Will Adam Lambert Revolutionize the Music Industry?

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I’m asking, because there is something so enthralling, so impactful about Adam Lambert.

He has…a presence.

Do you feel it too? Never met the man. Few have, as compared to the gale of global gazes that he has captured since setting foot on the Idol stage mere months ago. Yet, unlike any other artist since the last millenium, within or outside of Idol, there exists an immediate, collective, intuitive projection of global proportions that he is worthy of the highest pedestal on which to plant his platform boots.

There is that much ‘artistry’ in his ‘package’ performance.

Now the question arises…How do you effectively suitcase Adam’s artistic engineering so that the fans have what they crave about him?

A CD of his recordings? Don’t make me laugh. He is so 4-D that a CD only covers 1-D of what he projects.

Certainly a DVD (and its respective morphs) allows for audio and visual representation. Yet – can you feel it – it’s not enough!

What’s the next step up? Perhaps something playfully called “VADAMs”? Visual Adamlambertfans Digital Audio Messages – something not merely an audio CD and with more personalization than a music video. After all – we witnessed his LAMBIRTH. We cramped our fingers voting for him, drained our cell phone batteries for him. There was a euphoric common consciousness as total strangers Adamagnitized around the world.

What is there beyond that? A music hologram?

What’s in your imagination? Comment below.



  1. I believe he can do anything at this point. He has countless fans…myself ranking up there with the most obsessed. I can not put my finger on “IT”…but all I know is…he has “IT” I am so anxious to see what his future holds for him. I want his cd…I want to see him in a movie…on tv…I want to read a book about him. I just wonder does he even realize the huge fan base he has all around the world. I have been hooked on him since he sang Satisfaction….have been a devoted voting fan ever since. I can not get enough of him!!! I find myself on this website all the time!!! If I am not here…then I am youtubing!!! He is amazing….he is going to take the music industry by storm and I can not wait!!! I do not want to dwell on the subject…I feel he rightfully deserved to be named the American Idol…but he is so much bigger than that already. This experience has been his platform…and now he is walking off that platform to super stardom!!!! He DID NOT need to win this…but he most definitely deserved to. Although..I think being runner-up will be a blessing. We all knew he was going to be bigger than Kris…and he has been from the moment Kris was named the winner. I will be supporting him in whatever roads he walks down. Love you Adam!!

    • May 27, 2009 at 9:15 pm
      Top 100 billboard chart
      4 Kris Allen “No Boundaries” 134,458 (NEW) Total: 134,458
      5 Kris Allen “Heartless” 125,344 (NEW) Total: 125,344
      7 Adam Lambert “Mad World: 114,763 (NEW) Total: 114,763
      10 David Cook “Permanent” 102,595 (22310%; lw 308) Total: 126,905 (OFF)
      17 Kris Allen “Ain’t No Sunshine” 72,080 (NEW) Total:72,080
      32 Adam Lambert “Change is Gonna Come” 48,068 (NEW) Total: 48,068
      38 Kris Allen “Apologize” 40,173 (NEW) Total:40,173
      43 Adam Lambert “No Boundaries” 35,984 (NEW) Total:35,984

      Guys! our Adam is way behind by kris allen. just rank number 7! Where are his fans? where are we? Please do our part. Lets not just keep on talking but there should always have an action out of it. This is the only chance that we could regain our lost from our defeat last week! the fans of Kris are campaigning from all their local radio stations to play his songs! Most of them are downloading his songs in i tunes. You kn0w what, I should not have to tell this but now i know why we lost. Or should I say why Adam did not win in american idol. IT is because we lack action. Think about it. Though we have done our part but it is not enough
      57 Adam Lambert “One” 30,851 (NEW) Total: 30.851
      72 Kris Allen “Falling Slowly” 27,087 (NEW) Total: 27,087
      75 Adam Lambert “Cryin’” 24,580 (NEW) Total:24,580
      84 Allison Iraheta/Adam Lambert “Slow Ride” 21,742 (NEW) Total: 21,742
      87 Kris Allen “What’s Going On” 21,060 (NEW) Total: 21,060

      • Aren’t these weekly numbers? Adam fans bought early on and Kris fans are just now buying. I pre-bought every Adam Lambert Performance Video or Studio Version each week. Just asking.

        • Sun&Stars says:

          Please continue to keep us updated with Adam’s calendar of events. I’ve bought all of Adam’s songs and videos. I heard him say on his Today show interview that his next step is to cut an album. That is what I am waiting for. I would personally like to see him on a weekly television show so I would have something to look forward to each week. Adam makes me happy and takes me away to a wonderful place. each and every time I see and hear him.

        • beaglemom says:

          I have every single Adam Lambert I-Tune download and not one of the other contestants. Adam is going to be bigger than Elvis!

        • adamsluvjnes says:

          I bought Adam’s iTunes early in the season also. After each performance I pre-ordered each one. I only bought the KISS finale and No Boundaries after the finale. Since we had already bought them there was nothing else to buy. Where Kris’ folks had not bought his downloads and since he became the winner, people wanted to support him. I did not buy anything of Kris’, all my money goes to Adam Lambert. He is destined for superstardom and I will pay any amount of money to go and see him. Go see the Idol tour in your state. I know the others will be there but so will Adam. I will see you in St. Louis on August 29th.

        • Yes, they are the numbers for this week alone.

          Of course, you would expect Kris as the WINNER to sell by far the biggest number of copies of the WINNER’S SINGLE. Many people don’t even know that Adam’s version is available and the vast majority of those who do know do not want to buy it anyway because they think it’s a huge pile of foul smellng substance and are glad that not having won means he doesn’t have to be associated with it. Adam doesn’t perform it in his appearances (preferring to do Mad World) and he doesn’t even mention that his version is available.

