Who Is Going Where And When? Glam Nation Friends Unite

Hello everybody!! I hope you all have been enjoying everything Adam has been doing so far on this Glam Nation journey. I know I cannot get enough of him.
I have been asked, by quite a few of you, to do a post so that you guys can put where you are going to see Adam in concert. That way, if there are others nearby, you guys can carpool or meet up before the show and hang out with friends!! I know there are quite a few of you that don’t know anyone in your general area, but I can bet there will be someone from this site that will be attending the same concert that you are going to.
Feel free to comment below and let’s get this party going… the more the merrier!!
ALSO, make sure when you are meeting NEW friends at the shows, that you tell them to visit our site!! We always want new people to become a part of our Glamily!!

photo via: my daughter Jess!!

Re-tweet this on twitter and hopefully we can get more people to meet up with!!


  1. lovemyadam says:

    OKAY, I will start!!
    I am going to the Milwaukee show on June 15th, and then to the Hammond show on June 17th. Who’s in with me???


    P/S I will also be at the Costa Mesa show on July 28th and the Vegas show on the 31st!!!

    • Victoria says:

      I will also be in Costa Mesa on the 28th and maybe San Diego. I didn’t meet up with everyone at Fantasy Springs as I had my significant other with me but I might just take him this time. He seemed more open than I had expected last time.

      I cannot wait either!!!

      Victoria πŸ˜‰

      • Sandyra says:

        I will be in Costa Mesa the 28th, maybe the 27th too, and then in San Diego. Are we going to have a Glamb Reunion anywhere? Anyone interested in that?

      • Do you know what kind of merchandise will be on sale at the concert? I’m trying to gage how much $ I want to take.


        • Hi Lisa,

          I was lucky enough to attend the Wilkes-Barre show. I ended up purchasing 2 shirts. one was a black one with adam’s face on the front and the concert dates on the back. I think that one was $35. I also bought a women’s tee that was a kelley green color with kind of drawn pic of adam’s face on the front with back and pink. on the back, it says, “adam lambert.” That one was $40. There was also a black tank with a pistol on it and adam lambert above the pistol kids of connected with a smokey look to it. There is also a white tee shirt with a black picture of adam’s eye on it. I can’t remember the price of that, but it was in the same range. They also had keychains with a disco ball and adam’s name attached for $10. I got one of those. Then, there was a window cling that says, “adam lambert is my bf.” I had to get that, too. I spent $90 easily. At my location, they also accepted credit cards. I hope this helps.

    • Glambazon says:

      I’m going to Milwaukee too!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to meet you and say thanks for all your hard work and dedication towards the site/our boy. Just look for the three Glambazons (1 mom and 2 daughters) in white tank tops with studs with Adam’s gorgeous face on the front. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!

    • Donna Lee Glam #409 says:

      I’ll also be at the Costa Mesa show (27th AND 28th) and the Vegas Show. I have a ticket for the San Francisco show, but it’s for standing room and I’ve recently had a hip replaced, so I need to be cautious. Anyone interested in buying it? I’m thinking of getting room at the Mandalay so I don’t have to walk too much. Gotta save my strength for the show! It’d be fun to have a place to hang out with some of you. You don’t know me because I don’t post often, but I’d love to get acquainted.

      • Kat Spahr says:

        Hey Donna Lee. . the Vegas show is outside on Mandalay Beach, so I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of standing room only. I’m with you, I’hve had back surgery, so standing isn’t too good for me, but Adam will be worth it. I live here in vegas, so I’d love to meet up with outher Glams to see the show with!!


        • Kat,

          The beach at Mandaly Bay there is pleanty of seats. I ususally fight for a good spot in the pool not for a seat. If you have a problem get security and tell them you need a seat they will help you. See you there can’t wait!

      • I am going to the show at the Thunder Valley Resort in Lincoln, Ca., but I am also interested in buying a ticket for the San Francisco show. San Francisco is a lot closer to where I live.


        • I too will be at the Thunder Valley concert. But I will be trying to get decent seats to the “just released” second concert date at the Warfield (7/25/10).

    • See you in MIlwaukee????

    • I’m in with you, Sue–I’m going to Milwaukee & Hammond too! And Shooting Star & Mystic Lake a couple days before that. πŸ™‚

    • i am going to the Tampa show on 9/18 for sure (already have ticket). And thinking about going to Raleigh, NC on 8/28. Anybody else going to these shows? If so, please email me:

      • I will be at the Sept. 18 concert in Tampa also. Hope I can meet other GLAMBERTS!!!!!

    • I’ll be at the Vegas show as well!!!

    • Costa Mesa on the 28th with my daughter. I went to the Fantasy Springs concert and although I knew no one, as I looked around – a lot of people looked familiar and those around me socialized as if we were long lost friends. Definitely, Adam fans are a family.It feels so good.My daughter is getting a hugh kick out of me and how Adam has rejuvenated me. She bought me lots of sparkly things and glitter to wear and she says she thanks Adam everyday for making her mom so happy ! Adam is a gift.

    • mmagiemay says:

      I’m going to the show in Milwaukee show on the 15th also. Very Excited!!! Would enjoy meeting you. Thanks for all you do!

    • gran4adam says:

      I will be at the Costa Mesa show on the 28th. Would love to meet you.

    • I will be going to the Costa Mesa show on July 27th and 28th. Also to the Vegas show on the 31st as well.

    • I’m going to Vegas too! Sweet!


  2. Hey guys! I’m most likely driving out for the Knoxville show on July 6th, and I’m definitely going to the Nashville show on July 7th! Yay for Nashville!

    Courtney, GLAMB#11

    • Hey, I’m trying to get tickets for the Knoxville and/or Nashville shows on July 6/7. Does anyone know where I can still find tickets to either or both of those shows?

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        Hi! Imma going to the K-ville show too, about an hr. after I ordered tix on presale our darling boy/management announced a show in my state,,Lousiville, KY{3 hrs. from m! and on my birthday at that! I was actually interested in selling 3 tix to K-ville for $136.00 but I’m afraid the tix in Louisville will be too expensive for me now. I wanna go to L-ville anyway,,hopefully Covington, Ky on 8-30. Anytime I see BB will be just fine with me. Seeing him twice in less than a year is more than I ever dreamed of. PLL

  3. charlotte says:

    Hi Guys, I tried this already, but I am going to Costa Mesa on July 27th and 28th. Who is with me? Where are we meeting????

    • Sandyra says:

      I’m going to Costa Mesa the 28th, maybe the 27th, and on to San Diego after.

      • Jeanne D says:

        Sandra- I’ll be in San Diego too email me jaazzi1@comcast.net if you want to meet up.

        • Hi all !! I will be @ Costa Mesa on the 28th and SanDiego !! Would love to meet you all !! Sounds like the San Diego Glambs are planning a get together in front of the venue!! I cannot wait!!! How beautiful is our beautiful boy in all these videos!!

    • Charlotte ,
      i will be therein Costa Mesa the 27th and 28th as well .Staying at the best western..
      AdamsWench Glambert # 4276

    • Cricket says:

      I am going to the Costa Mesa concert on the 27th,,,are we going to meet anywhere before??

      • danagram says:

        I am going to Costa Mesa on the 27th and 28th. Maybe to San Diego if I grace one of those scalpers with my money. It would be fun to meet.

    • gran4adam says:

      Looks like we need someone to organize Costa Mesa for the 28th.

  4. sgwhite9 says:

    I am also going to the show in Milwaukee along with Adamsmadame on June 15th. I am then going to the Las Vegas show 7/31 at Mandalay Bay along with Kimereeann and her mom. Going to be a great time!

    • Looks like i might see ya in Vegas then! that’s where i’m headed on 7/31 πŸ˜€


  5. Hey guys!!! Im going to New York for June 22 show and Costa Mesa…..coast to coast…soooo excited….Im going alone in NY and with friends in Costa Mesa….

    • Hi, Pia!

      I’m a NYer going to Nokia June 22 and 23, Foxwoods June 24, Hyannis Melody Tent Aug 19, and hopefully Staten Island Aug 24. Are you going to the Glamfest after the June 22 concert?

      • AdamAddict says:

        I will be at the Nokia NYC concert June 22nd? Where’s the Glamfest after????

        • Hey guys, I’ll be going to the June 22 show. I’d love to meet you!

