WLL and Fever from Fantasy Springs~Repost For Your Entertainment Only

THANK YOU CAROL for posting these, along with ALL of his songs from Fantasy Springs!! I am in awe of you for getting that done ASAP! Now that I am home and watching it on my computer… phwump.
I thought it’d be fun to re-post these since Adam tweeted about them, and I figured, who wouldn’t want some of that GLAM and JAM especially before bed? ENJOY:


~Last night’s GLAM:

~and a jam before bed:


  1. Love you , Adam. Do not like the outfit.

  2. These are much better quality than the ones before. Thank you! I melted!

  3. Dianne Hill says:

    I love Adam singing this version of Whole Lotta Love, it is the best. I also have to say that I loved Adam’s outfit, the whole thing from the feathers entwined in his hair, that gorgeous necklace, he looked fabulous. He said he wanted to look pretty and he achieved that and so much more. I can’t stop listening or watching the clip for WLL, it takes me to a whole other place entirely. I love you Adam like you wouldn’t believe.

  4. I love Adam without the makeup, etc. simply because he’s a handsome young man and does not need it. However, this is what Adam likes and more power to him!
    Love ya Adam!!

  5. When Adam is in all of his make up I think, Oh, he’s gorgeous that way. Then I see him with just a little make up on and I think, Oh, he’s gorgeous that way. Then I see him with no make up on and I think, Oh, he’s gorgeous that way. Let’s face it, Adam is gorgeous, period.

    Then I do the same with the hair thing. Gorgeous up, gorgeous down. Then the nails, then the clothes, and on and on. Not to sound crazy and obsessed, but I can never get enough of looking at him. The bottom line is, he’s a beautiful, gorgeous, androgynous, chameleon. 🙂

    (I think I was the same way with Ted Nugent. Though nothing like Adam, he’s eye candy too. I just remember never getting tired of looking at him. lol)

  6. OOhhh. . . I’m so in love with this version of WLL. Unlike the previous WLLs, this one is more subtle and sublime. Adam made love to the audience in this song, portraying the epitome of a patient, gentle, tender, caring lover who really took his time. Even the act was not lewd. The gasps and moans were subdued, and seemed drawn-out from the depths of the being or the soul. He imply that love-making can be a soulful, spiritual experience. Not done in haste and just lust. And at the end of the song ,during the “after-glow”, he simply whimpered or sighed contentedly. Look men, hope many of you can be this kind of lover too. Take it from ADAM!