          A few of Kris’ better songs from the series have made it into the chart this week – again as a result of the momentary, already waning, interest because of his victory – but Adam’s sales were throughout the season left the other contestants; in their wake (including the distant second Kris) so for so many of them to still be up there is an even bigger achievement. Also, despite so many of his performances already having been bought by so many, his album of season’s performances is outselling Kris’ by 13 chart placings.

      • Adrienne says:

        Adams fans are here…Arkansas is still probably playing with their free phones…lol
        Their batteries should run out soon!!!! And Adams Fans are true. We know who we
        are !!! He will have his day very soon…I think they have slowed down a bit because we
        want what Adam calls a “Visual”. We are missing the Adam Fix!!!! I listen to his music
        all day, and go home from work and look at his videos most of the night…lol
        So maybe we are still needing that visual….Hope we see him again soon on the TV.
        I have tickets to the L.A.,and San Diego concerts!!!!

        • I live 2 hours from Conway, Arkansas (I know, I know, feel sorry for me, LOL..) and had to use my landline to vote for 4 hours straight. I don’t have AT&T cellular, and couldn’t even call in a vote on my Verizon cellular (it was either busy or didn’t connect.)
          I also am addicted, as is my sister in Michigan. Can’t get enough of his videos on YouTube… they’re so dang sexy!!!
          And the interviews, dang that boy can speak. His verbal abilities are amazing. Can’t wait to see more and more…

      • these are the most recent results. itunes downloads were leaked “during” the competition that showed Adam with 6 of the top 10. Kris is getting a current bump because of the win, but Adam has been in the lead the entire season. We just need to find a site that lists the total downloads for each AI contestant. I’m sure that Adam would be far and away the most downloaded.

    • Pls read this message below! we need an action over this! let us support!

      Vixx4Adam says:
      May 27, 2009 at 11:24 pm
      Hi DS.

      Is there a way to create a movement to support Adam’s songs at iTunes? Currently, Kris is beating Adam again but this time in terms of sales.

      From Yahoo Music:

      The Kris/Adam Duel Moves To The Charts

      American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen sold more downloads this past week than runner-up Adam Lambert did.

      Allen’s 11 entries on the Hot Digital Songs chart sold a combined total of 479,000 downloads. Lambert’s 15 entries on that chart sold a combined total of 390,000.

      Allen’s top downloads are his widely-panned coronation song, “No Boundaries,” which ranks #4 on Hot Digital Songs; his masterful interpretation of Kanye West’s “Heartless,” which ranks #5; and his cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” which ranks #17.

      Lambert’s top songs are his hypnotic version of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World,” which ranks #7; his reading of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” which ranks #32; and his take on “No Boundaries,” which ranks #43.

      Allen’s rendition of “No Boundaries” sold 134,000. Lambert’s take on the song sold 36,000.


      Only 36,000 sold by Adam for No Boundaries? WTH? Where are all his supporters? Let’s not be just pure talk. We need action people. BUy, buy, buy Adam’s songs.

      Dreamsound, we need your help to promote Adam’s songs. we can’t let Kris beat Adam AGAIN….

      • lamberghini says:

        I am a completely obsessed Adam fan, voting the full 4 hours on finale night, (with no redial option– that’s a lot of finger-numbing dialing devotion) and I thought the No Boundaries song was just such an awful song. So sorry, but I never want to hear that song again, sung by anyone! When Adam’s fresh, original, artistic record hits the airwaves, you’ll see enormous sales.

      • I think that a lot of fans have already bought them, but not this week, but before! And we shouldn´t be worried about that … it´s just a week! Adam will be a world icon forever, but will other idol be?

        • It’s not just for the week…it’s the total…

          Allen’s 11 entries on the Hot Digital Songs chart sold a combined total of 479,000 downloads. Lambert’s 15 entries on that chart sold a combined total of 390,000.

          • No, it isn’t. It’s for this week alone.

          • It means the combined total of all their songs THIS WEEK.

            It would be a pretty poor showing if the two top sellers had sold less than half a million downloads over the course of the season, don’t you think?.

      • Arne,

        Let’s form a movement to promote Adam’s songs!
        If we can also get the telephone numbers of the local radio stations, we can ask everybody to call these stations to play Adam’s songs and make them popular in their area.

      • For crying out loud, stop panicking.

        As I said, many Adam fans do not want to buy his version of No Boundaries because they do not want him associated with the song.

        It”s all over the place in Adam fan groups – Facebook, Yahoo, Bebo, MySpace, …………. They are full of people saying that though they prefer his version, they want to wait for him to do something else and not that hideous song.

    • Adam Fan 4ever says:

      So great minds think alike…

    • I feel EXACTLY the same way you do about Adam! I’m a fifty one year old mom who hasn’t had an obsession like this since David Cassidy! I can’t get enough of him…

  2. RadicalRich says:

    Here ya go! Now, I’m gonna miss out on a boat load of money for coming up with the idea and not copyrighting it first, and it’s close to a hologram, but here is what we need:…..An Adam Lambert I-MAX Concert Movie. I-MAX (Image Maximum) theaters and movies are totally surreal and awesome experiences–just like Adam Lambert performances and interviews. I-MAX theaters are almost always adjacent to museums, discovery centers and hands-on science education centers. Most of these places are non-profit organizations who need help because they are funded primarily by benefit events, donations from members, individuals and foundations. These places are cultural centers that add a wonderful element to the communities in which they are located. The kind of wonderful element Adam exudes every minute of every day. I-Max Theaters are all over the world so everybody could experience the wonder. And Adam Lambert I-Max movie would be a happy day!