          • I’m from the NY metro area! I’ll hopefully be going to both the 6/22 and 6/23 shows, and would LOVE to meet some Adam fans there πŸ™‚

            Where’s the Glamfest? I don’t know anything about it but would definitely go!

            • I took it upon myself to find out about Glamfest because no one responded to the requests about what it is and where it’s held. From AO ( http://goo.gl/ittc )

              Glamfest #3 – It will take place on June 22nd, immediately after the Nokia concert, at John’s Pizzeria & Bar located at 260 W 44th st (less than 2 blocks from Nokia): http://www.johnspizzerianyc.com/index2.htm John’s is famous for its acclaimed brick oven pizza, located in a former church, with NYC murals and a magnificent stained glass dome. First item on the menu is Adam Chatter and brick oven pizza with all the toppings, of course. The menu also includes salads, pasta, sandwiches, entrees, and paninis for those who are not pizza lovers, or need a little extra food.

        • margaret says:

          I would love to join you guys. I have tix for 22nd and 23rd of June in Nokia NYC as well. Although I live in NYC I would be going alone, so I would love some company. You can email me at margaret_fibi@yahoodotcom

          • Hi, Margaret:

            I’ll be on the line outside Nokia around 8-830am. Will email you so we can plan.

      • I’m flying out from Holland to the June 22nd NY Nokia theatre concert yay!! πŸ™‚ I’m kind of curious what that Glamfest is?

  6. Cynthia - Glam# 575 says:

    I am attending June 10th’s concert in Council Bluffs, IA soooo hard to wait would love to meet with ya’ll (no Iowans don’t have a southern slang) Adam said he would do a meet and greet before each concert, but for the life of me I can’t get any information of a meet and greet for my venue. Please help! if you have any info on a time and location

  7. Hey Ohio, I’m going to Columbus next Monday and Cleveland July 14th.

    • REDSTAR040665 says:


      I am going to Columbus on Monday, but not to Cleveland. Just cannot afford to go to both. Where are you from? I live in Bellefontaine. One hour from Columbus. Unfortunately, I am going alone, unless I can find someone to go with. Doesn’t matter, would not miss it for anything. Maybe we can hang out at the concert. Let me know. REDSTAR040665@Y HOODOTCOM

      • Debbie Gibson says:

        Hi, I am new to this site but will be going to the Columbus show, Monday. I live in Dallas but was going to be in Ohio in the area when Adam was touring there! I am going by myself so I hope to meet other fans!

      • Redstar,
        Nobody should go alone, its so much more fun with someone. I’m going with my friend Robin so you could hang with us at the concert. At least we know we have 1 thing in common, ADAM!!!! Maybe we could work out someway to meet there. I don’t know how old you are, you may not want to be with older fans. In my head I’m about 22 in the real world I’m the mother of a daughter that was born the same year as Adam. If you want to try to get together let me know. marisduran @yahoo.com

        • REDSTAR040665 says:

          I will email you and see what we can work out. I am no spring chicken, but I am the life of the party and love to dance. There is nothing better than dancing with Adam.

    • melinda#482 says:

      Hey Ohio people. I am going to Columbus next Monday, and also the Clev. event in July. I can’t wait. Hope to see you fellow glams there.

      • REDSTAR040665 says:

        If you would like to meet for our little glam party get together. Please email me with your phone number and email addy.


        • REDSTAR040665 says:

          ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HANG OUT AND SOCIALIZE BEFORE THE CONCERT, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT redstar040665@yahoo.com a cell phone number would be helpful so we can try to locate everyone. I want to take group pics for this site. Let show Adam that OH-IO LOVES HIM!!!!!!

          BTW, Mars is my real name. (like the planet)

    • gah/rph says:

      SO looking forward to seeing him in Columbus!! I live near Cincinnati and I just found out he’s going to Covington, KY on August 30th! Does anyone one know when those those tickets will go on sale?

      Also, a great idea for a gift that keeps on giving in Adam’s name~Donate to “Adam’s Ark” on Heifer.org (under Team Heifer)

    • Hi everyone,
      My son and I are going to the Columbus show also. I can’t wait.

    • Hey Maris! I am also going to the Columbus show. Not Cleveland though πŸ™
      I also have an extra ticket if you know of anyone who needs one……

      • Would also love to meet up with you guys ’cause I too am going alone(traveling from Marion)

      • REDSTAR040665 says:


        Email me at redstar040665@yahoo.com I had a friend that could get a ticket. Let me know how much, I can let her know, depending on how much you want for it.

        • ATTENTION: All you Glamberts from Ohio and Debbie from Dallas….hope to meet all of you there. Redstar had the great idea of making a fan so we could find each other. It will be usefull since its going to be over 85 and a chance of rain so very humid. Everybody pray it doesn’t rain but if it does that its early in the day. See you soon!!! GLAM NATION TOUR ROCKS!!!!

          • REDSTAR040665 says:

            Yep, my fan is in the works. Maybe we all could send a photo as an attachment, so we will kinda know a little bit of who we will be looking for. And maybe cell numbers so that once we get there, we can meet up.

    • Hi, my hubby & I are going to Columbus on Monday. I hope to meet up with some or all of y’all there. I’ve exchanged emails with Maris & was cc’d on one with Redstar…… would also enjoy emailing before concert too and exchanging cell numbers. . My email is horsefeatherstlm@earthlink.net
      We live about 20 miles east of Columbus and are thinking of getting to LSP maybe around 3-4 pm, but not sure. We are in the ‘older 50+ Glams’ crowd, so standing 3 hrs to get in and stand for 3 or 4 more is gonna HURT! ha,ha…… But heck, a bottle of Alieve, a pillow and a couch for about 3 days after will take care of it!

      • HEY GUYS, I have an EXTRA TICKET for the columbus show tomorrow if you know of any one who needs one or wanted one and could not get it I’ll bring it with me tomorrow. Just e-mail me I’ll check my mail at least once every hr until I leave here at 2:00pm. marisduran@yahoo.com We can hook up there by cell phone. Regular price!

  8. I’m going to Nokia June 22 and 23, Foxwoods June 24, and Cape Cod Melody Tent Aug 19. Hoping to get ticket for Staten Island St George Theater concert Aug 24. Probably going solo from Long Island. Any Staten Islanders know the best way to get from St George Theatre to Bay Ridge Brooklyn without a car? Are there taxis or car service at the terminal?

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Ali — I’m going with my daughter to the Melody tent on 08/19!!! Contact me if you want to try to meet!

      • Hi, DellaD!

        Let’s talk by email. It’s more private. My email address is photogrator@gmail.com. Talk to you soon! Alice

        • Hi Ali! I’m going to the Foxwoods show and to the MusicFest in Bethlehem Pa. on Friday the 13th!!!! Maybe we can meet for a drink at Foxwoods??!!!

    • Ali – I’m hopefully going to both the 6/22 and 6/23 shows at the Nokia Theatre and am definitely also going to try for tickets to the Staten Island show. (And I’m going solo, too!) Looking for some company? I would love to meet some Glambertinas at any or all shows!

      For directions – Google Maps offers directions not just by car, but by public transit. I’d check that for the best way to get to the Staten Island show πŸ™‚

    • margaret says:

      Hi Ali, I was also going solo to Nokia June 22 and 23. I live in Queens. If you’d like some company let me know if you’re interested. My email: margaret_fibi@yahoodotcom

  9. Lee/Saline, Glamb # 76 says:

    I’m leaving within the hour to see Adam at the Omni in Toldeo. Holy Toledo this day finally did arrive! I still have an extra ticket because my son can’t make it. So look for me. I’ll be wearing one of the AO name tags. (My real name is Lynne.) I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see and hear Adam in person. I’m going alone and am looking forward to meeting other fans. I’m so glad I have only a 45 minute drive.

  10. Hey everyone,

    My friend Lynne and I are going to the Royal Oak Theatre show on June 18th. There were four but two had to cancel so I have two tickets if anyone still needs them. (at cost, we would never shake down fellow Glamberts!) If anyone is meeting before the show let us know!

  11. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Cape Cod Melody Tent on August 19th with daughter
    Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on August 21st. with husband.

    Anyone want to meet up?

  12. We are going to the Knoxville show on July 6th and possibly the Nashville show on the 7th:0) I can’t wait we are so Excited;0) Sue call me:)heheheheh:0)

    • Im going to Knoxville and Nashville. Hopefully Charlotte too. Probably September in St. Pete/Tampa. Cant get enuf!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      kym… you funny girl!!
      You better answer if I do!!!


