You Know the Idol Tour is Over When . . .

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Here it is, September 16th. Yesterday was payday – hooray, I can go buy lots of groceries now. And the fiscal year is coming to an end, so I’ve got to get some insurance paperwork in before the end of the month. Oh yeah, end of the month – it’s my husband’s birthday on the 30th. I’ve got to think of something really special. But there’s something else gnawing at me. That date represents something else really big.

Oh no! That’s right – the end of the American Idol tour. I don’t even want to think about it. I won’t be able to start my days with YouTube clips from the previous night’s concerts, held someplace back east. My concert was in the beginning – during the second week. Concert Number Ten in San Diego. We were so junior then. Back when Adam had just started putting his hand to his ears and calling out for more screams during Whole Lotta Love.

I had black polish on my nails, but I took beautiful peacock blue polish to my pedicure the day before the concert. I’ve kept it on since then. I guess now is an appropriate time to take out the polish remover and cotton balls and finally clean it all off. Kind of symbolic.

Just out of curiousity, how are all of you, our faithful readers dealing with this momentous day? Please comment and let us know!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Hi dear Carol, since I just finished writing on this very thing on the ‘Tour Wrap’ thread, I will bring part of my post from there over here, and just say that I am dealing with this momentous moment by looking forward with great anticipation and sheer joy to the first beginnings of Adam’s own personal career. This is what I have been waiting for, and what I have always written about, that Adam IS and always HAS BEEN an iconic superstar of the first magnitude. So here is a part of what I said on the last thread in answer to your question to all of us:

    “Yes, it is sad to see this time end, it is as though we all went through it with them as they toughed it out from city to city, but it will soon give way to incredible joy and wonder as we see Adam take those first steps in his brilliant career. The 2012 single will probably be unforgettable, and what better way to start a career than to sing an unforgettable song connected to an iconic movie with earth-shaking significance? He will be forever connected with the world itself, a man as big as the whole planet in his greatness….the photoshopped poster itself already captures the vision of Adam’s iconic role in the world. I don’t know as there ever has been an artist in music history that has ever STARTED his career as an icon without ever having made an album….it is as though everyone around him knows ‘who’ he is, and is making way for his appearance on the world stage: the red carpet is being rolled out in front of him by invisible hands as he makes his every step.

    ….the tour has ended, and now, the real fun begins….the one-and-only, never-before-seen rise of the greatest singer and performer in the new millenium and the entire world, Adam Lambert, has begun! And we are here, right at the beginning (and we have been here since before the beginning of the beginning), to see this time in history. We are poised on the brink of history, and Adam is going to make that history right before our very eyes. There are a few moments left where we can catch our breath and rest for a fraction of time, but within one short month, Adam will be back with his inspiring single, the movie will be next and the album after that…..and then, Adam will begin his trek across the world. Adam will begin his amazing, world-shattering rise to the top, and we will be right there with him as he goes, and we will see wonders as he makes music history. Aren’t you glad to be a witness to such a wonderful thing happening to such a beautiful man? — I am thrilled to even be a small part of the story of this new world superstar!…..Starlight is giving way to Daybreak…”

    Soon, Adam will be back with us….and what a time that will BE!

    • And forgive me, I forgot to mention, that is ONE BEAUTIFUL picture of Adam up there….our Wailin’ New King Of Rock And Roll!

      • Lorrin, I ditto what Mary C said, your closing statement is beautiful and your entire post!

        It is indeed a time of mixed emotions, yes, bitter sweet! Sweet because we were treated to a regular dose of Adam greatnesses. After the disappointment of the AI finale results, the overwhelming response to Adam at the AI concerts has shown that justice has been served. Adam is in a league of his own – this is evident from the media and fans’ frenzy around the AI concerts. He has redefined the AI standards with his beautiful voice and showmanship which he uses to put his message of love and peace out there. His fellow AI contestants are in awe of him and he has delighted us like NO OTHER.

        For many of us, experiencing Adam has been life changing, giving our lives new purpose and leaving us unable to recall what living met without this beautiful, humble man. At first we were intoxicated by his sheer musical talent but it has gone way beyond that. We are now addicted to and inspired by Adam’s inner beauty, a gift we are blessed to behold.

        This website became ‘home’ to us during the concert tours, evolving fan relationships into something deeper and special, Glamb love, something which I cannot explain but certainly epitomises what ‘family’ is supposed to mean. For some, this sense of being a family is an extension of what some of us already have, whilst for others, it is what we were seeking but never really found. The unselfishness of the Glamb leaders in sacrificing so much to keep us entertained, inspired and informed of ‘everything Adam’, has been a gift in itself. We are treated to the gifts of some who articulate what we often feel about Adam but cannot not fully express. Then there are the Glambs whose sharp wit , above and below the belt, treated us to fits of laughter and yes, there are those who did not allow language to deter them from being part of Adam’s Family and sharing the love – kudos to them. Glambs, here on this website, we have found a common language that strides the globe – our own Adam-speak. Thank you Glambs for what you are and what you bring! I continue to learn from you all!

        Now that the AI concerts are over, we are facing a new chapter of Adam greatness … and yes, “A Change is Gonna Come” and with it a new age of Aquarius.

        Love ya all, and of course, Mmmmmmmmmmmwah!

        • Carol, my apologies, thank you for this thread and the pic of our beautiful Adam! Mmmwah, Ingrid

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          thank you for the thread and the beautiful picture of Adam.

          Lorrin and Ingrid,
          what can I say after reading your amazing posts, I can’t go on reading without expressing again my gratitude for your beatiful way with words, describing our Adam and what he means to all of us, and our own feelings towards him. Is like if someone is inside my head and heart, knowing my thoughts, my feelings, even before I’m even conscious of them.
          I would never find words like yours, so again thank you.

          As everyone here I’m sad because I’ll miss all the excitement of the daily concert news and vids, but at the same time eagerly awaiting everething Adam will share with the world.

          Love and mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah,

          • Oh Silvana, I enjoy your posts just as much! My friend, Lorrin, is the Glamb with the beautiful words. I just express what I feel, but thanks all the same! Mmmmwah

            • Ingrid, your post is so beautiful, so thoughtful, and so very characteristic of who we are as ‘Glambs’ and as a true family. I love your identification of our special love as ‘Glamb love’ and our particular form of speech as ‘Adam speak’. You have seen us as the true family we are, but you have also applauded us as individuals with our own unique and special gifts (yours included, my friend) …. thank you for all the love and for your special post naming us Glambs as the guardians of true love for Glamb Adam..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thank you for your beautiful words and thoughts. We are all in this together and we are in for another phase of this glorius ride!

        • To all my Glamb friends…I’m still catching up on all my reading here, but I, too, feel the journey with ADAM has just begun. ADAM has graduated into a new world that will be filled with world-wide matter what he does.

          ADAM has opened up a new world to me also! I have met so many great people, in person and online. Just because Idol days are over, I truly believe that we will all remain friends and will still share our thoughts and feelings about ADAM and our world that we have come to know together.

          Let’s go forward with ADAM!!!

          Love to all,
          Judy Glamb #386

      • Lisette here..lovli glambs Carol thenks for thes post an beau photo of Adam ..our World Idol,prince of heartes..angel d’musique!!.Ah seemes I reciv thes thread day late. Sad seeing so many posts.. fel once agan missing l’party here of glambs! So adde notes now for al of yu.Thenks Lorrin for tweet wee heure voting of all glambs as I av done Adam has thes title!!An Lorrin once agan brings joie an such eloquant words always..blessings to yu belleamie! We av been on thes magiqual journey seeing Adam first step onto American Idol stage,even from thet audition knew he can be destine for grandeur.With his estraordinaire beauface,even acapella his velvettone,smooth an distinctive voix set him apart from rest.An then seeing every week a reinvention in his appearance,hairstyle,fashion an ecoutrementes,abilitie to sing any musique genre an toching even harshest critique as Simon in al Idol seasons,ovationes from legends as Smoky,praise from membres of Queen,Kiss,all judges,an infinite fans from thet point made him world reknowne thenks to satellite.Then summer AItour evry citie agan magnifique performancese,infinite interviews,rehearsals,sans slepe,an even with malthroat..his voix was exquisite,ethereal,passionate,emotional,hauntingly beautful ballads,an glamrock high octaves,sensualitie,artistry,sensualitie,warmth,an crystalbleu eyes/beauface with glistening glittre enhansing perfete features.An althout tour conclude,we’ll await his superbe cd blending many styles,original compose songs,will be worth wait!An know we’l look forward to his solotour an celebrate togethre thes beau l’homme/vocaliste/artiste,humanitarian an now World Idol..yes legende of millenium an many generationes to come!Luv to all here Lorrin,Ingrid,Jeanette,Carol,Sue,Cyndi,Theresa,Emili,Mary,Sherry,Silvana,Toni an so many more! Benedictions to l’angel of musique….Adam..J’etaime toujours!xoxo

        • Silvana/Argentina says:


          thank you for your beatiful post and for alqays remembering me, even if I’m new at posting here.


        • Lisette, thank you for your lovely post. In fact, I always enjoy your posts. Mmmmmwah, Ingrid

          • Lisette here..bonjour all glambs an hugs for thet Ingrid..always plasur to here from yu al way from South Africa..thet’s beauty of quest international glambs(Adam Lambert)tribute page,as we connect an celebrate one very gifted artiste avec a couer d’or an face d’angeli as is his voix!An seeing yur post above very eloquant too.Thinq lot of glambs av espress ther inner most emotiones,amour an afffection for Adam an also bonding with one anothre..Unsure any othre artiste/or entertaineur has moved an toched our heartes in same manner..He has thet estraordinaire gifte making all feel connecte also I thinq in a spiritual sense an able to finde a serenitie,tranquilitie just un petite glance at his face,un chanson to listene too an see his crystal aquamarine eyes thet seeme to penetrate into one’s taking us to anothre place..feeling lost in his Starlit ..An always recall last finale show on American Idol when ther appeared from l’miste,an gothique set..our beau Adam in his long noir coat,soft coiffed tresses,perfetely adorne liner to enhanse an accent his features,with l’bells tolling,stars an moonlit sky..evry note very velvetysmooth,ethereal,gentle..ah if only to turn back teme an feele thet same sense of tranquilitie..thinq ma fibromyalgia pain can vanish into l’mist .Wel pardon to be lost in thes moment.Back to above post hugs to Carol for sharing with us an thet beau photo of Adam..nous ange d’chansons an tout le couer des glambs here! hugs an luv to all Ingrid,Lorrin,Therese,Cyndi,Marys’,Sherrys,Toni,
            Sue,Cyndi,Alen(un fellow..where ar yu?),Jeanette,Cheryl(miss her?!) more,more more qui adore Adam Lambert..bienvenue an visite yur maison d’amour!xoxoxo mmmwoi bisous too! an to all amies!xoxoxo


        WOW VIDEO

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Wow, she wasn’t letting go of Adam! Lucky Megan! I wouldn’t let go either – LOL!

        • Thank you so much, Ofra, for posting this video, just a few minutes into it and I couldn’t stop crying, talk about never wanting to let someone go…that little gal wasn’t going to let go of the man she obviously loves so much….what a privilege she had to see him and work with him almost every day. Megan ‘stood in’ for all of us who love him from a far greater physical distance but who love him just as deeply as she does. Adam was wholly hers for those long, long moments, how very, very sad, sweet, and poignant….it was almost as though ‘time stood still’ for Megan, so that she could hold this man for just a few minutes more…and now, he is gone from her (and our) sight, carried far away, who knows where, (hopefully somewhere near me, for at least I would know that he is safely in California at home). We are mourning our dear Adam and missing his presence among us terribly…we are also mourning the passing of a certain special time when Adam was still accessible, still so much our (exceedingly handsome) next-door-neighbor boy, still ‘ours’,…..and now, who knows what will happen to him? What forces will be at work to try and change him or keep him farther away from us? But somehow I think, Adam will not forget any of us, he will think of us, he will mention us, he won’t lose his connection to us, and one of these days, not so very far away, he will return to us, and we will see the incredible things he has done behind the scenes of the AI tour, while no one was looking. If only we can be patient just a little while longer, Adam will be back among us, someone will spot him, photographs will be made of him, interviews and guest spots will be given to him, and suddenly, as if by magic, he will be right in front of us again…..this is the calm before the storm, the time of deceptive stillness that hides the real storm about to break across the whole world. Only a few weeks more, and the quiet stage will be in readiness again, road crews and musicians will bustle around with activity and purpose, rehearsals will begin, songs will be written and produced, albums will drop, movies will be discussed, clothes will be designed, and our beloved Adam will stride back out on to that stage which is his true home, to the waiting arms of his adoring public. It can’t be too soon, waves of excitement and anticipation are building, the wind is picking up, the seasons are changing, and Adam Lambert is coming! We’ll be ready!


          • Lorrin, Again how beautiful your writings are: You are hired to be Adams’ special PR rep!!!!
            He will think of us and all his fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lisette here..merci Ofra for sharing thes Lorrin so agree sentiments make me smile always..bless yu! Have cold/sorethroat so posting from bed,difficile to stay away from our glambs famille an Adam Lambert for sure.Agree seeing Megan Joy hugging beau Adam made me cry too,as if I knew them both.An imagaine being so close for monthes they av bonded in way we’ll nevre imagaine.Apparente they av affinitie an Megan findes difficile to part,perhaps fearing they’ll lose toche going back to ther homes.Trasuring thet moment in teme they’ll both recall,somhow thinq Adam wil reman in toche as he’d be a sincere amie,warmth,compassion,to know him,off heures togethre offstage.An sad,joie mix emotiones for sure in ther long embraces,Megan founde comforts in ‘arms of l’angel..Adam.. a beau l’homme with kindhearte.Agree Lorrin Adam is home agan an wil miss seeing daily interviews apres his concerts..thinq we felt close to him,in his long conversings with interviewer thet othre “Idols” nevre reveale of themselvs..he’s so honest,genial,humble like boy next door,who exudes sensualitie thet is natural even sans l’ecoutrementes an makeup..See thet audition for American natural acapella..tresbeau in every aspect..I can go on here..Thenks for sharing thes linq with us!An know we’ll all celebrate future endeavors,cds,filmes (oh yes I can see Adam as mentioning on passe thread along with othre actors Leo,Matt,Brad,..actresses his seletion unsure who he likes.He mentiones singres Lady Gaga,Madonna,Katie Perry,Beyonce..wel perhaps one of them in a musiqual film then?!! Never know what Adam may surprise us with.One thing certaine l’glambs famille wil all adore,awaite,be mesmerize,glamborized,hyponotized,swept away by one artiste with a beauface,hearte an soul…monsieur Adam Lambert..le bleu eye angel d’musique..Fasten yur seatbelts gals along his starlit espress al way to etoile an into moonlit!!Let’s danse,let’s danse,danse,danse…!(alrite one can imagaine thes if nothing else..reves here! Luv Lisettexoxoxo!! mmmmmwoi bisous Adam so sorry difficile not to!

        • Ofra, Thanks for sharing:: Wow that was some Goodbye, Megan said in an interveiw that
          Adam is always telling her how Beautiful she is!!!!!!!!!!!
          Ya never know????? I’ve always left that door open……………

        • Ofra, I always suspected that Megan had a crush on Adam. I felt like hitting her hands down – can’t blame her for having a crush, though!!!!

    • Beautiful message, Lorrin! I love your last line–makes me tear up–“Starlight is giving way to Daybreak”. Wow!!! What a perfect perfect line.

      I’m sensing something in Adam that I can’t quite define. As a powerful empath, I can often tell what people are feeling. All along the tour, I’ve felt Adam’s joy and passion and love–embracing his fans and his fellow idols. Lately I started sensing something else. His tweet about Kanye made headlines. It almost seems like he was suddenly way too big for the tour. He’s ready to move on. He’s ready to really “come out”–no holds barred! Even his last hairstyle and glitter makeup seems to be shouting, “I’m coming out–I want the world to know–I’m gonna let it show!”

      As for myself, I’m excited, relieved, saddened, and thrilled all at the same time! And I’m embracing the memories as I anticipate the thrill of the next phase. Wherever this rock god goes, I will follow!!!!!

