Why Season 8 Lives On

OK, so I know Season 8 really is over.  The votes have been counted, the winner announced, and the confetti swept up.  So why am I here on this site?  Why are you?  Well, I can only speak for myself.

Season 8 lives on for me because I was not just entertained, but invested.  Strangely enough, the definition of “invest” in my dictionary doesn’t describe how I feel, but I can think of no other better word.  “To commit money in order to gain interest” is what the dictionary says.  OK, I did spend money – I admit it, much more than in any previous season.  I downloaded itunes, bought a tour concert ticket, bought an AT&T phone so I could text vote (hey, they weren’t passing out free phones in my area) and purchased merchandise.  But those things were just a tiny part, and the least significant part of my “investment.”

No, the reason I am here is because a one-in-a-million contestant came along, caught my eyes and ears during his audition, and continued to awe me, amaze me, surprise me, and bring me to tears week after week.  There was the voice, of course – that otherworldly perfect voice that could go anywhere and do anything.  Investment #1 – awe at vocals so majestic mingled with dread that I will never again hear a voice like that.

Then there was “the look,” which I guess you either loved or hated.  Personally, I loved the hair, eyeliner, nail polish, and *ahem* tight pants.  But the important thing about Adam Lambert’s look is that he dared to be different.  Was he just “being himself” or was it just to be controversial?  I’m not sure.  I’ve heard Adam in interviews say both “this is me” and “I like to get people talking.”  Whatever, it took guts to take those risks, and even after the hate mail started pouring in after Ring of Fire (my personal favorite) he went back to that look again and again.  Investment #2 – admiration for Adam’s fearlessness in doing what he wanted to do regardless of the consequences.  Would I have the guts?  I don’t think so.  Most of us conform to fit into society and gain acceptance from our peers.

Then there was Adam’s humility and grace.  If he’d come off as arrogant to me, I wouldn’t have cared about him, regardless of his talent.  On stage, he commanded both it and the audience 100%.  But when the performance was over, he didn’t applaud himself, but stood quietly, only mouthing a silent “thank you” when the judges praised him.  I’ve watched lots of his interviews, and Adam has never said an unkind word, even though he, and he alone, was asked questions that are nobody’s business.  Investment #3 – Respect.

By the end of the season, I was totally invested.  I wasn’t just cheering for my favorite contestant, I was emotionally tied to a man who is rare, unique, and inspirational.  As much as you can love someone you’ve never met, that’s love.  And so the season is over, and the other guy won.

American Idol got what it wanted from me – a good chunk of my wallet.

But the rest of my investment?  That all goes to Adam.  I continue to be invested, and that means I’ll support Adam any way I can.




  1. Well said, and can I buy some stock??

  2. How so well put. I have to admit I had said I would not waste my time watching another AI after last season. It can be quite the time sink. From the first moment I heard that “voice” I knew I was in trouble. I could not help but tune in each week to see what suprise we were in for. Eventually Adam even sucked my sister in then the rest of family. My Mom and Dad do not watch AI but were eager for us to show them the newest performance posted on YouTube. I wonder if AI can ever be the same after some one so aggressively changed the status quo on AI. As like you I am completely invested and I am looking forward to seeing Adam storm onto the world stage!

  3. the most that hurts me is that i can wait to see adam again, his interwievs his perfomances again, that´s why y didnt want to idol finish 🙁 but is over. i cant wait his album his very perfect songs again, i keep watching over and over his perfomances, i keep listening in my cel when y went to work, he is soo perfect, nobody sing like he does, but again idol is over, we have to wait to see it again, iam from argentina soo, its very difficult to see a person like adam live 🙁 i only see on tv 🙁 so lame, i hope some day he came to argetina

    LEITO FAN 1º of Adam Lambert in Argentina

    • Ohhh I thought I was fan Nº1 in Argentina!!! hahahha….hope we have Adam someday performing live in our country…if not..seems we’ll have to travel a bunch of miles to watch him….that would be an investment I would never regret!!!!! Just waiting anxiously for his solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m already missing his performances yet!!!!!
      Need more ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Vell (from Argentina)

  4. Jeanette, – what a perfect way to put it all in perspective. You are so right with all that you described. I too wish him much success – and you need to consider being a writer for you profession.