  13. I’ll be at the Council Bluff show this Thursday! Whoo Hoo! I’m soooo psyched!

    • I’m driving 2 hours to Council Bluffs tomorrow and taking 3 of my girlfriends! We’re staying overnight at Harrah’s and heading to the Old Market after the show for dinner – Girls Night and Day Out! Hope the rain stays away. We are very excited and thrilled to go. I bought tickets for the Des Moines show on Sept. 3rd this morning when they went on advance sale.

  14. Magiclady says:

    Love the picture!!
    I will be at the Costa Mesa show 7-28
    Was hoping for another show at the Nokia/Los Angeles, But never confirmed this show

    • Sandyra says:

      Yup, me too — Costa Mesa on the 28th. Seems like a lot of people are. We should meet up somewhere before the show for dinner and drinks or something.

      • Me too Costa mesa July 27 and 28th

        Glambert # 4276

        contact me on twitter @AdamsWench

      • Me too
        Costa Mesa July 27th and 28th
        staying The Best Western

        also attending
        San Diego Copley Hall on -July 30th
        Glambert # 4276

        contact me on twitter @AdamsWench

      • renogirl says:

        I am going with my husband, son of 19 and his friend on the 28th of July Costa Mesa and to Thunder Valley with a girlfriend. It would be fun to meet up. I Think the Thunder Valley one will be fun. Girls night out. Time to play dress up.

  15. Peggy.... says:

    My 2 daughters and I are leaving Thursday going to Council Bluffs, Ia the 10th, then on Sat to Mehnemon, Mn the 11th, Mystic Lake on the 12th….and come home the 13th…..
    We will be going to Kansas City July 15th…and now my granddaughter tells me he is coming to Des Moines Sept 3rd and she lives there so she is getting tickets and we will go to that show….
    I am really looking foward to the trip….Have tickets for all of them…..

    • genagirl says:

      Me and my sister are going to KC!! I am too freakin’ excited!

    • I’m also going to the KC concert, with a friend!! I’m so excited as this is gonna be the first time that I’ve ever seen Adam live!! πŸ˜€

  16. PaulaGlam says:

    Going to Portland, OR on July 21st with friend and possible to the September Fair in Washington, anyone want to meet up?
    I would love to have a chance to meet some of the local fans.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Hey PaulaGlam, I am going to Seattle, Portland AND the Puyallup Fair! I have already met a couple other Glambs (Holly & Jeanene) AND we converted a gal (Kimmie) who had NEVER heard of Adam before into a new fan! Adam left her SPEECHLESS, for real & now she is going to the Fair show also! I have yet to meet Mary H who is also in WA state & Vicki who is in Oregon but hey, the more the merrier so lets chat! My email is retrogrrrl8@yahoo.com & I live in Tacoma WA. Hope to hear from you, and any other nearby Pacific NW Glambs out there! C’mon there’s got to be a few other Glambs in Tacoma besides me! Holla!!!

    • Hey PaulaGlam, I’m going to Seattle, Portland and Puyallup. As you can tell I couldn’t let myself miss one northwest concert! I know of one other glamb who is going to Portland also. Maybe we could meet. Let me know and I will send you my email.

      • JEANENE says:


    • Seattle show on July 20th, and Puyallyp Fair (WA) near Tacoma on Sept. 21st. Definitely hoping to meet others from the area, especially since I had to miss out on the little Glamb gathering at Retrogirrrl’s place last weekend!!! Also feeling left out of the Costa Mesa show, so many are going!!! Have already met some great people at Fantasy Springs and River Rock. I think Adam just brings out the nicest people to his concerts. Have a least 6 friends and family going to Seattle Showbox Sodo, and at least eight going with me to the Puyallup Fair. Should be quite a party! If any Vancouver shows are added, I’ll be there too! Would have gone to Portland too but had to pretend to show SOME restraint!!!! (BUMMER!)

      • HI Mary! I’m also coming from Vancouver to the Seattle show on July 20th. If there are others coming from Vancouver and want to carpool let me know. You can email me directly to maureenm@intergate.ca and I’ll see you there Mary. We’ll make plans closer to the date where and what time to meet. I’m thinking of coming down on the 19th so I’ll be there early on the 20th. So excited!!!

      • JEANENE says:


    • littlegreensnake says:

      Hi Northwest Glambs!
      I’m in Centralia, Wa and will be seing Adam in Boise on July 19 and at the Puyallup Fair in September. (Section D Row 5) wOOt!! I got the Boise tickets because we were going to be out of town on vacation for his Seattle and Portland shows. I was so tickled they added the Puyallup. We’ll definitely have to hook up before the show. Can you imagine the glitterfest?

      • I’m also going to Idaho.. driving up from Utah..

      • Hi Retro and Mary!! Wahoo!! More Northwest Glambs! The more the merrier. LOVE you Washington gals but where are the Oregon fans? I know I’m not the only one out there. Portland sold out too quick. Paula, where are you from? littlegreensnake…glitterfest indeed….I’m already buying up glitter and other things sparkly! You have great seats in Puyallup! I was ordering mine at 10:01 and got row 30 section E. I may look and see if there is something closer left. Anyway we should all have a get together at the fair for sure! My e-mail is chantill@peak.org if anyone wants to connect.

        • littlegreensnake says:

          You guys can contact me via glambfrogATgmail.com (Icreated a special Glamb email addy just for all my fellow AdamAddicts hehehe)

  17. charlotte says:

    OK!!!! I see that there are at least 6 of us going to Costa Mesa on the 28th sooooo let’s plan to all meet in the Wine Pavalion at 4:00 inside the Orange County Fair Grounds, have a glass of wine, maybe plan on all going for a bite somewhere within the grounds before the show. How does that sound????

  18. Hi Everyone! I am going to the Kentuckey Center in Louieville I’m so excited can’t wait.Anyone out there with me? Hope so.Would like to meet somewhere close to the venue.Please let me know!!!!!

    • glamitup says:

      I am going to Kentucky Center with my sister in law!!! Of course I don’t have tickets yet but I am getting online from scalper! Do you have good seats? I am from across the river in Indiana(about an hour away!!)

  19. beaglewoman says:

    Am going to Mystic Lake this coming Sat with a girlfriend (who is not a fan….yet) and then going to Louisville on 7/10 with a different fangirly! Who is going to be at ML this weekend???

    Remember to support Glamberts for Adams Ark at Heifer Intl πŸ™‚

    BW – aka Glamb 611 (and Heifer Intl team donator)

    • I will be in Norfolk on June 30th and am supposed to hook up with Mary Ellen from this website!
      My email is dancenia@gmail.com

      On July 2nd I will be with my husband at the Charlotte Show. After watching the videos I know he will be in for a surprise. My husband is a LT Colonel at FT Bragg and though he is kind of a hippie soldier I think actually going to this show is all he can handle and meeting with a bunch of women all wild for Adam would be too much to ask of him.

      Jane Parker and I are going to the Raleigh show on August 28th( could barely believe it when they added a 2nd NC show ) and we would love to hook up with other fans

    • I’m going to Mystic Lake, meeting a new friend from Victoria, BC that I stood in line with at Adam’s concert at River Rock! We’ve been tearing up Twitter in excitement this week!!

    • Hi,

      Will be at Mahnomen on Friday night and Mystic Lake on Sat. I live about 100 miles west of MSP.

      • Linda Krosinski says:

        We will be going to Mahnomen June 11th too. It’s the day after our anniversary and I’m friggin excited to see Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I will be going to Mystic Lake on Sat. too. Is there any sort of gathering scheduled before the show?

    • Donna Evans says:

      My daughter & I are going to Mystic Lake. So excited!!! Cannot wait!! Am thinking there will be lots of diehard fans there to connect with!

  20. I’m going to the St. Petersburg one

  21. Hi guys, I’m going to the Warfield in San Francisco on July 23rd. Hopefully my friend won’t mind paying for the cost of the ticket. If so, then I’m going alone and have one ticket for sale. Do any of you live in San Franciso or in the immediate area?

    I can’t believe what some of the tickets are costing!

    • Hello Nancy. If I can’t get good seats to his just released second show at the Warfield (7/25/10), then I would be very interested in your extra ticket. Keep me in mind if your friend backs out.

      • Sorry, probably should’ve given you this: swedetobeat@yahoo.com

      • Well, didn’t get seats at the second show…it’s all General Admission, no reserved. I’m definitely interested in your extra seat if it exists. Let me know. Thanks Nancy!

