X Factor Rapid Fire Questions With Adam Lambert

This was from a little while back when Adam was on the set of X Factor, but I hadn’t seen it anywhere until today, so better late than never!!


May 10, 2010 — Chaos Tube met Adam Lambert in X Factor press in Sunday 2nd of May 2010.
video via:TiiaSantavirta



  1. leilani aloha says:

    Yes! Adam pls come to Hawaii!!!
    U’ll get your Pinacoladas, Mai Tais, Blue Hawaii,
    Lomi Lomi massages & lots trades from palm trees :):):)
    & loads of A -L- O -H- A ( LOVE)

  2. Anyone have 2 extra Seattle tickets??? Please??? email maureenm@intergate.ca

  3. Thanks for posting this! Yay!

  4. Adam always looks beautiful, and sounds great! So articulate! thanks for the post!

  5. Does anyone know if Adam is performing for the AI finale?

    • I hope he is!! But I don’t think so…we would have known. and they don’t call runner-ups so much anyway. 🙁 But I’m a bit sure Kris will. And Adam was already mentor this season so I dont really think so…

  6. renogirl says:

    Thanks that was so much fun to listen too. I am so addicted. I can not get enough Adam. Got tickets for the July 28 show. I want tickets for the San Francisco show too. I love SF I was born there and grew up in Marin Co. Again thank you ladies you are the best. Crazy like me Crazy for Adam.

  7. buffy522 says:

    I found this on my facebook page. The only new thing on that site for me. So I went to youtube and favored it for people who follow me. I love his little fit thing about not liking to be told “No”, You Can’t and Tone it Down, Don’t tone it down Adam!!!

    He also seemed a little annoyed. Maybe tired, maybe having to take questions from three or four people surrounding him firing out the questions. But they were nice and seemed really interested and respectful. He is really usually mega-patient!


  9. what’s up friend wish i was there with u

  10. Adam was asked rapid-fire questions, and he answered rapid-fire with every bit of glam and grand. Yes, you can feast on him visually and auditory, but still want more. The man just whets and whets your appetite for more and more. What a color combination for his get-up. The man is not afraid to experiment. He takes us with him to Tahiti in our wild imaginations, wanting all those things that he want too, or we’re like peeping Toms in every nook and cranny. Is Adam having a massage? So how does it feel like ? We want to know what he knows, and feel what he feels —- this started when we feel what he feels in his songs, and seem to know what he knows. This was when the “connection” with him started.

  11. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT! I want to meet him so freaking bad.

  12. kumulus says:

    I have to say, buffy522, I don’t think he seemed annoyed. I thought he was fine. He just answered the questions matter-of-factly. It wasn’t like it was a sit-down, fun-and-games-type of interview like some of them are. I enjoy seeing him in various styles of interviews.

    Thanks for posting – I love it! I hadn’t seen this yet, either. See you in KC again, Adam! Can’t wait!!

  13. Sue, thank you for posting this. These interviews were done after 9 pm, during the intermission after X-Factor contestants had had their performances and Finns were voting. Adam´s performance was yet to come, 10:30 pm (I was in the audience, but we were told to get out during this). I admire his talent to speak and answer politely even though he had had a long day and must be tired. Hihi, now a little bit gossip: he had been out in Helsinki night life and got to the hotel about 2 am. Earlier that day radio interviews and signing at Stockmann department store. Promoting seems to be really hard work, same things in many other countries, but he has done it all excellently!
    One of the interviewers is a fan from Adam Official, and she did it well, too, even if she was very nervous.
    I am still in cloud nine after that weekend in Finland, can´t believe that I really met him!