  5. Congratz on your first article here, WOW, NICE!!!

  6. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your word “invest.” While you may have indeed invested dollars for merchandise and iTunes (iTunes owns me now, too! LOL), it is the *emotional* investment that you have committed that makes this so huge. I am a novelist, and we writers try and get that emotional investment from our readers. Adam was doing the same thing with his performances. Every time he stepped on that stage, he was saying, “Come with me for a wild ride.” And we as the audience would say, “Okay, lead me there.” And he always delivered. THAT is what will make him a huge star, aside from his amazing vocals, great looks and easy charm with people. He is the whole package. I missed him in Hollywood week, but he caught me the first time he stepped out on stage belting the Rolling Stones, and after that I bought a ticket to his ride every week. He never disappointed. I think the worst thing in the world is for someone to emotionally invest in an artist and then be let down when they don’t meet expectations. I felt that way about the third Matrix movie, like I had invested all this emotion in cheering on the heroes only to have them die in the end. I felt gypped. But I NEVER felt that way about an Adam Lambert performance. As long as he keeps doing that, he is going to have a huge career. Can’t wait to buy my ticket for the next ride…

  7. This sums up perfectly how I feel. I couldn’t quite put it into words. He was my favorite from the beginning, but somewhere along the way, he became more than that. I had totally invested in him. I’ve read a lot of blogs and posts over the past several days. It seems that the vast majority of his fans feel this very same way. Since the show’s over, I’m left with the feeling of “what now…what next?” I can’t wait to buy his CD and see him in concert. I’m going to the summer tour, but only for him. I want him so badly to become a superstar. I hope that he continues to receive all the praise that he deserves.

  8. I’m so agree with you… great article!

  9. AdamAddict says:

    I’m so agree with Bruce. I’m just thinking the same thing before I read Bruce’s post.You should be a writer.Maybe for a very popular entertainment magazines or something ,than you can write all this beautiful thing about our darling Adam!You wrote beautifully!(I’m not kissing your ass or somethin’):)

    I was nodding my head while reading it,”yes,yes”,”oh that’s so true”,”Oh,i’ve noticed that too”,”right right!”
    You forgot 1 more thing after all the nail polish and eye liner thing,the BOOTS!! LOL!! I always look what kind of boots he’s wearing every week.My favorite is the long 1 that almost reach the knees!Very sexy and makes him look even taller.Tight pant? Who doesn’t love that??LOL!!

    I hate arrogant people,think he’s the best and can’t accept bad critism,always have to answer back thinking he’s always right and people always wrong,that kind of person! Who can tell that Adam with that talent and that good look,he still can be a nice,sweet ,caring,loving,modest person! How people can hate this guy? Seriously,are they retarded or something?Geez!

    We all love Adam just the way he is,I don’t believe he will ever change accept change to better person that he already is now!

    • Jeanette says:

      You’re right! How could I forget the boots? Every week the boots/shoes were different, and those KISS boots were outrageous! How in the world was he able to move around in those? For that alone Adam deserves our respect!


  11. I feel that the further away we get from the result show, the less it matters who won. It is all about Adam now, and what he does next. Thank goodness he is not caught up in the promotion of the Idol winner. Let Kris enjoy it. We will all wait patiently for Adam’s album. My dream is that he tours with his own show with his own backing band. It’s a great compliment that Queen and Kiss offered him a spot, but they have all been around for a long time, and Adam can create his own image.

    • Agree with all of the above! I hope Adam does a city or two with KISS & Queen when they are on tour, for not only would it be fun for him & us but Adam could learn a lot about the business from the boys! Also would love to hear a recording with Slash….when is Adam officially done with AI??





    • Jeanette says:

      Mitchie, don’t feel bad – I cried while writing the article!

    • i know what you mean….my family was thinking that now that season 8 is over and they consoled me (they are so sweet) about “your guy losing”, that would be that………but, um, no……..i am just as interested in hearing, seeing and reading about adam as i was.

      he is a real winner, that adam- and i am really loving the kradam thing, too. it’s inspiring that those two formed such a deep friendship. kris says they love each other. all the other idols name adam as the person they turned to for solace. adam is a real person to me- i feel like i know him and would totally trust him. his talent is otherworldly in its intensity……

      this is only the beginning for adam- he is supposed to be on the cover of rolling stone in 2 weeks, they love him- a big sign that the industry is behind him totally. i think there will be a huge demand for adam, not seen since they beatles…..that’s just how big he’ s going to be.

  13. Amen Jeanette! Very well put and it’s how a lot of us feel. It has been a wonderful ride and one I intend to keep riding into the future. Adam is destined to be a huge superstar and I will be here to support him every step of the way. God bless you, Adam…we love you just the way you are!

  14. SUsan L says:

    I too find myself unable to let go even days after the confetti has been swept away. I am another non-Idol fan who went down hard this spring after a chance surfing landed me on “Mad World” last month. Then I spent a weekend watching Ring of Fire, over and over and over again. A friend asked me why I might think I was open to this seduction (I am a married professional and mom of teens) with a full and happy life. I didn’t think I was looking for any further fulfillment. But something about Adam created a receptive state in me!