      • Mary S., I too, have powerful empathetic tendencies, and along with you, I have also noticed the ‘signs’ that Adam is ready to take flight, away from the cocoon he is in, outward from the restrictiveness of the well-defined restraints of the AI contestant world, and upward, higher ever higher, than anyone around him. I feel that he has spent his youth trying on the personas of his future, being in turn the happy, sunny boy, the darkling elf, the magician’s apprentice, the little ‘rocker’, the theatrical hero, the outrageous painted man, the laser-eyed androgyne Sex God, – and now, it is time to turn away from the experimental to the actual, and see his imagined world take shape. He is ready to ‘call it into being’ the world he has envisioned, and he has the power to do it. His very presence makes grown men behave like excited children, women to swoon, and children to scream with joy. One minute he is the charming, gentle-voiced boy, the next, he is an astounding, overwhelmingly magnificent man and rock and roll demi-god, a transformation so incredible it is almost unbelievable. What is more, – Adam invites us behind the scenes to ‘see how he does it’; he allows us to watch him put on his make-up, apply the glitter to his eyes, see his tailor measure his suits, and a dresser to arrange his hair….we even get to indulge in gazing at Adam as he sleeps and relaxes, slumps over in tiredness, acts silly with his friends, and endlessly talks with interviewers and lines of fans. And like a good magician, he lets you see everything out in the open and is generous and expansive in sharing everything he has with anyone and everyone. You feel that you know him, and he wants you to feel that you know him. But still the mystery remains that is Adam Lambert, the man who can change from ingenuous boy to a mic-pumping wild man in the blink of an eye, and somehow, even though you’re watching as closely as a cat watches its prey, you can never quite see the moment when the transformation is truly made, and what’s more, you will never see it. Adam Lambert is so far out ahead of everyone else, he is like a man flashing through time at the speed of light. Although you can see him and touch him, he cannot be held for long, he must go on to fulfill his destiny, which is rushing to meet him. If I were to make a prediction about Adam Lambert, it would be that he will be a person like no other in the entertainment field, and this is because he is not ego-driven, like so many other young stars….he will be someone that from the beginning of his career, is synchronized with and attuned to an interior ‘compass’, an inner state of being which guides him, stabilizes him, informs him, and warns him….and which also leads him to do as much good as possible with the time he has been given. Adam is someone who ’emerges’ from the background into the foreground of life, rather than one who crashes haphazardly onto the world stage because of a desire for fame. Adam is someone who has been chosen and put into position, not someone who has been discovered and given a big break. Adam is a special boy, a special man, and a special being, and he has much to accomplish in the next few years. As Mary S. says, “Adam is ready to move on” from the confining space he has been in during the many years of preparation and during the AI Tour, and he is ready to take flight. Soon, he will truly take the reins of his own career and the boy will become a mature man, and what a spectacular man he will be….If you are following him be prepared, there are many surprises ahead, for Adam Lambert truly IS a Magic Man, and a magic man does not do the same things over and over again, or stay in the same place for long.

        Finally, there is the love that fills Adam, that lives in deep resevoirs in his inner being, that flows out of him and around back to him from the masses of people at the concerts. His passion and love, directed with piercing intensity to his audiences from one so young will be what he is known by in the days to come, as he takes the stage for the beginning of his own tour. And this love is his one Achilles Heel, because he will never stop giving it, and because of it, he is vulnerable. He will give all that he has and then some, and because of this generosity of spirit, his hands will always be full of things to give. His sparkling bowls of crystalline water are waiting to be poured on the waiting world, and the Aquarian Age is waiting to be manifested. The man with the aquamarine eyes is about to come out from behind his veil of stars in a dark-blue sky, and descend on the world, and the world will never be the same… watch the empty stage closely through the rising mist, for he will soon re-appear, but you can’t be quite sure when or where. But have no fear, he won’t be gone long, he is merely in the next kingdom, not far away…..when the curtain rises again, the screams of tens of thousands of fervent fans will reverberate off the walls in cascades of sound, the floor will explode with waves of thunderous applause and stamping feet, flames and lightning will flash around the walls and ignite the room, nothing and no one will be left standing, and a new age of rock and roll will begin……so get ready, get ready to fall in love all over again with the man you are already madly in love with, the man who stole the hearts of everyone who cast just one glance his way so long ago in another age, the man who paused just long enough in his supernal flight eons ago to look down at our fair earth, and wished to travel there and perhaps to help, and was granted that wish…….’Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, – Adam Lambert!’

        • Lorrin, a truly AWESOME, AWESOME post! Mmmmwah, Ingrid

          • Lisette here..ah Lorrin mabelle amie..vous etes nous poetique,an romantique author an belle femme I know if Adam read yur postes he’d so wish to hire yu for his biographie,memoires an mabe some inspiration..Ah if so perhaps can be assistant to yu!!(he-he)for toi writting au editing knowing ther’s many who are actual authors of books,know Adam can have several publishings!!Ah if only Lorrin.An also given Adam is an aquarian with a true artiste soul recal in interviews he discusses intereste in reading,spritualitie an thinq is also very intellectual.So thes is not so out of realm.Oui if only he’d av teme to see many lovli posts here from so many beautful heartes.Unsure if othre sites,frends are as descriptive an passionate as we are here!!
            Oh well I’ll always wishe thet can be so for Adam to reade al least some of them anyway.Nevretheless thes is a place to share such sentimentes with like-minded people thet av same interestes,are artistique,sensitive,caring an always kind..thes is what makes our place so very special!!! Hugs an luv to yu Lorrin an all le glambs qui adore othre then l’ange d’musique,glamrock adonis,raphael’s angel,an simply Adam Lambert of kinde noone can ever duplicate his artistry,his voix,his face au talente as a vocaliste,danseur,actor,humanitarian an “legende of millenium” for generatione to come..Blessings an luv alwaysxoxoxoLuv Lisette in s.west Nevada!!

            • Lisette, il mio amico bella signora, il mio angelo celeste, you are my ‘celestial muse’ and heavenly collaborator; if there is any way this can be brought to pass (i.e., Adam reading my writings), I would be more than thrilled. We can only hope this will happen in the future, if for nothing else, that he sees how very much he is loved..

              • Lisette grazie tante ma bellamica nella northern California.Tanto simpatica et refinemente sempre per me..(translate for othre gals..Lorrin thenks much a gal of refnemant an kindness always.Plasur to av trovare belle compagnata sopre Adam’s glambs international..lovli companie here on glambs.An our residente author an Danielle Steele..Avec plasur to assiste au be muse in eloquant notes pour nous angel..Adam!.Unsure altre amies compris m’sentimentes/posts.An thinq ensemble nous scrive tresbelle,au bellisima regarde Adam an le glambs famille des tresbelle femmes et l’hommes! ..Write togethre for Adam an our glambs famille.Et oui Adam wil be adored by all here et vous Lorrin nous angel dans Northern Hills d’California..Benediction,blessings,luv to Adam Lambert…angel d’chansons….Luv Lisettexoxoxo

        • Glambertcraze says:

          Beautiful and right on. Thank you for putting into words what we all feel.

        • Wow, Lorrin! You are an amazing writer–and an amazing heart-filled lover. I love your energy and have to tell you that what you are seeing in Adam is also in YOU! We see the world as we see ourselves. I love knowing that the beauty I see in Adam is the beauty that has been dormant in ME!

          Adam is coming out–and we are doing the same–embracing our beautiful, creative, loving, gorgeous selves. One of the things I love most about Adam is the way he reminds me to embrace my own beautiful self!!

          I had asked my Inner Being to bring me an Adam family. Now I know how very loved I am!! What a family this is!!

          • Lorrin, Mary S. you are both so beautiful in your words. Thank you!

          • Mary S., YOU are very perceptive, and this is something I have known for a long time…it is really very poignant, all these beautiful, loving, intelligent, highly perceptive, sensitive, and spiritutal women (and men) together on one website…and all of us revealing not only the acute observations we all have of Adam, but also revealing (some of us not even realizing it) how very beautiful we are as people, also….this is one of the reasons why I have always believed Adam has a ‘calling’ or a ‘mission’ as well as his career as a singer….without even trying, his very presence elicits the very BEST in other people…that is no small gift..

            • Lisette agree once agan Lorrin ..gathre is Adam’s estraordinaire gifte to unite an bring us all togethre from many parte of US,Europe,UK,SouthAfrica,Australia,Scotland,Israel,Canada his international famille now thet av become so many beautiful heartes,with similar interestes,spriritual,kinde,talented,genial,funny,caring finde frenships too.If not for thes beau l’hommes we’d nevre av connected in thes lovli way,an also for those who av met inperson at AI summertours forme longeteme bonds..I do hope someday can meet at Adam’s spectacular soloconcerts..let’s av faith an beliv it can be so!An agan must thenk l’originator of thes belle Adam tribute page..Dreamsounde..without him none of us too wolde have bondes..bless him too!
              Anyway monamie Adam plese visite here if only for a petit moment,knowing thet in teme toi schedule may nevre permitte thes to be..even a petit tweet/bubble tweet to say hello glambs..thinq woulde feele like a personal message from yu..having nevre been blesse to see concert..but know in future “I’ll be there along with many lovli glambs gals/fellows an amies now for lifeteme!!! hugs an luv to all thet make thes a very beautful place to be!!!..BelleLorrin,Ingrid,Cheryl(hope yu’re fine?),Cyndi Theresa,Jeanette,Carol,Sue,Emili,Silvana,Toni,MaryC/S,Ofra,Sherry,.an more!
              J’adore all,et J’etaime Adam…..Lisettexoxoxo

        • Oh , Lorrin, you have outdone yourself. Like Adam, you are very talented and perceptive .

          This is a perfect account of Adam and his next stage.l I like the words ‘coming out’ as they have a different meaning altogether here! I agree with you that he will be many-faceted in his career. He has it in him to go places and do things unusual, loving and great!

          I wish there were a way to get him to read what you write about him. It won’t fit in twitter (ha ha) but maybe a compilation of your writings mailed to the address we have? I am sure you have save it all, right?

          • I have it all saved, and I am about to do this very thing…..thank you so much, Terry, for your loving, encouraging words, and for all the lovely things all of you have said to me over all these many weeks together…I love all of you Glambs very much..

        • Lorrin, as always a post full of emotion, a mastery of words to describe th

          • I continue – describe our Adam completely. I love reading all your posts, this ne brought tears to my eyes, your an awesome ‘author’.

      • Mary S, I am so with you! Thank you for your lovely post! Hugs, Ingrid

      • Lisette here..pardon Lorrin to interupte..Mary lovli post too an yes thinq I fele same feling bleu as tour ende,enjoie seeing videos from everycitie..always changing appearance,vocal inflections an words to songes,nevre tire to see him onstage..even if just in videos..know one day I’l see solotour.An so agree Adam woulde be limite if only in group concert of sure many artistes wil wish to av duets an collaborate with Adam as I av mentione above..Can see even Smoky was toched by his talente!An know Adam too must fel relive to be returne back in hometown,to famille,frends an rest too.Then go onto complete his magnifique CD an time will here of many more events,recordings,concerts an yes as I av say even as an actor on silver screen!Be wonderful to see him costar with othre actors,actresses an sure they’ll feel same way! Blessings to all an our angel Adam! Luv always Lisettexoxo!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Love this Lorrin, I adore reading your threads. One thing you forgot though, there should also be another single from Adam’s CD because he said in that last interview the 2012 song won’t be on his album – so that is even better isn’t it, two songs by Adam all in the space of a month. OMG, I am trembling with anticipation.

      And I am sad that the tour is over, just because I love to watch Adam (who doesn’t – on this site anyway) every day to see how he might change things just a little bit. It has been great going from city to city with them all. However, I also have a lot to catch up on because my computer decided it was getting far too much Adam stuff on it and packed a sad, so for quite awhile I could not watch all the shows, so now that it has been fixed and is feeling so much better, that is what I will be doing over the next couple of months. I don’t want to miss a thing. Plus I will still be visiting here every day. I went into complete withdrawal and melt down when I couldn’t get on this site for a couple of days, god only knows what would happen if I stopped altogether. It just cannot happen.

      • Hello dear Diane, thank you so much for your kind words, they are so wonderful to hear. You know, I wanted to comment about that new single coming out, just to let you know what I heard. I posted an article about 5 or 6 threads back about the release of the single from Rock Star Online magazine, and they speculated that his only single WOULD be ‘Time For Miracles’ from the movie 2012. The reason they said this was because music producers like to put out only one single preceeding an album, so as not to confuse the buying public about the contents of the album. They actually stated that they do believe that the only single Adam will put out will be the 2012 anthem, which would serve the dual purpose of promoting the album and the upcoming movie at one and the same time. So I guess we will just have to see what really happens. At least there’s not too much longer to wait!

        Thanks so much, too, Diane, for all the hard work on the voting for Adam, you in New Zealand and many others in your hemisphere gave their all to help bring the vote in each and every night. Now, it’s up to us in the West to carry it all the way through. Wish us all the best as we try to do that task…I’ll go over to Twitter in a bit, and see what’s going on over there with the vote. Love to you tonight from California!

    • Beautifully expressed, Lorrin, and well put, Carol. Our thoughts exactly.

      We need to write to various variety and talk shows to have Adam on as a guest. He got ripped off on Leno who had every one of the top ten on as they lost, but never did have Adam!!!! I’m writing to him first~~!

      • Lisette bonmatin Theresa agree with Lorrin,Carol,Dianne an all gals is tearful to see concert(AItour end..everyday anothre concert awaite to see,yet fele blesse to see al of them here on our glambs..adamstributesite!An yes now thet Adam has returne to his home in belle California(an Hollywood)know many doors will be open to him,given such estraordinaire talente, Amer.Idol,summertour passe yers of theatre tour credites from childhood even..He as done so much in his younge 27 yers an can inspire youngre artistes,an even establishe ones.So thinq he’ll be offer more tv/radio appearances,guests on talkshows an such!We’l av to wait an see aside from his CD j’espere his managre wil always be out for his best interests..May angels garde over him now specialmente in future musique ventures,life an keep him safe from harm!
        J’adore Adam..Luv to all Lisettexoxoxo!

    • Lorrin, as always, I totally agree with your posts! You always have such a beautiful way with words and your descriptors of our Adam and what and why he means so much to all of us here are unbelievably apropos and so heartfelt. (I have said this to you previously: Lorrin, PLEASE consider putting your writings on Adam into a book or blog – I would like to re-read what you have written and to have it all in one place – PLEASE!)

      Mixed emotions all around about the AI tour ending but SO looking forward now to what Adam can really do on his own – so much for us to enjoy and savour in the next short while! I still have friends who don’t fully understand (or even know about) my absolute obsession with Adam. I keep saying, “Mark my words. Adam will become VERY, VERY famous – iconic – something we haven’t seen since Elvis and MJ. Remember that I am telling you this NOW. He is going to be HUGE!” This is why I so love coming onto this website – I really feel I am amongst others who know EXACTLY how I am feeling – no more need to explain myself or hide my emotions. I LOVE it!

      Thanks to ALL of you here on – you mean alot to me. I can’t wait until we can all meet at a future Adam show(s) – we need a conference – a global meeting. I would love to see our GLAMB POWER unleashed onto the world!!!

      Love and hugs to all!

      Glamb #20

      (And congrats to Adam and to all of us who voted so fervently so that he would be crowned the World Male Idol!! I knew we could do it!)

    • I don’t know how I feel right now, I am too NUMB! Youtube had become my best friend, looking for all the new video’s day in and day out. I feel like I been in a coma and now it is time to wake up and begin therapy. I am scared like a newborn baby is upon first entering this new world they have no idea what is is about. I don’t want to wake up………..its too soon. I know there is more to come of Adam, but I am not ready to let go of Idol. So I will return when I can feel something. Oh I do feel something for Adam, but I am not ready to feel anything else.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Lorrin
      I commented on your beautiful words in the last post but just wanted to add, thank you, you have given a positive light to my otherwise melancholy day. For months I have been living every day with news of Adam–new videos, interviews, news, following him from city to city on the tour, etc. I found myself wondering today, “I wonder what Adam is doing right now.” I guess I just have to be a bit patient and as you said, before we know it all these new wonderful things will be happening and we will again be immersed with our daily Adam fix.

