Wishes for Adam in 2010


Another great blog post idea from our very own Ingrid!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  …but it is going to be tough, so proceed at your own risk!

If money, time, logistics, and creativity were not an issue…what top 3 wishes would you have for Adam in 2010?ย  Yes, only 3!ย  I think my 3 wishes for him would be the simplier things in life, because goodness knows Adam has probably been too busy to really enjoy these things.ย  But I don’t want to put too many ideas in your head — this is your post to be filled with wishes for Adam!

Happy Holidays everyone!ย  My wish FOR ALL OF YOU is a 2010 filled with happiness, peace, and great music!

Dana, Glamb #6



  1. Dianne Hill says:

    Dana, where do I start, I wish the world for Adam, but I think you are right, the simple things are best because he would have no time for personal stuff right now. So

    My first wish for Adam is that he finds someone to love and who loves him for who he is and not his fame.

    My second wish is really tied to the first wish and that is that he finds happiness and peace and contentment in every thing he does.

    My third wish is for me – I wish him to come to New Zealand and do some concerts here, because then I would be in heaven – and of course that I get to meet him and he accepts Lisa’s dinner invitation, now how cool would that be.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      I know this isn’t very original but I want to double the wishes that Dianne made.

      He needs the love of someone special to come into his life to have someone stand by him for who he is and not what he has. Long lasting as well.

      Happiness and contentment balance with rest when he can and play when it’s the right time.

      Of course I couldn’t think of anywhere better than New Zealand to tour especially Christchurch and for him to want to meet us and have dinner at my house to have just a normal moment with great company and conversation and food in amongst the madness and busyness of a tour……of course that would be cool.

      So I just 2nd Dianne’s wishes because they all make great sense. Good on you Dianne….!

    • Great wishes Dianne…my first wish would be for him to find long-lasting, true love with someone who loves him for who he is…not the fame. Secondly, that he has a number one hit, and, thirdly, that he will have a fabulous time touring and that he will come to New Zealand and love being here…otherwise I am going to have to go to wherever is the nearest country he tours in!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Lady Gray – are you another Kiwi on this fantastic site. Wonderful. What part of NZ are you from, I am in Christchurch and Lisa on the post below mine is an Aussie but also an honorary Kiwi, she is also from Christchurch. I’m with you, if Adam comes to this part of the world and only goes to Australia, then that is where I’m headed too. But I really hope he does come here, it would be wonderful to see him on our shores.

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Hey Lady Gray,
        You’re tormenting us with the fact you’re in NZ… but where. Anywhere near Chch? I would be good to add another person to our gathering of 2… lol…

        • Hi there. Another nz’r here. I’m from Wellington and am an ardent Adam fan. So is the lady I work with and between us we keep passing on the Adam fever. My sister in Napier is a fan and I’m about to send a copy of the AI songs to my sister in Aussie so she can see him as well. I think it is good to see Adam from Black & White to now to appreciate how far he come.
          I wish him all the best for 2010 and will continue to follow his career. He better come here cause I would never be able to go elsewhere to see him

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Val, it is great that there are more Kiwi fans of Adam than just Lisa and myself, there is also Jan from Hamilton. There are a lot of fans of Adam’s at my work but none are obsessed with him like I am, so I feel as if I am on my own, thank goodness for Lisa and all my wonderful Glamb sista’s here, I would be lost without them.
            It is good that you and your workmate spread the news about Adam. I think I drive my workmates mad at work but I don’t care, he is worth it.
            Please make sure you keep coming back to this site, it is a great site for all up to date news of Adam.
            If you would like to get in touch my email address is diannehill47@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you. And if you are new to this site then welcome, we love seeing new people here that are as obsessed with the gorgeous Adam as we all are.




  2. 1. For Adam to set a tour date and it go well. 2. For him to find someone to love(aka me. Am I a girl and this is a wish. So his someone to love would be me duh. No one said reality was involved). 3. For him ti stay the same lovely humble sexy man he is. O and a side note wwfm was just playing on my radio and it 6 pm when everyone here is going home from work. He is spreading. But sadly my brother was controling an wouldn’t keep it there. He will get hurt later but Adam is finally on our kiss fm. Can’t wait for the new year when he spreads like a wild fire in desert air. Love always Adam. Hugs and Kisses

  3. I also wish (#1) for Adam to find someone to love who will love him back, support him and be there for him during the joys and trials to come. And if that comes true, nothing else is that terribly important.