    • sashabxgirl says:


    • Deborah says:

      I agree..yes IMAX him PLEASE!! ..or project his concerts LIVE around the world..on a HUGE screen though. Not all his fans can get to go to a LIVE concert. I am going back to school so can only support him so much right now. However, I have to get my Adam fix . Ive bought a large chunk of his Itunes alreadI want to see / hear anything I can.

      BTW in response to Arne, the No Bpundaries song is such a passe song..I don’t WANT to buy it. I too feel that every time I hear it..Ill simply be reminded of the total injustice of “THAT NIGHT”.

      • adamsluvjnes says:

        That night may have been an injustice, but Adam’s version of “No Boundaries” is epic. He did not have a good night of singing it on the finale but the studio version is completely different. It is sooo goood. Join Adam’s official website at: adamunofficial.com See you there.

        • I downloaded the song as well and thought it was really good. He can make anything sound good. I just can’t get enough

    • Sounds awesome! Michael Jackson did that, didn’t he? If I remember right, Disneyland used to have a Michael Jackson I-Max show. I never saw it, but it was a really popular show. If they did one of Adam Lambert, I’d sure be standing in line for tickets!

      By the way, if you go to the ticketron website to look for tickets for the AI concerts, you will find that there is a long list of people who have left messages in the forum looking for tickets for Adam and asking about his CD. Last time I looked, there was only one message about someone looking for information on Kris. People really do love Adam, and he has really become a sensation. What I have noticed is that Kris has a lot of young fans…and Adam has fans that span the whole gammot! I was at Walmart the other day getting a tire on my car, and while I was waiting in the waiting room, an older man (probably in his late 60″s) came in and sat down. There was a TV in the room and the news was on. The newscaster mentioned Adam, and all the sudden this older man asked me if I had heard of Adam, I said “of course!”, and the guy just went off talking about Adam…he just couldn’t say enough. He loves the guy, just like the rest of us do. People are talking about him everywhere.

    • AdamFan says:

      What a wonderful idea!!!! That would be the ultimate Adam experience. Unless, of course you get to see him in person. Great idea, lets hope TPTB can make this happen, and soon.

  3. Norcal2009 says:

    I think an article from the examiner describes ADAM to a “T.” (and as we all know…Adam is into astrology)

    Part of the Article…
    Anyway, all this talk of Aquarius and love makes me want to say a bit more about iconic Aquarian Adam Lambert. I was moved by the comments from so many kindred souls who find him a profound artistic and emotional inspiration.

    Every sign has its own special power. With Aquarius the energy involves being unique, different, ahead of one’s time. The ability to see all people as equal, without hierarchy, is often innate. With Adam’s Sun and Mercury in Aquarius he seems comfortable with everyone. I loved the part of yesterday’s video where a celebrity joked, “Hey, man, you don’t even really care who I am!” Adam just laughed. You could tell it was true.

    With four planets in Aquarius, I can so relate. Years ago I volunteered at an ashram that had many visiting celebs. When they came to the restaurant where I worked, I was told to coddle them as super-deluxe VIPS. You know, I found this almost impossible. With all my Aquarius, everyone really was equal in my mind, whether a homeless person or some Hollywood star. I thought everyone deserved respect. Needless to say I got fired from that role pretty fast.

    Besides this egalitarianism, Adam’s horoscope shows how he’s a natural receiver for the public’s projections. With all his Aquarius and a strong Pluto somewhere near his Libra rising, people are transfixed by his love, talent, and originality. But they also feel him as a huge personal catalyst. He gives us courage to be more authentic and live our own truth. I already feel transformed from his music.

    But a prominent Pluto can also evoke fear or jealousy from others, operating like a concentrated form of Scorpionic power. So people tend to have passionate, black-and-white responses to him. Love him or hate him. That’s Pluto.

    The upcoming transits show his story has barely begun. This summer, on August 5, a major lunar eclipse will fall smack between his Aquarian Sun and Mercury. One planet rules his house of career, the other his house of mass media. So watch him move towards transcendent lift-off sometime between then and the end of the year.

    The sky really is the limit for this beautiful man. He’ll uplift and encourage so many.

    Luckily, he has a potent, well-placed Saturn near Pluto, which under his warm heart, makes him tough as nails. Combined with his feisty Aries moon, his wry, self-sufficient Venus in Capricorn, and all that rebel Aquarius, he’s likely to keep a good sense of humor about detractors.

    In other words, he probably couldn’t care less.

    He likes to stir things up.

    He knows who he is and inspires others to be who we really are also.

    Franny who wrote in yesterday said it all. “That depth of feeling Adam ignites in those of us who are responding is the budding of our own ignored seeds…follow that feeling wherever it leads you…let him inspire you to find it in yourself, because that is exactly what he is here to do”.