    • wow lorrin, great post. your words and thoughts directly reflect what i think and feel about adam. i am so glad to be connected to so many people of like mind who love,love,love adam and can’t wait to follow his career. it’s all for him and all for us. everyone wins!

  2. Sad for me.I loved seeing the videos. Even thought the songs were the same Adam brought a little bit of change each night. I love him and will miss seeing him. I wish him and the Idols well and happiness in the future. His mother was right when she said that happiness is the key,not success.Smart lady. I hope his pursuits bring him a good and happy life and if not he drops out of the public eye to do what makes him happy.

  3. I can’t believe it is over! I saw his concert in Minneapolis and had such a good time. I hope he can find some time to rest. I’m excited for him to get out on his own with his own music. I’m sure he will miss his fellow contestants though, especially Chris and Allison.

  4. The tour may be over but the is just the “beginning” for Adam Lambert. I am anticipating great things from him. Can’t wait for his single, cd, world-wide tours, music videos…get your rest are going to need it! I am currently creating a series of fan videos for Adam. If you are interested in submitting your photo (with or without Adam in it), please send me a message at my youtube channel @ Glowbug1953 or at Adam Official, also Glowbug1953. Check out my channel for some of my videos. Here is one example…
    “God Given” or “Out of This World”.

    Hurry and get your submissions in…Thanks…Gloria

  5. I’m finding myself a little bit dazed and confused…. I have all this free time on my hands and I’m not sure what I should do. I’m also really uncomfortable with the fact that I don’t know where Adam is. Used to be I could click my mouse and know what state he was in..what venue he was playing….Hell, I could even listen to the concert start to finish most nights while I straightened the house and did laundry…. Now I’ve taken to posting strange Twats…like “If you’ve seen Adam today..please tweet his location..I’ve misplaced him” What’s up with that? This man isn’t a member of my family. I have no right to ask his whereabouts…problem is…I NEED to know where he is!

    Maybe this will all work itself out….Just in time for the album release and solo tour WHIPPEEEEEEE and I’m happy again!!! Cindy

    • Isn’t it funny how someone you don’t know can take over your life? I’ve never acted so stupid over anyone! Now I get how people felt about Elvis & The Beatles!

      • I agree with you Kim. I have never acted this way over anyone in my entire life. WOW! I am getting use to it but still at times the feelings will overwhelm me. Is this how teeny boppers feel about Miley? 😉

    • ~someone said he’ll be in Detroit for a FORD occasion this FRIDAY—I’m sure there will be video

    • Cindy, I feel exactly the same way… I said just those words to my sister just this morning.. I can’t stand not knowing where he is, what he’s doing… He has been under the control from AL for so long that now he is like a child that has been sent into the world with no ties to us at the moment. When the AL show was on, we knew he was picking the next weeks song and going through wardrobe checks and rehearsing his song for the week.. Then we got to watch him every tuesday and wed. .. Next the tour kept him contained most of the time.. We knew he had to be on the bus and be at the sight by 2pm each day.. We got to see every night what he was doing or in the case of the meet and greet, what he was not doing. Then we got to share our feeling and love for him on this sight with each other. And today, I have no idea where he is ! or what he plans on doing tomorrow.. I know he has to record the cd.. but when ? I feel lost.. My day is no longer predictable.. I can’t depend on news being on this sight or twitter or anywhere else right now.. Will he ever share what he’s doing with us on twitter ???? We don’t have the day by day interviews to read his feelings by anymore.. We will have to wait until someone does an article on him .. but with that, there is no video to see his face or hear his beautiful voice.. I’m sure sometime in the future he will be on some talk shows to promote the cd.. but when… I feel sad.

      • I know how you feel. The little break he got between when the Idol show was over till they started the Idol tour was terrible. Didn’t know what he was doing or where he was. Now we really won’t know for a while. Maybe they could come back for a winter tour? lol Not ready to let go of Idol and Adam……….they go together so well…………………boo hoo~~~~~

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Admfan1 and Cindy
        I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was at work today thinking, I wonder what Adam is doing right now. I wonder what city he is in. I knew he and Kris were to be in Dearborn, MI for the Ford day, but I wondered, is he there now? Did he go to NYC for a day since he has some friends and family there. It’s just horrible not knowing what he is doing. I miss that so much. It was such a part of my day and something to look forward to–new videos, new interviews, new performances. I don’t know how I will survive. I just feel horrible today.

        • Aww Helen.. I think we all need a group hug !!! everyone line up… we need a Adam hug.. I just watched the video of Adam and Megan hugging… Don’t we all wish we could hug him the way she did… omg

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I could totally relate to Megan holding on to him and not wanting to let go. You’d have to pry me off with a crowbar! Thanks, feeling the group hug, it worked!!!

    • Cindy, figure by next week he’ll be back home in Los Angeles for a good block of time while he finishes the album. He said something about taking some time to relax after the Tour. He will probably want some private time to reconnect with loved ones. Anywhere he goes, someone will see him and it will be all over YouTube. With digital media, there’s no hiding!

  6. Thank you Carol and Lorrin for the wonderful words about Adam. Yes, I feel a little bit sad but at the same time I am very excited for what is coming.I can’t wait for his solo concerts because I know it won’t be just incredible singing (no doubt about it) but it will be also a theatrical performance beyond imagination!!!
    BTW Another great article about Adam as a person…Try to print – ” Adam Lambert Turns the Other Cheek (Again)”
    by Deborah Weiss
    I will send a link in the next message


      Still, there is a big problem with the attitude of this girl which is far too prevalent in a day of modern science. Her viewpoint is that he’s a sinner, as are we all, but he’s also a really nice guy. So while she’s trying to be nice, the pot of ignorance still boils. Neurologists tell us repeatedly that homosexuality comes from how the brain is hard-wired. It makes me want to ask this girl why is that so frickin’ hard to understand? It has nothing to do with morality! I have no personal axe to grind. Homosexuality has never touched my personal life in any way. I’m just not stupid! And when an acquaintance told me a month ago that he HAD liked Adam until he found out he was “a f…” (damn! I won’t use that word), I felt it like a sucker punch to the gut. It made me go home, think, really empathize with what that hurt must have been like all their lives—for Adam, for his mother, dad, brother, who knew what a sweet, gentle soul he is—and I found myself crying for quite a while.

      Also, as for Westboro, that is not a regular Baptist church. That is a FAMILY, lead and thoroughly brainwashed by a crotchety old whack job father/grandfather to the whole group. They all live in one compound. They are known NATIONALLY as “the group America most hates”. They made big news in Chicago (they travel) in 2002 (? not sure exact year) when they protested across the street from a funeral home during the funeral of a soldier that had been killed in Iraq. They said our soldiers were dying because we allowed homosexuality in our country. There have been reporters who have done documentaries on them, interviewed them, and tried to reason with them. But their minds are twisted beyond repair.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I have just read the article and I totally agree with you Sherry S, she does have a problem, why is it a sin to be gay. No I am not gay, it is not a sin to be straight, it is not a sin to be gay, it is not a sin to be another colour – what is a colour. Why are people so hung up on these terms. None of it should come into it. I am at a loss really, it makes my blood boil. One of the comments after that article really made me mad and I had to reply to it, which made me madder because now I have come down to that person’s level, even though I wasn’t really rude, I just told the person they sounded pathetic. I am so happy that I am not a religous person, and that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in god, I do, I just don’t believe in organised religion. I used to think religion was evil, but religion is not evil, it is man’s interpretation of it that is evil. And it doesn’t seem to make any difference which religion we are talking about, each one it its way has been interpreted in an evil way. Blimey, isn’t this getting heavy now. Let’s get back to our most favourite subject, our darling Adam. Love, peace and light.

        Dianne Glamb #356.

        • I agree with you. My 20 year old daughter (the only daughter I have besides two boys) is GAY! She was so afraid to tell me. I asked her why? Had I ever said anything or acted in any certain way to make YOU think you couldn’t tell me? Your MOM? She said she didn’t want me to stop loving her. OMG. I cried, not because she is GAY but because she would even think I could stop loving her over anything, much less her being GAY. She has a hard time, mostly because she dresses butch, gets her clothes out of the boys section and she has her hair cropped so short. I love her anyways. I don’t care. But it hurts me when she and I go to stores together the “looks” she gets. I am a mother bear protecting her cub when I see this. I don’t know how many people I have said mean things too for that “look”. I realize I am not helping my daughter with my behavior and that I am not acting any better than I accuse others of doing. It has been over 2 years since she told me and I have calmed down some in how I act towards people who give her the “look” or act different towards her. I just have to remind myself that my love for my daughter will overcome anything and if it doesn’t “seem” to bother her I shouldn’t let it me. Kinda hard for a MOM to do, you know?

          • Trish, bless you! Trish your daughter is strong because of your unconditional love! If you did not accept her being gay she would not have the courage to face the World. My love goes to both of you and I am proud of your daughter too because she is true to herself! Mmmmwah, Ingrid

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        Sherry: and everyone else,,I have to tell you of an experience I had w/ my EX- daughter in law during AI. She stopped by one evening {we r still on speaking terms-unfortunately} and I asked who she was voting for,,and she said well certainly not that Adam Lambert and you better not either! I told her yes I was because he was the best in all fashions. My mother told my ex-d/i/l she didn’t like Adam because she {the ex} couldn’t *have* him. Well to make a long story short, just last week she called me to ask how the concert went {I went to the Indianapolis show !!} and I said it was wonderful and that Adam sure is gorgeous! She said, “Well I think he is as ugly as homemade sin.” I wanted to say she should know how ugly homemade sin is, {because she’s a very promiscuous girl,,the main reason the breakup from my son}. But I said, “Oh to be blinded by ignorance must surely be bliss.” WELL!! That same evening she was arrested for something I’ve yet to find out and put in jail, but I told everyone It’s because one does not say that my Beautiful Chameleon Superstar Rock Prince from Planet Fierce is ugly. That’s Lambert Law Number Two!! HAHAHAHAHA

        • OMG, this is the best story. Good for you for standing up for our wonderful Adam, and also for not letting others tell you how to act. Very proud of you!

        • Love your story!!!
          The moral of this story is : Don’t say anything bad against our beautiful boy, it will come back to you!!!

        • earlzagurl4u// YEAH, good for you, what goes around comes around.!!!!

          • I agree! earlzagurl4u, your ex-daughter-in-law (sigh a relief she is now ex) was not prepared to deal with her own issues and hence projected them onto others. Actually, I feel sorry for her, poor lost soul!

      • Sherry, it’s interesting how different people see things in a different way. I didn’t see anything negative in this article. I think it is a great example of how Adam has changed, is changing and is going to change life and opinions of many people.

        The author had good intentions writing this article and I appreciate it. She might have different point of view or different believes…. And we all know that she is not the only one and that she is not the worst one… (just think about these “Baptist church” haters.) But as Adam said in RS article about Danny: “Danny is by the book, and the book is the Word. And I respect that. Just don’t try to push it on me, and we are cool”. This girl is not trying to push her opinion, that gay=sin, on me. It’s just an opinion, not mine, not yours and not the opinion of lots and lots of people. And this opinion is not aggressive; it’s not caused by hatred… She stated that she is conservative, she didn’t like his eyeliner and nail polish, he was not the type of person she would want to be friends with, etc … He is too different for people like her… Nevertheless while reading this article I could feel her growing respect and even admiration with Adam.

        I love this article because it confirms what Adam sang ( I am citing Adam a lot lately..): “Change is Gonna Come”. And I can see that it IS coming. Knowing Adam, loving him as a singer and as a person changes people and their point of view. His personality, beautiful inside and outside, makes people think and talk and argue. There is a saying: “Truth is born (achieved) through discussion.” (It is the literate translation from my native language). And Adam and his sexuality arose a lot of discussion… And he changed a lot of people… I know at least two… The guy who said that he liked Adam until I knew he is gay”… What can I say? It is sad…. but I cannot change him… Neither you… Only his life experience will… I can only feel sorry for him because he prefers ignorance to truth… He doesn’t want to think, to analyze, to discuss…

        I think that Adam is the Messenger, and the Message is LOVE


        • Beautifully put Gala. Very sweet.

          Change WILL come. And, you’re right, I didn’t look at it this way. For some reason, I’ve just always found the ills that religion has promulgated to be very irksome. (I think it all started when I studied Voltaire way-back-when.)

          No doubt, every small step that is positive is at least one more step in the right direction. But the process is so agonizing incremental. -_-

          Love you, sherry s.

        • Gala:: This is so good and I am so happy to be friends with my Glambs, we pretty much think and feel about gays the same. Loving Adam and understanding him has brought us together. My heart breaks when I hear Adam and other gays being tormented by rude remarks. We don’t even care if Adam’s interest lies with the same sex. Adam is so much more than this. I just wish that people that speak of God, and they tell us what God wants or doesn’t want, well, I just wish they would get lost, just go away and be their mesirable (spelling?) self.

          • Hi Lee M,
            “My heart breaks when I hear Adam and other gays being tormented by rude remarks”
            – this is the reason why I stopped reading the comments after the article. There is still a lot of ignorant people who are not open-minded, who don’t want to learn, to think. to analyze… It is easier to stay ignorant. I try to ignore or avoid these people. I am talking lately a lot about gays with my friends and people I know. If I see they want to know different point of view I discuss it. If they are rude, insulting – forget about it. Do not cast pearls before swine – this is from the Bible. It is senseless. Just feel pity for these miserable people… They hurt themselves because What you give – that what you receive. They give Hatred, they receive t back….

            • Gala, That is right, this is in the Bible ” do not cast pearls before swines”. Thanks for reminding me of this one, fits so perfectly !!!!!

        • Wow Gala, what a POWERFUL closing statement! Love it!

    • I like the article.. the comments by some others…. NOT SO MUCH !!!!



      • I know…
        I stopped reading comments recently… I decided that i don’t want to be upset by some jerks… It is easier to stay positive this way…. It makes me happier (i am citing Adam again… LOL)

      • Deborah Weiss says:

        Thank you!

    • Gala, you love Adam for the way he handled the situation. So do we.
      And you’re glad this girl recognized his grace. We certainly give her that! 🙂

      hugs and kisses, sweet girl

    • I did not like the article in some places. She is praising Adam on one hand and personally critizing hm on the other. Sorry I don’t like this article about Adam and I hated the comments on that article as well. 🙁

      • Deborah Weiss says:

        It’s so funny how people read different things into an article. I have gotten well over 200 comments from this article. I have been criticized for a) saying being gay is a sin; b) saying it’s ok to be gay; and c) not taking a position on the issue. Hmmm. How did I manage to do all that at the same time? I’m sorry you didn’t like the piece. But, I do just want to say that I don’t think I said anything negative about Adam. I am a supporter of his, which is NOT popular in my quarters and that’s why I’m getting so much flack on the BH site . All I said that might have been interpreted as negative, is that I had a bias against him personally in the beginning, though I Ioved his music. But I was open minded to his confessionals and interviews and realized that a) I had been biased, and b) my bias was wrong. I’m not talking about sexuality; I’m just talking about what kind of person he is. I don’t think if you read it, there’s any way you could think I was trying to say something bad about him. However, I have been barraged with criticism from all directions, and one thing I learned is I will stay totally away from certain topics in the future. However, it would be nice to have a forum where I could just write about his music and performances in the future. Any ideas? In any event, it’s ok if you didn’t like my piece and I appreciate the fact that you were civil about it!


    Please don’t forget to tell everyone to vote for him–the contest is close to ending. We don’t want a sudden surge of Claymate votes!

    • I guess the world wide world idol competition is over? Went over there via your link and I can’t even find where that competition is. If Adam won, where is it saying that? He should have won but now I can;’t find anything on that.