    What you wrote Jeannette touched on much of what has caught me up–the music, the sensuality, the excitement of Adam’s performances. And I guess the availability through modern media–weekly performances, iphone confessionals, etc allowed me to get to know Adam in a way that I have not been able to get to know a musician before. I am always so impressed by his sensitivity, his eloquence about both music and his emotional state. Have you noticed how he cares for his fellow contestants? When Kris was clearly overwhelmed after the finale, it was Adam who had his arm around him and answered on both their behalfs. He was so supportive of Kris.

    With all the furor over the results, I have been incredulous that Adam (and Kris) have had to become spokesmen for national healing. After so many contentiouse years of “culture war” in this country, it was bound to spill over into this historic American Idol season. I imagine that it has surprised Adam and Kris that they have become a central story in that debate. Adam has been able to take on these issues with incredible poise and understanding. A NY Times critic this weekend wrote that Adam appears to lack a depth of thought. I beg to differ. In the firestorm of publicity following the finale, he has had the presence of mind to suggest to us all that the deep and meaningful friendship he and Kris (and their families) have developed–in spite of what some might assume would be insurmountable differences– could be a model for us all.

    After entertaining me, seducing me, and making me want to be his friend, Adam is now inspiring me. I guess this is why “I can’t let go, no matter how hard I try”.

    • Susan, I couldn’t agree with you More!!!! I, just like you, am a professional, mom of two teenagers-who incidentaly think I’ve gone crazy!! Which I have-over this incredible person, that the world has fallen in love with too!! Adam!!! He has become an American Icon in time when so many of us needed something to make us feel O.K. , and every week he did that for us!!!! He brought out feelings and emotions in people that I don’t think they even know exisisted!!! I have never been an extreeme “FAN” before!! Have never been on fan sites, or blogged before with people I don’t even know!!!!! But we all have one common bond-Adam!!! And personally, I can’t wait to see where all this is going to take us!!! All the best to you Susan!!!! From Adamfanfromthestart!!!

      • Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply! At the moment I’ve hit a really sad place. Maybe it’s because tonight I should be getting to watch Adam again….it’s Tuesday…what to do?

        I have never been like this before, about any performer/star. I’m feeling a bit confused by it I must say. And now that the Idol phase is over, I am really feeling the loss of contact with him. It’s really rather crazy–and yes, my kids think I’m nuts (although my son would be first in line for a Queen-Adam concert and my daughter is now playing “No Boundaries” constantly–the Adam version of course).

        I was talking to a friend, who is suffering from the same affliction, today…and we were trying to figure out what has hit us. I think one thing is that I have felt rather alienated from most pop music today. I find so much of it dull, or overproduced (to hide bad voices). I yearn for the creativity and drama of my past faves who coincidentally are some of Adam’s inspirations. I like all the same music he does! Then, combine that musicality, with the voice, the physical presence and then the wonderful personality–and it’s just too much!! It’s great to find support here–Thanks!

        • You are so right, Susan!! There is no other artist out there right now that really brings that excitement and “JOY” when you seem them or here them perform like Adam does!!! I was just on another fan site-(I know, it’s just crazy!!Never done this before in my intire life!!)-and I read a comment from a fan who said that she wished he would have a weekly variety show-like back in the day that we-I grew up with-and it reminded me of the Sonny and Cher show-and I think Cher just had her own show didn’t she?? I’m dating myself, aren’t I?? Oh well, I was very YOUNG back then!! But wouldn’t Adam be AWESOME!!! And then as I said, selfishly we could see his incredible talent every week!! Maybe someday in the future, we will be so lucky!!! Hang in there, Susan, we’re all going through Adamwithdrawl!!! Take Care.

    • I am so very happy that there are so many of us,that really feel the same way! And its not about age either!! I am a 45 year old grandma,but from the moment Adam auditioned for AI,I just
      knew that he was going to be something else!! I was an enormous Freddie Mercury fan groing up ( I am European) and had the chance to see him perfom more than once! After he died I was crushed,and never really been crazy about a voice or the way an artist looks anymore either..
      And there was Adam…Need I say more!!! I am totally addicted to him,its amazing what he can do
      Every week I was just in tears listening to him,I can’t wait til his CD comes out!! I wil have a new’
      collection of my favorite artist,wich is Adam Lambert forever!!!! He is an inspiration!!! He can do this! the best AI contestant EVER!!!!!

  15. Great way to summarize how I feel! I google Adam at least 6 times daily and even got relatives to see his tvo performances and they became fans as well. I am buying an ipod so I can download all his music. It is now that we need to support Adam by buying his music. Let’s make our guy #1 in the charts and show him all his efforts garnered him loyal fans:)

    • I did the same thing Mitsie,I send the video of born to be wild to my sister
      in the Netherlands because I want them to see Adam,and to hear what his
      voice and performance is all about!!! And yes we will make our guy #1 in all
      the charts!!! All I need now is a “cool shirt” with Adam on it!!!!

  16. I compliment you for putting into words what so many viewers felt. I, too, am invested: collecting pictures of Adam, downloading any clips I can find, building my own library of Adam info. Though season 8 is over, Adam is just beginning. So many people of all ages, creeds, colors & preferences are poised and ready to support him in everything he does in the future. I can’t wait for the next surprise.

  17. I too find myself unable to let go of my need to hear and read about Adam even days after the confetti has been swept away. I am another non-Idol fan who went down hard this spring after a chance surfing landed me on “Mad World” last month. Then, I spent a weekend watching Ring of Fire (and every other performance), over and over and over again. A friend asked me why I might think I was open to this seduction (I am a married professional and mom of teens) when I have a full and happy life. I didn’t think I was looking for any further fulfillment. But something about Adam created a receptive state in me!

    What you wrote, Jeannette, touched on much of what has caught me up–the music, the sensuality, the excitement of Adam’s performances. And I guess the Adam’s availability and the intimacy created through modern media–weekly performances, iphone confessionals, etc allowed me to get to know Adam in a way that I have not been able to get to know a musician before. I am always so impressed by his sensitivity, his eloquence about both music and his emotional state. Have you noticed how he cares for his fellow contestants? When Kris was clearly overwhelmed after the finale, it was Adam who had his arm around him and answered for both of them. He was so supportive of Kris.

    With all the furor over the results, I have been incredulous that Adam (and Kris) have had to become spokesmen for national healing. After so many contentious years of “culture wars” in this country, this country’s cultural divides were bound to spill over into this historic American Idol season. I imagine that it has surprised Adam and Kris that they have become a central story in that debate. Adam in particular has been able to take on these issues with incredible poise and understanding—especially given that speculation about his private life has been at the center of most of this. A NY Times critic this weekend wrote that Adam appears to lack a depth of thought. I beg to differ. In the firestorm of publicity following the finale, he has had the presence of mind to suggest to us all that the deep and meaningful friendship he and Kris (and their families) have developed–in spite of what some might assume would be insurmountable differences– could be a model for us all.

    After entertaining me, seducing me, and making me want to be his friend, Adam is now inspiring me. I guess this is why “I can’t let go, no matter how hard I try”.

    • Redsetter says:

      My sentiments EXACTLY. This guy…….my, my! I can’t wait to see what’s NEXT!!


  19. Very well said! It is beautiful . Adam is the only Idol that I feel really care about. The rest of the idol ( last seasons included ) was just for entertainment , but Adam made me Froze in front of the TV . I will miss ADAM , not be able to see his interview and performances every week. And since I am living outside USA I would not be able to see him on tour! ARRHG.
    Adam is the greatest most talented singer ever on Idol.And his personality is just as beautiful as his voice! And I am agree with SusanL, he is just so inspiring! not just a singer he is a great soul!
    Go ADAM!

  20. He did capture our imaginations – didn’t he? Right from the get-go. Anyone granted the privilege of seeing Adam live speak of his presence – of how he literally filled the stage; ‘as if no one else was there’. I remember just before he came out to sing ‘Beth’. Even though the camera was on Seacrest – I knew Adam had entered the stage. The entire audience erupted. The excitement was so palpable I could feel it – even filtered through my TV.

    Then there’s that voice – that glorious, clarion toned voice! ‘I was there’ people recount – almost reverentially. ‘I heard him – I heard Adam sing LIVE!’ If you look back 50 years – people spoke of Elvis that way; magically. As if he suddenly dropped from heaven. Even now – thirty years after his passing – Elvis fans remain faithful. They love their boy. I think the same will be said of Adam (it is now). And we were here. We saw the beginning. Birth of a supernova. It doesn’t get any more special than that.

    Beautiful article, Jeanette. Thank you.

  21. Ana Lambert says:

    Dear Jeannette,

    Your words are mine too. I feel the same and want to thank you for saying it so brilliantly. I miss the weekly doses of Adam and right now there´s this emptyness that I guess will be mitigated by an album.

    I also think that Adam is the kind of artist that needs to do like Elvis did: also perform on the big screen. He is more than just a singer. He´s got this magic presence that through videos and dvds can be shared with the world. You americans are lucky because you can go to the AI tour. For the rest of the world the only hope is perhaps a world tour or a film. I guess Adam will have a lot of work in the years to come. And yes, I´m very happy I could witness the beginning of a supernova (as someone already put it).

    Congratulations for the article.

