Your Daily Dose of Adam Lambert: Videos from Finland

Short and sweet: Here are more great videos from Adam Lambert’s trip to Finland to add to your day’s required viewing!
~ Carol ~

Adam arrives in Helsinki, Finland.

Adam at Stockmann’s department store, graciously greeting his fans and giving autographs.

Live Interview – Adam is incredibly funny at the end where he goes on and on with ideas for his Ultimate Concert – the one with no buget limits!

Adam recieved a very unique gift from this interviewer. I wonder when we’ll see him performing in it?

YLE Radio Interview from last month:

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. adamita says:

    Thank you of these vids. Though I`ve seen them already it´s so nice to have them here in one place, it´s easier find them here. I´m not that good with computers that I could send any videos or photos. That´s why it´s so great that there is someone who can. Thank You !!!!!

  2. Adamisamazing says:

    Great videos and interviews. Thank you! I love my daily dose of Adam. He’s always interesting, fun and charming.

  3. Carol, thanks for posting this! I am from Finland and just had two days filled with Adam! On Saturday at the airport and on Sunday standing in the long signing queue and later at X-Factor. I am one of the Finnberts at Adam Official. Most of the people at the airport were from AO, I think. We found out that there would be two flighs from Berlin, one 11:35 am and one 3:05 pm. So we were there about 11:30 am, but no Adam. Then we decided to wait for the next flight at the airport and get to know each other better. We had fun, but also we were very nervous, as you can guess. Then about 1 pm Adam tweeted “Off to Helsinki!” Hearts beating faster. When the landing time approached, two security guys came to stand by the door where they would come out, also people from Sony Finland appeared. More heartbeating. Then they finally came, and don´t remember much details after that. I got me photographed with Adam, Monte and Longinue ( I wish I had taken my stupid coat off, could have felt them better, lol) . Adam was very sweet and patient with all of us who wanted a photo.And gorgeous even without makeup! But I was so frozen that I couldn´t get anything else than Thank You out of my mouth. I am also in that airport video. (I hate to look at myself in that!)

    Then on Sunday off to Helsinki and Stockmann´s department store. Adam was supposed to be there 4 – 5 pm, I got there about 1:30 and the line was already very long. Estimated 3000 fans there! I was really surprised ( and so were Stockmann and Sony, I guess), I had no idea how many fans Adam has here. Most of the people were teens or a little bit older. Both WWFM and FYE are played a lot on many radiostations here, especially the ones that young people listen (pop & rock), also both videos are often shown on music channel Voice. The atmosphire was exiting, in some videos you propably have heard people sing WWFM. (FYE album was played on the background all the time). I got my cd signed, but I have heard that everybody didn´t.

    Next place X-Factor. I didn´t have a ticket there (no tickets were sold, you can only win them or get some other way), but I was hoping to get in anyway, which I finally did because there was room for those who didn´t have a ticket. Adam and band performed about 10:30 pm (live!), and it was over too soon! I got home near midnight and noticed that X-Factor video was already in YouTube. People are really quick! Next 3 hours I spent in twitter trying to catch up with everything. Still doing it.

    I still can´t believe everything that happened, still high! I met many wonderful pe

    • (last sentence continues): people whom I had known only as avis at AO. Adam really brings people together.

    • adamita says:

      Hi ailaR ! Thank you for this post, it was so nice to read it. I was at Stockmann, but not at X-Factor, ´cause I didt won tickets. It didn´t even think that there would be a chance to get there whitout ticket!!! Lucky and clever you! I was wondering here earlier that where people get the information of someones arrival time. I hope that when he comes to Finland next time, I definetily want to be at airport then. ( at autumn possible….) Maybe I´ll see you there, I´m a Finnbert too 🙂

    • Libraglam says:

      OMG. AilaR, You are so so LUCKY !! Your passion and patience really paid off !! Thank you for sharing !!!

  4. As a long-time fan of Adam’s (I actually saw him at the Zodiac Show in LA waaaay back when and thought he was absolutely amazing then!) I LOVE to hear about fan reactions to our fabulous man from other countries! I’m really glad that everywhere he has gone so far he has such a fan base there to cheer him on! While Adam is touring Europe and melting millions of hearts, like he has here in the US, poor Kris Allen is stuck hawking American Idol knick-knacks on QVC. I’ve never been happier that Adam didn’t win AI than when I heard about that! 😉

    • Wow DD!!! Hadn’t heard that about Kris. That is really sad! But doesn’t that make us feel so much better about the outcome of Idol?

  5. martha says:

    Adam’s spirit of freedom went straight through me when I saw him on AI – I can’t explain that to anyone, but that is why I am so passionate about him. He has good energy, he is an enlightened being. He is opening minds and hearts just by being himself, not preaching. And to top all that basic stuff off, his talent is extraordinary and I have never enjoyed any artist as much as I do him. Add to that, he is witty and fun and all the great character traits like honesty,courage,etc. So, in case he ever reads this -the best of all fan sites 🙂 … that is my quick short list off the top of my head why I am a passionate fan of Adam Lambert.

    • I so agree with you, Martha. Your words match my feelings exactly. Adam does seem to be an enlightened being. We need more people like Adam in the world.

    • You spoke right from my heart, that’s exactly how I feel.He has changed the way I feel about things. Maybe it was always there, but Adam reminded me whats important, when 68 years of living had made me calloused. Thank you,Adam!

      • Lee/Saline says:

        Hi Luzia,
        I will be 68 next month and agree with you. Adam has made me feel like a teenager. I never was allowed to act out when I was a teenager so I am enjoying Adam and allowing myself to be more giddy, less serious and more alive. He is a good role model for me leaning into life as he does.

        • Libraglam says:

          Lee/Saline, Luzia, you definitely know how to enjoy life !! I can enjoy ADAM at least until i will be 80. I am now 52 and you are right, i feel like 16 again…life is so beautiful after i found ADAM !!

  6. Darlene says:

    Thanks for the videos. I enjoy listening, and watching Adam, whether he is singing or just intervieiwing. He is a sweetheart.

  7. Love the Interviews

  8. I wanna be on the Spaceship Adam:0) He is SOOO SWEET AND GENEROUS WITH HIS FINLAND FANS:0) Taking Time to sign Autograghs and Take Pics:0) So Sweet:0)

  9. I agree Kym. I wanna be on the spaceship with adam soaring away, listening to him sing or talk or just watch him. He is so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. I love how he loves people and the freedom to be who he is, which he wants for everyone. Be who you are and be proud of it. Love this guy soooooooo much. Thanks for all of the postings of Adam. I’m loving every minute of Adam!!

  10. dainty says:

    I just love Adam’s laughter. It’s already music to my ears. Adam’s personality is just for consumption. You can feed on his spirit, his honesty, his humbleness, his laughter, and even his self-depreciation at times. Oh, my gosh, he is just so lovable, and so cuddly. I WANT AN ADAM DOLL I CAN HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!