        • buffy522 says:

          It is so crazy at Warfield. couldn’t get on again. Tried the scalpers and all I saw were GA. so glad you cleared that up. Are you going to try for radio presale. I am so tired of Ticketmasters shutting me down. I just don’t get it. I tried Des Moines, just to see if things were working. Yes, could have gone there! I’ll keep trying SF. It’s like the lottery!

    • I’m in at the Warfield on Friday 23 July. If you want to come to a pre-concert get-together, email me at kathyrensberry@yahoo.com

  22. Madeline says:

    Hi, Everyone!
    Met some of you at Fantasy Springs before the concert. I am going to the Upper Darby Tower Theatre in Philadelphia. Still hoping there will be something here in AZ. Looks like most of us are in the west! Is there anyone going to this venue?

    • Hi, Madeline, I’m going to the Philly Tower Theater concert too. I’ll be by myself…got 3rd row center pit.. . Maybe we can meet up!

    • Jeanne D says:

      Madeline, I’m also still hoping for AZ (do you think they are boycotting us?). I also was at Fantasy Springs and I did get tix for San Diego. Any plans to go there?

      • Adamisamazing says:

        I’m from AZ, also. One of the questions I wrote on Adam Posted was in regards to coming to our state. Since I doubt he will come to AZ, I couldn’t take the chance of missing his Glam Nation Tour. So, a friend and I are going to fly to San Diego for the concert. The seats are great, but I am just thankful to see him. I may stop in front of the venue to see the Glambs.

        • Adamisamazing says:

          Some proofreader I am. I meant the seats are NOT great. Oops.
          Also, I wanted to say how great that pic is, Sue. Your daughter gave us a great one!

      • Madeline says:

        I did think of that but am hoping that is not true. I noticed that Kris Allen will be performing in Tucson so maybe there is still hope.

  23. i am going to rookford,il on sept 4th

  24. IM GOIN IN 15 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

    • Hi Morgan!

      I’m going to Nokia June 23 also! So exciting!

      • Nokia June 23, anyone coming from Bergen County?

        • KO's smiling says:

          You’ll probably recognize them on NJTransit! I’ve made that trip many times for various shows and it’s pretty direct. Sorta jealous you’re going to this one!

    • Morgan – I’m almost definitely going to be at the show on 6/23. Hopefully we’ll run into each other! πŸ™‚

  25. Kelly Craig says:

    Kansas City and WIchita and Denver and if he ever does Texas, there too….

    • Jennie E says:

      KC on 7[15!

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      @Kelly Craig, I’m driving from OK to Kansas City. I’m going by myself, if you want to meet contact me on twitter @Gloria476

      My name is Gloria, Glambert #476


      • genagirl says:

        KC!! We only live 50 miles away so we HAD to go!!! Getting there early and hoping for a M&G. If you guys hear anything please post here.

    • Going to Denver also. I live in Texas, but we spend summers in CO and NM, so that was most convenient. I;m going by myself. I’m also flying to San Francisco and going to the Warfield with my daughter, who lives there on July 23 and Lincoln,CA on July 24. Saw him in Indio and want more!

  26. Sandyra says:

    I have extra tickets for Costa Mesa on the 28th that I am selling AT MY COST. Let me know if anyone is interested.

  27. I’m going solo to Baltimore on the 27th of June. Have one extra ticket.

  28. linlivalex says:

    Hi Sue!
    I am going to the show in Vegas also (with my whole family!) and I am still trying to see if I can get to the Milwaukee one, if our sports schedule allows us. Let’s definitely meet at Mandalay Bay!!!!


    • Aura-lee says:

      Hi everyone I love Adan so mush he has inspierd my life as well as some many others. I have started my oun glam group. I didnt want to be part of the glamberts or the lamskanks I wanted to be original so I am the lambert bunny adams personal play bunny. he may not want a play boy bunny but a glam play bunny could be fun to just hang out with and be glamerous.

  29. Peggy Glamb#345 says:

    I put where my daughters and I was going but when I came back it was not on here….Everyone will have such a good time I am sure…..Nothing like Adam…Council Bluffs, Ia, Mehnomen, Mn, Mystic Lake….makes for a wonderful vacation, Adam at 8 every night…..Lots of driving but will be a good time.

  30. Does anyone know if they are going to add more shows between like August 2 & August 12??? He needs to come to Georgia and another in Florida, not at a stadium.

    • Christine Douthirt says:

      I agree with you – I am going to the St. Pete show at the Trop. It’s such a big place and bad for a concert. Would love to go to a smaller venue anywhere else in Florida or Ga. Tried to get tickets for House of Blues in SC but sold out. Anyone have extra tickets??

  31. AdamsWench says:

    i will be attending
    Costa mesa -July 27 and 28th
    staying Best Western

    Then off to San Diego -Copley Hall
    July 30

    Glambert # 4276

    contact me on twitter @AdamsWench

  32. I am going to the show in Milwaukee on June 15 with my 2 daughters and my granddaughter.
    So fun to hear where everyone is going. I tried to get tickets to Mystic Lake (at a reasonable price) but then got invited to my niece’s graduation party so I will only see Adam once. I wish he was at Summerfest. He would fill up the amphitheater easily. Maybe next year!

  33. SleepwalkerAries says:

    I will be at Mystic Lake and Milwaukee. High anxiety already!

    Glamb # 613
    Glambert #4890
    @jfk_lenorahill on Twitter

  34. Going to Mystic Lake this weekend, Then off to Borgata to see the show with my son and granddaughters…we’re 3 generations for Adam. Norfolk with a girlfriend, and finally Tower in Philly in August by myself. Hope to meet more of the glamily! Still wish Adam was coming to Texas.

  35. Going to Denver – July 17 and then Costa Mesa – July 28th

    Glamberts trying to meet up at either Paramount Cafe or Earl’s @ 5:00pm both close proximity to the Paramount Theater

  36. Lilyglam says:

    going to Denver – July 17th

  37. AdamDreamer says:

    AdamDreamer on twitter

  38. Baltimore on June 27th. Anyone been at this venue? I have tried calling but can’t get through.
    Soooo excited. I’m staying at a hotel one block away.

    • cookeejar says:

      What is the name of the hotel? I would like to stay near the show on sunday. My daughter and I are going to the show but she lives in Pikesville which is quite a drive. I think the show is a smaller club scene. Maybe 800 capacity. I cna’t wait.!!!!

      • cookeejar says:

        i checked on the venue again and the capacity is 1600 with 3 tiers,
        club atmosphere with standing only. The doors open at 7pm and show starts @8pm.
        what time should we get there?

    • Chaplin says:

      I’ll be at the Baltimore Rams Head Live show. It’s a great venue. Also, have a room a few blocks away. We should all meet up.

  39. DANA MARTIN #434 says:


  40. Mardella says:

    I live in Pennsylvania and am going to the Atlantic City Concert at the Borgota Casino and Resort with my niece and nephew. I plan on having an ADAM shirt on and also have glitter in my hair. I cannot wait, I’m so excited.
    Is anyone else going to this show?

    • I am going to the Borgota in AC with my 12 year old grand daughter. I will be wearing a pink PEACE LOVE ADAM LAMBERT tee and have pink glitter in my hair (I am 60 so I will probably look totally rediculous but I don’t care. ) I am disabled, using a scooter and have 2 general admission tickets which I think means the dance floor. I think we are going to get there about lunch time so we can get in and get to the front since I won’t be able to see if I am behind everyone standing.

      • AdamWuvur says:

        ok, this is a good sign, more glambs are going to atlantic city! Contact me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/adamsdarling or email me: melissyd@att.net

      • Mardella says:

        Hi Vicki,

        Thanks for your reply. You may want to call the casino and find out if there is a special place for handicapped people to watch the concert who purchase general admission tickets. You may have the best seat in the house. I’ll be looking for you.

        • I already did, they said there is a place off to the side. But they said my grand daughter can’t sit there. There is no way we are sitting apart. Not only is she developmentally delayed but we really want to SHARE this experience!

  41. Going to Stir Cove in Council Bluffs, IA on Thursday!!! Leaving tomorrow. Gonna check into going to Kansas City as well. Looking forward to meeting Glamily at a preconcert get-together. Yeehaw!!!

  42. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Anyone going to June 24 concert in Foxwood, CT?