  22. Couldn’t agree with u more…. My weekly dope of Adam Lambert has been reduced to surfing net and re-viewing those AI performances. I’m from Singapore and I can’t wait to watch his concert live! (Dun know how long I’ll have to wait though 🙁 )I think he’ll be tremendously entertaining, awesome. I read a piece of news here in Singapore about a 40+ year-old Adam fan who has expressed her utmost admiration for Adam – she intends to set up an Adam fan club here and she’s flying over to America to watch Adam in tour!!! Plus tons of my colleagues are very very VERY disappointed about the AI results. We want Adam, We love Adam, We buy Adam, We watch only Adam and We can’t let go!!!!

  23. MyBoyAdam says:

    What more is there to say? I’m always glad to hear that I’m not the only one who is thus affected by this special, special young man. I bet his first album will go platinum in “record” time. I hope it doesn’t take long for him to get it out. Sounds like he writes and co-writes music too; can’t wait!

  24. Jennifer #1 LambSkank in LaGrange says:

    I can’t agree more w/ Jeanette and the posts thereafter. I am a 46 year old female, been there, done that – grew up in Hollywood in the glorious late 70’s and 80’s at the Roxy, Whiskey, Troubadour and now live in a small country town in Georgia, far, far away. Adam brought me right back to that excitement, that sensousness, that passion that was that scene for me all those years ago.

    I bought a ticket today, for the Idol show in Atlanta in July. Just one ticket. Just me. I thought at first, kind of funny about it. Am I too old? Too wierd? And then I thought. I want to go see this boy, who brought back to me through his voice, his clothes, his self stated “wierdness”, I want to hear that voice live and I knew I wouldn’t be there alone. I would be there, with the help of Adams beautiful voice, with all those wonderful memories of the Hollywood scene I experienced and wouldn’t trade for the world that Adam is living now .

    Enjoy Adam, as you know, it is truly magical.

    • Jennifer, I’m a 39 proffessional, mom of 2 boys, and if I where in the US would for sure I would get a ticket to watch ADAM live, although if I had to go alone…..Go get fun for me please!!!!!
      Vell (from Argentina)

    • I was going to buy a ticket for myself and go alone–I think I would do just about anything to see him right now….then I spoke to my sisters who live on the west and east coasts (I live in the midwest). They are now flying in to see Adam with me! Adam has given the three of us something so wonderful to share. I cannot wait to see him. The only downside is that he has to share the stage with everyone else. If he does do any guest appearances with Queen, I will be hunting down those tickets with a vengeance!!

    • Sounds like fun! And I know what you mean. I live in a small town in Georgia myself. It’s nice to know there are other Adam aficionados out here!

      • Jennifer #1 LambSkank in LaGrange says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one, lol… I will have fun for you Vell in Argentina for sure!! I will soak it all up!! Have fun at the Midwest show Susan. My sister lives in CA and it was too much fun knowing three hours previous what she was dying to know and then texting or calling her and have her say to me… “Tell me, no don’t tell me, but tell me, no I don’t want to know” We’ve also had so much fun w/ it.

        And TFLS, where are you in GA? Are you going to the show?

    • Jennifer, I am also a 46 year old female, who feels the exact same way as you do!!! I am buying a ticket for the Idol show in Milwaukee, and like you, just one!!! Just me, on the floor, close to the front as I can!! Enjoy, Jennifer!!!! I know I will and I can’t wait!!!!!

      • Pamela Sue,

        I’m in Madison and and as I said above am going to the show with my two sisters from the West and East. We’re on the floor too. I’ll be thinking of you in Milwaukee!!! Give Adam the love in Gokey-ville 🙂

      • SusanL, Hey are you coming to Milwaukee to see “OUR ADAM”??? We’ll all be screaming our lungs out like crazy!!! Can’t wait!!! Can you??!!

  25. Jeannette,
    Perfectly said girl!!!!!
    Is just the way I feel too…it seems like if something is missing without Adam’s performances, so I come back here to watch him over and over….Specially Ring of fire which was superb…perfect vocals..sexy…spicy…great look…!!
    Can’t wait for his album!!!!…..and speaking about investment, I’m kind of waiting for his solo US tour to reschedule the visit to NY i had planned for next december…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vell (from Argentina)

  26. You captured my feelings perfectly Jeannette. Thank you.

  27. JEANETTE – I DIDN’T THINK ANYONE ELSE COULD BE MORE SPECIFIC WHEN PUTTING THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS TO WORDS ABOUT ADAM…BUT YOU DID HIM JUSTICE!!! THAT ALONE IS AMAZING! I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER! I have to see & hear him many times a day, b/c suddenly I realize SOMETHING IS MISSING IN MY WORLD! Then I put my video recordings of Adam on my tv, take my “ADAM FIX” for as long as I can, and go back to my real life, which seems so much more serene by then!!! -PEACE-LOVE-HOPE=LIGHT-

  28. I am with you – and him – 100%

  29. Panseyy says:

    Thank you Jeanette! You expressed so beautifully what so many of us are experiencing. It has been confusing trying to understand all the emotions. My friends and family all know we have witnessed the birth of a superstar – and we love to talk about Adam. How we felt about this song or that performance – all the nuances. This has been so much more that entertainment. I listen to Adam at every opportunity – I am completely obsessed! I agree with the person who said – “The farther we get from the finale, the less it matters who won.” Adam will do great things! You are so right on – great article.

