Who Is Going To Wango Tango? Adam Wants To Know!

The man wants to know…

~ adamlambert~Backstage at the Staples Center Glamming up for Wango Tango! Who’s coming??

Sooo, those of you that are there, we want to hear ALL about it!! I cannot wait to hear the details…
It seems to be an interesting mix of artists, so it will be even more interesting to hear how he is accepted amongst this crowd!!
I’m guessing he will hold his own and there will be some new Adam fans tonight!! Can’t wait to hear!
photo via:@DavidStyles



  1. Judy Lushman says:

    Can’t wait for some videos of our man singing his heart out

  2. mandytwo says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    GLAMB 616

  3. Farzana says:

    I just saw this video interview on WangoTango plus there were 121 photos of his performance! He has a new look! He is wearing modified India inspired glam! HIs pants are most unusual and are a version of the shalwar that is worn by men in India /Pakistan/Afghanistan. The shirt and jacket are embroidered with the India/Pakistani motifs(paisley type designs). How do I know this? I have lived there and my husband’s family is from there. Enjoy the photos and interview:

  4. Hmmm. Well, next to the AMA’s, this was my least favorite performance of Adam’s, and I’ve now seen Adam perform seven times in person and met him as well. Don’t get me wrong – Adam’s singing skills are fabulous and he was in fine form artistically.

    I was up in row 2 of the upper concourse and the acoustics for the whole show were really awful. That was part of my lack of enjoyment as you can imagine.

    It was just a little weird seeing Adam in a crowd that was clearly there for teenage sensation Justin Beiber. The applause for Adam – and many other artists as well – died down so quickly after each song, it was in total contrast to Fantasy Springs, where the fans couldn’t stop screaming and applauding HH.

    Also, noboby I know liked the pants he wore. He had sort of a Russian theme going but one person called his pants “harem pants”. It was kinda funny. Just wondered how he would decide to pick that outfit given the mostly white, pop crowd that was there. The rest of his outfit was COOL, though.

    Adam sang What Do You Want from Me?, Fever, Sleepwalker and finished with “his new single” as he said, “If I Had You”. He had four dancers with him but their outfits were extremely drab. Tommy looked great and was moving about on stage a lot. Monte had on his platform boots again and was fabulous in the Sleepwalker guitar solo. Longineu was shirtless as usual. Speaking of Longineu, it was very sweet that he came up to the upper concourse level to say hi to a couple of the LA fans he knows. They were thrilled.

    The bottom line is, I’m a lot happier seeing Adam as a solo act and not mixed in with a bunch of mostly urban artists. The whole show struck me as odd, actually. I can’t wait for the two Adam/Orianthe shows at Costa Mesa and the killer Las Vegas party coming up in July!

  5. I wasn’t there but I liked the pants! Here is what Monte tweeted one hour ago:

    Monterrific : “Sleepwalker” tonight at the Staples Center in front of a sold out audience at Wango Tango 051510.m4v http://youtu.be/WeEB2aAKt9w

  6. Adam has such talent and showmanship. I’m disappointed thou that he didn’t wear his usual sexy gear and simpler make-up, to appear to the teenage crowd. Wango tango was his chance to grab the teen population. The PANTS was very unappealing….quite dissappointed…and Adam said he picked that from a runway. The music biz is such a competitive biz, new artists will come and go. Adam has to be a better strategist, just like when he was at Idol. When he over-dresses, it becomes too gayish and a total turn-off for the younger crowd. I think even cougars prefer him to be sexy….!!!! WHAT SAY YOU GUYS….i love adam and I want him to be an ICON….I hope he reads this….

    • Adam is going to wear what he wants to wear. Adam is not going the dress in a way to please or to woo a certain crowd. As always, it was daring.