    • Lisette ,greetinge to all Adam fans,
      First just regarde above aquarian horoscope with planetary rulers..being aquarian ,but deffarante planet rules in some aspects..An av reade accorde to ma charte similar aspects for art/an musique..So just thout I share thes openminded ness of how astrology can influence one’s career. Adam is artistique,innovativee,trendsetting, to change today’s musique. An also many have not just posted black n white commentes. I see lot of like mindes here who adore his creativity,originalite that inspires an touches of all ages arounde l’worlde..From grandparentes,teens,20-50 yer olds,an even children..Thes is where Adam nonmattre of current recorde on charts/itunes.Has reache evry country internationale an in USA too as seene here on thes webpage .An thes is a very wonderful place for all Adam’s fans an frends to share thouts an how he inspires l’best in every person..ther’s just a very charmant,positive lit thet shines in evry songe he singes. An his estraordinaire way to interpret any musique genre,an can change an olde songe an make his owne,as “If I can’t Av You” from disco into a beautful
      romantique ballad,rock thet moves legends as Queen,Kiss,an bleus/soul thet Smoky Robinson
      gave ovations.So many to mentione in his repoirtoire for such a younge upcoming artiste.Thes defines his diverse talentes as an artiste/vocaliste/actor..An can imagaine as well having a
      magnificente film career.An beliv can inspire l’best of todays actors.So lets all keep being entertained et inspired an awaite his nexte ventures an future Cds,an oui DVDs,et concertes
      aronde l’monde. He’ll be adored for many yers to come in l’entertainmente worlde an by people
      evriwhere! Blessings an luv Lisettexoxox An there’s a beautful hearte an soul as espress in all his musique..

    • Obsidian Eye says:

      Thanks for posting this, Norcal! Stellar stuff =)


    i don’t mean disrespect here! Sorry if this post is offensive

    We keep on saying that ADAM is amazing, yadayada! The truth is, KRIS is leading on sales! Done!


    • That’s because Kris is status quo..Lambert fans are waiting for his original material to come out..then watch the sales skyrocket. Kris on the other hand will maintain a steady fan base and purchasing record while Adam’s will be like blasts heard around the world. His concerts will be stellar. Kris makes really nice music that anyone can listen to. Adam’s fans like to edge and the excitement of surprise and something different. Like Adam said “something we didn’t even know we wanted”. itunes is a drop in the bucket compared to what is about to unfold in Adam’s life.

      • same here. just waiting for the release of his album, and i’m saving for it now.

      • Obsidian Eye says:

        AMEN, Deb!! Kris appeals to America and some countries in Asia, but he is too staid and mediocre and mundane for more sophisticated, daring, and discriminating earbuds and tastebuds like the U.K., the rest of Europe, Japan, et al., where creativity and individuality rule.

        Worldwide release of Adam’s album. World tour. Constant airplay of his songs and videos. Massive media coverage. ADAM WILL SET THE WORLD AFLAME.

    • Kris just won and his pic is on the front itunes page.
      Besides Kris is leading on the song chart but Adam is seling more albums and videos

    • There are 2 reasons why Kris is leading in the sale of the songs so far.

      Reason No. 1: America is deaf (as we all already know from the AI results). The downloads on iTunes are not available in my country so far, otherwise i would definitely have bought Adam’s songs. That is why Kris is topping the sale charts, cos only deaf Americans can buy the downloads and not the world!!!

      Reason No. 2: America is still deaf!!! They actually like the song “No Boundaries”???!!!!! To want to buy that song???!!!!! For me, it’s absolute infuriating rubbish to have Adam being associated to that awful song.

    • Kris has sold more than Adam THIS WEEK.

      The winner sold more than the runner-up in the week that he won the competition. Well, colour me shocked!!!

      • Obsidian Eye says:


        You got it!

        Know what’s ironic and funny? It seems that the Kris Allen fans feel they have more to prove than we do.

        WE know Adam deserved to win and know he’ll ultimately be a worldwide superstar. THEY, on the other hand, are acting defensive and scared shitless because:

        1. Even after Kris won, Adam still got more media coverage
        2. They know that Kris’ win was massively and loudly criticized
        3. Many Kris votes were gained through embarrassingly unethical means perpetrated by those AT & T shitheads.
        4. No matter what they say and do right now to prop up Kris, they know it deep down–Adam will go way farther than Kris. There’s just no argument.
        5. They can give their Kris his fifteen minutes, but they can’t keep up their campaigns forever. This will eventually peter out.


        The party’s just getting started, guys.

        • Obsidian Eye says:

          P.S. The above is not to say that we shouldn’t support Adam in every way we can BECAUSE WE LOVE, ADORE, IDOLIZE ETC. THE MAN. But to bite into a new competition between Adam and Kris is kids’ play. If we’re cowed by the numbers we’re operating from a place of insecurity, fear, and doubt. Forget that. Of COURSE Adam’s the REAL WINNER. THAT’S HOW SPECTACULARLY TALENTED, FASCINATING, MAGNETIC ETC ETC. HE IS. His fame and fortune will follow as a matter of course.

  5. sashabxgirl says:

    yes and i believe he has raised the bar for AI. a lot of those cracker jack singers wont be “going to hollywood”. i think the judges will be more discerning in their tastes hopefully.

    im not even a heavy metal fan per se. but this guys versatility in the diff genres he can sing,….i will be THERE when he has a concert in nyc

    love u adam!

    ur sexy as hell too :). would love to take pics with him. so damn handsome.

    he can also moonlight as a model as well

    c’mon…him on the cover GQ in a gorgeous Hugo Boss suit? havent seen that handsome in young hollywood in awhile


    its doesnt matter…gat straight, whateva!!!

    sexy is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mitchie_Forever, what sales…? they havent really sold much apart from a couple of studio tracks. and of course kris would be leading. he just won american idol a week ago. long-term results r what counts. i think adam can fully do whatever the hell he wants!! how often does someone do one performance with Queen and get asked to be their frontman? Really? Also, globally, adam is more popular than Kris. I think if the whole world were allowed to vote adam would have kicked ass. ADAM CAN DO ANYTHING!!

    • Totally agree!! Adam could come to Brazil, the Maracana wouldn´t be enoguh!