    #2 I wish for Adam to remain true to himself, and not to let fame change him. He is so normal(yes, you are, Adam, even in your wonderful uniqueness), sensible, grounded, funny and just a delight to his family, friends and fans.

    #3 I wish for his talent, spirit and music to reach many, many people throughout the world , and that God protect him from any harm.

    • Lola, your 3 wishes for our Adam were absolutely perfect and perfectly stated. You are so right about Adam being so normal. I cannot think of anything else to add to what you so beautifully said.

    • doriangrey says:

      This is a beautiful post, what we want FOR Adam, not what we want from him. Yes, health, contentment, and love of someone special that is the beginning of what I would wish for Adam and my own children. And if Adam could find something to clearup his skin, I know this bothers him more than I am sure it bothers any of us.

      • Why mention ” something to clear up his skin”? This man is perfection the way he is! I look at him and all I see is a very sexy young man!

        • I have heard Adam say many times his skin bothers him, I did not say it bothers me, its just a little wish I think he would want. I guess you didn’t read all of my comments.

      • You are considering what he once said he wished- that is thoughtful. You must love him since love pays attention to details.

  4. 1. Good Health
    2. Peace
    3. Happiness…for my Adam Lambert!

  5. What I wish FOR Adam, is,
    1. That society (mainly USA) learn to accept people for who they are, (and their artistic expression).
    2. That Adam will always recognize who his true friends are and those that really care about him.
    3. That Adam finds himself on stage with some of His idols (David Bowie, Madonna, etc.)

  6. 1). To be loved by (and to love) a man as sexy, open, honest, and grounded as he is.

    2). To work with every singer/band/songwriter/actor that he has every dreamed of working with, (that should not be a problem – I can hear them lining up at his door now) and to have more of the songs he has written on future albums.

    3). That he could always feel the way he makes us feel – sexy, strong, empowered, hopeful, young, optimistic, passionate (oh yeah), and oh so very tingly!!! *eyes crossed* *toes curled*

    • My 3 wishes for Adam are:

      1) For Adam to have love. For that one special man to love Adam for Adam and nothing else.

      2) For the World to accept Adam for who he is. That bigotry would fly right out the window.

      3) For Adam to be able to be married legally to the man he will love legally. And for him to have the family with this man and be happy!

      Not very orginal but it came from my heart.

  7. I wish for Adam love, pure unselfish lasting reciprocated love that knows no end.

  8. puteri abdul says:

    adam ..
    may you to get to do what you want most ..
    may you be able to keep singing your heart and soul..
    may you be able to rock all’s mind with your moves and swagger ..
    for you just have the cut of that mesmerizing entertainer ..

    may you be able to touch the people of this world with your music ..
    may you have a blasting career no one can ever perceive ..
    may you have the longevity of life in the arts and entertainment ..
    for your gifts are for us to cherished forever ..

    may you have a happy life and contentment all the way ..
    may you are loved by many and supported everyday ..
    for you are just a sweetheart that melts ones heart away ..
    so adam, may all the best in the world are upon you always ..

    • I loved that Puteri.
      I am running out of words to describe my love for
      adam and you put it so beautifully.
      I wish Adam all the best that life can offer along with people who love him for himself.
      I am so happy that his mom and dad and friends are in the picture.
      To all you wonderful Glambs I extend the same wishes for 2010 and always
      Love Brenda

  9. #1. CONQUER THE WORLD. Because you can and you have the goods to dazzle the world. And because the world needs to hear you.

    #2. STAY GROUNDED with your family and your true friends and don’t let temptation leads you to evil.

    #3. ENJOY what you have created. This is what you wanted it. What good is it if you can’t have fun with it. Have a blast, while I will have blast rocking out with you for many years to come.

  10. My first wish for Adam is a MONSTER hit, one that rockets to the top of every chart.

    My second wish is a successful tour with all the glizt and glamour his glittery heart desires and so richly deserves.

    My third wish is a deep abiding joyeous unconditional love, someone who will cherish, honor and adore him for ALL that Adamazing being that he is, without judgement, reservation or hesitation. Someone who will walk by his side as an equal in every way.