    • Going to Foxwoods too with a few other Long Island fans. Going to Glamfest before or after?

  43. Iyleneidol09 – I’ll be going to Foxwoods – be happy to have a drink with you………….

  44. DNSowles says:

    OMG!!! I wasn’t going to get to go to Adam’s concerts, BUT!!! I saw those 2 tickets for Chesaning, Mi 8th row on Ebay and we got em!!! I am so excited!! I sure hope they are real!!! Any of you going to Chesaning July 12th?

  45. I have tickets for Costa Mesa (July 28 show). Anyone know how strict security is about bringing cameras in?

  46. OMG!! Tickets go on sale this Friday, (June 11th) for the Indianapolis Indiana show, that is August 31st!! I can’t wait!! I was supposed to go to the Columbus show, but they sold out before my cousin could do anything. I already told her to make sure she’s on the phone, if that’s the way she’s gonna order at least 10 minutes before sale time, or if she’s going online, do the same thing…you never know when your gonna crash a site for something like this!! Oh, and just in case ya’ll don’t know, Ticketmaster IS NOT charging a surcharge for the month of June. I’ll know more when tickets go on sale Friday! I’m probably never gonna get my voice back from this concert!! When I go see KISS, I usually lose it for at least 4 days, somethimes more!! Hopefully I don’t hyperventalate and pass out…if I do, let ADAM do the CPR!! WHEW JESUS…I would die for sure or have one hell of a big O!! LOL!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHOW…HURRY UP AUGUST!!!

    Tina..aka..Mistress Lambert (ALWAYS wishing!!)

    • gah/rph says:

      I would LOVE to go to the Covington, KY concert!! I can’t find any info about it yet except that’s scheduled for August 30th. I live near Cincinnati and I have tickets to the Columbus concert.

  47. Patricia (Rose1) says:

    Live in Florida but the St Pete venue requires a lot of standing and since I can’t do that I, like Nan and Christine, am waiting for another Fl or Ga venue.

    Kelly, I’m going with my daughter, Kristine, and her super nice husband, Matt, to the Paramount in Denver, CO on July 17. The Mile High group have a pre-concert cocktail party across the street from the theatre and are working on tattoos, blue glow sticks, AO name tags, etc. if you want to join us go to the concert section, West Coast, within the Mile High thread.

    What a coincidence! I’m watching Glee right now and they are using green and blue glowsticks!!

    Is this not the funnest thing!!!!

  48. Peggy in Newfoundland says:

    I live as far east as you can get in North America and there is no concert near me. BUT I would love to go to one and take my daughter who is also a big fan (she is 11 and knows all the songs – hope she doesn’t understand them all!! lol). Can’t decide which show would be the easiest to get to and to get tickets for. I love Adam’s voice, music, style etc etc. Can’t wait for the next CD.

    Oh, one more thing – how do I get my Glamb #??

    • Madeline says:

      Hi, Peggy! Sorry I can’t help you with tickets but I was wondering where in Nfld you are. I have many cousins born and raised in Conception Harbor.

  49. I live in Northern Va. and am going to the June 28th show in D.C. at the 9:30 club. I would love to meet up with some other Glamb fans before the show for dinner or a cocktail and share our excitement, just cannot wait……..

    • Hi Renee,

      I will also be going to the 9:30 club show. Unfortunately I don’t know the area down there at all…and I’m kind of nervous, particularly after the recent shooting. So I don’t really know about restaurants or what’s safe (smile). Do you? Anyway, I know they have food there (have no idea how good it is) and we could just plan to meet there when doors open and at least get safely inside (LOL)!!!!

      Also, I now have 2 extra tickets if anyone wants them or knows anyone who would? The two people who were going to go with me have backed out (seriously!!!). They would be $40 a piece.

      Let me know if you and anyone else is interested!!

      • Oh yeah, so I am taking the metro (yellow line…not green!) and the doors open at 7. How are you getting there?

  50. Sandra #631 says:

    will be joining the FL glams in Sept,cant wait to meet them !!

  51. amdamtawnia says:

    I will be going to Knoxville Tn july 6 and hope to meet alot of glamberts! Please get with me!!

  52. Jules #82 says:

    Hello Glamb Sisters!

    Anyone attending July 24 Thunder Valley Casino concert near Sacramento CA? That will be my show! I I am attending the show with my hubby and a friend. LOVE what I have seen of the Glam Nation Tour – I can’t wait!

    So anyone out there going to Thunder Valley? I would love to meet some of you!

    If so, please let me know. I am @Jules3843 on Twitter and I will check back here too.


    • Yep! A friend and I are going to Thunder Valley! Met her when we saw Adam at Fantasy Springs(such an amazing show) and we were fast friends and we are also going to go to see him again in Costa Mesa on the 28th, can’t wait to meet more friends of Adam’s! It is the best live show I have ever seen and I can’t wait… the videos are so great…such a beautiful and magical show! I am also on twitter…@LizabethAnneD Hope to see ya at the show! πŸ™‚

      • renogirl says:

        I am going to Thunder Valley with a girlfriend. The to Costa Mesa the 28th. Some people are meeting at Wine bar at 4 pm at Costa Mesa. But would love to met you all at Thunder Valley. should be fun. I got room there also. We can play dress up. I am crazy and excited.

        • I am going to Thunder Valley with a girlfriend and we had a room reserved also. I am not familiar with Thunder Valley but we need to come up with a meeting place and time so we can all get together. It would be fun.

          • Hello fellow Thunder Valley concert goers!

            I too would like to meet up but I’m a little hesitant. You see, I saw a video of his 2nd concert in Sayerville where at 8:00am the line for the “reserved” seats was at least 500 people long, and the Gen. Admission line literally circled the parking lot and continued down the highway. There had to be at least a 1000 people in it. It stayed that way (and only grew bigger) until they opened the doors at 6:30pm. Because I have section 4 gen. admission seats, I have a feeling that I will likely be in a line for 10+ hours, just to get a decent seat.

            Being able to see Adam perform though, is worth the wait.

            • therese says:

              Reese, I am also going with a girlfriend to Thunder Valley. Do you have general admission? You are right. This whole thing is scary. I wasn’t sure if you meant that those people in line were they waiting to buy tickets?

              • Hi Therese. All of the people in the lines had tickets and were just in line to get the best seating they could. I have general admission section 4. I can’t really imagine a 10 hour wait, in late July, hopefully not a 100 degree day Anyway, again, Adam’s angelic voice will be worth it. Just wish all of his seats were reserved, so we could all meet up prior and have some fun.

                • I didn’t know there are seats in GA area, I thought there’s only standing room. Maybe people went to Sayerville Concert can give us some input.

                • therese says:

                  Hi Reese. I bought reserved tickets through stubhub that put me in the 5th row reserved. I am paying a lot, but after getting section 4 General Admission and worrying over weather the heat would be a concern for my girlfriend who has a bad knee, I asked her if she would bite the bullet with me and just buy the piece of mind of having the reserved seats. I am very happy now but now have to try to sell my other tickets to get some of my money back. You might want to consider this if you can afford it. Either way, these venues are so nice and small and intimate, I think this is the opportunity of a lifetime to see our BB in such a small setting before the next tour rolls around and we will need our binoculars to see him! The other thing I am worried about is the darn casino won’t even have a finished concert arena yet. It looks like it will be a bunch of chairs. Well, on the bright side, we will all have seats. By the way, have you seen that San Francisco just added a show on the 25th? Adam will leave SF and go to Sacramento and then turn right around and head back to the Warfield AGAIN the next day! I live much closer to SF and I am mad I didn’t get the password till this afternoon. I think the reserved seats at the Warfield are probably already sold AGAIN! I couldn’t get a ticket the first time and I tried for 45 minutes!!

                  • Hello Therese,

                    You made a good point about Stubhub, so I logged in. I must say I’m now suffering from sticker shock. I just dropped the price of a down payment for a car on two reserved seats. I’ve never in my life spent that much on a concert, let alone on anything that wasn’t a car or a vacation.

                    As for the 2nd Warfield…I did receive the code in time, and I logged in literally the moment the site opened and was bumped to only general admission. I literally was logged in for seats 19 seconds after it opened, and still only gen. admission. So I gave up, talked to the Warfield and someone there said the second show was ALL general admission. Because in live 4 hours away, general admission just isn’t feasible for me.

                    Can’t wait for Thunder Valley! My son and I will be in section 2, third row…Yeah!!!