    • Scaramouche says:

      I aggree. You also have to add to the mix the fact that Kris’ songs are receiving lots of air time on radio stations because of his ‘winner’ status. Adam is in a close second to him with little or no idol campaigning behind him… he’ll be fine =]

    • Totally agree………………..

      Me from Singapore and can’t vote, though crazy for Adam enough to actually try calling through Gizmo though not successful. Now can’t even buy any of the downloads 🙁 they are not available in my country. Sob.

      If only the world can vote and not just America, I’m sure the results will not be as it is! All my colleagues root for Adam, from Chinese to Indians to Malays. We were all so disappointed about the results.

      Adam, I love you!!!!!

    • Obsidian Eye says:



  7. I absolutely agree,,cant get enough of him. Although, of course, I have never met Adam also, there is something so special about him,,,he is mesmerizing and such a gentlemen. He is an amazing singer, an instrument very different from the other idols and I believe he will have a long, ongoing career. LOVE HIM!!!

  8. May 27, 2009 at 9:15 pm
    Top 100 billboard chart
    4 Kris Allen “No Boundaries” 134,458 (NEW) Total: 134,458
    5 Kris Allen “Heartless” 125,344 (NEW) Total: 125,344
    7 Adam Lambert “Mad World: 114,763 (NEW) Total: 114,763
    10 David Cook “Permanent” 102,595 (22310%; lw 308) Total: 126,905 (OFF)
    17 Kris Allen “Ain’t No Sunshine” 72,080 (NEW) Total:72,080
    32 Adam Lambert “Change is Gonna Come” 48,068 (NEW) Total: 48,068
    38 Kris Allen “Apologize” 40,173 (NEW) Total:40,173
    43 Adam Lambert “No Boundaries” 35,984 (NEW) Total:35,984

    Guys! this is what i thought! our Adam is way behind by kris allen. just rank number 7! Where are his fans? where are we? Please do our part. Lets not just keep on talking but there should always have an action out of it. This is the only chance that we could regain our lost from our defeat last week! the fans of Kris are campaigning from all their local radio stations to play his songs! Most of them are downloading his songs in i tunes. You kn0w what, I should not have to tell this but now i know why we lost. Or should I say why Adam did not win in american idol. IT is because we lack action. Think about it. Though we have done our part but it is not enough
    57 Adam Lambert “One” 30,851 (NEW) Total: 30.851
    72 Kris Allen “Falling Slowly” 27,087 (NEW) Total: 27,087
    75 Adam Lambert “Cryin’” 24,580 (NEW) Total:24,580
    84 Allison Iraheta/Adam Lambert “Slow Ride” 21,742 (NEW) Total: 21,742
    87 Kris Allen “What’s Going On” 21,060 (NEW) Total: 21,060

    • Please, please please get over the music sales. The tweeny boppers who voted for Kris probably have brought 3 of every song just like they voted 400 times per person. Who cares.
      Let Kris have his place in the sun.
      Adam has his place in the universe.
      In 30 years we’ll still be singing his songs and all the babies now will know who he is. Just like Elvis, Santana, Led Zep, Queen. I cant wait to hear what music he will come out with when all the idol hype is over.
      In the meantime I’ll listen to whatever I can get, whatever it is, whenever I can.
      At least I dont spend hours wandering aimlessly, bored around the internet anymore. Now I have purpose when I get on here at night.

      • buffie21 says:

        Hey I agree with you…It may look like Chris is ahead right now but don’t you think that it is just because he won the AI….That is what I ….He may be ahead right now but I think Adam will have longevity and fame..I think Chris will fade out after the glow is over…Jusy like Ruben Studdard did…Barely hear about him now but Clay is still out there…Adam has charisma…talent that far surpasses Chris….Plus he is so dam sexy…and sweet..Those eyes and that smile…He is mannerly and humble….I was 17 when Elvis came out of nowhere and look where he ended up…Now I am 67 and here comes Adam..out of nowhere…He reminds me so much of a young Elvis….He evens resembles Elvis a lot….He just needs a super manager that can help sell him in the world and get him out there….I offered to be his new grandma…He is so adorable…He wrote me back and said…I need a grandma….How sweet is that….I may be older but I am not dead..hehehehe…I love him and the very thing he stands for….what a doll….when the hype is over we will see then who is left standing…buffie21

      • When I last checked Adam had 17 of the top 40 Video downloads. Almost half! That’s incredible. It just goes to show that us glamberts love the voice but want to SEE the beautiful face that goes along with it!!!

    • You already wrote that further up the page. I said it then and I will repeat it FOR THOSE CLEARLY HAVING MORE TROUBLE WITH BASIC ARITHMETIC THAN KARA:

      Those are the sales figures for THIS WEEK, NOT FOR THE SEASON AS A WHOLE.

      Adam has sold countless more during the season (do you actually think that all that Adam or Kris have sold is less than half a million each of a total of 15 songs each over the course of the season in a show watched by 25 million people? ).

      Despite Adam’s unprecedented sales throughout the season, he still has six songs up there (the remaining performances are also still high in the current AI downloads chart).

      Despite the above, his album of season performances is outselling Kris’ by 13 chart places at the last count.

      His performance videos vastly outsell those of any other contestant.

      His youtube videos have a hugely greater number of hits than any other contestant (his performance with Kiss was the #1 most watched music video this week worldwide and the #5 most watched video this week worldwide across all categories).

      Adam is trouncing Kris in Google searches.

      Kris has been signed to Sony BMG’s “try before you buy” label, Jive. Adam has been signed to RCA, the bigger Sony BMG label, usually reserved for the winner (with one exception and she was a 17 year old girl).