  8. cheryl norman says:

    CAROL, you make it sound so ‘over’. Okay the tour is over. It’s hard to admit. I feel confused and sad and a bit empty without Adam in my face anews almost daily. He started me living again. He aroused my little girl on the brink of puberty! He gave me so much. His incredible out of this world vocals!!!! His incredible shyness and innocence. His incrediblely sexual and sensual body. His free-spirited dancing to life. His loving and positive way of thinking and acting. His powerful charisma. His joy at starting to live his greatest dream. All this, is just a drop in the bucket, but, he took us along. Thanked us at every opportunity. Grew right in front of our eyes in every way. He is now world known, and yet, will be so much more known so soon. He took all the haters could give and thru his hurt he would only show us his smile. He saw the signs of hate. He felt the fear of a stalker. He felt the fear of someone threatening his life. He went thru all this while touring the US and Canada. Away from his own ‘safe’ zone of friends and family. He had to put up with the likes of Gokey, Scott, and many many more people who we will not be aware of for years, if at all. He is so brave above it all. The bravest performer I’ve ever seen. He was on RS magazine in the hottest cover ever made. He was on GMA with all the soccer moms, on 20/20 answering questions before they were even asked. Followed by the papara. whenever he stuck his head out into society. He is loved to the max, and hated to the depths of hell by those who would just love to see him fail. He is mannerly, cool, clean, hot, and himself. I am so sad for not knowing what could happen to this wonderful, generous, genuine, sensitive icon. He deserves all the best. I hope he gets it all, including the acceptance and love he sincerely wants, needs and has been honest enough to say it with grace.

    • This is absolutely wonderful, Cheryl, thank you. This line, “He took all the haters could give and thru his hurt he would only show us his smile”, is an unforgettable picture of all the grace and beauty in the soul of Adam Lambert, and it took you, Cheryl, who loves him so much, to write it. You are surely his greatest fan. Love you, Cheryl..

      • Lorrin, Cheryl, Mary S, Ingrid, Lisette, and all the others.
        You all are so lovely with your written words. Adam to me is like the Living Christ, walking the
        earth today. WWJD? Adam does! “when people overcome the love of power with the
        power of love, the world will know peace”

        Peace & Love

        • I agree. Adam is the very symbolism of peace, grace and love. From his angelic smile, to his soulful eyes, to his graceful body. This man might not fully comprehend just how much he has touch the heart and souls of many. He might not because he is so humble he wouldn’t think he could do all of that. But he has and way more, so much more that it is beyond measure.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh dang! All of you guys, just stop it. You are all making me cry!! I cant’ take it anymore today–I NEED Adam!!! help!

        • Oh Mary C, you are wonderful and I so enjoy you! Beautiful! Mmmmwah

    • Wow! Beautifully said, Cheryl! So nice to see such beautifully expressed writing of what I’ve been feeling!

      • “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” a quote by the late Jimi Hendrix but Adam’s favourite.

        And he certainly has shown us along the way that he lives what he believes.

    • Brava, Cheryl! You’ve said all…perfectly!..Thanks so much for this.

      • cheryl norman says:

        I never expect a ‘reply’ when I am so moved to feelings that I believe in so much. I am allways surprised to find that someone has been interested enough to read what I have written. I always feel alone, deep in thought and feelings and love when I write or think about Adam. I know I will never see the likes of such a great person again. He makes me feel hollow. I’ve never considered myself hollow. His grace puts me to shame. If I had but one wish, I would wish that Adam could see what I and so many others sees in him. See it, hear it, internalize it, believe it. He is so much more than anyone could ever write in one sitting. For the next day he surely will do something else that totally takes your breath away with just who he is. He is so much better than most of the people he will ever see, or who will ever see him. I cannot say any more that would actually add any more meaning than I have said.. Though, I know, I have not said enough. I will never live long enough to say enough of the wondrous of Adam…………………Thank you all, tho for your thoughts.

        • Anyone who could write that…hollow? I think not.

          He may not get it entirely, but his last line at the end of the John Gonzalez 1 1/2 minute Grand Rapids interview, I think, carried a lot of weight. “It means a lot to me to see how we’ve affected each other.”

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            you can never be hollow. Your writting shows that. But even if it didc’t, you can’t be hoolow, having all that love for Adam inside you. Never.

            Sherry S.,
            you are right, as he expressed it in that interview, I think he might be starting to GET IT, how much he has and still will be affecting people.

        • I can’t help it, Cheryl… shy and innocent? Not a biggie, but I’ve never seen Adam shy about anything, be it performing, interviewing or interacting with fans(though he may shrink back from some of the loonies). And I don’t see him as innocent, but rather incredibly wise and prepared for the world in which he finds himself, as much as someone can be prepared for the craziness that is super-stardom today. He has been on the fringe of it during his time in LA, has soaked up knowledge about the entertainment industry, and seems equally capable of making informed decisions or seeking informed advice from others.

          This next isn’t in response to your lovely post, Cheryl, but rather in response to some posts I have read regarding Adam which have rather concerned me. I hope you won’t mind if I post it here.

          I believe, like most of us here do (I’m a lurker, but rarely comment), that Adam is an exceptional human in so many ways; a gifted singer and performer, a well brought up, extremely personable and likable young man, intelligent, well-adjusted and grounded (thanks Leila and Ebert), charismatic, sexy, charming, funny and fun loving. Oh yeah…and beautiful of face and form. That is a rather remarkable list of adjectives to describe one person, and yet, I don’t feel any of those are off the mark.

          I just want us all to not lose sight, in our excitement for and support of Adam, of the fact that he is, indeed, a real live imperfect, fallible human-being. I feel uncomfortable, at times, hearing him described in terms no human being can, nor should, be expected to live up to. He is worthy of our devoted ‘fantardedness’ for sure, for attributes he actually possesses. But he truly doesn’t need our ‘idolotry’, just our loving support through the wild ride he has ahead of him.

          • LolaGlamb, I understand your point of view but we celebrate Adam in different ways. You will have a difficult time convincing the Glambs to feel otherwise. Adam is different in many ways, hence our idolotry! To put how we feel about Adam into context, you really need to read all the posts from the inception of this website and you will see the extent to which Adam brings hope. It no longer is only about his musical genius but about what Adam, as a human being, brings. He epitomises what ‘human being’ should mean – just my humble opinion. I respect your point of view but it DEFINITELY WILL NOT CHANGE MINE! It is all cool – TO EACH HIS OWN!!!!!

            • Thank you dear Ingrid, I completely ‘second’ your beautiful post…Adam is indeed a human being, but a human being with a special and marked difference….he is able to love and give of himself in the face of all adversity, and he is as supernaturally beautiful as an angel in both form and face, and in perfect grace..

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN AND INGRID, Hey, why do I feel so NOT alone when I submit my deepest love and emotions for Adam? It’s b/c of people like you both. Also like Mary, Emili, Lisette, Theresa, Sylvana, AdamRocks, Jeanette, Sue, Carol, Helen, Peggy, Gala, Sue, Toni, and too many others to acknowledge. Why? CAUSE THIS IS THE ADAM’S FAMILY, THAT’S WHY!!!!! Thank God for this family!

              I read all the posts. Lorrin, you just can’t disappoint. Your love for all things Adam warms my heart like a cup of hot chocolate (i love hot chocolate). Ingrid,you post much less but say much more than the amount of your words. You are very wonderful friends. I thank God for all of my glamb friends. Without you all, my world would be much less happy. Thank you all for posting when you feel someone has gotten me ‘wrong’. I see and know and understand what you say. I do bring out the worst in some people only because I dare to be true to my own self and beliefs, and never shy away from controversy. Maybe that is another reason why I Love Adam so much. He does remind me of myself just an itsy bitsy bit. I tend to lean toward brave, intelligent unique and worthy people. You are all that along with Adam. That is something you and I adore about him. His bravery in the midst of danger. He goes against the way of the masses. I would much rather be unique than usual. You all are living proof that you are the same. Love to you all! Cheryl

              • … all together now…’ We’re a family, da da da da da.., I want my ….’ WE ARE NOT FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT US!

                • Totally agree with all my ADAM FAMILY, he is not just a very talented young man, but he also has a very loving personality, he is unique, a fantastic role model for kids.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  We are family
                  I got all my sisters with me
                  We are family
                  Get up everybody and sing

                  Everyone can see we’re together
                  As we walk on by
                  (FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
                  I won’t tell no lie
                  (ALL!) all of the people around us they say
                  Can they be that close
                  Just let me state for the record
                  We’re giving love in a family dose

                  We are family
                  I got all my sisters with me
                  We are family
                  Get up everybody and sing

                  Love to all!

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    P.S. – compliments of Sister Sledge!!

                    • Yo Helen, thank you for helping me out with the lyrics! I have the tune in my head but as usual, I also get the lyrics screwed up! Perhaps we could make this the Glamb song and change the lyrics to: We’re Adam’s family ….

              • Cheryl you hit right on the head with your post. I feel exactly, I mean EXACTLY the same way as you and others do. He has my idoltry and that is how I feel. It seems we all do here. Some might just NOT understand it.

          • cheryl norman says:

            LOLAGLAMB, PLEASE LET ME GENTLY CORRECT YOU. If you have not seen Adam in his innocent ways. That is a shallowness you’ve shown. If you can’t see his shyness, I say you haven’t been paying close enough attention. You see Adam as incredibly wise. I see Adam as a very deep thinker, trying to make the best decision at every turn. Were they all wise decisions? We son’t know yet. You see he has been living in LA, therefore you have assumed some things about him that are incorrect, according to him. He has made statements all along this journey. I lilstened very carefully, not at just what the surface words are said, but the entire text taken into account and as a very intuitive and astoute mother I have mastered the task of reading between the lines and the WAY in which someone says something. I analyze and study something or someone that I am in tune with who has captured that intense interest in me.

            I did not say anything without a great deal of deep thought. I do not see Adam , as you’ve said to me before, as a deity. Oh, no. You’ve mistaken my observations completely. You may be so skerd of Adam being called a deity, that it sends off unnecessary bells in your head and your need to bring Adam ‘down’ to anyone who dares say so many good and wonderful things about him makes you very uncomfortable in your religious background.

            As a society, we are NOT used to showering anyone with the thought and feelings and love to anyone other than Jesus him/her self. That is, to me, not something this society should be proud of. God does not hate those who love to this degree. For God is love, to me. I am being more Christlike than I think you are in this situation. You say you don’t post very much, just kind of lurk around, and to my thinking, waitting for someone to say ‘Just the wrong thing’ in your point of view. You, instead of pointing out the errors of my ways, have only strengthen my point incredibly.

            Try NOT to always look for something you can disagree with, but rather the things you have in common with your common woman.

            You gave me your blessings on the adjectives I used to describe Adam. You just don;t like the intensity in which I’ve said them. Does that mae you right? Does that make me right? Don’t think so either way. I am expressing MY feelings. YOU have NO right to drag my feelings into the pulpit for discussion to the choir. These are MY feelings. If you disagree with me, I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass. You do not post. I have no idea what someone who only lurks and sneaks around without so much as a statement ehye are ready to stand up and make, but one who waits for other’s statements and tries to explain just exactly how wrong THEY are, b/c YOUSAY so. How brilliant is that? Don;t you have any thoughts of your own? If so, where are they?

            So you think Adam has been brought up so well? What pieces of information do you base that on? His parents must be so in tune with their son that they even knew he was gay BEFORE he did, and he thus asked his mom when and how did she KNOW that? Is that the question of a worldly boy with great self[esteem? This young man never had sex until he was 21 and drunk out of his mind. Is that a wise choice? To let his newfound gay friends FIND the sexual partner FOR him, and he go along with it to be accepted by his new found ‘peers’, is this the action of an LA super hunk? How in tune was mom and dad? Who amoung us dares to tread on this subject in this way? Who dares to ASK the questions that are so important? NOT YOU. You can only zero in on the one thing tht has you uncomfortable – idolotry-. Who do you think sees Adam as a true religious idol? Not me. YOU? I dunno. Idunno care.

            I take your critism with a grain of salt and consider the source. What is the source? I dunno. Idunno card. Who are YOU? I dunno. I dunno care. What I’ve don is to express my love in as many ways as possible at one given time. That is my right. You have the right to question any thing you want in lilfe, and I say you should. You did. Now make yourself scarce as you have gotten on my last nerve and I have nothing in common with you.

            Try not to worry. You’re doing what you think is the Christian thing to do. You can like Adam, but only ‘so much’ until your ‘guilt’ comes knocking on YOUR door. Invite your guilt in and have tea. Guilt is a very shameful emotion, and I don’t pocess it as you do. I may feel guilty that I did not give a bigger handout to the homeless man standing at the corner. I have no guilt or any other negative thought about Adam. I do have concern for him. For I truly love someone I don’t even know. Does that sound just a llittle familiar to you? If not, pick up your Bible, I know you have at least one. See where Jesus tells us to love someone we don’t know should make us feel ‘guilty’. And when you come back to tell me you do not feel ‘guilty’, forget it. I will not believe you. For you are not truly in touch with life, love and reality. You are more comfortable with much less life, love and reality. That’s fine, FOR YOU. That’s NOT ME. So do not talk to me as tho you understand me. You do not. Nor do you understan, or I think do you care to or want to understand Adam. You’re too busy to do that work. Just send off a couple statements you ‘think’ you know about. You are delusional in that respect to be perfectly honest with MY thoughts of YOU, here. I don’t dislike you for what you say. For I do’n know you and you don’t know me. You also don’t know what and how I think as you feel you do.


            • Lorrin & Cheryl, AMEN!!!!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Surely it would be just AMEN, but I’d like to add something.

              I think LolaGlamb’s words were directed to many at this site. To everyone of us that express their love and admiration for Adam, with exhultant words as Lorrin, beautifully as Ingrid, Lisette, Mary C. or, if you allow me, with raw sentinent and love, as you, or poorly manner as mine, sometimes due to idiomatic flaws, others because I don’t have a way with words.
              We only express, as we know, our inmense love for him, but certainly is not idolotry. I’m sure, even if we call him Rock God, or anything else, we are not out of our minds as to believe him a deity. We recognize in him a talented young man, gifted in so many ways, absolutely gorgeus, and so special in his loving, caring and positive attitude towards life and other fellow human beings. We believe he is the sparkle that can ignite the change in human relationships that so many of us are awaiting.
              This doesn’t make him God. But still we are entitled to our feelings and the particular ways each one of us have to express those feelings.

              Now yes, I can say AMEN to every loving word written in every post of every Glamb,

              • cheryl norman says:

                SILVANA, So thankful you have not set your self up as to who is best at determining the feellings and thought of all glambs, and maybe me particular. Lola has herself her own set of problems that she would like for me to carry with me as I exchange thoughts with all of you, or some of you. Guess the Bible she reads, if she reads one, gives her a different message than it does me. But, I will just throw this out, does Lola know that I have brought a son into this world, who I raised alone, extremely well, I might add, and that he has gone to school in US, graduated from Uof Michigan, schooled in England, then spent 4 yrs in the study of Theology at a seminary, graduated with several degrees, went on to drive back and forth to Chicago college of Theology where he received his doctorate degree, is presently teaching at 2 colleges as Professor of Theology, and that he drug me down to this state 8 yrs ago to live close to him, when I did not want to come so soon??? That’s because we are so very close. He has been senior pastor of a non-denominational church for 15 yrs. Maybe, just maybe I know a bit about the Bible, Jesus, and God. My 2 uncles were pastors as was my grandfather who was the only real father I ever had on this earth. So, before you, Lola decide to challenge my aspects on who is ‘diety’ and who is ‘God’ and who is ‘Adam’, better pack your lunch cuz you my dear are going to need it. That and an army of “Gay haters” with you. Cheryl

              • Silvana,AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen to your post! I am with you sister!!! Mmmwan

            • Cheryl, well put my dear well put. I printed your response here. To me it IS that good. Very well thought out, intelligent, not bias, just truthful. I am standing on my feet clapping as I type between HOORAYS FOR YOU!

              • Trish, now look to the left, the right, in front and behind! Do you see your Glambs sisters and brother clapping with you!

              • cheryl norman says:

                TRISH, A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT HUGE COMPLIMENT! I may be seeing it a bit late, but have had my grandkids over for dinner and their dad, my son, and then 3 of the kids spent the nite and the entire day today. So, I have been stopped by my love of them to get to my computer until they were picked up. When my son and daugher-in-law and 2-1/2 yr old Farrah came to pick up the other 3, we all had another little Adam concert, as usual! I have all of Adam’s performances on my DVR, and thus, my son and Farrah in particular MUST see over and over again any performance I put on the tv. Farrah always say, just as Adam’s almost done, “again Grammy”! And she means now! But, than all of you who commented in a complimentary way to my post on Adam and on Lolaglamb. That was very nice to do. I appreciate your input, too! Lotsaluv, cheryl

          • LolaGlamb, Now here here. We here at Glambsville wont loose any sight of the
            fact that Adam is a walking talking human being. I dont think anyone alive is without
            imperfections. We love our man Adam and we do put him up on a pedastal, why
            wouldnt we? We call him our Rock God, I made a comment above in terms of
            another God like creature walking the earth today. That doesnt mean I loose sight
            of the God I honor and pray to. No one knows more than I myself of the true God
            that I honor and love. ( I was raised and still am of the Catholic Faith).
            We say what we feel in our hearts here at this fansite, its like our Diary, but Wide Open! We all love and understand each other and respect what one has to say.

