Young Adam photos


During the Jay Leno interview, Adam happily described his first job working as a barista at Starbucks: “I worked at Starbucks when I was 16. It was alright, I liked meeting new people, I liked talking to customers – that was exciting. But I used to come home, and I just stunk of coffee beans. It’s awful. (..) It just sinks into your skin. And if you’ve ever smelled coffee grinds after they’ve been sitting for a while, it’s like menour.. it’s awful.

There is a perfect picture of 16-year-old Adam to go along with this description; it’s been around for a while but in the context of this interview it doesn’t hurt to bring it up again. Adam as a Starbucks barista.

If we go back even more, to an 8-year-old Adam, we find a new photo! The 3rd grade of Deer Canyon Elementary school in 1990, with mrs. Donndellinger, shows an adorable young kid. Try to see if you can spot Adam amongst all of these kids?

In case you can’t – I don’t blame you, the kid has changed slightly over the course of the years! – try looking at the top row, the second boy from the left. With a dazzling smile and oversized blue shirt. Wanna zoom in a bit? Here you go!

Very, very cute!



  1. OMG he always had that cute face love it

  2. huh??? i can’t believe it him..super different from his present look..

  3. You can cover it up but once a ginger,always a ginger.It is a state of mind.

    • Let this be a signal to all the middle and high school girls… The geeky boy you don’t pay any attention to now could transform himself in the a major Sexy Hunk of a Man.
      Now this goes the same of course for geeky girls, there is always, ALWAYS the potential to turn yourself into Sexy Juicy Goddess!

  4. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    MASTER ADAM was absolutely a gorgeous kid! Why ? was he so self concious of the way he looked? He has similar features as my hubby tall, strawberry blonde lt skinned, he’s perfect!
    I am so glad that he was working at age 16 that shows great responsibility! A very nice good looking kid, & NOW!!! what a beautiful man he has grown into! & SEXY! SEXY! SEXY!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      You can tell too that he had great hair back then & he still does! OOOH, wouldn’t I love to see MASTER ADAM go back blonde!!!! IMO!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Kimber, never thought there would come a day when I disagree with you, but I don’t want Adam to go back to his natural hair colour. If anyone was ever born with the wrong colouring it is our Adam, he really should have been born with black hair (or at least very dark). That is just my preference of course, even though I look at those pictures of him when he is young and he looks good in them, I just cannot connect them as one and the same person. Maybe it is because I have always been attracted to dark haired people, I don’t know, I just think he is so beautiful the way he is now.
        Of course I have often wondered that if he had not dyed his hair and we saw him with his natural colouring would he still have had the same effect on us and my guess is that he would have because it was his voice that I first fell in love with and no matter what hair colour he has, he will still be the same person underneath. I just love him with dark hair.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey Dianne! I also like the black, just like Elvis right? But what if he did change it back to blonde or bald? I like bald men too, that’s sexy IMO. It’s ok, you can disagree w/ me anytime, I still love ya Merry Christmas! Hope you & your family are having a GOOD TIME. I love all the foods around the holiday season, my fav is fudge! Pumpkin pie too, esp. for brkfast.
          Have wonderful time. We got our white Christmas here in OK, YEAH!!!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Kimber, if Adam decided to change his hair colour then I would just have to accept it wouldn’t I, LOL. No, not like Elvis, just like Adam, I have never been a huge fan of Elvis, maybe because my mother was and I never had a good relationship with her, but that’s another story.

            You got your white Christmas, well we are in summer over here in New Zealand and it was a very hot day for Christmas Day (which for us was yesterday). Hope you have a wonderful day Kimber with your family. Love you too, Kimber.

            And to all the other wonderful Glambs a Merry Christmas to you all too.

  5. Adam even wore his Elvis hair back then. What a cutie!!!

  6. Aw how sweet and cute. I like him better now. Because Ellie he so SEXY HOT YUMMY. I could think o more to discribe him but you get the point. I like he was nvr to ashamed of being himself. Love you Adam. Hugs and Kisses

  7. He was already getting tall in elementary school, that’s why they put you on the back row! Thanks for the great pics!

  8. Some of his childhood pictures are really really cute, always had a fantastic smile, and has kept some of his child like sweet smile upto now. But, what an amazing transformation into this gorgioues, sexy man, with that tantalising look in his eyes, and that beautiful body WOW, but most of all that beautiful voice, the fantstic performacnes that keep us so insanely wanting more and more of Adam.

  9. I read before that ADAM only started dyeing his hair black when he moved to Hollywood in his 20’s? Such sparkling smile to die for. A Loaded Smile indeed!

    • Angel, he said once that he darkened his hair for the first time when he played Joshua, Though he was Hebrew, he said he didnt look ‘ethnic enough” and the rest is history!!! LOL

      • I dyed my darkblonde hair black when I was 23. It was a amazing what it did for me as a person, it intensified the transformation I was looking for at that time in my life. Adam would be the same super talented person but I don’t not think the effect he has on people would be the same, it is the electrifying magic of the black hair and the light colored eyes. We, us diehard fans, would love him bald or blond since we are under his spell! He can always do the Tommy thing and do Blond and Black.

  10. Wow, he certainly has always had that beautiful bright smile! The starbucks pic, is awesome, Never say that one before.
    Adam has come a long way baby. From that bright eyed little boy in elementary school, to the teenage barista to the Handsome,Hot, Sexy Rock Star that he is today.
    Love that Man……………………..Oh Adam, love the new word Pluck………………..:)


    ps, If for some reason the Holidays have you feeling low, maybe because of a loved one no longer with you or not feeling well etc, here’s to closing your eyes and thinking of Adam and getting a smile back on your face to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :).
    love and peace to all!

    • Merry Christmas to you Mary !! Merry Christmas to all my Sisters on this Glamb sight.. May your hearts be filled with the spirit and magic of Christmas. May all your dreams be of the most beautiful man we know and Love, ADAM !! He brought us all together and we have so much more to share in the coming years.. May the year coming up bring so many more pictures of GLAMBULGE !!!!!! Muah to All and a huge group hug !

    • Love and peace to you, Mary C., and all of us on this site. Adam is a bright spot in our sometimes dreary universe. Good cheer to all!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Merry Christmas Mary C, & to all of my GLAMBsistas, & most of all, to my MASTER ADAM! Oh yea! Be safe & be merry, Mary!

  12. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I bet Adam did not receive the “Most Likely to Succeed” award in his class, but he sure showed them! And to all that made fun of him–what great revenge! I love it when the underdogs come out ahead of the game! Adam honey, you can now laugh at them them and shake that sexy butt all the way to the bank baby! I absolutely love you and am so proud of you. Keep struttin’ your stuff, you’re hot, sexy, talented, and you have it all. Don’t let no one stop you from being you. Your fans love you and will stand behind you. We want a whole lotta Adam!

    Love your #1 Fan.
    glamb 122 from OHIO!

  13. “Thank Heavens, for leetle boys, for leetle boys get bigger everyday…..” and so on!!

  14. I guessed the correct one!

  15. RedStar (two posts above), I love what you said! Ditto to that, and “go” underdogs! Adam is doing a great job rebounding from the AMA situation, and I look forward to seeing what he does on New Years Eve, headlining the show in California.

    Happy Holidays to all the Glambs, and hope to see many of you at Adam’s concert this new year. Hope he comes to Atlanta.. Vicki W

  16. I figured out who Adam was too! You can’t miss when you see that beautiful smile and sky blue eyes……

  17. just look into the eyes, you can easily identify it’s Adam Lambert, can’t hide that blue eyes!

  18. ill have to check this out tomorrow…i cant see the pics for some reason and the youtube vid cant see that either.

  19. The tough thing in high school is that not everyone is Geeky and Awkward – there are always those kids around who are beautiful, clear skinned, thin, successful – in everything, winning all the awards and recognition, popular. It would be really interesting to check on those kids from Adam’s graduating class and see how wing-ding wonderful they are today. Peaking early can also be a slippery slope. It’s those quiet ones ……… bright, strong, supported and loved by family …… who end up creating lives for themselves that no one (but their Moms and Dads) would have believed “back then”. Rock on, Adamazing – thanks for sharing your career with us in such a truly inspiring way ….. protect your “selfness” and don’t let stardom steal too much of that little boy with dreams! UIMA

  20. I went to one of my H.S. reunions (won’t say which one:) ), and the jocks, the good-looking ones… didn’t age well at all. Paunchy, bald….and the gals looked great!!!!! So ya never know!
    Uh oh, did that give away the years since I graduated!!!!!

    ADAM’s smile and eyes haven’t changed….you can see the sparkle in his eyes….love the close-up with some teeth missing!!!! Sooo cute!

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my Glamily and friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year with lots of good things in store! We know we all have ADAM to brighten up our days!!!

  22. Wishing all the Glambs a very special Christmas and New Year from the Land Down Under!

  23. I picked Adam out of the above picture right away~!

  24. Adam is hot even then. I hope he doesn’t change with this stardom mess.

  25. hmmm this is Glee’s Kurt Hummel hahaha…