      Get a grip on reality. I don’t think there is any need for Adam fans to be throwing themselves off the Empire State Building.

      • Obsidian Eye says:


        You must be the resident statistician and analyst! Excellent stuff, thanks!!!

  9. Adam has and will continue to make a bigger impact on the music industry. We have been waiting too long for someone new, exciting, creative to come into the music industry and revolutionise performances. Adam should be left alone to choose what he is going to do and how he will do it. I love all the dressing up, I love the make up, I love the glam rock look. I cannot wait till he brings out his new album, I cannot wait for him to have his own concert, it will be so electrifying, so amazing, I am full of excitment from now. Adam you are phenomenal, please come to London.

    • Scaramouche says:

      I really hope his concerts are crazy, with pyrotechnics and hundreds of costume changes. That would be AWESOME. I just hope he leaves the backup singers at home… I only want to hear his voice, with no interferance from anyone else’s.

  10. Glambertfan says:

    I would say Adam has the OBAMA affect on us – the same unexplicable appeal is there. That puts a lot of pressure on Adam though because we expect it all – and we don’t even know what that is exactly!

    • MrDuffin says:

      Adam is nothing like Obama! That is an insult to Adam and his fans! He has not told a lie or tried to be anyone but his self since the show started. Obama can not say that about his self!

  11. Manuela says:

    Adam, YOU ARE A GOD SENT gift to humanity. Your musical genius and talent exhudes such a healing energy that can ONLY BE FELT. Please remember that you are a Light Being who came here with the purpose of SHARING YOUR DIVINE GIFT AND ENERGY with an ailing world who NEEDS souls like you, especially now.
    Your gentle, humble character combined with the mighty powerful yet angelic voice is something that only goes to prove the existence of GOD, his BEAUTY and his perfection. And, for someone so brilliantly talented, incredibly intelligent and with such breathtaking voice, to also be such a good natured soul, with an amazing self-control and lack of egocentrism is even more so inspiring. Your ENERGY transmutes all boundaries and can be felt throughout the entire world and beyond. YOU already are a role model for current and future generations and I pray that you won’t allow anyone or anything to change WHO you really are as SOUL. Remaining grounded and true to your inner and gentle divine self despite the world’s temptations will keep you safe and protected in the following tumultous waters of FAME, which is nothing but a transitory and temporary phase. Your MAD WORLD version has humbled and put tears in our eyes and is healing us in ways that can ONLY BE FELT. PLEASE consider creating THIS type of music along with whatever else you will make, as WHATEVER will be, we are all extremely blessed and privileged to be its witnesses. We are anxiously awaiting to buy your first and ALL of the following ALBUMS. YOU ALREADY ARE AMONG THE GREATEST PERFORMERS TO EVER WALK THIS PLANET! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU, ALWAYS because the WORLD NEEDS YOU! LOVE AND LIGHT! 🙂

  12. Manuela says:

    THE ADAM PHENOMENA HAS ALREADY SWEPT THE WORLD, A LONG TIME AGO…after recovering from the big sham and shock that it wasn’t ADAM who won the AI CROWN, once one is able to SEE THE BIG PICTURE, it will all start to fall into place…BY NOW, Adam must have the BIGGEST NAMES IN MUSIC INDUSTRY lining up, begging him to SIGN UP with their recording company…in fact, as we speak, Adam may have hard time deciding WHO HE WILL WANT TO WORK WITH…anyone he’s ever dreamed of working with, now will give anything to work with Adam…He may not have won the AI but that’s ONLY BECAUSE HE IS MORE THAN AMERICAN IDOL, HE IS THE “WORLD IDOL”, and for this title, AI didn’t have a SPOT, therefore, the AMERICAN IDOL title had to be handed to the one who’s only gonna sell in the US.
    ADAM will sell gazillions of records WORLDWIDE…MILLIONS IN PHILLIPINES, THE ENTIRE SOUTH AFRICA IS ROOTING FOR HIM ALONE AND HE ALSO FOREVER CHANGED THE AI FACADE, BY BRINGING IN TENS OF MILLIONS MORE VOTES THAN LAST SEASON OR ANY OTHER SEASON BEFORE…HE’D ALREADY OUTDONE HIMSELF…WHAT POSSIBLE PHENOMENA COULD HAVE STIRR UP SO HUGELY THE TOTAL #OF VOTES THIS YEAR? …someone commented awhile ago in this blog that the AI producers have already decided that Kris would win…after much puzzling, I’ve understood…AI contestants’ success is shared by the AI creators, which makes sense..after all, they were DISCOVERED through the AI…ADAM WILL SELL MULTIPLE PLATINUM ALBUMS and win many GRAMMYS for decades to come…he was a SURE SHOT, HE DIDN’T ALSO NEED TO WIN THE CROWN AS MUCH AS HE DESERVED IT…but KRIS needed to win, to be able to catch on at least with the US crowd, since ADAM is already an established genial artist WORLD WIDE…by ADAM coming in second and Kris wining, A IDOL got their cake and eat it too…Simon has said last week: “THE FINAL RESULT, aka who the winner will be, MIGHT BE A DING DONG RESULT”…meaning AN UNEXPECTED RESULT…PAULA said to ADAM the evening prior to the final show: ADAM, NO MATTER WHO WILL WIN OR HOW IT’LL END, YOU WILL BE ICONIC…the only mistake was that she had to say “YOU ALREADY ARE ICONIC”…

  13. Manuela says:


    ADAM LAMBERT-Manuela’s MAD WORLD tribute to ADAM


  14. Baelwyn says:

    The IMAX concert idea is a great one! Hope that gets more notice. I have downloaded everything I can buy on iTunes and did so as soon as each week was available. I search everyday for additional vids and info on Adam. Just want more!

