‘You Know Adam’s Made It When..’ Part 2!

To kick off the New Year, some more cute, funny, or flattering news surrounding Adam. Take for example the promo Fox used in Asia, with For Your Entertainment as the background music. Remember that one? Good. We got another! This time actually aimed at an American audience, as FYE is used again in the promo of Showtime Golden Globes.

Then there is MSN.com, where they always list the music ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ towards the end of the year. Guess who was a big ‘hit’ for 2009? Yes, our dearest Adam! The description going along with the nomination is very fitting and one of the best and adequate summaries of Adam’s year.

Oh, and what about our friends over at ABC? Looks like Adam singlehandedly made them more open and tolerant when it comes to gays. Granted, he was kind of banned from the network for a bit, but looks like they learned from his AMA performance.. Why you ask? Just check out what they showed during a DAYTIME show. What, censoring because it’s day time?! Nah. ABC doesn’t care anymore.

Also, Adam’s got himself a Chinese nickname already. Yup, you made it boy. What that name is you ask? Dang dang. Explanation, as given on AO: “It is the character for “contemporary” or “modern” doubled. The trendiest kind of nickname for young Chinese people right now is one character doubled, which is what this is. It originates from the standard English to Chinese translation of “Adam”, which is Ya Dang. To make his nickname, his Chinese fans dropped the first character and doubled the second one.”

Adam’s got himself quite the fanbase already.. just check out this cute video with several Chinese declaring their love for ‘Dang dang’.

And last ‘you know you made it’ when.. JLo starts stealing your signature dance moves! 🙂 Wonder if she is going to get some backlash from this.. I mean, it was live on NYE on ABC. Hello?

Okay, a bonus one. You know you’re there when Pamela Anderson flashes her boobs at you. Poor Adam.



  1. 2010 is world domination by Adam Lambert, the King of Glam Rock has well and trully arrived, Gridlock was his first ‘SOLO’ concert, he proved that he is an extraordinary performer, he was dancing, singing, and performing to the lyrics, everyone is using FYE as their promo tune, he outshines everyother performer. Pamela Stevens exposing her boobs so that she can get some media exposure, well, is not working Pam, both boobs are old history, and as for JLO, if there is no backlash then for certain there is discriminatioon. JLO, I just voted whether your outfit is sexy or sack, over 70% voted sack. Adam LAMBERT the most beautiful creature alive.

    • Toni, righto!! Adam has proved he is the Superstar of the new decade. The man can sing and entertain like there is no tomorrow! As far as JLO, her NYE performance ranked right up there as far as being sexual, geez. Bet they wished they would have kept Adam on the roster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Add this to Adam’s success. It billboard’s 2009 Chart stars and of course Adam is included 😀


        You have the EPIC performance of Adam and the band last night and hardley news about it!
        The Videos show how BAD ASS ADAM IS LIVE!! UNTOUCHABLE!!

        You have him OFF the VH1 top 20 = WTMF IS GOING ON?? I VOTED TONS!! This is insane!!

        JLO doing EXACTLY what Adam does at Dick Clarks NYE?? WHAT?? UNREAL< JUST UNREAL!! I’m pisssed, DAAAMM

        The KISH video!! What is this from?? Is this a soap and is it on ABC?? When is it aired??

        Then is that realy ADAM HOLDING PAMS TWIN?? WHAT?? I don’t know what to make of Adams expression!!

        Adam falling off the charts – but sold close to 445.0000 CDS!!


        Please help me get through this!!!

    • I read some reviewer comment on this (Lyndsey Parker?) already. Pamela’s shirt started to slide when she got onstage with Adam for the NYE countdown. Adam tried to pull it back up, but Pam (probably thinking he was trying to cop a feel) pushed his hand back a few times until she actually got what was going on. Then she let him fix her top.

      I’ve heard that implants sometimes leave you desensitized somewhat, so she may not have noticed the slip cause she couldn’t feel it. That, and that she may just have wanted a prime photo opp for some buzz since Adam was there! Everywhere he goes and everything he does is a newstory in the making!

      Well, as Adam said once before: “I’m glad (s)he’s getting headlines now though, because (s)he wasn’t before. If (s)he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for [her].”

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Yes, I read the same thing in an article, that Adam was trying to pull her dress up because Pamela was unaware that her boob was showing! Besides her boobs being desensitized could be that she was pretty drunk too and didn’t know it. She looked pretty “loaded” to me, LOL!

  2. This Kish video is fantastic. It’s all Adam that made this happen… put ABC in it’s place that is. HA. Note, there are about 5,500 views as of 1/1/10 on the youtube clip “kish sex (12-30-09)”. I’m interested to see how fast that number grows. lol. We”ll see. 🙂

    • It’s 4:05. the number of Hits have already doubled on youtube for Kish video. Already 109,412 hits!! I loveeeeee Adam. What a break through!!!!

    • Margie - Glamb #559 says:

      I’m sure this episode of One Life To Live was written well in advance of Adam’s appearance on AMA. I think it proves how hypocritical the ABC network is, particularly when this was aired in the afternoon, and Adam’s AMA performance was around 11:00 PM.

