Why this Site was Down for 36 hours

Hello everyone,

The site was down for approximately 36 hours due to an urgent transfer to another server. We finally started the transfer to the new server over the weekend but our old hosting company decided to erase the site, format and shut down the server in the middle of the transfer when they found out we were migrating to another company (thanks a lot dudes). We had a full backup from three weeks ago so we had to restore and put everything back together on the new server. This process took several hours to complete, we didn’t go to sleep that night. 

I’ve received hundreds of e-mails (No clue how you got my email address 🙂 ) with people concerned about the site. We appreciate the support!

So we are up again, we are ready to follow Adam in his journey and now cover those concerts. We are still adding articles that got erased during the transfer.

This site has been on since January when Adam tried out. This is his original fansite, with your continous support it won’t ever go down and it will only keep on growing!

Als0, thanks to everyone who has donated until this point. You are the reason why this site is up and keeps on growing. As always, anything helps.

**Thanks for the all the support you’ve shown on the comment below, we love you too 🙂 


  1. Thanks for the explanation, I thought it was MT system for awhile. It was recommended that we contact webmaster@domain, so I put in adamunofficial.com and fired off an email… it didnt go through. Didn’t you give us an email address in your article about you and the family?

  2. I meant “MY” system

  3. I have to say I was kinda frantic…I check here always, several times a day!!! I love this site. I was saying a prayer that it would come up…and viola-it did! Thank Goodness!!!!! You do such a great job and your very appreciated.

  4. As I already posted on the Tour Vibes page, I too was frantically trying to find a way back in to this website after getting numerous non-connection notices. I spent 2 1/2 days trying different tactics to re-establish connection with adamunofficial.com. I even went so far as to try and contact Dreamsound on his Twitter home page, at the email address given on the ‘Adam Lambert Updates’, and other sites. I’m sure he thought I was an overzealous fan, but I was horrified that I had lost all of you forever! I finally got back in by clicking on an update link from Dreamsound’s Twitter home page, and lo and behold, I landed here! I am kissing the ground, truly. I fervently hope this won’t happen again, because this is by far the best fansite for Adam Lambert on the internet. The people are so warm, and the writing is excellent, by both writers and bloggers. If I can’t get back after leaving this site after posting today, then I send my love to all of you fans and Glambs, and just know that I will be out there in the internet jungle working my way home again!

  5. Thanks for the info…..I was really worried. I love this site!!!

  6. THANKS DREAMSOUND!!!! What would we do w/o you! So many of Adam’s fans have come to count on this site w/o even realizing it!! So glad to know I didn’t really ‘lose my mind’ trying to figure out what I did wrong!! My ‘sanity’ (what there is of it) still intact, I can RIP, and give another “thanx’ for all your efforts! -PEACE-HOPE,,,,,,,,

  7. Thanks dreamsound. So glad you have it back up and running. I started out with your site, and have been a follower ever since. I love your coverage of Adam.


    Thank you for all of your hard work bringing this site back to life. It is the best and most current site for Adam lovers. The other sites are so formal and do not include all the fabulous links and photos posted in the chat room. Maybe you could collect the links from the chat in a special category so we can add the photos and articles we find.

    More frequent blog postings would be great and your drop down categories list sometimes drops behind the photos. You are otherwise perfect.

  9. TexasWannaHold'Em says:

    Thanks so much, Dreamsound! I was frantic when I couldn’t find the website. I felt like I lost my best friends! I’ve really become spoiled by your site, which is by far the best. And the people in the chat room are so entertaining and informative. Thanks so much for taking care of all us Adamaniacs!

  10. I was also worried … it’s at least once a day since AI begun I come here to see if there’s something new about Adam … Thanks for your explanations and welcome back!


  11. GlamChop says:

    Thanks for letting us know what happened! I was beginning to panic when I couldn’t find you! Glad to know you weren’t hit by same group that hit the White House, Treasury, NASDAQ and other sites (we all know there is vital information on this site!). Glad to have you back! Need my ADAM FIX!!!!!!

  12. Glad you are back! Something similar to your old provider shutting you out prematurely happened to me once – the electricity cut off at noon the day I moved out of an apartment once, because the apartment complex had not paid THEIR bill – and I was doing laundry! I had quite a lot of fun (not) moving two loads of sopping wet clothes to the new place. Lol.

