Whole Lotta Adam Lambert, Thanks New York

We are getting a whole lotta hotness from just the first night of New York and we still have ONE more night to go!! There were so many fun things today, and make sure you check them ALL out. You don’t want to miss any tongue action or anything else for that matter!! Way to impress the media Mr. Lambert and company…


~Adam Lambert Fans Camp Out For New York Show:
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adam’s Glam Nation tour is one of the hottest tours this summer! With dates selling out all over the country, its no surprise that when Adam was in New York last night, many fans camped out for good seats to the show. Check out the video above to see some of Adam’s devoted fans speaking on the experience of camping out in New York.

~Adam Lambert Plays for New York:
Updated: Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010, 5:56 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010, 11:18 PM EDTvia:
MYFOXNY.COM – Adam Lambert didn’t win AMERICAN IDOL, but is sure winning over plenty of fans, many of whom camped out for hours and hours ahead of his show at the Nokia Theater in Manhattan Tuesday night.
He is headlining his own tour, called the Glam Nation Tour. He has numerous costume changes during the show.
Adam’s fans, called “Glamberts,” dress like him, accessorize like him, and say they want to be him.
His next stops on the road include shows at Foxwoods and the Borgata in Atlantic City.

~Tongue-lick anyone??
The night was especially marked by some major fan-shipping pandering from Adam and his bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff, what with open mouthed tongue licking in Fever, and Tommy returning the favor by a lick plus a cheek kiss of his own during If I Had You … those two are hot! Who cares if something is or isn’t going on behind the scenes, they’re still hot as hell on stage.

~And just in case you didn’t get enough sexiness, seriously?? Well, here is a little more, ok A LOT more hotness for your eyes…
Adam Lambert Fever Fan Music Video Sexy Version:
video via:Stinleta01



  1. gran4adam says:


  2. Penny F says:

    The same person that put together this Fever video did another version for Fever – a little different and also quite amazing. Also did one for Strut and an interesting one for Soaked. You can find them all on YouTube under Stinleta01

    Still would love to connect with you Sue



    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Penny,

      I emailed you yesterday and re-sent it just now!! Hope you got it…


  3. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Adam can grind his crotch in my face anyday! No complaints here!

  4. I miss you Sue, and I love the other Glamberts in these videos. They look so hot in their accesories—– WOW !!!! I love it that they’re having fun.
    Yes, Simon had seen this coming—– Adam as an international SUPERSTAR !!!!
    And Paula’s prediction for Adam as an icon !
    But Adam still keep it sweet and low —– still the sweet, sweet, good -natured boy from the olden days !!!
    THAT’S OUR ADAM !!!!!

  5. Princessshakeitup says:

    We are now getting a WLL from the folks at Heifer Project International for our ADAM”S ARK fund raiser! Adam is now top of the blog at:



    Time to go back to watching sweaty videos…
    Love all of youse and ADAM!

    • Hey everyone, let’s not let Kris fans get ahead of Adam fans on this!!! It’s easy to donate on the site, you just have to have your credit/debit card number and type in your info. Even if everyone who follows this site just sends $10 we cdan make it! So far, only $750 toward the $5000 ark. Let’s get it done!!! Princess, please keep posting and including the link every few days. Aloha, Holly

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Holly…THANK YOU SO MUCH!
        I will admit that sometimes I get a bit discouraged that this is not taking off faster and so it means a lot to have some encouragement and support. ALOHA and “Tanks” [which is how they say thanks on the island that I live on [St Kitts]

        If it takes a competition with Kris’s fans to jump start this I say, bring it on! It would be a competition for a worthy cause which is much better than some of the mean spirited things that have been going on between our 2 camps! LETS GO GLAMBS!!! We can do it!

        And I WILL keep posting so you may want to donate just to shut me up! [good luck!]