  53. PaulaGlam says:

    retrogrrrl and LvAdam, yes let’s meet for these concerts…..this is going to be really fun!!!
    My email is lisbon0312@yahoo.com


  55. PaulaGlam says:

    I also wanted to go to the Puyallup Fair but nobody to go with, maybe I should go and by myself a ticket now.

    • littlegreensnake says:

      You definitely won’t be alone. There’s gonna be a ton of us Glambs at the Puyallup.

    • Paula, you are never alone when you go to a Adam concert… Just look for women with black nail polish and you have an instant friend.. lol fans are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. katro50 says:

    Hi guys, I will be attending the Columbus concert on June 14. anybody who wants to meet up with us let me know.

    • gah/rph says:

      I”m driving up from Cincinnati (with my reluctant husband) for the Columbus concert . When do you plan to get there and where are you meeting? I just found out that Adam will coming to Covington, KY on August 30th! Does anyone know when those tickets will go on sale?

  57. I have 2 extra tickets for the Milwaukee concert. If you know anyone who is interested, let me know. Marlene

  58. PaulaGlam says:

    sorry,for my misspelling!!! I mean – maybe I should go buy myself a ticket now.

    • PaulaGlamb, I may have an extra ticket for Puyallup. I’ll check with the person who is going to buy – whether she wants one or two. At any rate, by that time, we’ll be fast friends – along with retrogirl. Aloha Holly

  59. I am attending the June 30th show in Norfolk, Va. Anyone else going to Norfolk?

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Hi Robin, my name is also Robin. I noticed in postings above that Irena is also going to Adam’s performance in Norfolk. Her email is dancenia@gmail.com. I will be attending with another fan (who is not a member of this site but stays informed through me). I tried to get dinner reservations at the Backstage which is part of the Norva Theatre (I think) and they have completely booked up. My friend is pregnant but really wants to attend. We were coming to Norfolk on a business trip and lucked out that Adam was going to be there. I also bought tickets for his Richmond concert in August. Just found out last night by way of TV that he is also going to be in Roanoke, August 26th. I would love to get to that concert as well. My husband thinks I’m crazy!

      • Robin, I am coming from the Baltimore Area to see Adam in concert in Norfolk(about 41/2 hour drive). I am going with my sister and my 13 yr. old daughter and neice. We actually lucked out and got the last reservation at Backstage cafe at 3:30pm. I am so excited!!! Hope to see you there I’ll look for the pregnant lady.Hahaha!! Do you know if he does any meet and greets before or after the show?

        • sun-n-stars says:

          I have absolutely no idea about meet and greets. I’m jealous that you got reservations. I called yesterday and they said that they didn’t have anymore. You should get in before we do. I have medium length blond (dyed) hair, about 5’8″. My friend is only 2 1/2 months pregnant so she may be hard to find. She is about 5’4″, short coal black hair – mid 30’s, wears glasses. Our drive is 4 hours also but we will be there on business a day earlier. We’re staying at the Marriott. If I can find out about the meet and greets, I’ll let you know.

  60. Looks like there are a few of us going to Vegas. I am also going to the Morrison Center of the Arts in Boise, Idaho. I am so excited. I didn’t hope Adam would come to Idaho and he is!!!!!

    • wow !!! I thought I was the only person going to Idaho…lol I’m going alone to this concert. Driving up from Utah. Staying at the Resident Inn across the street from Concert.. Anyone else going ? I went to the F.S. concert and I know half the fun is meeting up with all the great fans. Let me know if you are going to Idaho.. I’m also going to Vegas with the best Glamily in the world..

  61. Hi Nancy
    I will be going to the show at the Warfield on the 23rd –
    I am coming from the east bay and will take bart from lafayette – you can reach me at ansaraangelheart11@hotmail.com

    • Hi! going to Warfield on 23rd as well. If you would like to attend a pre-get-together email me at kathyrensberry@yahoo.com and anyone else you may know who is coming, pass the word and my email address. Once I get an idea of how many, I’ll get a place.

  62. .R Im going to Atlantic CITY on the 26 of June love to go meet and greet but far to expensive for a poor person like me I will really enjoy the show my son is taking me for my birthday its one the best gifts I have ever had

  63. debi cole says:

    i will be at Costa Mesa..
    May have one of my moms homes rooms to rent out for cheaper than a hotel for a couple days..
    love to meet up..
    ALSO LOOKING TO BUY A PARI OF COSTA MESA TICKETS from a broker.. they sell pairs.. i need just one..
    anyone INTERESTED??? Deb
    email: tigerwuvver @yahoo.com

    • kat4adam says:

      I’m going the 7/27 and 28th in Costa Mesa. I live about an hour away but would love to meet people that are as passionate as I am about Adam! We need to set up a Glamfest of our own! Look like there will be alot of Glams there both days too.
      My email is kwightman@thenewcombs.com so email me if anyone wants to get together. I may have another ticket for the 27th that I could sell someone? Does anyone live near Sierra Madre or Arcadia area?
      Look forward to hearing from all of you MY “Glam Family”
      Kat4Adam Kathleen

  64. Zhandra says:

    Well, I will be attending the 2 Carolina concerts coming up the wknd of July 4th (2nd & 3rd) to be exact.
    I could use a ride from Charlotte to Mystic Beach! Can anyone help? I’ll gladly reimburse expenses!

    email me at stl226@aol.com

  65. PeggyGlamb345 says:

    Kterp, that would be very nice….and my daughters are big Adam fans like myself….

  66. My friend, Amelia and I will be in row Q. Hope we can see anything. Does anyone know where the meet and greet will be in Milwaukee?

  67. marlene says:

    any one know if ther are asigned seats at the nokia theater in ny

    • Marlene, the Nokia is standing only. That’s why I;m not going there. There are tickets online for over $1,500m for this show! aloha Holly

  68. I’m going to ROANOKE, VA August 26 – I still need to get tickets, they will be on sale June 11th….and RICHMOND, VA the very next day…August 27th. I didn’t realize about Roanoke, VA until today, and I already bought the Richmond ticket. So I’m not sure if I will end up going to Richmond. I live in Roanoke…so I HAVE TO GO here in my home town! I can’t believe Adam is coming to my home town…..My heart is jumping up and down. Is anyone else going to Roanoke or Richmond?

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Irene, I just told Robin above about you going to Norfolk. I too, am going to Norfolk and Richmond. I couldn’t believe it when I saw he was coming to Roanoke last night on TV. I nearly died. I would love to go to that one as well. My husband will divorce me if I go to 3 concerts and I think my boss will think that I have completely lost my mind. I live between Lynchburg and Charlottesville. My boss/friend is going with me to Norfolk and my sister and best friend are going with me to Richmond. Maybe we could meet up at one place or another. I gave Robin your email address as she was looking to meet up with someone at Norfolk. My name is also Robin. This is just too exciting.

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Hey Irene, do you know whether there will be a meet and greet in Norfolk or Richmond?

  69. LuvAdam476 says:

    It looks like more people will be at the Kansas City, MO show. If you want to meet before the concert contact me on twitter @Gloria476.

    I’m so stoked and excited!!!!


  70. PaulaGlam says:

    I will buy one ticket from you if you happen to have a extra one and will join you girls for the Puyallup Fair.

  71. Kat Spahr says:

    Hey Donna Lee and Roshan!! I live here in Vegas, so I’ll be at the show and would love to meet up with you. . . my email is pipnlvr@cox.net . . . .let’s make some plans!!


  72. Marilyn says:

    Going with my husband (so lucky he likes Adam too) to Costa Mesa on the 27th, if there’s any get togethers or anything, please let me know and will try to be there!! Adam is so YUMMY !!

  73. Hi, I am bringing my daughter and we are flying from Canada to Cleveland. If anyone wants to contact me, my e-mail is beanzie@rogers.com.

  74. hey adam i have love for you and i know we don’t konw one another i really do get where you come from i love your songs and i love you i would love to come out to see your show i love what your doing and the show is hot i can’t make it out hopefuly someday we get to meet one love from me to you and that’s real love stay up friend enjoy

    • This is a different Irene, I go by Irena, Gets confusing……There are a lot of Mary’s on this site.
      I looking to hook with Mary Ellen for Norfolk. I believe I got that right….

  75. A few of us are going to the Toronto show on June 19th. We’re driving down from the north (Shelburne/Orangeville area).