    As to the question posed, Adam is already revolutionizing things in the music industry. Look at the excitement he’s generated among other celebrities and musicians who are eager to work with him! I expect his CD will be quite unique and the stage version of his new songs to be visually stunning. This will set a precedent for other musical artists to experiment with more theatricality in their vocal stylings, presentation and song writing. Adam however is a one in a million uniquely gifted performer and I believe he will always be iconic, no matter what changes occur in the music industry in the years ahead.

  15. Calabrisella says:

    Here is why I think Adam makes such an impact: (in my humble opinion)
    1. He loves to perform and this fact draws people in.
    2. He has a lot of stage experience, and seems to have good understanding of how the entertainment industry works, and an objective view of how to market one’s self.
    3. He is physically very beautiful, and is very poised.
    4. Last but not least, He does have a magnificent voice.

    • I agree…but I also would add his passion. When he sings there is so much feeling and passion in his music . He really moves people. He’s not just up there doing a job.

      I also love the way he handles himself. He’s a real class act. He’s extremely professional, respectful, and genuine. And when he is interviewed, he answers honestly and eloquently. He gives respect and his attitude and actions demand respect back. He has a quiet humbleness, but yet an incredibly strong confidence about him.

      Let’s face it, the reasons to love Adam are endless!

  16. i agree with the last comment.Obama effect for sure…..He is so smart also.and very humble……just listen to him

  17. I have seen a lot of postings regarding Kris’ sales versus Adam’s sales. People are posting the Itunes sales online and complaining about the fact that Adam doesn’t have as many sales. Let me just put in my “2 cents” and hopefully it will put some minds at ease. I am a 50 year old woman. And I can say for a fact that one of the differences in Kris’ career versus Adam’s career is that Kris has a lot of young listeners and fans, while Adam has fans of every age. Adam has a lot of fans that are old enough to be his parents – men and women. However, the disadvantage to that is that older people like myself don’t “itune” much. I don’t buy itunes. I don’t own an ipod. And most people my age don’t. So I haven’t bought one itune song. HOWEVER, the minute Adam’s CD comes out, I’ll be waiting in line to buy it. I look forward to his concerts. In the meantime, I have gone on youtube, subscribed to various Adam Lambert lists, created a playlist of all of his studio version music, and I set my playlist to autoplay and listen to his music all the time. I’m sure once there is music out there to buy, the sales will speak loud and clear – Adam is amazing!

    • CB, they are the sales for this week, not the whole season. Across the season, Adam has trounced the rest of the contestants, including Kris.

      I agree with a lot of what you say but Adam’s fans range in age right across the board – from 8 to 80. He actually has more teenage fans than Kris (Kris has more pre-teens) because many teenagers find Kris “boring” and “old fashioned”. Conversely, Kris has more gay male fans. Go figure!

  18. He’s also a realist and he knows how to live in the moment without losing sight of what’s coming tomorrow and not forgetting what he’s learned in the past. He’s just someone we all wish we could get to know…he’s extremely honest and that’s why it’s so easy for him to speak his mind, he’s not constantly censoring himself or anyone else for that matter.

    He’s not only going to give us some legendary entertainment over our next many years, but I see him doing some really good things in terms of volunteerism and the like when he reaches that type of stardom and is able to make full use of that venue. The guy has a huge, wounderful heart and soul and I just think he’d be so much fun to hang around!! He’s fully aware of what it is to be human and to see all the humor in it!!!

  19. I did buy the “No Boundaries” single. The studio version is much better than when he sang it on Idol. He said himself that it was a hard song to sing live. I would recommend any of you Adam fans to buy it. As someone already stated Adam is on top in the Album sales and has been from the beginning. The number of videos being sold is double Kris.

  20. AdamRocks! says:

    I just bought Adam’s *album* from itunes. . . I thought you needed an ipod to do that, but my kids just told me that you can download it to your computer. . . not too computer literate, am I? lol

  21. I love Adam because he is talented, but we have to stop TAKILNG about him and support ADAM in sales!!!
    WE HAVE TO MAKE A REAL POINT OF VIEW! That´s the real difference.


  22. Hey guys, Check the music video charts. Adam has many more video in the top 50 than Kris. this clearly supports what the article is saying the traditional CD is not the place for Adam. People have to see him to truly enjoy the entire Adam experience. To compare them on the song charts is not it. He is so much more that singing songs although that is pretty wonderful. He is the whole package song, voice,look and visual presentation. I watched Adam on Regis and Kelly and neither one of them could stop touching him or smiling. He has true charm. Adam artistry is in the presentaion of his material in a whole new way. I can’t wait to see what he will do next.

  23. Brendan says:

    he is definitely gonna become and amazing artist musically and by how many albums he sells. i like his style and yea i definitely feel a connection with him when he sings!

  24. I really believe adam will do anything n the future he can do anything he wants … can’t wait to see what next with him and really nothing is enough when it comes to adam lambert .. god i luv him so much he is the best thing ever that happened n the last months and he will be a force to fear n the music industry .. i really believe he will be the next legend of this generation ..

  25. I’m no teeny bopper. As one of Adam’s more “mature” fans (in my forties) – I downloaded his whole ALBUM so I could have ALL his songs! Last I checked he was LEADING in the album sales.

  26. Francesca says:

    I don’t know where anyone is getting the idea that those are the total sales for the whole season. I think someone misinterpreted the word “combined”.