        • STOP!!!STOP!!! this Adam Vs Kris thing! PLEASE!!! Kris’ fans got him 50 cows–good on them! Most of Adams fans don’t know a lot about cows, nor are they gona try and find out a lot about cows. I think we need to find our own way of supporting him. I personally support the Humane Society locally and nationally. He asked his fans to simply donate instead of getting him gifts. I really can’t afford to add another charity at this time.

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            You don’t need to…you are doing enough! Thank you for loving Adam AND the Humane Society is an EXCELLENT cause!
            Thank you so much!

            • I’m also a member of the Humane Society. My cat I got when he was 5 weeks old died 3 years ago when he was 11 years old. Needless to say, that almost killed me. Then 3 months later, I was sittting outside crying, (still over my cat), and here come this poor, skinny as hell, solid black cat, and just came up to me like he had known me his whole life. Well, I took him in, adn got him fixed. I named him Blade, but I call him BooBoo
              and the ONLY thing he eats is catfood. When I brought him into my home, he was lucky to weigh 4-5 lbs….Now he weighs 25 lbs. according to the vet that he seen a month ago. I tell him all the time, he better quit eating so much or he’s gonna have to get a job!! LOL!! I try to donate to the Humane Society adn there is a new one that just hit me up, and I think it’s called Save a Cat or something…I’m on disabilty, so they get a donation when I have a little extra. Enough abuot that…I just called Ticketmaster to see if there were any tickets let for Indy, so maybe I could get a ticket for a friend of mine, and they are totally sold out!! Ebay wants a fortune for them, so I guess my friend will have to wait for another show close to here.

              Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT #654

  6. gah/rph says:

    GREAT video!! Well done…..It could be his new video for Fever!

  7. Here we go again….I love the concert but not if Adam and Tommie start throwing kisses around…..I don’t even like to see women kissing while doing a concert…a hug is fine and fun….Spent my last dime..on the tour……

    • I doubt that Adam will be less sexy as the tour progresses. If you’re hesitant, I’m sure you could off-load your tickets on Cragislist or Stubhub. Almost all of his tour is sold out, and I think you’d have no problem selling them. I’d hate to see you (having spent so much $$$) come out of his concert feeling less than satisfied. Just a thought….

      • Tommy is straight. Adam has said in several interviews/tweets, whatever, that he takes his energy from the crowd. Most likely thought NYC was more open-minded/raunchier than other places, because he and Tommy didn’t kiss at the other concerts. Might have something to do with the only over 21 crowd places – in one interview he said he would have done the AMA differently if there were children in the audience…. I too would hate to see someone unsatisfied. Not everyone loves every single thing Adam does, while loving his music and his warm, sweet self. Aloha, Holly

        • KO's smiling says:

          NYC was racy because everything about the venue/location just IS that way. It’s a theater with the chairs ripped out that looks run-down (would be a great set for one of his videos), with a bar the length of the back wall, not huge, but with platforms on the sides for VIPs, his family/many friends are in NY, so surely some were at the show lending their support, plenty of after-party options, etc.

          I doubt you could design a better venue for our man – it’s situations like these that make me rethink moving so far from the city. I couldn’t make these shows! 🙁 But thanks for the videos! 🙂

    • It’s a performance, part of some shows, not that many–depends on audience response.

  8. I’m thinking the kissing was all in fun–thought Tommie was straight! Am I missing something? Loved the video!!!

  9. cheryl 334 says:

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    Adam couldn’t be more gorgeous! What a MAN! 🙂 😮 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROCK-IT-O PERFECT ONE…………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ima Ramorah says:

    NYC isn’t *raunchier*, they just run with MINDS-WIDE-OPEN. Sexy is sexy no matter who’s kissing who.

  11. Tommy is straight? Did you see the photos of him in Mexico???
    As for kissing Tommy on stage. I thought it was great. Adam Lambert is no longer on
    America Idol. This is his gig and he can do whatever he wants. Yes, I think he knows that
    New York (I’m form NJ) is the place where he can be himself. If you don’t want to chance going to his show, as you may be offended, then I suggest that you unload those tickets.