  13. hwiduri says:

    Oh, so that’s why I couldn’t log in to this site for 2 days…Thanks for the explanation

  14. Dianne Hill says:

    I am from New Zealand and I go on your site every day. I love it, it is the best way to keep up with what Adam is doing, his official site hasn’t been updated for ages, so if I want to know what is going on this is where I come. I was so upset when I kept getting an error message when trying to log onto this site. Plus I just wanted to keep watching over and over the clips of Adam to Sexual Freak. I just love it. Believe me when I say I was on the verge of having a huge melt down when I couldn’t get my daily Adam fix. Thanks for all your hard work guys. This site rocks. And are we going to be able to get any videos of the concerts. I have seen some, but they have not been the best. You would think that American Idol would put out a DVD of the concert tour. They would sell heaps and heaps of them. I would buy it even though I would only ever watch Adam and Allison and I think I could safely say that everyone that visits this site would buy it too.

  15. I wondered what was going on.

  16. ItsANewDawn says:

    Glad it’s back up and running. I’m addicted to this site :P!!

  17. Hi Glambs! What has happened to the twitter article and comments? It’s good to be back. I was suffering from intense withdrawal symptons. Love ye all!

    • Hey Ingrid, did you see my remarks under yours on the ‘Tour Vibe’ page where you were asking for He-l-l-l-l-p-p-p-p? Also, Dreamsound mentioned that his former web server dismantled all the content and formatting from the site when he changed servers a couple of days ago. He had to put all the content back himself which was a lot of work (and I don’t know how that’s done), and it looks like some things were lost. I think the Twitter article and blog was lost. But it looks like most of the former site content is here. I was just thrilled to get back here safe and sound. Couldn’t find you on Twitter though. Greetings to all of you in SA!

  18. Glad it is up and running. Was very worried for awhile. This is a site that I hv to visit few times a day 🙂 …daily remedies of Adam-Flu

  19. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Thankfully I have Firefox because this page still wont open in Safari…….. Must say I was very upset when the best Adam news website was off line. Hopefully the Safari side of things wil be working soon…..please my webmaster. The blue page doesn’t look good as a Top Site page…..

  20. Lorrin, glad to be back! Have you seen the latest stats on the Twitter Best Male Vocalist. Our Adam is streeeeeeeeets ahead of the others. I watched MJ’s Memorial Concert and wished that Adam could sing one of his songs. I am thinking through what I can do to connect with South African Glambs in an effort to visually depict his support in South Africa and forward it to Adam. Perhaps I will start in Cape Town???????

    It is good to connect with the ‘usual suspects’ again. Gala, Niecy, …. etc, where are you folk – I miss and love you Glambs!

    • SO good to hear from you, Ingrid! Yes, I did see that Adam was way out in front on best male vocalist. I loved your ideas about a visual connect for Adam down where you are. Hey, I just read today that Adam is VERY interested in visiting international venues, especially Asia and Australia. How’s about he makes a little swing by South Africa while he’s out and about? Why don’t you Twitter him when you get it ready? (Oh, and I haven’t been able to find Afriglam on Twitter, am I spelling it right?) Waving again with my little hand from NorCal, love you all in SA!

      • Lorrin, my apologies – it is afriglam. I am still challenged and trying to find out how to use twitter. Currently, I am a twitter in more sense than one! I have news for Adam Lambert. No way, no way, is he going to visit Asia and Australia and not make a swing in South Africa. We have a beautiful country, both in terms the beautiful landscape but also in terms of our diverse cultures – worth a visit.

        • I’ve heard that Capetown and Vancouver are similar, that’s what the S A’s who live here say.

          Finally at around 4 pm the clouds lifted. I do hope Adam got to see how lovely it is here now that the mountains show again… hate it when it closes in, and wouldnt you know it, after seven straight weeks of sun and heat it teemed down just before and during the Idol’s arrival.

          Now they’re off to Sacramento, more inland and dryer and hotter. One of these threads, or was it one of the many sites I’ve followed? said they have at least two tour buses now.. more space for the guys.

          • I imagine Adam and the other idols have probably already arrived in our hot valley by now and gotten settled in Sacramento. Yes, our famous farming valley is flatter, hotter and dryer than the pristine Northeast (my favorite part of the U.S.), but is still very lush with trees and beautiful waterways, and the weather has been much cooler this week than our normal July temperatures….to think that Adam is only a few short minutes away from me right now, or will be soon! But I can’t go to the concert, Arco Arena is too much for this old gal, that sheer mountain drop-off seating would do me in, and I really couldn’t see a thing the last time I went to a show there. But I know all of you younger Californians and Nevadans will love every minute of it. Scream like mad for me will you guys? Give all of our love to him in thunderous waves, and enoy this concert for all of us, and tell us how it all went when you get home! Hold up our part of the wave riding Adam to the top! Wish I were with you and have the best time of your lives!!!