    They are for this week and the totals given for each of them are the total sales for all the songs they have in the top 100 this week, not throughout the whole season. Scroll back up to the figures and add them up. It’s not that difficult.

    Kris was bound to sell more this week because he won. However, I have seen a lot of posts from people who say they only bought some of Kris’ past songs because they hadn’t watched until the finale and were surprised that he won so they wanted to check out if he was better than he came across in the finale. They bought the ones that were the first ones listed on i-tunes but unfortunately a lot of the same people are posting that they’re not too impressed and are even more surprised that he won.

    As for No Boundaries. Of course, Kris is going to sell more copies of that. It is the winner’s single. I think releasing them both, never mind at the same time, shows very little faith in Kris on the part of the record company. Mind you, when you listen to both versions and even look at the sleeves, you can see where they spent money. They certainly thought they were going to be releasing Adam’s version as the winner’s single. It is much better produced and the artwork is less plain. Had Adam won, I don’t even know if they would have bothered releasing Kris’ version. It has the sound and look of lip service.

    The different branches of Sony that they have been assigned to is also very telling. Jive has become known as the label where they stick artists who they don’t see sticking around for long or who they want to try ou before contracting them to one of their larger subsudiaries.

  27. renogirl says:

    I am yes totally connected when Adam’s gift of sharing his talents and self. Through his performances Ada, takes you places new and old he takes you up and down A crazy rollercoaster ride. I love rollercoasters! It is incredible that so many of us feel that incredible magic. I want to share it with other people so they can feel the pleasures that Adams performances bring to you. How inspiring and fun this journey has been. Like all of you out there I do not want it to end. So create Adam I will be waiting and wondering what is coming next. The Concert will have to do for now and all the new things I find on this site. Wow words can not discribe how happy I am about Adams entrance into our lives.

  28. I would think as far as iTunes Adam vs Kris goes, Kris is selling more singles BUT Adam is making a killing with Video sales. Adam gives a fantastic performance so this makes sense. In the top 40 Videos Adam has all 17 of his videos (including the 2 duos) and Kris has 3 (1 duo). He is also staying ahead with the Season 8 Album (#2 currently, Kris is #12). I would think this overall shows Adam’s strength.

  29. I think the question for this thread is a very cool one. How will Adam work with and change the media? underlying this question is an acknowledgement of something called….presence. Adam has a powerful presence and we adore that and we want to pay him for that presence – so how is that presence best transmitted?

    Certainly video is more “full” than CDs! I think he will be a youtube phenom like Obama! every interview will be scrutinised! and what else? Acting! the movies – the mise en scene, music and other supports that deepen our vision of a person’s presence!


  30. Raving Fan says:

    Someone said that Adam is 4-D. That is so true! Must have DVD of performances, pay-per-view concerts, I-MAX, book of Adam photos–anything goes. This guy is so hot. Who cares if he likes to dress up? When he isn’t decked out in drag or for a performance, and looks like himself with eyeliner and all–he is SOHOT! And this is from a 58 year old married woman. Adam is such a find.

  31. Adam is sooo ready to act! how a about a movie?oh!and a tv series is better,so that Adam is there every week! and sure to say,it will make the most popular one ever!

  32. I’ve made my itunes cd of Adam for my car. Unfortunately one of my favourites does not seem to be available except on youtube. It is “Pop Goes the Camera”.

    How can I buy and download it? Must I be a youtube member?

    Advice please.

  33. Adam needs to be seen, as well as heard. I think DVD’s are a good idea..but i also think he needs to be in front of an audience–he feeds off the energy. His transformation when he hits the stage is almost eerie.

    I think he would be a phenomenal actor..stage and film..just EVERYTHING!!
    i would watch anything he decides to do.

    God, I love this guy!
    I just love him.

    • As soon as i saw Adam, i was totally hooked. It wasnt just his voice, it was everything about him. The way he sang or spoke about himself was amazing, he didnt hide anything about himself, he showed us who he really is. Over the last few month, we have watched him go from being a relatively unknown artist, to having millions of fans around the world. He is becoming a legend.

      Its been an absolutely amazing experience, watching someone who is truly happy with themself is fantastic, it makes you feel good. I wanted my friends to experience this but i couldnt get them to watch the show. When i did show them a clip of him it wasnt the same, they didnt know anything about him, so it didnt have the same effect, they just said he was good.

      I think they should release a film about his journey on Idol. They already have the performances and interviews, all they have to do is put them together. There are no actors, they get the real thing

  34. This guy, our American Idol, Adam Lambert will change the music industry for the better. 🙂

  35. I can’t wait for his first album. I haven’t been this excited about an artist ever!

  36. Adam is something new, fresh, and hot! I think he has much to offer and fills a real void in the music industry right now! I can’t wait to buy his CD when it comes out and watch him perform LIVE by himself (without all the other boring Idol contestants around him)
    I just want ADAM by himself!

  37. AdoringAdam says:

    I am counting on Adam to change the music industry. I have downloaded everything Adam sang on American Idol from Itunes. I listen to his music every day. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with on his first album. You can preorder it at Amazon. I am sure he will also do videos to all his songs. I haven’t been this excited since I saw Elvis in concert many years ago. Adam appeals to all ages. He is truly from heaven.

  38. Adam lambert is my idol. If other people believe that kris is the idol they dont undrestand anything about the music!i want to follow his way and both of us will change the music industry but i live in the country that i cant reach to any people to perform!if i lived in u.s i would be the bigest singer in the world!!Because i sing without any trainings.