  30. I pray adam will be around for many years.I want he to act so much. many of his fans are contacting larry king show asking for a one on one interview with this wonderful talented man.Click here: CNN.com – Contact Us

  31. i agree with everything you’ve mentioned about adam .. he seems to be a really nice guy .. and the best thing about him is that he never pretended to be somebody else .. he showed to us the real HIM ..


  32. Oh jeanette..what you’ve written is so beautiful. I have tears running down my face. God bless you for your eloquence. I have nothing to add other than I agree with every word and I miss him already too. Love to you adam…from a dedicated fane forever.xxx

  33. YvettevY says:

    oh, those are very TRUE. and, if i might add, very sweet words from you. i love how you said all of these things not only about the seasn per se but about what the season has discovered for you to go on and pursue this site—- the amazing ADAM LMABERT. sorry, i can’t express my thoughts good enough with words… all i can say is, i think i’ve thanked Adam for everything he’s done to his fans….. but apart from that, i’d like to thank YOU, (MILW) for inspiring us all with your true words.. in may not know you personally but i think i know you are a great person…

  34. Isabella says:

    this is really the first time i ever wanted to keep listening to a contestant after the show has ended(although i haven’t seen all seasons, but now i will^^), ’cause this time american idol found one who’s really uniqe and never seen before.

  35. Deborah says:

    Beautifully put Jeanette..thank you so much. I too remain “invested” in Adam in every way.. I am still amazed at how much I have been affected by all this and by Adam!! I truly never expected to have such strong feelings and emotions towards an American Idol contestant ,so I’m in a state of confusion really (reminds me of Falling in Love a bit ..LOL).

    In any case and for whatever the reason, I am grateful to witness and be a part of this “Birth of a Superstar”. I missed Elvis by a generation and didn’t get to appreciate Freddie until after he died, so this is one icon I shall definately look forward to following!! I guess when a true star comes along excitement is palpable..it’s just “in the air” isn’t it?

    Thanks for this forum..I too need my regular “Adam fix” now.

  36. ReggieRex says:

    I agree 500%. I knew the second that Adam walked onto my TV screen that he was absolutely amazing. You can ask anyone who was watching his audition with me, as soon as I heard him sing I said “Thats the winner. He is going to win.” I thought I was right, in fact I know I was right. Adam is the true winner through and through. I don’t care what the votes say, I don’t care what the show says, I don’t even care what the people around me say, Adam is the winner.

    I have been so invested in Adam this entire season that he has been everything I think about since I first saw him. Adam Lambert is my God.

  37. I am so glad I read this article. I was feeling a little silly continuing to watch Adam, Talk Adam, surf You Tube Adam, Think Adam etc….. after it is all over. As one of his fans wrote, Adam’s look and rock style and voice bring me back to “my time” in the 80’s. Yet Adam is current too. Adam embodies all this and more and I cant let it go in a non-abnormal obsessed way! Ive got concert ticket and bought lots of I tunes videos and songs. He is really awesome and I will continue to follow his career.
    He is the winner of the future and he will not be forgotten but will become a superstar.
    I want him to stay as nice as he has always been and continue on a good path and not get caught up in all the fame stuff that can bring a person down. He deserves so much since all of his hard work he has put in throughout his life. He is such a darling! Rock on!!!!!!

    • Ripley, I agree with you 100%!!!!!! I think Adam has made alot of us just a “little” obsessed!!!! And, I’ve never surfed YouTube until Adam!!! All the best to you!! From Adamfanfromthestart!!

  38. Jeanette –
    I love your article and I feel EXACTLY the same way. You definitely put my thoughts and feelings into words. I loved Adam from the very first audition. Although the season is now over, I need a site I can refer to for “Adam news” and the up-to-date info on what he’s doing and where he’s appearing. I often smile when I think about needing my “Adam fix”. I, too, am completely invested in Adam! That’s why I turn to this website and forum. It has been the best I’ve found so far and the articles and videos are great! I hope all the info on any cds, tours or appearances he does will be posted here. I often wonder if this is one of the sites Adam has visited… I really hope he found it! I live in upstate NY and already bought tickets (at pre-sale) when the tour comes to Albany, NY. I don’t know who I’m even going with yet, but I don’t care… I know I’ll be there!