  11. My three wishes for Adam for 2010 is;
    1. Continuous success
    2. Happiness in every aspect of his life.
    3. Time for family and friends.

    What I wish for me is to have Adam come to Hershey, Pa.!

  12. My wishes will be just for 2010. The rest will come later.

    First Adam, may you have a long fun and restful southseas holiday with those you love and trust.

    May your world tour be truly ‘world’ and be safe, very successful., and a real blast!

    May you find a dream house to buy with your media room and studio.

    Of course I wish for your true love but that will come in time. How could any man or woman not love you?

    hugs and kisses, Terry

  13. peace

  14. I wish

    For Adam to keep his sanity and his soul intact.

    For him to be loved on a physical, emotional and spritual level.

    For him to receive all the appreciation he deserves for being a daredevil artist with a heart of gold.

  15. my wish for Adam is
    1. keep your friends and family close so you may always feel grounded and loved
    2. Get the kind of unconditional love you so deserve from someone as kind and giving as you
    3. Have the SUPERSTAR career you have worked so hard for
    that last one is sort of a wish for us also. I hope to hear your wonderful voice and see that amazing personality of yours for a very long time!! You deserve all the best!!!

  16. Nur Hazwani says:




  17. Actually i have 3 and bonus wishes for Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. To be the worldwide superSTAR (because his voice and his spirit
    will bring happiness to many people who appreciate it and it is what he

    2. To continue to be true to himself and whatever he thinks that it can
    bring him happiness.

    3. To have good health and be conciencious of taking care of himself
    so he can continue to contribute to the Arts / Music .

    Bonus: To find true LOVE from someone who can fully support and accept who
    he is.

  18. My 3 wishes for Adam for 2010 are :

    1. good health

    2. good fortune

    3. Will perform Time for Miracles at the Oscars viewed by 1 billion people and eventually winning Best

  19. GLAMB #577 ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi, girls and boys……. I’m so glad to be part of the incredible people like you. Now I want to say what is going on in my mind. Since june a met Adam on American Idol and don’t stop to watch him. Your site is very good. I want you know that I payed US$160 for Collecto’s Edition (it’s veeeeeeeerry expensive) cause taxes. But MY Adam deserve that.xoxo(sorry my english)

    • GLAMB #577 ElianeBrasil says:

      AND….. My wishes for Adam are:
      1. Peace, calm, patience
      2. Keep going hard on music
      3.Lots of love, fun and fans

  20. Silvana/Argentina says:

    My wishes for Adam are:

    that he may find the love that he longs for,

    that all his expectations regarding his career are fulfilled,

    that all this brings him happiness, peace and contentment

  21. My three wishes for Adam:

    1. Find peace, love, happiness and contendment in life.

    2. Stay true to himself and not change from his sweet. loveable, compassionate, kind self.

    3.Wish him lots and lots of success in his career and time to really enjoy his seccess.

    He is such a lovely man and he deserves all the happiness in the world.

    • Lisette here..bonsoir all lovli glambs on this Noel Eve..an Im going to agree with Toni from London’s wonderful wishes..plus some of my own for nous ange monsieur Adam Lambert.
      1. To trasur life on earth an live evry moment as it were one’s last ma philosophie apres losing mes parentes.May yu know peace,bonsante(health),luv with famille,frends,an do what yu luv best.
      2. Remain forever beau inward an outward,charmant,sweet,humble,compassions for all ages,sexes,religions,races all who have been toched by toi musique.
      3. Stay true to oneself an convictions,an keep toi humanitarian an philanthropic causes for arts/entertainment for children,autism an othre charities,bonsuccess,peace an to find someone who trasurs all toi estraordinaire qualities thet being a caring kindhearte,wonderful humour,earthy sensualitie,someone who shares toi interests an trasurs too yur gifte in musique,entertainment an voix,heart an soul thet is tres angelique..Many blessings for yu always monamie tresbeau Adam Happy holidays,joyeaux Noel an one dosnon have to be Christian to have thet true meaning of Noel which yu have displayed infinite ways specialmente for one’s humanitarian Aquarian hearte..J’adore vous Adam..j’etaime an nevre change for anyone or anything..Luv to all here who trasur toi gifte truly from above.A voix thet is unforgettable,an like noone elses..one of a kinde!Bonnuit to all an Adam some mistletoe for yu too!xoxoxoLuv LisetteMariexoxo!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Lisette, it is lovely to see you posting here again. Are you feeling better, I am hopeful that you are because that was quite a long post. Is your hand healing properly at last. We would so love to see you back here on a regular basis. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (or are probably still having, it was Christmas Day here in New Zealand yesterday). Love to you Lisette.