  21. AdamAddict says:

    I got panic attacked for 2 days! I miss this sites,miss Adam and you all! I’m glad everything is okay now! 🙂

    • ME TOO, AdamAddict, glad to see you in here amongst the others again! I was having fits trying to find the site for almost 3 days! SO glad to be back!

  22. OMG …. Welcome back again .. I missed u sooo freakin’ much 🙁 … I thought the website was gone, FOREVER :'( and I almost had a heart attack …..Thank God you’re back again..
    DON’t DO THIS TO ME AGAIN :p … <3<3<3

  23. I was worried so much yesterday and now I know why. Thanks for the explanation. This is the site that I must check everyday. I’m so glad that there’s a site like this so that I can get and shre all the information about Adam Lambert.

  24. AdamRocks! says:

    Thank you Dreamsound and everybody involved with this site! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

    My husband just surprised me with tickets to the Memphis show on July 26th. . . I am SO EXCITED!!!

    Cindy from Mississippi (Glamb #37)

    • AdamAddict says:

      Hi Cindy,it’s Emili! Have fun! Take a lot of picture and can u please throw a bra at Adam? Write on the right side “LUV” and on the left side”EMILI”? Spray a bit perfume!And scream at him not to throw back at the audience this time! Tell him it’s from Malaysian beautiful girl!Or should I send you my bra? LOL!! 🙂

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Hi Emili! ~waving~ LOL. . . I see a lot of bras in Adam’s future!

        Where the heck is your mailman with your Rolling Stone?! 🙂

        Cindy from Mississippi (Glamb #37)

    • Hi Cindy , mydaughter and I are coming to Memphis from Baton Rouge to see Adam. I am also very excited. We need to really make noise and bring blue glo sticks for him. Being it’s so close to Arkansas I’m afaid we’ll be outnumbered by Kris fans.

      I told my daughter she had to wear black nail polish. We are not kids……lol

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Hi Jerri! We’re sitting in the club seats. . . looking down, the stage is to our our left. . . where are your seats?

        Cindy from Mississippi (Glamb #37)

        • Hi Cindy, actually the first seats I bought were club on the left side of the stage. Then the more I thought about it since it’s my birthday week. I spent the money and got floor section 4 first row. Since I couldn’t get money back on others I invited a couple of friends from Memphis. We are staying in Tunica at one of the casinos I actually sell to the casino gift shops their handbags and jewelry. So, I’m there quite often and they are giving us a limo ride to and from concert. So quite excited.

  25. ZoraLoveaAdam says:

    Thank you Dreamsound!
    I am so happy the website is back. I was so upset when I saw it was down! I need my daily doze of Adamness and Adam updates, which you deliver to us – thank you so much!
    Love you guys!

  26. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks guys for getting a new site up and running!!
    You are the best!
    Going over to the donate page now…

  27. WELCOMEBACK !!!!!


    There have been a few very crude remarks in the chat box on the right. Perhaps you could monitor it.

    • pokergurl says:

      It’s all in good fun and for the love of everything Adam. Just enjoy being a Glambert, lol.

  29. AdamAddict says:

    Since this sites can’t be opened for 2 days,I have to find other way to follow Adam’s news since I know he just performed in tour.So I found this sites which I think really cool.It’s not like I betrayed this sites or anything,(I’m glamb#19) I still love this sites but just sharing with you guys about Adam.It’s http://www.gossipcandy.com So now, everyday,I have to go to this sites and that sites,then I’m happy! Need Adam’s news everyday,make me feel energetic! 🙂

  30. I’m glad you’re back up! You have the greatest videos and music of Adam and I go to your site often. Nice to see you’re back up and running!

  31. Whew! thanks for all your hard work!

  32. Glambs, you are a fab bunch of people, always willing to help each other out. It is now more than a month since the AI finale and the Adam craze has intensified. If the twitter competitions are anything to go by and reading the general reviews of the tour thusfar, I think it is fair to say that Adam’s fanbase is steadily growing. I just knew it – with Adam around, a change is gonna come, oh yes, it will!

  33. Hey Theresa, thanks for sharing the likeness of Cape Town and Vancouver. Please ask the South Africans to represent me well and show the Adam some love.