            No need to feel uncomfortable with our thoughts, no idolotry going on. Maybe just
            maybe, and I dont mean any dis respect here, if you have these feelings, this isnt the
            site for your to lurk into.
            Adam does seem to have this shy boy – innocent quality about him at times. I compare it to when he is on stage performing and we see this Bold, Sexy, Wild,
            Mthr-Fckg thrusting , humping getting us all crazy kind of way – to when he is off
            stage and is calmer ,being a gentleman that he knows how to be.
            Truly he is no longer innocent in the fact of what he has done in his past wild life
            events, but he does seem to have this soft , cute cuddley, side to him too.

            Like I said after the first time I met him, he is Everything that is Good and I’m sticking
            to it!!!
            Peace and Love…….

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Mary, you are right. I don’t care what anybody says. Adam does have an innocence about him. He can be the WILD IDOL on stage, but he has that vulnerable quality about him also. There is one video of him being interviewed after Idol, reporters are shooting questions at him and he has this smile on his face. turns his body slightly and shrugs his shoulders when he answers–it is just so childlike. I know I have it somewhere in my file. Do you know the one I mean? How can anyone say he doesn’t have an innocence about him!

              • entertainers usually has two personalities. what we see on stage is different than who they really are as a person. i remember one of adam’s interviews during AI this is exactly what he said. “if you see me tossing my hair on stage, i’m just playing.i’m not really like that.”

                • perlee, He also said ” speaking of when he was a bit younger, He was the boy next door, who
                  turned rebel, then clarified it with Good Rebel!
                  so sweet!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Trish, Lorrin, Cheryl, Ingrid, Mary C – everyone, I agree with what all of you are saying and it is so well thought out and written down. The thing about love is aren’t we supposed to accept a person as they are, as Trish said no-body is perfect, even Adam but honestly, I have not seen or heard of one thing that is not perfect about this gorgeous man. I love him with all my heart and I do idolise him that doesn’t mean I think he is god, for goodness sake. I have said lots of things on this site as you probably all know too well, like the “thing” I have about a certain part of Adam’s anatomy, no not down there – well yes maybe, but his tongue girls, his tongue. I don’t give a toss what anyone thinks, all I know is I love all you girls, I adore Adam and I love everything expressed on this site. We are a fabulous bunch of people and we are quite simply ADAM’S FAMILY. As I said above I don’t hold with religion that much, but yes I do believe in god and god is love, to all human beings, he doesn’t choose who to love. God is all around us and loves us unconditionally. I have said before that there is absolutely nothing that I would change about Adam, he is to me, perfection, even in his imperfections.

              • Dianne, thank you! I loved your posts. I am reminded of a recording of one of Leo Buscaglia’s presentations called, ‘The art of being fully human’! We all call ourselves human beings but that is only true if wedemonstrate that which makes one ‘human’ and OUR ADAM, certainly does. Let me not get stuck into this deep stuff! Mmmmwah

                • cheryl norman says:

                  INGRID, I LOVE LEO BUSCAGLIA!!!! Years ago he had a spot on PBS every weekend or every nite for a very long time. I listened to him as he taught his seminar to a small group and was so engrossed at what how and why he described human relations, how relationships affect each other, using a physical scale-type mobile. He was incredible! I learned so very, very much from him! My best friend at the time, my sister-in-law, and I would sit and have lunch and discuss him, his thought, and his genu\ius over the years. She is now passed on, died of cancer at a young age. But she was amazingly talented and intelligent. Heading the Grand Rapids Ladies Literary Guild for several years as president. Well known around Grand Rapids’ upper scale social class, though she did not think of herself like that in any way. But, anyway, seeing you mention him, here, just shook some cobwebs out of my brain, and reminded me of how much I have learned from him so many years ago, that I still, to this very day, visualize him and his ‘mobile’ on tv as he tried to describe to us so much about the human behavior, and relationships! THANK YOU, INGRID SO MUCH!!!

                  • Cheryl, we have sooooooo much in common that we are discovering as we travel on our Adam journey! Mmmmwah

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      INGRID, THAT JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!! To know someone who can discuss Leo with you is very special, to me!!! Not that we are going to have any long drawn out discussions on line, that would be almost impossible considering the ‘person of interest’ to us!!! But, to know you know about him!!!! Oh! my intellect part of my brain just got tickled!!!!! Only time will tell what new info we will soak up like sponges from each other!!! Now, one more thing, and I’m stopping. Just keep away from my Adam. i won’t make a scene, if you just do as you’re told, and don’t call on ‘trouble’, cuz afterall, I’m really being very patient with you.
                      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMwha!!!!! My, dear, Fingrid!

              • Amen to that Sister Glamb…………AMEN!

            • Mary C you are my hero! 😉

              • Trish, I am blushing. Thank you!
                Dianne, Thats what is so special about our family here, we can say all our nice, beautiful
                thoughts and then get hot and bothered!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a Sexy Way…………….

                • Hey Mary, just when I thought there is hope for you, there you go again with your ‘sex obsessed thoughts’. Amongst all the mischief, we have our intense moments! Love you!

                  • Ingrid, Love you too. I juz cant help it. Still waiting for Cheryl to
                    comment on the Syracuse thread I left over there, hee, hee.
                    Talking about sex obsessed

            • Mary, you just landed the knock-out punch! People remind me 3-d pictures – some get it others don’t. I deliberately used the term ‘human being’ because it as a much deeper meaning than is often appreciated but that is another very deep discussion which we will leave for another day.

              Mary, thank you my sister, an AWESOME post!

              • Ok Ingrid , Another day.
                Tonight, Friday night! No HS football game tonight, my sons school has
                a bi-week. So hubby and I and our friends are going out to eat and drink!
                AAhhhh a cold one, cant wait!!

        • Cheryl, I feel what you are saying completely! I can relate to that hollow feeling, but hey, ma cherie, we are still going to see Adam, TOGETHER!!! Love you lots & Mmmwah, Ingrid

        • Cheryl, so beautifully written girl. Of all the posts, I do hope Adam reads what has been
          expressed on this one.

          Even though it is so deep with emotion.

          Then I would also love him to read the others and give himself so many laughs, as we all have.
          We can be beautiful and oh so naughty at the same time!
          We love you Adammmmmmmmmmmmm.

          • Yeah, we are naughty, but nice! I like that Mary C!

          • Yes we do LOVE you. I am new to this forum but I feel like I have known you all forever, especially you Mary C.

            YES WE ARE FAMILY………………..ADAM’S FAMILY THAT IS…..;)

          • LOLAGLAMBS—–I would like to understand why you would come with this Post, it just doesn’t make any sense, if as you say, you read our posts. You would know more about us then to make this statement, our love for Adam is unconditional, we have numerous times said that we believe that God put Adam here for a reason, so wouldn’t you think that we very well know who God is! Thru Adam we were brought together at this site, from all over the world. This “Glamb’s Club Site” is a Blessing to so many of us, each of us have their own life stories and together life is a lot more fun, We love talking about Adam and hearing what he is doing, because we do honestly believe that he will become an Icon. It seems to me that you are almost critical of him because he has learned his business which he has wanted since he was a young boy, that is being very knowledgable in my book. Maybe what you are saying is that Adam is putting on an act on being innocence, I have listen very close to what he says and during all this time of interviews his storys are the same, if he wasn’t what he protrays he would have fouled up way before this. I guess you just wanted to put a pinprick in our balloons and let all the air out of our love for Adam, Guess what it hasn’t worked. as long as there is a breath in us we will be behind Adam, our loyality is not that weak, he has our love forever !!!!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Right on Lee M, well said. From the interviews I have watched (and there have been many) Adam is the most genuine person (soon to be oh so famous) I have ever listened to. There is no falseness in Adam, he is true to himself, his family and friends and his fans. He is quite simply the most amazing man.

              • Dianne Hill/// Thank you, now I only wish that ‘ LolaGlambs” comes back to see the remarks that were made by all of us, perhapes she will get a different look of Adam, she’ll realize that she can’t be so right about Adam and all of us wrong. Perhapes she will spend more time watching Adam’ interviews and realize that he is ” REAL”……

                • Makes me wonder if LolaGlamb will just lurk more and not comment. If Lola can’t see and FEEL the love we all have of ADAM and she/he better watch out if they even attempt a post like that again! GRRRRRRRR!

            • Lee M, spot on, love ya sister Glamb!

        • If your “hollow” I then must be emtpy. I know there is no way such a heartful person as yourself could ever be hollow. I will never believe that. Your love of Adam shines so brightly upon the words you write, that I had to put on my sunglasses just to read it! Much love to you.

          Glamb #451

        • Cheryl we do read your ;posts and can glean from them your deep feelings and love for Adam. You have a point about Adam. He has not yet fully realized what an effect he has had on us, and an influence on the world in general.

          As was said above, he is not ego-driven and it will take some time for him to absorb it all. Several articles and the twitter site have shown us that he merely needs to drop a name, a designer, a musician etc and we are all over it, buying it, reading about it. Now that is influence! And this is without having a single song released yet.

          I read Sarver’s tweets and he is home, and had gone to Walmart, apparently enjoying the visit. As he said, ‘small things..’ Apparently there is an Idols, album? I think in Walmart?

          Must go and check it out online.

          • Terry, there is an idol top ten cd at Walmart. Its been out all summer. Then there
            is another one I believe of Adam, Kris and Allison only.
            I loved the interview where he said he loves the affect that we have had on him and
            he on us.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Me too Mary. But somehow I don’t think he has absorbed the FULL affect he has on thousands of people worldwide.

            • I bought the top ten Cd from Walmart when it first came out, NOW your saying there is one of Adam, Kris and Allison only? I missed that one.

              • Trish, yeh there is another CD with only a few songs. I didnt buy it, because I already had the songs
                on my Ipod. I just cant remember who exactly is on it. I know Adam and Kris fo sure.

                • Mary C ,Still here!!! The CD is with Adam, Kris, Allison & Danny—-5 songs,,
                  Adam sings ” WLL ” and then with Allison ” Slow Ride “,,only watched it once….. because my CD player ( TIVO ) is in another room from my CP,
                  which is where I spend my mornings,,afternoons & evenings lately..but..
                  when Adam’s CD comes out…A Change is Gonna Come….because I am gonna be playing his video with the sound off and then be playing his new CD on a separte CD player..doesn’t matter that it doesn’t match up…..Yep, got it all figured out,,my own private show……For now I am leaving, for awhile,, have to do some work ????

                  • Thanks Lee M, I knew there was another CD out there.
                    You ‘ve got it all figured out on your player, dont you?
                    Quite tech savy!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Cheryl, that’s it, stop it, bawling now!!!

          • Ah Helen, just put her in the corner with a silencer around her face. Oooh crap, there’s she coming with her friggin Madbert in tow …..

            • Ha Ingrid, you come up with some good ones. To bad you werent in GR w/us.
              Can u imagine the mischief you would have gotten into??

              • Well Mary C, there’s nothing I can do about it now, although I must say I was there with you in spirit. Remember, we have it all planned for Adam’s solo concert. Mischief is good, i.e. good mischief!!!!

                Mary I left a post for Cris after Lorrin welcomed her and invited her is for some refreshments – on this thread or the thread before, could be after – not sure???? Please read it! Love ya!

    • Jesus, CHERYL. You hit every chord. Powerful stuff. I LOVED THAT!!!

    • i have a gay cousin who we the whole family is trying to change him through the years but it didn’t make any sense. i believe he is naturally born that way and i do believe since i saw adam that it is not a liability . to the people who hate adam may i ask what do elvis presley,freddie mercury, michael jackson have in common? what made them LEGENDS?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Simply Me, you are preaching to the converted here. We all love Adam for who he is and do not give a damn about him being gay, that is just a part of him. All gay people are born that way, they are not made by circumstance or anything else. That is who they are and they should be loved for who they are. It does not matter whether people are gay, straight, or anything else. Everyone needs to be loved for just being themselves.

        Dianne Glamb #356

        • cheryl norman says:

          Dianne Hill , I agree with you 100%. Gay people are indeed BORN not made. Anyone who thinks differently, in my opinion, is ignorant. These people make these ‘blanket’ statements cuz they have NO facts to back up their ignorance. I don’t even argue with them or pay them the least bit of respect, as they have none for anyone different than their sorry asses. Pay attention any of you who believe differently. Then get the facts. Until then, I have nothing to say to the ignorant, for we have nothing in common. Rock-On Dianne!

          • I can testify to that. I mentioned above that my daughter is gay. She would not wish this upon anyone. (Her words). She explains that she is not ashamed of being gay, it is who she is. What she wouldn’t wish upon anyone is what she has to go through every day for just being “herself”. She is away at college, and when she first told me she was gay she was living with her father. Her father and her step-monster thought it was just a “phase” my daugher was gong through and that she would “outgrow” it. I saw stars when my daugher told me this. The ignorance of people who think this way is so sad. There is no changing the way my ex thinks, so I don’t try. What I do try to do is just be there for my wonderful, loving daughter in anyway I can. She recently told me that the love I have for her, the way I treat her and her friends or partners is the reason she feels good about herself and makes all the hard times she endures worth it. She knows she has ME, and to her that is all she needs!

            I love you my wonderful daughter Trisha. (named after me) lol


            • Your story is very sad. As I said, no one can really understand that pain until they or someone they love experiences it (as my love for Adam woke me up to the sting of such a negative barb). I think that the love people have for Adam will lead to a lot of such introspection.

              And I think society is loosening up. One of my children has a beautiful friend. I asked my child if this lovely woman had a boyfriend. My child said, “No. She’s into girls.” And I SWEAR, I just said, “Oh,” and thought no more about it. I think, I hope, that’s where we’re headed.

              TANGENTIAL REMARK:
              This was a comment made by some reviewer that I read when the ELLEN AS NEW IDOL JUDGE ANNOUNCEMENT was made. This person pointed out that one thing her presence was sure to do was dowse all that stupid double-entendre gay banter between Simon and Ryan Seacrest. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve actually giggled at some of it. Now, I’m much more sensitive to it. I really, really don’t think it’s funny anymore.

              Adam does not have to act as a spokesman for a cause. All he has to do is BE. Hopefully that will be enough to make people start to think about how natural it all is.

              And HONESTY IS SEXY! It shows strength of character.

              Assure your daughter understanding is growing.

              • Sherry thank you for your comments. The comments I read on here are so well thought out and intelligently presented that to it shows there are VERY INTELLIGENT WOMEN HERE. I don’t express myself as well as some of you but I do enjoy reading yours. Sherry your words written here are true. Understanding is growing and maybe some day it will also be a part of the “norm” of life.

                Peace …..

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Trish, your story about your daughter made me cry. It is so wonderful that she has you, and as you say all you can do is be there for her and her friends. It is a sorry state of affairs that her father is missing out on so much. She is his daughter and as such he should love her unconditionally, isn’t that what love is really all about. Why does it have to come with so many strings.

              Love, peace and light

              Dianne, Glamb #356

              • Thank you so much Dianne for your words. Her Father is missing out. That is sad for him. It took living with him for 4 years for my daughter to realize what she had in me. I was and still am there for her always and she knows it is not just words, my actions show her. She only gets mad at me when I find it hard to take some of the stuff people say about her right in front of us. Like she is not there. I can’t always contain myself and almost whipped this one mans butt for his comments. It embarassed my daughter but hell, he was rude, and I just couldn’t take it. My daughter is teaching me patience and forgiveness. I am trying but it is a hard road for her and for me. Together though we will conquer.

            • Trish, what you said was very touching! I can so tell your love for your daughter is Unconditional!