        • Lisette here..bonmatin to all an hope all enjoie holiday,Noel..Aw merci Diane an luv to yu too.Wishes for health are always ma prioritie an hand is still giving problems..so why am on here less..Thet is one of reasons,,othre health issue too longe to post.So when I commente much to say an may be longre then most.Missing all here very much an thenkful thet this most beautiful an wonderful tribute site grows more lovli with every thread..An even if Im non able to post every jour,know yu’re all in ma thouts an prayres..an always enjoie to read posts of likeminded people who adore cette ange ‘dmusique of course thet is our beauhearte Adam..aw an oui even if he has gotten in troble with censors on AMAs etc,etc,he’ll always be an ange in ma vie a very sensual one but one who’s hearte,soul an celestial voix shall reman so an nevre change ma sentimentes..Un beau l’homme in all aspects,spiritually,artisticaly,asthetique on one’s eyes always like one of Michelangelo’s or artistes best luved faces..even if yers ago eyeliner was non le mode!..Adam would make it thet way..alrite nevre minde.I’ll always wish for Adam to reman forevre beau within his hearte,humble,charmant,compassionate an keep entertaining us all in very best style one thet can nevre be duplicate by no othre artiste..One of kind…legende of millenium..Blessings to all an nous ange Adam..J’etaime toujours LisetteMariexoxo
          an special hugs for Dianne in Christchurch across seas!!xoxoan all ma lovli twitter an glambs here too!!

  22. 1.love 2. love 3. LOVE

  23. My three wishes for Adam: acceptance of who he is, the ability to perform his vision,and all that he desires(wishes)

  24. Number one, always, that you stay SAFE and INTACT

    Two, that you know true love with someone who loves you even more than you love them

    Three, that you supplier-of-tight-pants remain ever at your side (oops, I guess thats a wish for me!)

    LOL, baby…………………UIMA

  25. 1) I wish for Adam to get his wish of doing his first solo tour in smaller venues (a treat for all of us to get to see him in a more intimate way) and for every date to be a complete sell out.
    2) I wish for Adam to find love, joy, acceptance and peace in all he does.
    3) I wish for the coming year to be just the beginning of many decades of Adam entertaining the world. 4) I know but this one is for us. I wish that all of the great people that I have met through this site and others devoted to Adam to remain a part of my life forever. I love you all and I wish everyone the Merriest Christmas ever and the best year in 2010.

  26. OK, I am going to say my 3 then go back and read everyone else’s!

    1. SUCCESS. My first wish for Adam is that he has a remarkable 1st year of his carreer. Not just from a sales standpoint, but that he makes his mark and shows everyone how awesomely talented he is and that people will recognize his talent and support him 100%!!

    2. LOVE. I wish that he feels the love from all of us, his core group of ridiculous devoted fans. I know that we will give the love, so that isn’t part of it, just that he feels it and that he knows that we do love him insanely. And whatever is down the road that we will be here all the way. Forever.

    3. PEACE. I wish that within the craziness that the upcoming year is going to bring him that he finds those precious stolen moments of peace and solitude. That together all of us may find a bit of calm in this hetic world that we live in.

    Maybe he could take really long hot baths with soothing oils….wait, that is a wish for me. :p

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Excuse me, Manda! Master ADAM likes to take hot showers before he performs! Learned that while he was still on AI! So I made it a point to call myself “lnghtshwrwadam” LONGHOTSHOWERWITHADAM, it’s my twatter name. But baths are very good too, That sounds so inviting with MASTER ADAM OMPG!

      • LMAOOOOO!!! Ok, so a long hot steamy shower with an after-shower massage with eucalyptus and lavendar oils. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Either way, it is good for the imagination.

