Would You Pay to See a Livestream of Adam Lambert and Queen From London?

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009

By Carol Hagey
Since May 2009

This is a definite YES from me!!

I found this on AdamOfficial. If this is something you’d like to see too, read on and follow the directions.

I can imagine the parties this will inspire!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

From AdamOfficial:

This would be an awesome way for us to ‘attend’ the show and get a top notch quality stream. it would also possibly benefit Queen, Adam, the promoter and the venue in more ways than one.
They could also possibly use the recording of the show to create the DVD we are all hoping for – IDK?

Please take a read of the thread OP and leave feedback on whether you would purchase an online ‘virtual ticket’ to one of the Hammersmith Apollo shows.

For more, see here.

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I’d definitely pay for that!!!

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      Everyone make sure you follow the links above and reply in their comment section so the person organizing this will know your response!

  2. I’ve already said YES YES YES

  3. glamity58 says:

    I said yes a few days ago. Please pray this happens and the DVD. I hope there will be more shows. I think this is a perfect fit for Adam. Stay away from the useless united states because they just don’t appreciate him.

  4. glammer says:

    Hi glamberts, I said yes as well; yes x 100000000000 times yes

  5. Phyllis Hoffman says:


  6. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    It would be even more interesting with behind the scenes before and after the performance.

  7. Jocelyn Pritchard says:


  8. OMG!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yes, yes!!

  10. Random Medley says:


  11. I said yes and said I would also like a dvd WISHING

  12. jan lynn says:

    Anyway, anytime I can see ADAM it is a definite YES.

  13. YES! YES! YES!

  14. No I would not. I absolutely LOVE Adam, but I think Adam is so much better doing his own thing. Queen dumbs him and his talent down…….

  15. Hi all..
    I would love to see the show with Queen.
    meanwhile.. I have 2 extra tickets to Adam in Costa Mesa..
    email me at tigerwuvver@yahoo.com if interested..
    they are the base price as sold by the venue, they are ok seats front of a section…
    hope to see you there..

  16. Eriskay says:

    Yes!!! Would love to, but can’t find where to reply in Adam Official! I see a lot
    of people replying, but when I login it takes me to a different place.
    I think that’s why I don’t use the official.

  17. Yes – the livestream from Kiev was so beautiful because it was video by a first class TV station – it was so beautiful I’d love to buy a DVD of that concert just as streamed.

    Now I’d love for Adam and Queen to get the publicity for the thousands of livestream tickets sold and maybe a few $$.

  18. I’ve already sent my reply…..YES; YES;YES !!!!

  19. Sue Shirland says:

    i would absolutely pay for a live feed to a Queen/Adam London concert! And more, I would buy several DVD’s of one of the shows!!

  20. BarbaraBelle says:

    Absolutely yes, but the problem is I don’t have a credit card, so unless there’s another mode of payment (I’m from Asia), I’m afraid a lot of fans are going to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

  21. Is streaming a live presentation? Also how would I get it on my computer? Is skype a part of this? I would pay to see the concert if I have the right equipment.

  22. Yes but I agree with Jill,,I in particular am not too PC savvy but I assume there will be instructions. How exciting!!

  23. Sandi Hockensmith says:


  24. I would prefer a DVD streaming concerts can have some real flaws…tried to watch one several years back with KISS in Facebook and it was choppy.
    thumbs up though.

  25. Kathleen wightman says:

    Yes I would love it!!

  26. Saw the Kiev concert and was left speechless. Would pay a lot for a DVD and buy several for my friends! Read the site and someone said there wasn’t time to put together a quality DVD . I don’t believe that, whatever the reason I would settle for the cd. Wish I could get it from the co
    Pitot onto a disc and just watch it on the big screen ! Over and over again !!!

  27. Yes, and I would love the VCD, wouldn;t that be great if it would be possible……..

  28. Rachel W says:

    Yes, I would pay to see it, too.

  29. Theresa M. says:

    I would Love to get a DVD of the concerts!! Would be wonderful! But, I do truly Love Adam for the performer he is without Queen!! He Rocks my world, and his concerts are just heaven!! Come home soon Adam and do some more concerts for us! We are sure missing you!

  30. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! This would be sooo cool!

  31. mercadeo en linea says:

    hey Guys, i sent this information to someone in Brian May’s camp asking if they would possibly consider doing something like this for one of the sold out Queen Adam Lambert shows at the Hammersmith Apollo within an hour he got back to me and said that he had forwarded my email to the concert promoter and band management to see what they thought of this. . This would be an awesome way for us to ‘attend’ the show and get a top notch quality stream. it would also possibly benefit Queen, Adam, the promoter and the venue in more ways than one. . Please take a read and leave feedback IN THE REPLIES on whether you would purchase an online ‘virtual ticket’ to one of the Hammersmith Apollo shows. If we get enough ppl and good feedback, i’ll FORWARD THIS LINK on AO to Phil and the promoter (Phil McIntyre) for feedback purposes only – NO PRESSURE – just to show that there is interest. . 30 Seconds to mars virtual tickets sold for $9.99 each .