  76. I am going to the concert at Tampa Bay, Tropicana field with my sister Sandi who loves Adam too

  77. MsNorihei says:

    We will be flying from Tokyo for the Vegas show.
    Hoping the tickets arrive in time.

  78. kat23morg says:

    My daughter, her best bud and I have tickets to the Charlotte, NC concert….would love to go to the Raleigh one (we live in NC) but hub is not a big fan….may tell me no…dang….Anyway I am so extremely excited to go and so proud of our Adam, his band and his dancers for putting on a show that is receiving rave reviews…All I can say is what did people expect…from a person with tons of talent and a lot of theater background…of course he will entertain…that is what he loves….Can not wait to see it live…
    Does anyone know when we should get there? It is general admission and we want to be up front…Those who have gone so far…when did you arrive to wait in line? Did Adam do a meet and greet during the day?

    • Angelee says:

      I am going to Charlotte also! Seems like we might have to be there WAYYYYY early since it is all GA (except for the VIP passes – and only like 150 of those were sold)….. ******IF ANYONE HAS VIP TIX TO CHARLOTTE NC, I AM WILLING TO BUY!!!! NEED 2!!! ****** If I find out any more news on WHEN to get there in Charlotte, I will reply! Can’t hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo Angelee
      Once again, ******)….. ******IF ANYONE HAS VIP TIX TO CHARLOTTE NC, I AM WILLING TO BUY!!!! NEED 2!!! ******

    • Wow, excited to see someone else from NC going with their daughter to the Charlotte concert!!! I’m in the same boat about the Raleigh concert (and the hubby too…lol) Would love to meet up somewhere and share the happiness that is Adam Lambert. You can find me on Twitter as Eccentricteecher or just email directly….june.johnston@charter.net Hope to hear from you-enjoy the positive energy of the show!

  79. Tori Pearce says:

    I got VIP passes to the Lansing festival AND I’m going to see him in Kansasa City as well! I’m on leave from my tour in Germany and I want to grab as much Glam as I can.

  80. Jane Parker says:

    This thread is getting too long!

    Irena and I are going to the Raleigh, NC concert!! YES!!!

    Let us know if you are going to this concert as well!!!

    • patricia Pearce says:

      HI Jane Parker-I’m a tech idiot so hope this gets through to you. Replied to another gal but forgot to leave my e-mail which is the only good way to reach me. Will repeat it here: Skinnylynnie@nc.rr.com. I have a single ticket to Raleigh concert!! I’ve never gone anywhere alone in my life before but I would not miss this for the world. My friends are missing out on the greatest star of our day so am looking for other Glamberts who are near Chapel Hill or driving past. I could park my car at 1-40 and exit 266 which is a stone’s throw from the Harris Teeter complex. We could drive my car and park yours in their all-night lot, or park mine, whichever you prefer. I’ll be wearing a silver sparkling baseball cap so should be easy to find. I’d stand inside the Harris Teeter door so you wouldn’t have to search the parking lot. I a 65 year young teenager who screams as loudly as I used to do for Elvis when I was young. I’m happy to go to dinner beforehand with fans, or not, whatever you want to do.

      I’m so happy my stomach is bubbling over, but the fear of getting lost despite my GPS is worrying me.

      I hope I hear from you:-)

      Lynne Pearce

      • Dear Lynne,

        I have left my email address on several threads for you but it all get’s buried so quickly…..

        Pleas email me at dancenia@gmail.com and we can coordinate and swap cell # and agree on a time etc.
        I live in Durham.
        Like Jane said if more people want to join us let us know! I also agree with Jane that this thread is getting too long The intention is great but we should probaly move this to the forum and have all the different cities listed so people can just focus on the concerts that are attending etc.
        Still looking for my Norfolk Buddy!

  81. The Florida Glambs are getting together for the Tampa show on 9/18. We have a dinner planned for Friday night and we are thinking about tailgating before the game on Saturday. I believe there are about 20 of us so far that hope to meet up. There will be three of us coming from Tallahassee and others from central and south Florida. If anyone wants to join us or find out about riding with someone, just let me know. You can email me at LHF1959@earthlink.net and I will work to get everyone connected. Since I am going to be in NC June 28th for the week, I am still hoping for a chance to go to the Charlotte show on 7/2 or Myrtle Beach on 7/3. Just need a ride with someone who could pick me up in Asheville and who has an extra ticket they would sell. (not asking for much, huh?) I can’t talk my husband into it but I would be willing to go without him, Ha! Ha!

    • Christine says:

      I live in the Tampa area and have tried to contact you by email but it would now go through. I am going to that show on Sept. 18 and would like to meet up on Friday night. Sounds like fun please contact me at bandcd@hotmail.com

  82. bellina says:

    Hi guys, I am going to Borgata and DC. Can’t wait!!! Looking forward to meeting friends from Adam Official. It’s going to be amazing!!!!!!! See you soon.

  83. Help!! I am in San Diego and want tickets for Indianapolis and I haven’t gotten the presale code yet can anyone help????? lisalisansd@yahoo.com I always get the presale codes! Arghhhhhh!

    • gah/rph says:

      The presale code is DANCE2010 according to an email I received this morning from his site. I’m driving up from Cincinnati for the Columbus show on Monday which is General Admission (Standing Room Only) Wish me luck! I really wish I would have known about the Louisville and/or Indianapolis shows sooner, since those venues have seats. I’m waiting for the Covington, KY tickets to go on sale! It’s close to home with SEATS!

  84. I live in Tampa and attending Tampa, Charlotte & Myrtle Beach. Driving to Charlotte on Thursday July 1st, returning from Myrtle Beach July 4th. My email is kmb@tampabay.rr.com. My mom & I flew to Vancouver a couple months ago just to see Adam – well worth it! Can’t wait – I know his tour is going to be incredible.

    • Christine says:

      Lucky You!!! Would love to get tickets to Myrtle Beach. Wasn’t able to – if you hear of any extra tickets please let me know at bandcd@hotmail.com. I too live in Tampa area and going to that show, but would love to see him in a smaller venue.

      • Angelee says:

        xooxxo Angelee

  85. Hello!! I’ll be at the Shooting Star show on Friday, then Milwaukee, Hammond, Las Vegas, and Rockford (front row!!)…can’t wait to meet some fellow fanatics!! Some people on Twitter going to the Milwaukee show are planning to meet at Moe’s Irish Pub around 5:00 fro drinks or dinner. Click on my name to find me on Twitter if you want to discuss plans.

  86. There’s a radio station in philly thats doing a contest to meet Adam if you get “glammed up”!!! Any suggestions on what i should do??? I wanna win!!! http://phillys1061.clearcontests.com/ImageContest/OpenContest.asp?Action=Login&SurveyID=75746&zx=454

  87. My friend and i are going to the MGM Grand theatre on June 24 at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut…Does anyone know the casino well enough to designate a meeting place in the casino before the show. Many of us Glamberts will be arriving very much before the show and spending a good part of the day there……????

    • jen johnson says:

      hi maradam-
      me & a friend are also going to the mgm to see the fabulous adam!! (we’re meeting up w/ some of her friends)-sooo looking forward to it! there is so much to do at foxwoods- gamble for a few hours, go to lunch/dinner at the many cool restaurants, head over to stadium club for a few cocktails….. there’s also a dance club at mgm for after hours if you feel like staying out!! never know! maybe adam will show up later on!! have fun before, durung, & after the show!! psych!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi~ Keep me posted if you decide to meet (when & where) i’d love to meet up with you guys!!

      • jen johnson says:

        not sure of our plans yet- but probably grab a bite to eat & a few cocktails before going to show! might stick around later to see if we can run into adam!! lol do you have a cell # so i can text you at some point??

        i love the song ‘aftermath’- i can’t stop listening to it!! hope it’s a huge hit soon!!

  88. I’m going to the only Canadian show in Toronto on June 19th but its one of those Wham Bam concerts ‘Featuring’ Adam Lambert. I know there are other artists but I am only interested in seeing him. Does anyone know where in the show his performance will be and how many songs he will be doing?
    I wish Adam would do more Canadian concerts he has a LOT of fans here.
    if anyone knows the answers to the above questions please let me know thanks

  89. Sherin Hester says:

    My daughter and I are going to the Charlotte, NC show and then on to Myrtle Beach, SC> We are so excited and we can’t stand it. Love Adam

  90. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    hey glams anyone from phila area? going to the tower theater 8-12. i went to his 1st 2 and i’m hoping to keep adding more to my list!!!love his beautiful self!!!