    • Manda_K, I love these, especially #2 and #3.

      Adam seems to be quite affected by the energies coming at him (notice the change in tone of his interviews starting a few weeks before the AMA’s). We’ve all seen other celebrities crumble under the intensity of that increased and often chaotic energy -even if they didn’t know that’s what was affecting them so much. So I wish for our love for him to be really nourishing and uplifting to him, and to buoy him throughout his entire career and life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    My three wishes for MASTER ADAM is to one, overtake the crown of Elvis. Sorry ladies, But MASTER ADAM is just more than a gift he’s a very, very, very sexual man! Love his sex! The sexiest man of all men of all time!
    Two, to find true love, sorry guys, but it’s def with me.
    & Three, MASTER ADAM’s magic is heard & felt all over the world! There are still many people in need of magic in their lives. If they would just open their hearts they would be able to hear the magic that comes hru MASTER ADAM!
    Boner wish! I wish that someday MASTER ADAM would come on this site & leave us a love letter, that’s all I want is to hear him speak to us or write a personal message to us. It would mean a lot to all of us! every time he speaks of us & other fans, he says we’re amazing. That makes me feel so good inside. We are his magical lovers, no one else like us. I am just going to have to pray harder, wish harder, think positive.
    Oh I can’t wait til his concert tour. I hope the shows last 2 hours, forever really. He is going to be amazing.
    ps, I wish that everyone’s wishes come true. Don’t know a more deserving human being who has worked so hard most of his life to get where he is at now.
    just one more wish? I wish MASTER ADAM knew how incredibly & phenomanally his voice really is. You’re not going to find that voice anywhere in this world nowhere, noway, nohow, nada, zipp. PLL to MASTER ADAM &all the GLAMBS! !!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Gawd those wishes sounded so selfish, what am I thinking (of myself), I wish for MASTER ADAM in 2010,
      1. good health
      2. true love
      3.success, so he can take care of his mom & dad, because they deserve to be a part of this since they brought him into this world & raised him to be the amazing human being he is today.

  28. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Succes.LOVE, and Peace.

    Lots of huggs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. This is not as easy as I thought before I started typing, I am pretending that Adam is before me and listening to me: Adam, my 3 wishes for you would be,
    1) May your goals be met for the coming year!
    2) May you be happy and always keep smiling!
    3)May you let God lead and guide you in your inner self and your career and give you peace, protect and keep you safe and for you to learn to love yourself as much as we ,your fans do!

    Oh, well, nothing earth shaking but comes from my heart!
    Happy Holidays to all my Glambs sisters and brothers!!!

  30. My three wishes for Adam in 2010 are simply….health, wealth and happiness.

  31. Patricia (rose1) says:

    You have all said it quite nicely. I simply wish him a long, leisurely and relaxing trip to a Pacific island retreat somewhere. Enjoy, Adam.

  32. 1. Earn tons of number 1 hits on the billboard charts(billboard hot 100)
    2. Get a wider recognition throughout the world
    3. Stay healthy and impeccable

  33. Glamb #534 Mary wishes all other wishes to come true three fold. May you always be as happy as you make your undying fans. Lots of love going out to you Adam man.

  34. Great wishes, everyone!
    Found this picture on google of
    Adam shopping today – hope the
    link works.

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      Slick, don’t you know That Taylor Swift is going to win any award this year given out?
      I wish Adam God’s graces. Good health,Love ,peace and joy for both him and his family. God has already given Adam the talent and the intelligence he needs to succeed. May God Bless you Adam. And may 2010 be even a better year for yu than 2009. Love you! Sherry K

      • Looks like Adam is at #1 spot with 26%.
        Robert Pattinson #2 with 22%
        Taylor Swift at #3 with 9%.
        I still have to agree with Simon’s statement
        to Adam “a brilliant performance. Only
        problem is – nobody can top that now”

      • E! Online readers voted Adam #1. of Best of 2009: Celebs of the Year! Yay! Congratulations Adam. You seem to be the receiver of all the love that are keep on coming. Enjoy!

        And they used one of my favorite photo to announce it.


        Sherry, sorry about Taylor Swift.

        • When you said favorite picture, I knew it had to be from the Early Show.
          Stunning, he just exudes love.
          And thanks for tweeting him about this site, it would be great if he would read all these deeply heartfelt wishes for him. Who knows….