              • Thank you Mary C. My love for my daughter is very unconditional. I love this child so much it hurts me when she is hurt for just being herself. I can’t image what our lovely ADAM must go through on a daily basis with him being so popular and in the media. Much love to all Gay people, may someday you will not have to hurt inside for the hatred that is spread outside.

        • Dianne, you go girl. Amen to that statement.

      • simply me, embrace your cousin!

    • that was beautiful Cheryl !!!!

      • I know how you feel but not exactly because im not a mother. i have a similar story about my bestfriend is a gay and only the women who she had relationships only know and of course me. She said she cries about it and try to hide it for so many yearsand doesn’t know where the feelings come. She told me that i am the only friend who didn’ take advantage of her(she usually have sex with women who are close to her) but not with me and thats what leads us being the very best of friends. my unconditional love helps her a lot, we often hang around and feel very safe with each other. they need more understanding and lots and lots of love. i do hope that one day they will be able to come to the open and people will embrace them here in asia is a lot different.

    • Cheryl, I hope that you are well my dear naughty, honey bunch! I loved your post and your unfailing passion for Adam! Mwah, Ingrid

      • All Glambs who have posted here, I love your posts and reading them gives me sooo much satisfaction! Love ya all! Mmmwah, Ingrid

        • Ingrid you are loved too. Love reading your posts as well. I love the sweet endearments you say to people on here. I use them in my everday internet life.

          Love ya too. Sugar bunny……….sorry it just slipped out. 😉

    • Cheryl, Beautifully written! We;ve heard Adam say ” everyone deserves to be in love” How he wants that someday. OMG
      does he………………. Hww you said he felt the fears and saw the signs brought chills to my bones.
      He handled it all so professionally and humble.

  9. WONDERFUL NEWS ALL GLAMBS AND ADAM FANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, – Adam is now 9,024 votes ahead of the competition, and 1,201 Twitter Hearts ahead as well. THINK of the work it took, the voters who stayed up so late or all night, the people secretly voting at work, all of us voting on both sides of the world in all the different countries, the countless fans ‘giving their all’ for Adam! This is thrilling news, everyone, especially since there are only 16 1/2 hours left in the vote. ON TO FULL VICTORY EVERYONE – ADAM LAMBERT IS THE NEW WORLD IDOL!!

    • New??? LOL!

      • 4….3….2….1 TIMES UP ! ! GAME OVER ! ! ADAM WINS ! ! ! FINAL SCORE ADAM – 177,632
        CHEERS ! ! !

        • I never thought any different. Just waiting for the “World” to catch up. LOL



        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hooray! Thanks for the news Glamasia. I went to the site early this morning and it was gone! so I didn’t know what the results were. (although I was pretty sure Adam had won b/c he had a good lead on the other guy when I went to bed last night.

      • cheryl norman says:


        • THANK YOU GLAMASIA, THANK YOUUUU!! As soon I turn on my computer, I look for the result and THANK GOODNESS,IT IS A HAPPY ENDING!! YATAAAAA!! Thanks for the number,glad to know the gap is far away! Adam’s fans all around the world not playing here, they means business!! hahaha! My cramping fingers,my numb butt,my tearing painful eyes,it’s all worth it!! hahaha,krumping everyone!! YAY!!!

          • AdamAddict, YOU’RE THE MAN !! You inspired us to go on even though we knew there were efforts to subvert the votes again . Bask in the glory. We have vindicated our Adam. Sorry fellow Glambs for confusing you with our early celebration. We are just way ahead and I couldn’t resist not reporting to all of you especially to AdamAddict. the exact moment the countdown showed 0 and ” Voting Has Ended”

            • To think I stayed up to watch that and I couldn’t find the site again.


          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            You are right “Thank goodness, it is a happy ending!!!!!” and thank you for your cramping fingers, soared butt and eyes, and for your never ending encouragement.

            Now, I saw there is another competition at the Tweeter Wall. The Adam Fan Club. I didn’t see the Glambs as participants. i dont’ know how it works. But it is an opportunity to make us known.


            PS: I said “us”, and I’m not even a Glamb….

        • Hey gals, you KNOW I know who the ONLY WORLD IDOL IS! I was only writing it that way for the many Glambs and fans who followed the vote all over the world and on Twitter….we all knew how hard it was to win this for him, even though it was a silly, stupid little vicious contest. I couldn’t very well say ‘ADAM HAS WON THE CONTEST’ before he actually did win, because it would have been a tad presumptuous…..but you know I’m the Number One person touting Adam Lambert as the one and only iconic superstar of this age….I just wanted to give the Glambs who are Tweeters and all of the Glambs the update as it got close to the finish..


          • Yes, Yes, YEEEEEEES! Adam is almost 10 000 votes ahead and there are only eight minutes left!

            ‘ADAM’S FAMILY’ RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULES!!!! So, when is the party????????

            • Actually, dear Ingrid, unfortunately, there are 8 whole hours of Western voting time left, so we are ‘carrying on’ over here…we are loading the torpedoes as we speak…send all your good wishes our way….ON TO VICTORY! Only 18 more votes, and we will be 10,000 votes ahead!

              • Lorrin, I can’t see anything about the competition. I tried to access it here and according to what I last saw, there were only 8 minutes left. Where do they announce the WINNER, OUR ADAM!!!!!

                • Ingrid, I think it will probably just be announced right there on the Twitter Wall page…they will put a gozonkin’ big red, white, and blue ribbon around his picture and call it a win..

            • Party at my house, all are welcome, ESPECIALLY YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Adam is gonna be there??!! I’m in!!So, costume’s party or pyjamas party? 😛

                • Nah, bikini party AA, and let it all hang out!

                  • HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY. Let this be a lesson to anyone who tries to mess with the GLAMBS, you dare challenge the mighty GLAMBS, go and hide in shame. ADAM IS THE WORLD IDOL FOR A VERY LONG TIME TO COME.

                    • TONI, where have you BEEN? I’ve been wondering where you were while I was going back and forth getting out the vote for Adam, and didn’t remember seeing your posts. WHAT A VICTORY, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help in the UK!

                    • Hi Lorrin, I am at school, difficult to read all the post while I am supposed to be teaching, but I was voting like mad. It is the weekend now and I can be on my computer all the time, I love this site and all the GLAMBS that post here. I have become a lifelong fan.

                  • Hey y’all pajama party, bikini party, its any kind of party. OH how I wish, would be a blast.

              • Mary C, I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO THERE!

                • Oh Lorrin and Helen, I am laughing so loudly and everyone here is looking at me as if I am mad – the bikini bit!!!!!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, You know we all know wht you meant, mean and know!!!!All of the Glambs who have put all their energy and time and love into giveing this victory to Adam are better people than I. I did vote, but, after problems, stopped voting cuz I just haate the voting process for Adam. He is always a winner, hands down. CA is a loser, a girly-boy and a jealous bitter ass. But, thankfully, everyone who thinks more about this voting to go do the work, thankfully, voids me out! For Adam is always happy at the efforts of his true fans. He always acknowledges them.

            You are all absolutely wonderful, and some of you are a bit of a ‘hussy’!!!! Aha!!!

            I’m otta here Glambs, but sincerely meant every word of the first paragraph!!

            Lotsa luv, ‘n Lotsa luv,……………………………………………….Cheryl, AdamLover.

  10. It’s been fun reading all the tour comments this summer and watching the youtube videos. The world of Adam Lambert has been a wild ride! Yes, Adam is one amazing person. I will miss the fans reactions/blogs who saw him live, while I kicked myself for missing out on getting tickets–and then it was too late. God, he looked/sounded fabulous up there on that stage.

    Looking forward to the new CD!


  12. DANA MARTIN says:


  13. This feels like a “What I did on my summer vacation” 1st day of school assignment. I thought I would be depressed that the tour fun had ended. Instead I was FEELING GOOD all day. It is a new dawn and a new day. I also felt a need to share the joy with my friends that don’t Google, blog or chat so I sent them one last tour email:

    Its a surprise to me what a fangirl / groupie I became for Adam. Last night was the last night of the American Idol tour. I joined a cellcast/webcast in a chat room (300 fans in chat room) with 14,000 viewers watching the live broadcast of the finale (from a cell phone). It was great fun. So, I though I would send you the links to Adams last set and the group finale. Since I went to the concert and saw many of the videos from some of the other 50 performances I could see the difference in these. There was just so much funny stuff going on. And Adam in his “out there” way sported the highest pompadour possible and had rhinestones amidst the glitter and liner. I am sure he is ready to move away from the AI bubble.

    Adam has 1 more commitment to sing to the Ford execs and then its back to LA to complete his LP due out 11/24. There may be a single in October and there will be a release of “Time for Miracles” ( that he recorded for the Movie 2012. Brian May (Queen) has raved about Adam singing this song.) Hope you enjoy these:

    First song of set (Whole Lotta Love)

    Starlight (Muse)

    Duet with Allison

    Mad World

    Bowie Medley

    This is the finale with lots of fun footage after the last note. It was Adams stage.

    And this is just a silly fun remix of pictures some obsessed fan made


    • Thanks Medley. I’m so sure he is ready to move out of the AI bubble too. His statement on the
      last show, to me clearlly stated, Here I come world, look out!!!!!!!!!

      • Medley, thanks for these vids. too. Adam and Allison sure had fun on there last night
        together. did you see him do the famous Backbend over her. OMG how hot!
        He seemed to really really like her thong too.

        Cheryl???? what do ya think?????????

  14. I checked out what was written every morning and the videos…I also took off my black polish today that had been there since the30 of Aug…good polish…Been rather bummed today cause I know in the morning there will be no Adam video….I hope they get a tape of the 18th of Sept. when Adam and Kris are performing for Ford….will keep watching the you tube….I sit a lot of times and think back to Elvis when I read a lot of you girls writings and I remember the feeling I had when he first hit the stage…..Now Adam has come along and the old feelings are the same….I love music (most of it) definately Adam. and wil be glad when his 2 cd’s come out…..

    • cheryl norman says:

      PEGGY! You got that right, baby!!!! I saw Elvis in ’74. I do not remember one note he sang. He was so awesome.

      When I saw Adam, I was determined not to let that happen again. It did not. I am reborn.

      I hear his studio versions of all lhis songs every time I get in my car and jack up my speakers as others here, Jeanette and Theresa will testify to. I watch all his performances on my DVR and listen to all his music on my musical library on my computer. I only have listened to Adam in many months. I do not see that ever changing! Why would it??? No one can sing and sing in so many different ways than Adam. He’s like having a new world of talent in one man. He is a world of talent in one man.

      Anyway, you know what I mean!

      • I wish I could have seen Elvis in 74. I was only 7 but even then I knew he was an idol just like our Adam.

  15. Last night I had a lump in my throat, after reading the descriptions of the last concert. It’s over. It’s like coming to the end of a really good book, being so reluctant to close the cover and put it down. After following Adam every step of the way, from audition to last concert, after listening to his music over and over, following all the interviews and press releases, it’s tough to have it all be over. I so wish I could have been at that last concert. But, chin up, an onward! The sequel to the most excellent first act is coming. What surprises are in store for us? We’ll all keep following our Rock God and are sure to see him reach new heights. Ooooh, the anticipation!!!!

  16. cheryl norman says:

    Hey!!! Don’t take off your black polish!!!! Why would you do that?! What, are you no longer the biggest fan and supporter of Adam than you were yesterday?!!

    I will NOT take my black polish off. I love it. I will wear it until I decide to change it for a ‘good’ reason! This is not a ‘good’ reason, now. Just because Adam is moving rapidly into his own!!! Why would anyone even think of doing that? Are you all taking down your Adam pictures?? I bet not. I hope not! Are you no longer interested in things that he is interested in b/c the tour is over? Of course not!! I do not understand anyone who decides to ‘change clothes’ now that Adam is not on an AI concert tour!!! Did HE see your polish before? No. Then, can someone tell me what has ‘changed’??? Really, I want to know. Has Adam changed? No. Have YOU? I don’t know. Have I? NO!!! And I still love my new eyeliner, even tho it costs me 4 times what I used to pay. I still love Adam. I am not changing cuz Adam is in LA now. For shame!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hell no, Cheryl I am not taking down any pictures, in fact more will be going up. I couldn’t bare not to be looking at Adam anymore, that would just break my heart. I have one, pride of place (in colour too) singing DSB with his tongue sticking out. My god everytime I look at that I am in heaven. Adam’s tongue, oh my, the thoughts I have when I see that gorgeous tongue, never mind what the rest of him does to me as well.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!YEEEEEESSSSSSS! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • PERLEE, ADAMFAN1, HAPPY DAY, HAPPY DAY, WE FINALLY DID IT, WHAT A VICTORY!! Thanks for ALL you did, and that goes for GLAMASIA, MALS, AND ADAMADDICT too, and INGRID, what a trooper, DIANE in New Zealand, OFRA in Israel, LISETTE in Nevada, everybody from here who helped out the vote on Twitter (and if I’m forgetting anybody please know that I’ve been up half the night voting and encouraging the vote on Twitter so I can’t remember anything right now), THANK YOU SO MUCH! If we are still able to vote here, then let’s carry on and bring it on in at over 10,000 votes….THANKS TO EVERYBODY AGAIN FOR THEIR GREAT EFFORTS!

        • YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,,,, We all knew, but such hard work that went into this voting.
          Outstanding job.
          Never had a doubt!

          • Sherry,
            My butt will never be the same??!! LMAO!! Thank god, my butt didn’t swallon,otherwise it looks bigger than Lil’s butt! LOL!! 😛

  18. cheryl norman says:


    WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You’re awesome!


  19. I’m gonna miss him

  20. I don’t know what is going on but the voting is still on ; Adam is at 178236 and ca. is at 168798,
    I’m hoping that we can make it to 10,000 vote over ca. Adam is 9438 votes ahead, can we make the 10,000 victory, I’m going to try, help?

  21. I checked the time and we have 11 hours and about 50 mins to vote yet, it must be the time diff. outside of U.S. Maybe we can make it clear to ca who rules!

  22. Dianne Hill says:

    I have just been to have a look now (17 September, 5.11pm in Christchurch, New Zealand) and it says the voting is over. Adam has 178460 votes and the CA has 168967. Adam won by 9495 votes. How cool is that, all our hard work paid off girls. Utterly fantastic. Thank goodness its over though, couldn’t have stood much more, though I would have gone on voting if I had to.

    • We are still able to vote here in US, Adam has 178,771 vs 169,255.
      I wish that you were over here to help like before, I would like to make Adam 10,000 votes ahead but, lost 1 vote this past 20 mins. which we were gaining around 100 votes per 20 mins, so I think that ca’s people are starting to vote again. No matter what they do I don’t think they can gain 9000 votes in 10-11 hrs that we have left. Still vote here don’t stop now, Please….

      Dianne and Perllee, sorry to dissapoint you but, we’ll keep voting to keep Adam ahead. Thanks for all the voting during the night here when we were catching a couple hrs of sleep, you kept us alive!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Okay Lee and all you others, you have to vote double for all of us over here in New Zealand and other parts of the world where the voting is closed. Oh how I want to vote, it aint fair. Sock it to that mongrel, Adam is the ultimate world idol, no one will ever take his place.


  23. I am feeling the same as everyone on here he is not my family but I am some what lost I know I need to get back. But not to where I was Thanks for sharing with me I donot say much but I read alot and I am just as wacko crazy about this guy as you all. This Journey will be one I never will forget 🙂

    • Hi, renogirl, I understand perfectly what you are saying, I can’t put in words like the other Gals, who say it so beautifully, all I know I kept wanting to cry. Someone said that Adam was in Ca and I sunk a little more, for the last month he has been on the east side of the US. I’ve been checking the Internet for everything about Adam, but, it really doesn’t help. We will get thru this withdrawal and time will fly then we will be hearing all kinds of news about our guy, raise the glass, here’ to Adam’s future and he will take us right with him…

      • Lee, it’s kinda funny, about the tears, isnt it? I found myself crying while watching the cellcast of the last 10 minutes of the tour finale… others in the chat room were teary too. What is it with us? We haven’t lost him in the real sense. He is just having a little well-deserved ‘holiday’, yet we are greedy for more written articles, interviews, TV appearances etc.. we just cannot get enough of Adam!!!