  39. Great Article! I also enjoyed the video of people backstage at American Idol…including Kiss, watching the results on the t.v. monitor…everybody was shocked, nobody clapped, everybody stood in disbelief…including “Kiss”.

    The hardest part is America was drawn to the program week after week, just to watch Adam perform! I would always make sure I was free on Tuesday nights just so I wouldn’t miss one of his amazing performances! It was like watching a “Mega Superstar” he mezmerised his audience, stealing our hearts a little more every time he performed. He was in a league of his own, one we have never seen on American Idol before! He melts my heart, brings a smile to my face, I love his boots, his hair, his eyeliner, black nail polish, style…and the fact that he is not affraid to be different! I am almost 50 yrs old, so I know his audience, is of every age. No other artist, singer has caught my attention like Adam has.

    Yes, America & people around the world couldn’t be prouder of Adam! His performance in the finale was absolutely amazing….then came the final results of the voting….it was like someone dropped a bomb! How could he not win? I have researched hours to see how this could happen. My opinion is the 38 million votes in Arkansas a state population of 2.8 million. May have been the reason behind this. Speed dialers, Gizmo machines, computer technology…ways of sending through thousands of votes at a time. They planned their attack weeks ahead. I feel robbed that bogas voting altered the outcome of the show! I am in such shock, 5 days later I can’t think of anything else. I know something smells fishy!!

    Adam brings a smile to my face, something that I have a hard time doing since the final results were read. I know Adam will be a icon…Superstar!! It helps knowing that very famous icons like “Kiss” and “Queen” also recognize Adam’s amazing talent! “Kiss”, offered to let Adam go on tour with them & posted Adams performance on their web site. “Queen” very interested in talking with Adam…possibly a lead singer?What a gracious, kind person he is. Always has good things to say about everyone. He is amazing! Plain and simple….Amazing!

    I loved that his dream was fulfilled when he got to sing with “Queen” & “kiss”! Adam was so happy, he looked like he found his home! It was an amazing performance!! Adam once again stole the show in the finale. I really wish “American Idol Producers” would look into the voting, I feel they owe it to all the contestants, fans…and Adam! What an amazing finale…unfortunately, the ending was not! Best described…with the words that came from Kris, as he was handed the trophy!

    Yes, Adam’s fans are crushed…He deserved to win! We know something is not right!

  40. I am thankful to find you all here… I don’t understand what’s happend to me either. I am almost 45, married and my husband and I have been together over 23 years. I have watched Idol since its inception and I have never voted, I have never blogged, I have never felt “vested” in something so important until this year! I am now looking for and TVOing shows like “Regis and Kelly” or the Today show while I’m at work because he’s going to be on. I was on the elliptical yesterday morning and listening to XM radio 20 on 20 when they played Adam’s song and I saw his name and heard his voice and I wept because I’m so happy for him, so proud of him…and I’m so happy for myself!!! I have never felt such a part of something that I have absolutely nothing to actually do with. But thank you guys for being here and I know that I’ll be in line buying his CDs with you and seeing you at his concerts!! I really missed seeing him last night too…I looked at my husband and said “I don’t know what to do…” he just kind of chuckled…but he thinks Adam is totally talented as well:) I actually have felt silly about it and wondering why I feel this way…it helps to see I’m not alone:) We have yet to see the best of Adam, and now we will be able to see him everywhere and more often…unfortunately there are very mean people out there who are just waiting to attack him, but he’s so smart and really sees the humor in life and I know he’ll handle them well. Plus he has his wonderful family, friends, and now he has us!!! GO ADAM…ENJOY YOUR NEW LIFE, DO GREAT THINGS, AND THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US SUCH PLEASURE!!!

    • Niecy, Hey!! As you see, we all feel like you do!! I think SusanL said it best above-there has been no pop artist out there today that we can connect to like Adam!!! There’s noone like him-EVER!! We have been able to see him “Become a Superstar” every week, and be a part of the experience, like no one before him!! He has crossed the generations, like no one before him!! And we have been able to watch GREATNESS happen!! Just like you, I can’t wait to see what will happen next !! I can’t wait to see him in concert, either!! Enjoy!! All the best to you!! From Adamfanfromthestart!!! Pam