          • I love his smile on that photo. It is the most striking smile ever. You know, the one that brightly light up the darkest room. So stylish as well, I love his clean cut look, it’s breathtaking.

            As for the tweet, hopefully he’ll read it. Yes, who knows, he just may even give us a shout out. Positive thinking!

        • Oh yah, Slick – that is picture-of-the-year in my book too, especially the well placed left hand.(oh, stopppppppppp!) The cool thing is that it was taken on “The Morning After” when the long HANGOVER was just beginning and just look at him!! Looks so sweet and innocent after being such a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD boy the night before! Long Live The Bad Boy Behind The Angel Face!!!

        • That is the BEST pic. He looks so happy, it is insane. LOVE.

        • Slick~ LOL! Thank-You! Don’t be sorry! I thought I might puke if Taylor Swift won another award. My comment was meant to be an ” OH NO,PLEASE not another one again. ”
          Merry Christmas everyone! Sherry K

        • WoW! What a GREAT picture of ADAM.Thanks Slick! He is so good looking in that picture that I will definitely dream about him tonight. Good night evveryone! And I love you Adam! Sherry K

    • slick I guess Adam knows about all thes polls he is winning, do you think. Hope so. Also It would be great if he read all thes wonderful wishes of goodwill everyone wants for him. Please come to our site ADAM>. We love you.

      • I’ll tweet him with this site link. That all anyone can do. Who knows? Maybe he’ll read some of it in his down time. I’m sure he gets tons of tweets from his fans all the time.

    • Hey I just voted and Adam is still at number 1 with 27%. Let’s keep him climbing!

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      WOW! ADAM is just blowing them away on 20 best celebs of _2009_whos_Star_0f.html
      I just love it that he is beating Taylor Swift. GO ADAM! SHOW THEM WHO’S THE MAN!!!

  35. AdamAddict says:

    My 3 wishes to Adam are:
    1)I wish Adam plucking happy!(no matter what gossip or bad rumors about him,I wish he knows that we all right besides him,supporting him.So,he can never be sad!All his loves one will never abonden him)
    2)I wish Adam plucking healthy!(Nothing can make him sick.I don’t want even headache got him.He is like superantibiotic!!lol)
    3)I wish Adam plucking famous all the time.(Meaning he will always be American bad boy sweetheart!Everyone will loves his music,his movie[oh please,please]and everything he does will be just a bomb!!
    So,there,u think Mr.Santa Clause will hear our wish??!!Coz if he can,maybe I should add 3 more:
    4)I wish Adam will always wear that plucking hot tight pants(red,brown zipper,silver,gold,leather~gulp~)
    5)I wish Adam will always take care of that plucking glambulge and tease with us evrytime he on stage…and maybe off stage too,lol)
    6)I wish Adam can do more photoshoot like that plucking Details! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  36. ADAM, I am so happy to send you this messge through this site. My 3 wishes for you:
    1) SUCCESS – Number One hits from your FYE album, more than platinum sale of FYE and successful tour and more world recognition and long successful career.
    2) LOVE – May you keep gaining more fans who love and accept you unconditionally. May the public see your beautiful heart and soul which your fans love and admire in you aside from the astounding entertainment you give us. May you find your soulmate one day soon to share your life, love and success.
    3) DIVINE PROTECTION – I want you to know that you are in my daily prayers. I thank GOD everyday for you as I acknowledge and recognize that you are His Gift to the world. You have changed my life and given joy to me this 2009 which was a difficult year. I always ask to give you protection, to keep you away from harm, danger and accident, keep you safe and away from trouble and deliver you from all evil. And to let good triumph over evil in your life.
    Love you, ADAM baby!

    • Angel, # 3 brought a tear! I often think about the evil people of this world and how there are so many unaccepting ones out there! There a alot of mean spirited people who want to bring Adam down because they are ignorant and have been brainwashed into thinking there is only one way to live. I do fear for Adam on occasion and hope he doesn’t ever have to encounter any of these people and that he will always be safe from harm. I wish I could be near him and just protect him from these people but that is impossible so I hope he will always keep protectors around him to keep him safe! You really hit the nail on the head with divine protection.

