lets Dance as he has added a littlesomething extra he could not do on the TV idol series.

    My comments are also written on the Tour Vibe for California as I could not find the Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver one.

  3. Wow! This is really hard since I have like 9,869 favorite memorable moments!! But for the sake of this thread, I’ll try to narrow it down to just…3.
    1. I love the moment when Ryan announces his name during Top two results and Adam puts his hand over his face trying to hide his emotions, tears? I dont know why I like that so much! : >
    2. The staircase walk when Adam comes down the stairs and gives this little smirky grin as he approaches the mic stand.
    3. When Adam makes his entrance on-stage at the begining of ‘Slow Ride’..and those (gulp) striped pants…is he trying to kill me?!!
    I have sooo many more!! Singing ‘Woman you neeeed loooove” at the end of ‘Whole Lotta Love’–I loooove that!!
    (honorable mentions!)
    1. The Adam/Kris interview for US weekly and he says ‘I like the top” and just starts cracking up and puts his head in his lap then pops up and says “that was inappropriate” !!
    2. The kris/adam tv guide interview when Adam says “They are clearly misinterpeting our friendship” and Kris puts his arm around Adam, and Adam just starts laughing that gorgeous laugh of his and has to cover his face he is laughing so hard! He is absolutely adorable!

    Sorry I know I wrote more than I should have…Its just so hard to choose just 3!!

  4. adamtastic1877 says:

    1. the adam/kris US weekly interview at the end (or the last question US asks which asks what they’re most excited about for the tour) i love adam’s face when he replies “MY jacket! i’m excited for my outfit!” with enthusiasm. then kris says “and im excited for adam’s jacket.” and adam goes “YEAH!”

    2. during the glendale concert during the bowie medley, adam says “i wanna see you dance, bitches!” with an adorable “ha ha!” after

    3. during country week on AI, the video of adam talking to the mentor that week named randy (i forget his last name 😛 ), who i think thought adam was strange because he “never saw a man wear nail polish”!

    ok #3 gave me a #4!

    4. kara & simon’s comments on ring of fire

    kara- “i was confused and happy”

    simon- “i think randy meant to say ‘what the hell was that?’ “