Will Adam Lambert Get a Glee Slushee?

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A few years ago when Adam Lambert was between the American Idol Tour and releasing his first album, For Your Entertainment, bloggers were on fire about him appearing on ‘Glee.’ But Adam shot down the idea while appearing on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

AceShowBiz.com (10/31/09) reports “Adam Lambert has confirmed that he has not received a formal invitation to appear on the musical series. He told Seacrest ‘I think that’s just a rumor, I haven’t heard anything officially about that.’ The news that the “American Idol” graduate would pay “Glee” a visit came from the co-creator of the show himself, Ryan Murphy. He told EW a week ago that he was ‘considering approaching’ Lambert to appear on the show.”

Then the fires got fueled again when we heard from ‘Glee’ castmember Lea Michele, in a 11/6/09 MTV.com article by James Montgomery (@positivnegativ): “Glee Star Lea Michele Is Determined To Land Adam Lambert Cameo: ‘I feel like I’d be getting to work out at the gym with the best trainer in the world,’ she says of singing with ‘American Idol’ runner-up.”

And that was that. We never heard any more about it, until now.

This week The Hollywood Reporter’s Shirley Halperin brought up the idea to Adam about appearing on ‘Glee’ and he responded with “I think there were murmurs about it. Hopefully, maybe now that I have some new music, I could go on there.” Now Pop Crush’s Cristin Maher is taking the idea farther. Read on for her article, and click the link at the end for the conclusion.

I’m just dying to see if anyone throws a slushee on Adam!

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From Pop Crush:
Adam Lambert is a Gleek! The ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ singer recently gushed about ‘Glee‘ in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, and even spoke about his dream to one day guest star on the show. However, unlike the many famous guest stars who have appeared on past episodes of the musical series, Lambert wouldn’t want to play a fictional character, but would actually want to portray himself.

First, Lambert spoke about his hopes to snag a ‘Glee’ guest spot someday, and how he is eagerly awaiting a call from the execs at Fox. “I don’t know, ask them,” Lambert told THR when asked why he hasn’t been offered an acting spot on ‘Glee.’ “I think there were murmurs about it. Hopefully, maybe now that I have some new music, I could go on there.” The new music Lambert is referring to, in case you are living under a rock, is his second album ‘Trespassing,’ slated for released on March 20.

Unlike other ‘Glee’ guest stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, who portrayed substitute teacher Holly Holliday, and Neil Patrick Harris, who played Will Schuester’s nemesis Bryan Ryan, Lambert wants to keep his guest role as truthful as possible. How will he do this? By playing himself, of course! “I want to just be me,” Lambert said. “Why do I have to be a fictional character?” Can you just imagine Lambert engaging in a rockin’ sing-off with one of the many ‘Glee’ regulars? Or perhaps appearing as an inspirational figure to a struggling member of the New Directions?

See here for the rest of the article.

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  1. Wow…That would be Hot! Adam on “GLEE” would Rock!

  2. MomTerryLady says:

    That would be soooo fantastic!!! I am not a regular watcher of Glee, but I have seen a few episodes. I would love to see Adam appear on the show. And I agree that he should just be himself, Adam Lambert!!! How exciting!!!! I hope, I hope, I hope it happens and soon!

  3. PLEASE put Adam in Glee…………….what fun that will be. I will campaign for it

  4. glamfan 1954 says:

    He would be so hot on that show. I hope this comes true. What talent and beauty! Love you Adam!

  5. Sue Shirland says:

    My absolute most favorite artist on one of my favorite shows! It would be extraordinary!! Especially as they share some of same values of celebrating who you really are. Please…..

  6. If Adam was on Glee, I’d watch it for sure – are you kidding me!!! Love Adam, love his music, love his talent. He would so fit in with the Glee characters!!!

  7. Not a watcher of Glee but of course if Adam was on I certainly would watch that episode. In one of his interviews he said he tried out for that show when they were picking the cast, but they told him he looked too old. Looks like it may come full circle if he will guest on the show.

  8. Scootersmom says:


  9. glamity58 says:

    I love Glee and really wanted Adam on it. You never know what goes down on these things. If he was in the loop in 2009 he should have jumped at it. Maybe they asked and he turned them down? I hope not. I believe this may be the last year for Glee, so if he’s going to get on there, it needs to be soon. I will watch it 100 times.

  10. cory-coralys says:


  11. vocalsrule says:

    Adam should be the sweepstakes prize in a contest entered by Curt! They can play dress up (fantasy) and then he can get in a singing extravaganza (range! technique!!) with Rachael. Oooh and he can break out that old football uniform as well.