      • @Glamitup
        If we, his fans who believe in the power of prayers, will include ADAM in our prayers as we do for our loved ones, then he will be protected from above. There is so much evil around us. I do believe that ADAM is GOD’s Gift and that he has a mission to accomplish. Just think of all the gifts he has been blessed with – talentwise, physically, intellectually and yet crowned with humility. What amazes me about ADAM is the beauty of his heart and soul. And he is giving so much joy to people and changing people positively in more ways than one. So, I always thank GOD for ADAM and acknowledge His awesome gift and ask Him to always protect him.





  38. this man rocks….I must admit I didnt bother to watch american idol as I heard rumors that something was amiss. I must tell you Adam, the only thing I wish for you is your continued success in the music and acting business. What an amazing voice!!! I have fallen love literally with your awesome talent. So they didnt like your AMA performance..you know why?? they didnt get to do it first because they have no class. You will find that special one and when you do, you will now it. Everything in your life is positive…I hope to see you in concert someday soon…you rock…you are really one of the top ten people of interest this year without a doubt. Happy Holidays

  39. Huh?

  40. My wishes for Adam in 2010

    1. Above all, stay true to yourself. Don’t sell out to anyone. We love you just the way you are and we accept you just the way you are. It is what made us love you. Change for no one.

    2. Stay away from the drugs and temptations of Hollywood! Many stars fade because they choose the wrong path. Keep your old friends close. The ones you had before you became famous are your real ones. Don’t take them for granted. Also, make time for family always.

    3. I hope you find the love of your life. He will probably come along when you least expect it. Go with your instincts because they are most often right.

    Follow your star Adam and keep doin what you’re doin and great success and happiness will follow.

    • I also wrote this poem in the 9th grade and remembered it all these years and it just seems kind of fitting for Adam and Christmas so here goes!

      THE GIFT



      I feel like Adam has just taken the lid off his gift and is just now showing us all what is inside the box! Hope that doesn’t sound porno because it is not intended too! I know we all want to see the gift! lol but that is not what I mean! See where my mind goes when I think about him? omg! Well anyway, I think we all are in for a real treat in 2010! Can’t wait! Love to all and GO ADAM!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Glamitup! that’s a pretty cool poem! I liked it a lot! No porno thoughts here, NOT! It was great thanks for sharing!

    • You women are all making me cry. The loving energy on this site is just immense.

  41. 1. Health
    2. Happiness
    3. Love
    I also pray for Adam. And these “wishes” are also my prayers. Much love to you Adam!!!!!

  42. A wonderful lasting love relationship filled w humor, joy, mutual respect and lasting ‘romance’.
    2. To follow his inner guidance higer self- for a highly successful career.
    3. Abundance of laughter and fun every day.

  43. 1. Incredible Success this coming year across the globe singing and playing dress-up.
    2. Close family ties to remain grounded.
    3. Single life…enjoy being your RockStar self….spend some $$’s on dreams.

  44. I wish adam great health
    chance to experiment with different artist
    and continued love from his friends, family and fans

    also found this youtube site of a backstage look of his a photo session
    hot hot hot

  45. oh and another youtube video all i want for christmas is adam


  46. Great idea Ingrid and Dana!

    3 wishes for Adam in 2010:

    1. Adam would do his U.S. tour with Ke$ha because it would be one big glitter/glam fest with the two together! (Of course, Adam touring with only his band would be just spectacular, but just sayin if he was to tour with someone else, it should be Ke$ha).
    2. Enjoy international success (touring, interviewing, etc.)
    3. Not worry about numbers and just continue on his own path, knowing that he is doing what he loves.

    All three add up to one big wish for Adam to just enjoy his dream come true!
    Peace, balance, and harmony to Adam as he enters a new decade.

    Happy Holidays to all Glam fans! You guys rock!

  47. Wow all of you are so eloquent, and you have covered just about everything, but here’s my 2 cents worth anyway.
    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – I wish for love most of all. Unconditional, fulfilling, love of family, and good loyal friends. As John Lennon said “All you need is love”.

    2. Compassion – I wish for Adam a heart of compassion; the ability to understand what others are going through. I wish for him to find his greater purpose beyond fame and fortune. I hope he will continue to use his fame to help others. I wish for a heart in Adam that can see beyond his immediate circumstances to the needs of others. I wish for Adam a heart of faith – a faith in something beyond himself.