  91. I live in the Seattle area but made plans with my sister and a friend to go to the San Francisco show on the 23rd of July. We are trying to get a pre party started but don’t know the area all that well, any suggestions?

  92. Hi, Sue, Lila, and Carol!! And everyone else. Breaking online silence for the first time here at Glambs Int. I am going to the Warfield on Friday, 24 July. OMG!! Only holds 2250 – not a bad seat in the house. I’m in the second loge (way too old for GA!!!) and only had to pay 3X for the privilege. Anyone interested in a pre-get together in SF – I’d be happy to set it up. Email me at kathyrensberry@yahoo.com.

  93. Oops! That’s Friday 23 July.

  94. I can’t believe there isn’t anyone out there going to Louisville,KY.Someone anyone.The tickets sure went fast.Let me know.I’m going with my sister.Were taking her RV.Were staying at a RV park in Indiana 10 minutes away from downtown Louieville.Were going to get Glamed up.We’ll probably be the only ones if there are no other Glambs there.And we are Grandmothers.

    • Hi toni! I’m in Detroit area and there’s only one post here from my concert and one each from Lansing and Chesaning, Mich. venues. Where are all the Michigan Glambs??? My show is a week from this Friday-June 18!! Where is everyone?!!! BTW, I’m old enough to be a grandmother…but no kids! lol!

      • I know! I’m going to the Royal Oak show and have two extra tickets if anyone is interested. I can’t believe there aren’t any Detroit Metro area Glambs!

        • Hi Liz! Would like to get in touch with you. Could you please email me, if you can? It’s lindalou55@cavtel.net. I’ve only been in touch with one other local Adam fan. Still waiting to hear back from her and concert is only a week away! Would like to meet a kindred soul! Plz.write! Thanks!

      • Hi–I will be at the Royal Oak show in MI. I think my daughter is going with me, but if she changes her mind, I will have an extra ticket.

        • Suzy, I might be interested, but I would have to explain. My email is in the post above to liz421. Linda

  95. Sandy B says:

    First time posting.

    My daughter, myself and a friend are going to the concert at Northern Lights in Clifton Park NY on August 23rd. We had an anxious hour this am as the pre-sale email was so late arriving. We’ll only have to drive around an hour to get there so we are so psyched he is coming our way. These are standing room, general admission tickets. I don’t care as Adam is worth a little bit of sore feet etc. Needless to say, my daughter is no longer depressed as everyone was excited to be going and we were despairing that we could get to his concert. We were lucky to see him last year on the Idol Tour. The three of us have been doing a happy dance all day!

    • Hi Sandy,

      Welcome to the site. Hope you’ll be here often; you’ll enjoy the cameraderie and the great humor and warmth of the Glambs and the reassurance that you are not the only woman who feels the way you do.

      I read that the venue for 8/23 has been changed to the Palace Theater in Albany. Hope you’ll still make it. We saw him in Albany last year on the Idol Tour. Looks like you’ll have real seats at The Palace too. We did Sayreville NJ which was a GA standing-only venue and it can be tough waiting to get in and standing for so long. I think I went sort of numb between the anticipation and actually seeing Adam perform in all his mesmerizing glory. If you’re doing a happy dance now, wait until you see him LIVE again!!

  96. 3 of us will be flying from Mpls/St.Paul to the show in LasVegas on July 31st. Can’t Wait!

  97. Hi everybody!!! i’m going to see ADAM, breathing the same air he’s breathing, TOMORROW June 10th at Council Bluffs, Iowa!!! I’m Sooooooooooooo excited & very nnnnnervous…….I don’t know why, but after all these months of fighting for him, voting for him and watching his videos on his website & YouTube……well, I JUST CAN’T believe it. it’s too good to be true. I love you Adam, now & forever, Janice K

  98. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I’m going to the Council Bluffs show tomorrow night. Went and got black tips put on my fingernails today! My hubby isn’t a fan but he’s going with me cuz he he knows what a huge fan I am!!

  99. Hello all, I will be attending Adam’s show in Atlantic City on June 26 with my adult daughter. It will be our first time seeing Adam! I am soooooo excited! Anyone going wanna meet up? Let me know via email: kardep@hotmail.com See you there!!

  100. Paula Jensen says:

    Hey guys, I’ll be at the Myrtle Beach, SC concert on July 3rd, and the Knoxville, TN concert on July 6th. CAN’T WAIT!!!! Give me a shout if you want to meet up! I’ll be with my mom and 20 yr old daughter at the Myrtle Beach concert, and with my sister and daughter at the Knoxville one.

  101. Wow! Not too many going to Seattle show on July 20th. Just to let anyone who is interested know that I booked a hotel in the area of the theatre over the hotwire site today for $109 per night which is about 150% less than any other hotel rooms in the area . Its a good hotel which is 8 blocks away and is a great deal booking through hotwire. I’d like to meet up with other people going to seattle on the evening of the 19th so let me know if anyone is interested. I arranged this in Vancouver at River Rock and it was a blast!! Email me directly at maureenm@intergate.ca Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  102. Hi… I am going to be in Denver 7/17 at the Paramount Theater anyone else going to this show??? I need to find more Glambert’s in my area. I have THEE best seats…5th row center. Had to go to ticket
    broker for these but decided if I’m going I might as well pay the big bucks$$$$$ and get what I want.
    This venue is great because it is small and personal.. Can’t wait!!!

  103. Elizabeth #635 says:

    ChrisS (6/9-2:57pm) I am from Des Moines and I would like to possibly get advance tickets for the 9-3 show. Could you please tell me how you did it? Sorry, I don’t go to many concerts. Thank you or anyone for the help.

  104. Who will be in Hammond, IN? Want to meet up? Anyone know anything about the Venue? My tickets say GA, but have a row and seat number. Anyone know anything about a meet and greet?

  105. Penny F says:

    I am going to Raleigh. Thinking about Bethlehem Music Fest and/or Charlotte but I don’t know anyone to go with and feeling kinda shy to go myself!

  106. I’ll be in Atlantic City on June 26th, Norfolk on June 30th and Richmond on August 27th.


  107. Zhandra says:


    Is there ANYONE here going to both the Fillmore, Charlotte and House of Blues Shows at Myrtle Beach????

    I am hoping for company and a lift to the concerts, and would love to know if there are any fans would help. I’ll gladly assist w/ driving expenses and treat you to a fine meal for your trouble. I had not realized when I grabbed the House of Blues tkts that Myrtle Beach is so far from Fillmore. I hope I don’t have to cancel this show and rearrange my flight home πŸ™

    • Angelee says:


  108. Zhandra says:

    Oh by the way, please email me direct at stl226@aol.com if there is anyone here who is travelling to both North Carolina and South Carolina concerts on the wknd of July 4th.


  109. going to Cohassat. Adam will be in Hyannis the same day as the gay pride parade in nearby P town. there is a rumor he may be in the parade.

  110. That is Thursday August 19

  111. i’m flying from north dakota to vegas for the july 31 show at mandalay bay! sooooooooooooo stoked can’t wait!

  112. Angelee says:

    xoxoox GlambertInAPinkCadillac:)

    • You need to post this request on AO as well. On the home page got to East coast concerts, tehre is lots of ticket trading going on there!

  113. We are going to knoxville and Atlanta shows:) In July and Sept:)

    • rhiannanb2 says:

      I’m going to the Atlanta show too. I’m dragging my husband and his cousin, since she wanted to go. We’re from Birmingham. I wonder what time we need to get there…I’m thinking they will open the doors around 6:30, but I wonder if that is early enough. So excited!! πŸ™‚

  114. As you might know, the Clifton Park NY (Northern Lights) venue for 8/23 has been changed to the Palace Theater in Albany…..easier to get to, real seats. I was able to get 2 presale orchestra seats for $30.50 apiece today. Went back in later to see if I could get more or better ones and no luck, but there’s supposed to be a second presale for this venue tomorrow. If anyone is going to Albany, give a shout — maybe we can meet before or after.

    I’m so relieved!!! We just went to Sayreville NJ and KFest at Dutchess Stadium and I was already going through withdrawal, but now we have Musikfest in Bethlehem PA and Albany lined up. August is going to be sizzlin!!

  115. Jeanne D says:

    I’m going to the Tempe, AZ concert……….anyone else going? General admission, but what the heck, anything for Adam

  116. currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod,