You Speak… Adam Lambert Listens (ADAM BRING THE EMO LOOK BACK!)

If Adam ever sees this article: ADAM BRING THE EMO LOOK BACK PLEASE!!! 🙂 Article below:

American Idol Behind the Scenes: Neil Patrick Harris & Adam Lambert’s Obsession

Michael Becker, Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Want to know Adam Lambert’s little secret? You speak. He listens.

Let us explain. You see, Adam, the funky-haired rocker from San Diego, has a penchant for Googling himself. He told us so at the top 13 party a few weeks back. Well, a source behind the scenes at Idol tonight told us that the reason Adam went for the slicked back hairdo for two weeks in a row is because, “he read online how much his fans liked it, and he listens to their opinions.”

“The look works for him and the judges like it too,” says the source. “I doubt he’ll keep it up, though.”

Fair enough. We think it’s working for him too. Hair aside, Adam’s performance of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” was the crowd favorite of the night and garnered the loudest applause.

And, cheering in the crowd was Neil Patrick Harris. Keep reading to find out what Neil told us exclusively about Adam and about the finale of How I Met Your Mother…

Here’s what you didn’t see on camera from tonight’s iTunes Top 100 performance show:

Neil Patrick Harris on Adam Lambert: “Adam did tear it up vocally tonight. No male in this competition has sung so well. He really hit those notes.” Now about that finale of HIMYM: “There will be lots of fireworks.”

Hey, Joel McHale, Did You Catch This? In delivering her judgment of Adam, Kara accidentally said Studio 57 instead of Studio 54. What you didn’t see was how horrified she was at her blunder. During the commercial break, the obviously embarrassed judge turned around in her chair, looked at the audience, and sighed a loud and visible, “Ugh” in disbelief for her mistake. She sat there stunned with her eyes wide open in shock over, what we like to call, “Pulling a Paula.”

Kara & Simon’s Turn: The judges may snap at each other when the cameras are rolling, but it couldn’t be more of a love fest on the commercial breaks. Simon and Paula kept up their BFF act that we’ve been telling you about. But, tonight, Kara plopped herself on Simon’s lap on a break for once. Interesting side note: Even though Paula and Kara sit right next to each other, they hardly talk on commercial breaks or during the show. It’s always Simon and Paula clucking away on one side of the judges’ table, and Kara and Randy chatting it up on the other side. (They all usually bolt to backstage on breaks, though.)

Signs of the Times: This time ’round, there were more signs for Lil Rounds than for the other contestants. Maybe it’s because her name is so easy to rhyme. Signs read, “Lil Rounds Runs This Town,” “Hot Sounds by Lil Rounds,” and “L.I.L.: Looking Impressive Lil.” Okay the last one didn’t rhyme, but you get our point. Speaking of Lil, she was still wiping tears from her face as she walked off the stage after performing Celine Dion’s “I Surrender” right before sneaking into the audience to hug her children.

Cute Moment Alert: When one of Lil’s daughter’s wasn’t on camera bear-hugging Randy Jackson, she was chatting on the microphone with the warm-up guy Corey, who asked her pre-show how she thinks mommy will do tonight. The shy girl responded in her tiny voice, “Oh, fine.” That’s the spirit!

Is Simon Cowell Bored? We caught Mr. Nasty not once, not twice, but three times looking behind his seat at the audience instead of watching the performances. And, he didn’t even clap for Allison Iraheta, who we think did a darn fine job on No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”

Anoop’s Troops: Gotta give it to Team Anoop. He surely knows how to get his family and friends to promote. His peeps handed out stickers to audience members outside of the studio before the show started that read “Anoop Troop.” Matthew, a 7-year-old fan, said, “They just gave me this sticker, but I like Matt [Giraud].”

VIP Action: David Spade, Lisa Rinna, her husband Harry Hamlin and their kids, a pregnant Carnie Wilson, Jillian Barberie Reynolds, and Joe Simpson cheered on their favorite contestants. The most enthusiastic celeb? Neil Patrick Harris who threw his fist in the air and yelled “Yeah!” when the warm-up guy Corey asked the audience pre-show, “Are you ready to party!”

Do you like Adam Lambert’s hair rocked out, or slicked back? What did you notice about tonight’s show that we didn’t?




  1. adam can wear anything or nothing at all, it doesn’t matter..

  2. downeast says:

    One little vote for the rocker hair, here…because it makes his eyes so pretty.

    (so fangirly…one blushes)

  3. Daniela Lambert says:

    To be honest, yes he looks adorable with his hair pulled back but I think he’s much better looking with his hair down. I think it’s good that he listens to his fans though!
    I <3 u Adam!!!!!!!!

  4. He looks hot either way,I think he should wear his hair how he wants to wear it!! I luv him and he will win for sure!!

  5. Milwadamfan says:

    Adam is so gorgeous he can wear any style and look fantastically hot, however I fell in love with him when he auditioned in San Francisco and had the dark-red emo hair. He was beautiful, different and recognizable, so much so that I made sure I remembered his name. It took a little time (a nano-second) to get used to seeing black hair instead of dark red, but I adjusted and loved it. BRING BACK THE EMO LOOK!!!!

  6. I love the clean look, I love the emo look, I don’t care…whatever he feels like pulling on for the next performance is fine!!!

  7. ReggiesaurusRex says:

    Please adam bring back the emo hair. I love you with your hair slicked back, but I am madly in love with your hair, and you can’t show it off with it slicked back. And please go back to wearing skinnies. The flares and bell bottoms have to go…

  8. Adam Lambert’s emo look is definitely my favorite, but I also look forward to the interesting changes from week to week –hate the black nail polish though, not just on Adam, but in general, it’s so trendy and unoriginal. Yuck! I must add this. I have loved Elvis Presley all my life, and one of my biggest regrets is having postponed an opportunity to see him in concert, thinking he’d always be around, then the next year he was gone. Now, however, I think if there were a choice to be made to see Adam Lamber in concert, or Elvis Presley –I’d choose Adam. Seriously, I would.

  9. I think it looks awesome all rocked out and flat ironed. He’s gonna be hot no matter what, but I prefer the rocker look. And he’s not emo, emo is wanna be. He’s got glamrocker written all over him. Just sexy.

  10. Dear adam- I like it when your hair is away from your face – showing your character – sophisticated , sincere and a perfect gentleman…but I notice you dress the part – so ,you are the professional when it comes to bringin it on the stage – Ring of Fire is a song i disliked completely til i heard you sing it WOW ! when randy said Jeff buckley – it was like he read my mind – you have a purity in your voice – i think you have it in your heart and that shows no matter what you’re wearing – but the leather and the hair and the fire – fit together – same thing with tracks of my tears – the silver suit got the point across – you know what you are doing … one thing I know is you’re the only American Idol contestant that ever got me to sit down and write in a forum!!you are a sweet heart and a gentle man and a fun guy to watch – thanks

    • I agree, I don’t even like country and even more so hate ring of fire, but I have played it and played it over and over again. Adam has the same kind of carisma that Elvis had. Even his lips looks so close to Elvis.

  11. FrankieB says:

    I like it both ways but prefer it down.

    Mind you, with that face, he could wear a clown wig and look hot.

  12. I like how Adam changes up his hair depending on each particular performance. What everyone loves about Adam is you never know what he is going to do and it keeps it interesting every week. He looks hot no matter what!!

  13. The 82 song list has some great songs he could sing – tainted love with the “emo” look – but he maybe should do something completely different this week …

  14. There are some real good classics in 1982.. OPEN ARMS, HURT SO GOOD, ONLY THE LONELY, I CANT GO FOR THAT… cant wait to find out what he will be singing tonight!!!

  15. I don’t really care to tell you the truth, he could do anything to change his appearance and still look hot. I do miss his emo look though.

  16. Oh my oh my he has got to win. He can sing anything. Has the look, the stage, and the voice .
    Wow Adam you rock my boat.