    Hey, I don’t like to see him with all the heavy makeup and the hat.only because he looks like Boy George and that creeps me out. I know it was intentional and I defend his right to express himself whatever way he chooses. Don’t forget, we all fell in love with The Voice, first. The show was unbelievable and I wished it could have been longer. That was the only down side for me.

    I loved how he introduced his band members and his dancers. He’s proud of them, as he should be I loved watcing him interact with Tommy and Monty and, how in sync he was with his dancers.
    Thank God for his theatrical background!!

    A big applause for the fans who camped out from the night before.!!!! You truly are diehards.

    Thank you, Adam!!

  12. ADAM Always looks hot Iam looking forward to seeing him in ATLANTIC CITY on June 26 I woul love to atten d the meet and greet but cant afford those high prices . IAMglad ADAM IS GETTING the RESPECThe deserves

  13. Ok, I REALLY need to get to the library to see these videos!! Reading some of the posts about this tongue thing or whatever…Adam could do the “DO” on stage, and they would FOR SURE have to do CPR on me. I mean, back in the day, simulating anything sexual was off limits. People just need to be more open minded…My daughter who is 20 is gay, and I knew she was before she ever decided to tell me. Hell, I’m happy for her. I’m not gay or bi, but I don’t have a problem with it WHAT SO EVER, and if I ever had a chance at Shakira, you better believe I would be experimenting!! She is HOT!! Good God!! Anyway, I will always love Adam no matter what, and it would be super HOT if he did a vampire “adult” movie!! Sorry, I guess I’m just a real perv when it comes to Adam…I saw a topic on here once about dreams you’ve had about Adam, well, mine are too XXX to post…But I guess from the “movie” I keep wanting him to do, ya’ll can figure that out. Also, to the person who e-mailed me about joining Facebook, sorry, can’t rememer who it was…I cannot join Facebook or Myspace or any of those things due to not having a real computer. Thanks anyway. Lots of Love to Adam..can’t wait to see you in Indy!!

    Tina…aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT Glamb# 654

  14. really good

  15. So does Adam have a man crush on Tommy or is it all just for show? I haven’t seen the pictures
    of Tommy in Mexico. Maybe he is bi- sexual? Any way we all love Adam no matter what!


  17. WHEW! THAT WAS HOT!!! I could spend eternity looking at Adam and it wouln’t be long enough …

  18. Excellent video..I bet Tommy knows what he is.. but all the fun is ….keeping us wondering…doesn’t matter as long as their stage performance keeps commanding such HOT presentation and entertainment as it was meant to be! he sure would make a perfect mate for Adam.. but then,, what would we all be… disappointed because our Adam has enough love for the entire Universe. Have you ever known anyone who could unilaterally bring such a diverse crowd together.. young, older..more mature, he reaches across to everyone and embraces all with the love he has in his heart. Tommy just happens to be the lucky one to share that intimate moment. Adam keep gracing us with your amazing presence. We love you.. GlamGod mwww…

  19. OH DEAR GOD!!! I’m at the library, and I watched the HOT AS HELL tongue video…I kept going back to that portion of the video…I think the guy next to me thinks I’m crazy…I am, but that’s another story!! LOL!! 🙂 Thank you for the hotness Adam, and if you ever need anyone to practice grinding or tongueing, or WHATEVER…hit me up!! Oh, and he is the “Leap of the Week” on VH1 this morning…he went from #20 to #10!!! You go SEXY!!! Can’t wait for Indy!!!

    Tina…aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT #654

  20. Bellelinda says:

    Adam’s voice is amazing…his physical beauty is stunning…his showmanship is imaginative and unique..his song writing is terrific….with all that going for him he does not need to stick his tongue in Tommy’s mouth to sell records or get ratings! Please Adam leave the gay bar theatrics our of your concerts…it does not add anything to the show! A lot of us fans do not want to see that stuff even if it were male & female tongue sucking. Adam is sexy enough without any of that….he should keep his sex life off the stage…his talent is too big for this cheap sensationalism…it only distracts from his performance and creates discomfort among his devoted fans.