  41. PrincessBene Glambert says:

    Whew! Okay, so it’s not just me doing this solo. At first I felt sheepish about purchasing JUST ONE ticket to the Kansas City AI show on August 30th. But strike up a creative idea and voila, guess what? I’m not alone! I figured that since I scored Row 13 (smack dab center-stage too) seats that I oughtta make it a Glambert-style adventure. I’m spearheadin’ a Glamberts “Show Me” Limousine. So I’ve been posting on various Adam sites my desire to load up a buncha Glamberts and that I’d need a headcount to figure out just what type of limo we’re talkin’ here. Me thinks it’d be fantabulous to do a limobus even. There’s been a little interest now that people are startin’ to let the dust settle about Adam not being the American Idol winner. (In my humblest of opinions, he is now primed and crowned the World Idol so thanks to AI for introducing our Adam to the World.) Anyway, still basking in the creative process for the AI KC show, I’ve contacted an AI publicist in an attempt to perhaps do a meet-n-greet connect, too. If anyone has any ideas as to what else this once-solo-now-slowly-but-surely-uniting Glambert (#501) can do to share in the love of Adam for that event, please do share.
    Looking forward to the Light…

  42. Spore Glambert says:

    Great article. I second you. I’m 40+ professional managerial level working woman. This is the FIRST TIME since my teenage years that I’m gone crazy over a star. Yeah, last year I was happy for David Cook. BUT I TELL YOU, THIS YEAR I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT ADAM LAMBERT. I was incensely mad about the collaboration of ATT with Arkansas to cheat on the voting too. Adam is marketing and asking people to buy ATT phone and yet those beasts are giving it free to another state. Maybe they thought San Diego people are too cool? Anyway, mathematicall speaking, those free phones can influence a lot on the results. I have worked out – every 100 phone programmed with FREE power votes makes a difference of over 12 million votes between Kris and Adam. And some can even vote past 4 hours? No wonder Kris fans are so smug,

    I’m saving for Adam now. I hope the flu is over by then for his first solo CONCERT. Only want to see him perform. Thank!!

  43. This season will always be remembered as Adam Lambert’s Season.

  44. Well let’s face it. Adam is the MAN ! He is the one with the talent to soar to his greatest heights ! Adam keep tickleing us with your voice and all it brings to us. You are a multi talented person who will show the world a new and bright asperation! I have confidence in you. As…do most of us.

  45. I am so happy to have found this site. I was beginning to think I was going nuts. Here I am, a 40 (something) women who usually is attracted to older rock and rockers (Robert Plant), and I’m falling head over heels with this Glam Guy nearly half my age. I’m so glad to see I’m not alone!
    (Take that hubby! :P) I’ve watched AI in the past, simply because I love music and like to see new talent. But this time around, it was different. From the moment I saw him, I was impressed at his style and confindence to be “different”. I must say tho, I didn’t realize what a beautiful and unique voice he had until I saw him perform “Track of my Tears”. I remember just being astonished at what an unbelievable range he has. Simply the voice of an Angel. He can literally bring me to tears. He is a gift to be treasured. And beauty exudes from him. Inside and out. He is truly one in a million.
    And so, here I go again, hooked and forever a fan. I’m just happy to see I’m not alone in this adventure. Maybe I’ll see some of you at one of HIS shows–and you know that’s coming! And I’ll be first and front, sweet Adam! XXXXOOO

  46. magsmagenta says:

    My story might be a bit different from most, I’m a 42 year old female British Metalhead who would not usually give show like ‘American Idol’ a second thought. I was channel hopping one day and had to backtrack a couple of channels because I had spotted a vision in eyeliner who immediately grabbed my interest, was of course Adam in the middle of ‘Ring of Fire’ I caught on quickly that he had been expected to do a country song, sympathized with his predicament and was very impressed with with his solution to the problem.
    But this was just the beginning, I ended up recording the other programmes and watching them with one finger by the fast forward button to bypass the annoying things that put me off these shows, just to get to Adams songs. By the time the final voting happened I found myself sitting up until 3 am on the internet on the night of the finale communicating with slightly hysterical Americans on Adams AI forum to find out the result as soon as possible.
    I haven’t felt this way about anyone since I went to my first Iron Maiden concert at age 16. To imagine that this could stop just because that season of a TV programme is over is just totally impossible. He is so beyond that show now, I’m actually glad the show is finished because it means that he can move onto the next stage, i.e. World Domination, And I will gladly do what I can to help this along any small way I can.

  47. Charity Ann says:

    so freaking true. i invest in adam all the time

  48. Our feelings are mutual for Adam- good-natured and charistmatic man, pure and genuine soul!

  49. I love him 22222222222222222222 much .i always read his songs and reapet them in my mind

  50. ????…
    HI guys…im crazy about adam lambert but im 13.in my country(iran)adam has alot of lovers! wish i could see him!!! i love adam for ever…

  51. Ooh adam is amazing! every time i listen to his musics…he’s most beautiful!

    faezeh GLAMBERT from iran

  52. i think adam’S lyrics are wonderful
    i love his lyrics
    and i think AFTERMATH is so beautiful and amazing..,and all of his songs…Ooh but i dont know why i hate SAULI…he is very ugly! my adams boyfriends should be the best! like tommy 😉

  53. im crazy about his appearance, voice and of course songs.