  3. AdamAddict says:

    So,Adam does have chinese name?LOL!!I know they always double the name like May May,Sa Sa,so Adam is Dang Dang!I’ll put that in mind.If I go to China or Taiwan,I heard Dang Dang,I will run and check if that Dang Dang is our Dang Dang!LOL!!
    Pamela please,please,leave Adam alone,oh please!!Why you make him touch your boobs??!! Thank goodness it’s so obvious her hand holding Adam’s hand otherwise,poor Adam.Tomorrow O’Riley will badmouth him again,then the whole freaking host want to interview him again.Go run in slow motion on the beach,Pamela!Leave Adam!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bill Mitchell says:

    Despite Adams’ massive popularity, exposure and rabid fan base, I am still surprised that neither WWFM or FYE is a Top 10 hit. Inexplicable.

    • FYE has been in Canada already a few weeks ago.

    • lourdes stone says:

      i can’t relate with your comment, adam’s cd is not available here in australia yet, i don’t have any idea why!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        That is so strange isn’t it Lourdes because New Zealand actually beat Australia this time, Adam’s cd came out on the day it was released in America, 23 November. That is so cool. I hope you get it soon. Really though I can’t understand it because last year David Cook’s album was out in Australia before we got it here in New Zealand. Do you think it is because he didn’t win. Don’t see why that should make a difference though. I do hope you get it real soon. Yvonne, who posts here is from Sydney and I am sure she said she has got her CD now.

        • Hi! Dianne & Lourdes. You are right Dianne…I have got FYE. Lourdes… It’s available at JB Hi FI stores. They evidently imported some . I was told by Sony Music rep that they will be promoting him early this year with the release of his CD. Don’t know exactly when !!!

  5. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    So lovely chinese people. Now is OUR YA DANG! So cute.
    By the way, the Kish video is so funny… Does ABC received letters abominating that?(Sorry My English)

  6. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Guys,
    Happy New Year to all! You also know Adam Lambert made it when you go to your yahoo home page and his picture is there with a story about him! Way to go again Adam!

  7. The next album will be more heavy rock stuff I hope – when he ranges and moves the voice from the gut, there is no one else like him. He’s got the outraged rocker soul that will rip expression into music that he has been waiting a long time to make. He just has to move past the la la la image of sweet boy on American Idol and we have to let him ‘cuz this is who he is – young and full of fire and ready to say some things that will shock us out of placid oblivion. Only hintful flashes of it on FYE. i.e. Sleepwalker, at moments, tears into the agony of being drugged by intense passion. I think he is saving Master Plan and Rabbit Hole for an actual rock album as this one is too synthe-pop for them. FYE is a masterful transition but I think that’s why we’re not seeing it charting high in the rock world. It’s NOT a rock album per se but just wait. And it’s that cover too. Friday, when I was in the local heavy metal, rock store (one of almost none in number in this squeaky town), I brought the only copy of FYE to the counter, along with several other CD’s that I was buying because Adam had praised them in interview. I asked the punked out, pierced, tatooed twenty something girl at the counter if she had listened to FYE. She visibly shuddered and said emphatically “NO” but gushed over my choice of George Michaels album, “Faith”, an Adam recommend. I tell you people, it’s that cover – NOT that it’s “gay” and that repels people because it certainly wouldn’t with this crowd. It’s that it’s silly and NOT a statement of authentic rock understanding. Just wait – Adam will get there and they will embrace him. I just listen to his statement in interview – NOT that he expects or even want to be #1 in all things across the F’n Universe like we think he should; he just wants a place of respect and understanding in the rock industry he so loves. He’s learnin’ and we trust……..UIMA

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I was thinking too that MASTER ADAM’s next album will be harder & I mean harder, ROCK N’ ROLL!!! lml YEA! OMPG! I loved DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! That song is genius! That is so MASTER ADAM! I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!!!

  8. Dang! Dang! Our Dang ADAM is Dang sexy!

    2012 will be a fabulous year for ADAM and for us! Seeing the videos from NYE proves that ADAM is the ultimate performer!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      MASTER ADAM is a PLUCKING GENIUS!!!!!! The people in China are magical of a magical land! Just like Europe OMPG!!! I would so love to go there to see him in concert, actually I want to see him everywhere! I want to be a professional MASTER ADAM LAMBERT groupie!!!
      The people are going to go crazy when he goes to China! They are going to be waiting for him at the airport! They’re going to go nuts! I just heard the passion in their voices for MASTER ADAM! The same as I have in my voice!!!! MASTER ADAM I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Oh yea, I forgot to say that I love ADAM’s Dang Dong aka known as GB!!!! 🙂

  10. Change that “aka” to “also” since “aka” means ” also known as” !!!!! DUH

    And NO, I have not been drinking!!!!!! LOL

  11. Libraglam says:

    2010 will definitely a YEAR OF ADAM !!! Trust me.

    But we have to help out….Lots of people i know don’t know about ADAM LAMBERT but when i gave them ADAM CD for xmas present, they love it, they were amazed about his voice. Let’s find out the local radio stations and post it here so we can all send request to AIR ADAM’s music. BTW, who live in the BAY AREA of San Francisco (this is where i live). A friend gave me these numbers to request radio channel in SF bay area . I did it , so can you. Here is the numbers for those of you who live in the SF bay area:

    Station 97.3,
    web request via: http://www.radioalice.com/pages/72178.php?
    Phone request 800-400-FM97

    Station 101.3
    Email request via: andrewjeffries@clearchannel.com
    Phone request: 1800-800-1013

    thank you


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