        • Theresa/Canada, Glad to hear I’m not alone in the tear dept, all I can say that Adam has affected all lives in a different way then anyone else has ever done. Adam is very much alive and well and we feel like we are not going to see him again and yet tonight I was sitting and thinking what kind of clothes I am going to buy to wear to his concert, go figure!

  24. the voting is over here in nz, yay foe our adam . looking forward to all that comes next,

    • hah? what? the voting is closed it is written in the countdown. why? Isn’t it the contest will finish in america this afternoon? 12 pm hongkong time so we can’t vote here now?

  25. i almost spent my whole summer nights searching some Adam vids online and i had such a great fun doing so!! He inspires me!! and the audience in MAnchester is soo lucky!! im sad the tour is over but im excited on the ew stuff he is gonna bring us!!

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    Don’t give up the voting girls, Adam is ahead by 9918 votes. Almost the 10,000 mark, fantastic. Keep voting, keep voting, vote for us that can no longer vote. When I had a look just now I clicked on that cross for all I was worth but unfortunately nothing happened. I thought they might have let me slip some in but no, it is definitely closed to us on this side of the world.

    • As of 3:34 am PST, Adam is 9,982 votes ahead, we need only 18 more votes to make it 10,000 votes! GREAT WORK ALL YOU ADAM FANS!!


    • HELP!!!!! I can no longer get onto the World Idol site – it automatically defaults to best ACTOR for some stupid reason! What’s up with that?! The contest is not supposed to be over until Noon local time (Eastern Daylight) which is 4 hours away. I do not have any movies this morning as was planning on voting every 20 minutes. Is anyone else having this problem??? Maybe I am using a link from Asia that has now expired? Help!

      Glamb #20

      (Maybe Adam doesn’t need my votes anyway as we are so far ahead but I still don’t trust tht this contest hasn’t been sabotaged by you know who’s fans!)

      • Ignore my post above! I see now that Adam has won!!! Which is FANTASTIC! (I hadn’t realised that the count down clock was in another time zone – duh!)

        Congrats to Adam and to all of us as well who votes so fervently! However, there is no way that I am going to be sucked into another Twitter contest between Adam and the other guy! Enough already! My heart can’t take it! Adam is the winner – everyone already knows that, right!!!????

        Glamb #20

        • The voting is over,Adam has won!! I have no doubt at all,you know! My heart beat was steady from the beginning I voted, when I saw Clay ahead twice, I was like “cheh,Imma not afraid” and continue voting like nothing happened,my hand not shaking at all, Imma not freaked out!! I just know Adam gonna win,you know??!! Yeah, sometimes I want Clay ahead because I want to challange myself ,you know? Not competative they are,this is piece a cake!Haha! Another vote contest?Bring it on!! Yeah!! …..There won’t be another one,right?Please tell me there’s not! Come on now, I’m tired,can’t you see?No more voting for the entire year,alright?They replace with something else now, and I have 5 words, I DON’T CARE…that’s 3 so err…WHATEVER ALLRIGHT!!

    • yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  28. OMG there are so many posts already!

    I am both sad (no more clips, pictures…ect from the concerts)….but I am also excited, perhaps too excited, for Adam! He will be recording, finishing up album production and working towards being the superstar that we all already KNOW he is!

    We have SO much to look forward too!

  29. I am a little sad that the tour is over, but I sure have enjoyed the ride with Adam! And I am looking forward to continue to watch him, enjoy him, and follow his rise to stardom! I hope he takes some time to rest. I just love him, as you all do!! And I think he loves us, his fans. And I would think he wants us not to be sad, but be happy with him and for him!!!

  30. I agree with all the posts….I couldn’t have said it better than Lorrin….what an incredible commentary on our Adam.

    I too miss seeing the vids every morning from the previous night’s concert, but now I just go back and revisit all of them to get me started every morning.

    Another thing I noticed was I LOST 12 lbs in the past 2 weeks! Seems I EAT LESS and watch Adam MORE….and I feel energized and excited inside just thinking about him….maybe my metabolism is changing….WOW….besides being the greatest talent of all time….Adam has become my own personal DIET PLAN !!!

    • It doesn’t work with me.When Imma hungry, I take food and eat in front of my computer.All I do is sit my butt ,eat and googling Adam! I better don’t weight myself.Imma not gonna like it! LOL!!

      • AA, your not alone in this dept. I’m a nervous eater and going thru this voting, Ha, I’m not going near the scales !



    As our World Idol competition sadly draws to a close, we have been privileged to witness a quite incredible contest between Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, both stars who were developed from American Idol.

    We have to applaud both their groups of fans, who have put a tremendous amount of effort into voting for their idols, with a staggering 350000+ votes cast between the two of them.

    They must be exhausted !

    Someone had to win however, and in the end it was Adam Lambert who won by a narrow margin !

    So well done to Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken and their amazing groups of fans !

    We now celebrate their fans efforts, by opening two new fan series contests for Adam and Clay. This allows their fan groups to celebrate and show their faces to the world and it allows them to vote (if they have any energy left) to show who exactly are the best fans ?

    “Narrow margin, my red-painted fanny, and OMG, who in the hooty is going to keep voting on these stupid contests? But at least you all know now that Twitter is actually READING their own website and checking the votes.


    • And I stayed up all night, too, just to see the last votes come I can finally go to bed. Love to all you Glambs and ‘Cracking’ Adam fans this very early morning in California!

      • Nighty, night my friend and sweet Adam dreams!

      • thanks lorrin, i saw the post at around 9:pm here. narrow margin? i’m very happy adam still won for he is the real ultimate world idol. if we were not too fervent doing it we might get lost. still there is something about this, the other guy really needs publicity i dont know about who is running the competition. i hate how the other guy trying to ride adam’s popularity. see? i would be happier if kris or allison came to second. ANYWAY, THERE’S A REASON TO CELEBRATE! ADAM IS THE ULTIMATE WORLD IDOL! AND THE FANS HAD SUCCESSFULLY MADE IT!!!

    • This is all we get, no vote count? I fell asleep while waiting to vote after 3:55 AM. Now they say it was a close count, it was Adam=179953,, ca=170273 at the last time I voted, this is a close count. It was to be over at noon today. Then I thought that someone said above that we did make it over 10,000, hope that is true, YEAH! But, I sure don’t like that Tweeterwall closes this contest before 12:00pm, like it was plainly stated in bold letters…Oh Well, just so ADAM WON !!!!!!!!!
      LORRIN, I agree with you on the voting in a new contest, Fans against Fans, wasn’t that what we just went thru?
      Now I am going to make some coffee, I had jumped out of bed, ran to the CP to vote and now I get this info, all this without my coffee!!!!….Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, going crazy, help, help~~~~~~

      • Lee M,
        That’s so true! When we said Adam VS Clay actually means Adam’s fans VS Clay’s fans! It’s us who voted!! Another vote contest??!! VOTE??!! I’m gonna puke just hear that word now! No can’t do! Who cares about that?ADAM WON BECAUSE WE KNOW HE DESERVES IT AND WE FIGHT THAT TITLE FOR HIM! The voting is over for me!! Done,finish,tamat,selesai,fin, taa taa!! My life is calm again!! 🙂

        • AdamAddict/ You are so right, I am done also natta a vote !

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Oh, I am so glad this is over! ADAM IS THE WINNER – WE ALL KNEW THAT anyway, but we had to show that other person and his fans who’s the boss! As far as another contest on twitter–never again, I’ve had it! I did nothing but sit at my computer and vote for weeks!! I’m with you AdamAddict, my butt can’t take it!

  32. This is all that I have to say about the entire homosexuality issue. If every person in America were to be just half the decent human being that Adam Lambert is, what a wonderful world we would live in. Adam has to be the most wonderful, decent, and loving person that God put on this earth. I can’t remember any celebrity ever being so humble, honest, and unselfish. Kudos to Adam for being th personification of what we all should aspire to be like.

    Also, Adam Lambert is more of a man than half of the population of men in this country. Being a true man does not constitute having washboard abs, possessing limited intelligence, and being selfish, narrowminded, and generally thinking that the world revolves around only one person – you. Adam Lambert is “The New Man for the New Millenium” – jaw – droppingly gorgeous and sexy, strong and masculine, and in touch with both his man and female feelings – too bad the same cannot be said of the rest of the men in this country. Maybet hey should all take an example and lessons from Adam.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, deedeeglambert!!!!! Adam is such a beautiful human being! He makes us ALL want to be a better person. I am listening to “A Change Is Gonna Come” as I write this! You better believe it! Adam is being unleashed onto the world and we should all be eternally grateful to be living in his time!!!!

      Glamb #20

    • AMEN SISTER! Adam is the most beautiful being in the universe…inside and out! Well besides my kids…LOL

    • AWESOME POST deedeeglambert!

      Cindy in MS

    • AMEN SISTA, AMEN!!!!!!!!! I can only wish my husband was half the man Adam is. Shhhhhhh don’t tell him I said that. LOL 😉

    • deedeeglambert , took the words out of my mouth, Adam is more of man then most men I know.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      RIGHT ON, deedee glambert! Well said, you have nailed it!

    • Spot on – well said, deedeeglambert!

  33. I echo all that has been said here about the ambivalent feelings I have about the tour ending…Thank God for YouTube so we can watch him over and over again!!! I stayed up late last night just watching video after video after video…when I woke up this morning, I had email from my sister who had done the same thing ….She found this video which I just had to share with you all…if you’ve seen it before, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth watching again….wish it was him singing the song but think it pretty well sums up our man to a T!

    Hugs and warm fuzzies to all!


    • Dianne Hill says:

      A friend has told me that YouTube will eventually delete all of Adam’s videos because there is no copyright. I don’t know how correct that is but I will be downloading all weekend trying to get the ones I don’t already have. Its going to be a long weekend.

      And AdamAddict I am with you NO, NO, NO MORE VOTING.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I’m skerd! If I lost my Adam videos, I would die!!!! When the video ends on YouTube and you press share to email the video to yourself, will that keep it forever if I want to play it from my saved file???

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Not sure Helen, I have downloaded AVS4You which is a programme that will convert video clips so you can put them on your IPod or make them into DVDs. I ended up having to pay for a licence for it which was $39.00 American dollars otherwise I had this little sign in the middle of the damn screen, very upsetting, when all you want to see is Adam. But apparently there are a lot of free ones (so I have found out NOW that I have paid for the licence). Perhaps some of the girls would know what is the best for you to download. Otherwise you could Google it and there are bound to be lots of sites that come up. I do feel though, if you have saved the clip into your own file it should be just fine, shouldn’t it. Sorry, I am not technically up with all these things, hence I lost all my pictures of Adam when I copied and pasted the folder into my external hard drive, but of course did not check that they were there before I deleted them off my C: Drive. That is one mistake I won’t be repeating, I lost hundreds of pictures that I had been collecting. Thank goodness for the ones that I had printed out and put on my bedroom and computer room walls, at least I still get to look at them. No not hundreds but lots and lots.

    • As it has been said before, sometimes I think Adam is ‘channeling Elvis”. If so, great!

    • Frickin’ HILLLLLARIOUS! Oh my god, I love that man.

    • Deb, Love love love that video. I just said somewhere around here, Adam is an Angel, a
      Devilish Angel. What an appropriate song and video of him………….. I can watch it all night

    • Deemoonpie, OMG, if that is what the devil looks like and move, I am a follower, those eyes, so hypnotising, I am in his spell. Some sites are already removing the videos, we need to get a collection of them before they disappear completely.

  34. I feel sad because new videos of adam won’t be coming to youtube that often 🙁

    • I agree ALEN, not to have the Twitterwall and the new videos to get up to,,,what to do.. no excuses for not doing housework,,,,,OMG,,,,I think I’ve forgotten how to do anything but sit at this CP,,,I think I’ll take the day off and do nothing,,,,tomorrow is another day then I’ll do the “must do things” Oh, I miss seeing vidoes and comments about Adam,,I MISS ADAM !!!!!
      ****Whats with this music, all of a sudden it starts playing, Adam is singing ” A change is going to come” .. I think I know what I’m feeling, it’s like when my son moved to Texas, so far away from Ohio, but, then with Adam, it still diff. it’s like he was ours and now we have to share him with the World and I don’t like shareing I know it is the best thing for Adam,,,,but,,,,it is not going to be easy,,hope that he realizes this,,,just how much he is loved,,,now I am stalling before I have to get on with my day, after all I still have all of Adam’s family here, THANKS for listening to my ramblings!! ( Now Adam is singing ” If I Can’t Have You” those words bring new meanings )

      • “no excuses for not doing housework” LOL!! I was delaying my work since Sept 2. Now I can clean my room,change my bed sheets,change my curtain,clean my bathroom and wash my balcony floor(my mom asked me since…I can’t remember when) lol! Hari Raya celebration coming this Sunday and I haven’t got the time doing all that because I want to vote for Adam! But now,the voting is finish,and imma too lazy to do all that!Continue voting??!! Nope, still pass on that one! Urgh,vo…uweeek!! 🙁

        • AA, see my post below! We must decide whether we are going to go for the Adam Lambert fanclub competition. Run down the page and see! More swollen butt, no??? … yes????

  35. Haven’t read through all the posts yet. Has this video been posted? It appears to be a fairly recent interview with Adam about the end of the AI Tour. He is adorable, funny and thoughtful as ever, of course!!! Enjoy!

    Glamb #20

    • That is excellent, Jane. I thought I’d seen it before as I recognized the T shirt and couch, but when Iheard it it had new info. What a lovely way to end the tour, next to the ‘stage party’ in Manchester!

      • Jane, Thanks, I thought that I had heard this before also, not so, it was different and very interesting. Adam doe his own make-up and he does a great job. Remember when on AI and he did Kiss, he had glitter on his eyelids and a beauty mark beside his eye, I thought, what a great job on his make-up and here he had done this himself. No end to his talent.

    • Thanks Jane, He is so awesome. Look how he’s brought those young people all together.
      Like when he said, he was only really close to a few of them during the show, now they
      have all come together and he couldnt pick just one. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Adam.

    • this is from his official website

  36. Ah yes we will miss our Starlight but I am just thinking about his solo tour….we will have him ALL TO OURSELVES…a whole show of just our shinning Star! I CAN NOT WAIT!! My heart fills with joy just thinking about that!! 😀


    …you notice how much laundry you now need to do
    …you notice dust all over the house
    …you haven’t gotten a hair cut in 6 months so all your extra time could be spent watching Adam videos
    …your closet now has a lot of black ‘rock-out!’ clothes from the concert(s)
    …you now have a video ipod full of Adam videos
    …you know so much more about blogs, favorite gossip websites,and tons about how to use youtube
    …November 24 is the next big day marked on your calendar

  38. i will so miss the new excitement we shared each day after a concert. i feel a deep emptiness. i’m holding positive thoughts that adam will be in the media from now on! if you guys havea tivo go in and make a wish list . just put in adam lambert and select automatic recording. you will get all that is adam even if you didn’t hear about an appearance not that you all miss anything! i know one thing for sure when he tours i will be going to every show i can. i regret only seeing 2 stops on the idol tour. looking forward to the future of watching our icon in the making.

  39. Carol, Thanks for wanting us to put our thoughts out there about the end of the AI tour!
    I have mixed feelings of sadness & happiness. This has all been such a fantastic journey . I’ve never
    been so wrapped up in any of the past AI shows like I have with season 8 . All because of Adam and
    his ability to gravitate people to him. Like a suction cup! For me personally, meeting him the
    day after the Finale, was so phenomanal . That day was the First Day of the rest of his life, for his
    dream had become true! He was still so within reach that morning , such a happy exciting day for
    him. The beginning of a whole new way of life! Maybe that day he was feeling, how most of us are
    feeling today. Sad its over ( the AI show) Glad for new beginnings. Then moving on with the tour.
    Still within reach, especially at the meet and greet oppurtunities. So a bit of sadness there because
    we dont want him to get OUT of reach, becoming the Huge Superstar that he is on his way to be!
    Happiness: Oh Adam , your Dream has come True and we are all there with you to ride the Magic Carpet Ride!!!!!!!! No other idol has had the spotlight so fast as Adam has. Its simply amazing.
    No one could be more deserving of this either than THAT SPECIAL MAN.
    From that cute ,adorable little baby boy, so hyper and screaming his Heart out, to this cute, adorable,
    hot ,sexy man, still hyper and screaming his Heart out for all of US to share. Thank you Adam
    for giving All of yourself to us in every performance, interview, and whatever else you have in store
    for us.
    Thanks to all of my Glamb family here, w/o Adam we never would have met and w/o all of you
    to share this One Love – it wouldnt be the same.
    Peace and Love to all.