    3. Protection – I wish for protection for Adam. As his fame grows, he may need actual physical protection from those crazies who may want to hurt him ( or even “love” him too much!). I wish for protection from heartbreak or betrayal. I wish for protection of his health (take good care of yourself Adam – watch the drinking and no more acid revelations!)

    Ok, there you have it; these are things I would wish for my own loved ones. Thanks Adam for the joy you have brought to all of us and thank you for reminding me that being true to yourself is still important! Merry Christmas (Happy Hanukah Adam) and Happy New Year to all of you !

  48. My wishes for Adam in 2010,
    That he continues to have great success of being the Rock Star that he has always dreamed of!
    That he has good health and takes good care of himself.
    He finds the true love and soulmate that he says everyone deserves to have in life. If he doesnt find it in 2010, he will find his true love someday. He is to special not to.
    Love and Peace to Adam and everthing good, just like all the goodness he inspires in all of the world!

  49. All of the previous wishes that you special people have written for Adam are so beautiful that I truly hope he discovers this site and spends some quiet moments reading them.He deserves to know how much he is appreciated and how his persona and voice have touched our lives so much.
    I would like to add that I wish for Adam the joy of meeting someone he can love and be loved by for always-and that they have the gift of raising a child together because I think Adam would be an amazing daddy. Happy holidays, Adam –and peace and love for the coming year and always. Lorraine


  50. I wish for ADAM’s family and true friends to stand by him..through thick and thin…so that he can stay grounded….he’ll appreciate having good, faithful people to talk to, complain to, even cry to if he has to, so that he talk and get good feedback.

    I wish for ADAM good health, both mentally and physically…so that he can think healthy and make good personal and professional decisions.

    I wish for ADAM every bit of the success that he dreams of, and then double that! I want ADAM to have success in a warm and loving relationship.

    And I’m sneaking in a 4th wish!!!!!! I wish for ADAM that he have me in his life!!!! mmmmmmmm

  51. 1) I wish Adam happiness – whatever ‘happiness’ means to ADAM!
    2) I wish Adam continued courage to be true to himself and challenge people’s paradigms. Adam’s gift to the World far exceeds his musical genius, vocal prowess and extraordinary performing ability. A change has to come as long as Adam makes “some’ feel uncomfortable – begining of change!
    3) I wish Adam good health and safety.

    My unofficial wishes:
    1) Me
    2) More of Me
    3) All of Me.

    There’s no harm in killing two birds with one stone! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

  52. My three wishes for Adam for 2010 are:

    1. the budget to make all the videos Adam wants to make, since he said he’d like to make a video for every song- in fact, an absolutely unlimited budget so he can make the videos be as fabulous, cutting edge, and high quality as he wants them to be!

    2. positive, wonderful goals to always be reaching for and looking forward to enjoyably, with a happy sense of anticipation, since he has already reached the goals he had for himself before this year

    3. for his happiness, joi de vivre, and beautiful smiles to continue to come – in fact, to come even more easily, effortlessly, and naturally – even with all the pressure, changes, etc. in his life

    Since Adam said he and Drake broke up because Adam just didn’t have the time to give to Drake now, I wish for Adam’s true love to come along at just the perfect time, maybe in a few years – when Adamhas established himself and has more time…..and for the relationship to bring both of them increasing joy + be positive, healthy, and empowering for both of them.

    I also wish for his groundedness, centeredness, health, well-being, and to stay true to his wonderful self – but ya’ll have already said those!

    Much love to you Adam!
    and to all of you on this site!

  53. Above all, great health. without that, well, hardly anything else is important.

    Secondly, much happiness. A great long-term lover that will stick with him, great times with his family, whatever makes him happy.

    Thirdly, success. In all that he does.

  54. Ahhh 3 wishes for Adam.
    This is easy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Long life, love and happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll add a fourth ๐Ÿ™‚
    a loooooooong great career !

  55. Adam all your wishes will come true. You are a Star!!!!!!

  56. My wishes for Adam is continued success with a lot of happiness getting there!! And, that he receives the recognition from the music world that he deserves!!


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