  40. Mary C/ so glad that I came back here, where else can I go? I was looking at some older recordings of AI, ones with Adam’s Mother and Father, OMG, you could be Leila’s twin, Adam had to be taken back when he saw you and also when he saw the shirt with you and his picture on it…
    I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a couple of days, how neet is that, you are “Mother Mary”
    Paula/ I do have TIVO and when I did this last week, I hit the right things to take me there and when I got there, TIVO had already put in Adam’s name,, they must be able to keep track of our interests, the fact that I play Adam’s singing on AI a lot and a CD that I bought from Amazon that is solely of Adam’s singing on AI with the Judges comments and a couple other things, but, anyway they have to be keeping track of what I’m doing, not sure I like that, but sorta funny, only here can I say that I relate to Adam’s song the words that before didn’t mean too much, just like now, “sorta funny” in my head the rest of this song starts ” Mad World ” Oh, and I didn’t know that there were so many men with the name of “Adam” I am constantly turning my head when I hear that name to see if they are talking about “our Adam”…You guessed it, I’ve got it as bad as the rest of us…………………….

    • Lee, I dont know about Mother Mary, to holy for me! But, I was asked that a few times. Guess
      thats where the Karma comes from!!!

      I’ll have to check out the cd on amazon. Would love to buy it too. Wht do I search under ?

      • Mary C, I agree “Mother Mary” is a stretch, but funny. Haha
        Regarding the Cd from Amazon, it was from a guy that just collected and made up the Cd, it was listed under Adam Lambert’s music. I tried to buy another one for my friend that went to the concert with me and I couldn’t find it, before when I got mine he had 5 to sell, but, by now he might just have some more to sell, haven’t check lately. It is pretty good but the sound has an echo when the judges are talking but with Adam’s voice it comes thru clear, I really prize that CD. Good luck with your search..

        • lee M, Ok now watch it sista!!! Stretching me out huh?? Haha.

          We had just got Direct TV a few months ago, prior to that we didnt have any DVR on our TV’s so
          I wasnt able to tape any AI shows. Bummer. I’ll need to search out there on the WWW and see
          what I can get.

    • Lee M, there is a strong resemblance, I agree! What we have consider though is all this below and behind the belt stuff. Mary Mom, we are willing to give it a go but you must promise to behave yourself. On second thoughts, no don’t behave yourself – too boring!

      Love ya all! Mmwah, Ingrid

  41. Glambertcraze says:

    Just came accross an excellant interview, its from Sept. 15th, \
    Go to and find Lyndseyparker. Its different than the others.
    Our Adam truly is magnificent.

  42. Has anyone seen this video by the Lambrits to promote Adam in the UK? The song is When He Shines by Sheena Easton. . . one of the Lambrits who made the video flew to DC, and met Adam. . . there are several wonderful pictures included with her and our Beautiful Rock God. . . I just know you’ll LOVE this!:-)

    Cindy in MS

    • Thanks Cindy,very nice vid!Sad really.Maybe still in sad mood bcs the tour ended,then watching this vid with slow song and Adam in slow motion,the lyrics is beautiful…I wanna cry!!! 🙁

    • Cindy, thanks for sharing that beautiful video. When He Shines is a song fitting for Adam.
      I love when he and Etti are in the picture together and he is smiling at her. What a guy!
      Love him……………. The tears can flow on this one. I tell ya, he’s our light.


    • What a sensational video promoting Adam in the UK! It was so beautifully produced, and the moments they captured of Adam singing were very special….I am a tremendous fan of the United Kingdom, and I am going over to take a look at the Lambshanks site, and write them a personal letter of thanks for their work in bringing Adam to Great Britain and Europe.

      And how do you like that? Adam’s entire set on the AI tour was British!

    • Absolutely stunning! Thanks for bringing this beauty to our attention, Cindy. Loved the song…so fitting for our Adam…He shines with a light from within & brightens every corner of my heart. Oh how I’d love just a hug from him….like Allison’s been getting regularly on this tour…The Lambrits have done a great job promoting Adam…I’ll have to visit their site. Nice of them to point out what I had not realized…Adam’s whole set WAS British…Duh! I feel like an idiot. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

      And, love all of you for being on this wild ride with me…Candace

      • Cindy, Thanks for pointing us to this, how great is this video? The two go together just perfect. !!!

  43. I am going to miss the pictures and comments by all. Rock on Adam and I will patiently wait until November when his album drops!

  44. It’s good to know I am not the only crazy person who feels a little sad that we won’t have any current Adam performances for a while. It’s weird. I go to concerts and love music but this just seems different. Maybe it’s his story…watching him on AI weekly while holding our breath that caused this attachment to him ? Oh well, it may defy explanation. It is a great story though–Adam rambling around for years singing and trying to get a career and then boom–he shows up on AI and blows us all away! The Adam-bomb.

    Looks like Megan Joy is gonna miss Adam too. There is a video on web with Megan hugging Adam for a very looooong time (lucky girl) outside in front of the tour buses after the last show. He seems to be digging hugging her back as well! It’s so sweet.

    He’s always a surprise!

    • I saw that too, megan never let go of Adam,she keep holding him. Put her arms around his neck for like what…errr 5 mins??!! And I thought,ok what am I suppose to see now,it was like pause,the same view for 5 mins!!And Adam just let her.Awww,so sweet!But who can blame her,we do understand!LOL!! 🙂

      • AA, no kidding. Wonder if he was getting aroused?? It would be ok, only natural.
        She is beautiful , He is beautiful!

  45. What a summer this has been! 🙂

    On one hand, I’m POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC about the start of Adam’s solo career. . . the 2012 single. . . the new CD. . . the TOUR!!! Life is good! 🙂

    That being said, this is definitely a bit of the turning of a page for me. . . as much as I want to be here more, I need to spend a little more time with my family (my four-year-old is full of energy and keeps me busy!). . . but even though I may not be posting as much, I’ll be here as much as I can. . . I LOVE YOU ALL! Adam has brought so much beauty into my life, not least my lovely, extraordinary, funny, encouraging, poetic, astounding fellow Glambs!

    Love, Peace and Adam Forever!

    Cindy in MS

  46. GLAMBS, I see that there is a new twitter competition for Adam Lamberts fan clubs. At the moment, the Glamberts are in the lead but still with very few votes. GLAMBS, THIS IS OUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE THE GLAMBS! ARE YOU UP FOR IT??????????

  47. This is my first post here, but this wonderful web site and all you adamazing, articulate, funny, imaginative women, have been my sustenance, my resource, my addiction and my joy for the past several weeks. I and another dear friend who is also hopelessly addicted, saw Adam in Albany, but were unable to attend any other concerts. Seeing him in person just sealed the deal: we were hopelessly IN LOVE with Adam! I have found it so comforting that there are so many of us out here, women of a “certain” age, who have been so energized and inspired by this angel of man, and driven to new heights of lust. I have spent many, many days, sneaking peeks during the day at work, and enjoying all your comments and laughing at your wild imaginations, enjoying the wealth of sizzling-hot videos and photos you’re posted and feeling great companionship with people I’ve never met. I wish I had discovered you Glambs sooner!!……..but I hope this community will be around for a long time to come and that I can become a permanent part of it. Thanks, and love to you all! (And yes, I too am beside myself with pangs of withdrawal now that the tour is over. One night I went to a great concert at the Jones Beach theater — beautiful summer night, great music & energy — and all I could think about was how great it would be if that was Adam up there instead of the groups playing.)


      • Welcome, Cris, loved your post, we are so glad to have you with us! As you know, we are a one-of-a-kind band of Adam-lovers, full of a special kind of love for Adam Lambert, and we express it in mile-a-minute reels of incredible, exuberant prose! We hope you will post with us on a regular basis, and get right in there with us as part of our very special ‘family’. Find a place on the sofa here between us, grab something to drink, and get ready to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime ride on the coattails of the next superstar of the millenial era! Sending a little ‘shower’ of glitter and stardust your way from my outpost in the Far West!

    • Hi Cris and welcome to the ‘Adam’s Family’! Well Lorrin has already offered you some refreshments, so I’d like to find out what tickles your fanny, I mean fancy! Do you like … hmmmmm intense… or do you like … hmmmmmmm funny, do you like,,,, hmmm naughty …. or do you like …. hmmmmmm above and below the belt???? Ah good, I see you like below the belt (reference in your post to new heights of lust)! Well, our new Glamb sista, you have come to juuuuust the right place. You will find a bit of everything, mostly naughty and below the belt but all in good spirit. The only qualifying criteria is that you are unashamedly and passionately … (sigh), love and adore Adam. YOU, my sista, have passed the test with flying colours, courtesy of your beautiful post!

      Welcome home, (together now Glambs) wel…come home, wel…come home, we won’t close the door!!!!! Looking forward to your posts! Mmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome Cris it is lovely to have you with us. We are all a little crazy here, crazy in love with Adam that is. As the others have said this is the best site on the internet to discuss all the wonderful attributes that Adam has, and of course there are so many. Make sure you come back now, hear.

  48. hey guys. why dont we keep ourselves amused by coming up with some names for adams cd. I have thought of a few. ignite. prophecy. at the start. dare to dream,electrify,living the dream,cameleon,dreams and rock,just the begining, I THINK ADAM WILL GO FOR SOMETHING MORE AND BIZZARE THO dont you? see what you can come up with. I am feeling strange not knowing where he is also,

  49. Just a quote from The Huffington Post article about American Idol show:

    Idol winner Kris Allen was ill that evening and could not perform, though he did come out on stage to personally apologize. That made the performance by runner-up Adam Lambert the grand finale of the show. To say he didn’t disappoint would be the mother of all understatements. Lambert was electrifying — the energy he generated on stage could barely be contained in the venue, which seats 10,000. I can’t imagine how Allen or anyone else could have followed him and not appeared diminished. Lambert is a super-nova. This guy knows what it takes to be an entertainer. (Maybe Idol should have signed him as the fourth judge!)

    Read more at:

  50. I cried, to be honest. It was so depressing, no longer getting daily updates from Adam! But his album will be so amazing…..summer of ’09 was the summer of Adam Lambert. Best summer of my life. I’ve still got the nailpolish on to remember it.

  51. Glambertcraze says:

    One of the site I was on said one of Adams songs up for his album is named Strut. Can you just imagine what he could do with that. Oh My, it makes the mind wonder.

  52. AllaboutAdam says:

    Mixed feelings now that the tour is over… but mostly i try and relate to the relief that Adam must finally be feeling… and his anticipation of the next step: his dream has come true… and in the process, he lit up the lives of every single person he touched… quite an accomplishment in the 4 short months since May, I’d say. I too have been on vacation and had to catch up a bit… I just watched the Lyndsey Parker interview before the final show and am once again struck by what a class act our man is… wow…. by now many of us have been fortunate enough to see him in person – see history in the making – and I’m sure you have memories like mine that put a smile on your face just by thinking back on the experience…DOUBLE WOW. I will be right there with you following his every move around the country now on his brand new journey. Even before the Idol finale, I told my friends (Adam-doubters, all of them!) to watch and see what happens in the next few months, to Adam’s career… and right now I’m gloating every time someone says “YOU WERE RIGHT!”. Well, actually, you’d have to be a complete moron not to forsee his sucess! It was thrilling to see his name on the move poster for “2012”… what a thrill to him and his family… finally he’s getting what he deserves! … PS: I’ve been saying “muah!” to everyone i email – just another little piece of joy among the many that our Adam has given us…. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!


  54. iluvadam4ever says:

    Hi Carol!!
    Things are back to normal now. I’m so bummed the whole AI tour is over, but all good things come to an end. We all have Adam’s single and album to look forward to now. Then, eventually his solo tour. I can’t wait! I’m just so thankful that I got the chance to meet him twice, while others did not due to him not coming out at various meet and greets. I consider it an honor to get his autograph on my “Adam Lambert” purse and cell phone. I will never forget those 2 unforgettable exciting days. It was also exciting meeting all the Glambs who were able to make it in GR. That too was unforgettable. Hopefully we will all meet again when Adam goes on his solo tour. Thanks for all the great memories from GR and the great memories to come in the future!!
    GLAMB #380

  55. Oh wow, what can I say?You’ve totally captured my thoughts and feelings on the tour ending. Im really sad , and craving new adam pics and vids. but im sooo excited, like you wouldn’t believe for his single, his album, and most importantly his solo tour!!!!!! I can’t wait to see him rise to stardom and see the look of disbelief on those glamb haters. Im already saving up for his tour! if i dont get front row seats, i dont know what i would do. Only 2 and a half more months! by then we’ll be so hungery for adam his album will be number one. I know im not the only one whose going to buy multiple copies of his album. Yumm he’s sexyy(: . at least ill see him in my dreams….for now of course. (:

  56. I just want to say I have enjoyed this website throughout the whole summer Idol tour. I felt from the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Adam Lambert on American Idol he was so very special. I was a groupie from the 70’s who loved Freddie Mercury. As soon as I saw Adam I called my groupie friend and said you have too see this guy!!!!!!!
    The one thing I have not read all through all the great posts is Adams amazing talent to actually SINGTHEWORDS, so you can understand them… I love to sing along, and as much as I love Queen, Zepplin, The Who, …. singing along is not like singing along with ADAM.
    I think this attribute is amazing. Can’t wait to see and hear his CD!

  57. Well, goodnight sweet glambs. I have just read all your comments, and now I don’t feel so lonely and lost . I hope Adam only knows love, joy, friendship and peace for the rest of his life. I feel a special connection with all of you that words simply cannot convey. I am still teaching 3rd grade, so I don’t always have endless amounts of time to check out all the comments, videos, interviews etc. but I have been staying up as late as I can to catch up on all the goings on with our dear man: I hope that our love and admiration for him somehow is known to him -and that it brings a smile to his beautiful face. Lorrin, your poetic words take my breath away. You have said all that is truly in my heart. I love you all. Lorraine

    • i watched mj’s concert in bucharest romania. i watch him in between watching adam’s videos repeatedly. i think they are the best audience in the world ,( i haven’t seen mj perform dangerous tour it the US). Adam is the only one i think who can achieve that ravity and intensity performance wise. so anybody from romania reading the glambs posts? may i know what’s up there for our boy ADAM LAMBERT?could you show up here please? anybody?


  59. I just went and looked at all the videos I have on DVR for Idol and I want to know if I have permission to hurt my hubby? Remember when Idol ran over its time limit (almost every week) when Adam was going to sing Mad World? I recorded that part but it was listed under the show Fringe on my DVR list because that show was next and it was listed under that. BUT I knew what was on it, well my hubby was deleteing some stuff so we could have more room to record and he knows NOT to delete any of the Idol stuff, well he didn’t know that I had that under Fringe and OMG I just found out he deleted the best one Ioved the most, MAD WORLD. I am going to hurt him so bad, do I have ya’s permission? OMG…………I AM SO FRUSTRATED THAT I WANT TO CRY. I know he sings it on youtube but it isn’t the same dammit…………….AUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  60. I think of the end of this idol tour as the beginning for Adam and us. AI was the 1st step, tour 2nd and now he can really begin his own career. I hope everyone puts their money where their mouth is and gets out and buys his CD. I am still angry about Adam losing the “title” and I won’t forget. But we can sure help him get started with his new CD. I am also going to see the movie too. 2012. I will support everything Adam is in. He has already had a lot of exposure. When will Kris be on the Rolling Stone cover. Has anyone asked him to sing in a sound track? Oh well, just asking.

    • I just heard a snippet of Kris’s new single that will be released Monday. It is ok…….but not as great as I KNOW Adam’s first single will be. Can’t wait!

    • Spicyone same here i will never forget the day that adam didnt win the title i was terribly shocked and my eyes dimmed. i realized now that that happened for a reason. adam can be on his own way unlike kris who has an obligation as the titleholder until they announce the next winner of AI. i promised myself not to watch again but i might change my mind if a female version of adam will emerge on the show but if not, NO WAY! i only have heart and eyes for adam