Whattaya Say to Rude People at Adam Lambert’s Concerts? Baltimore’s Soaked Video Evokes Strong Feelings from this Web Site Author!

After reading the comments on Sue’s wonderful Baltimore post and watching the Soaked video from that show, I’m almost in tears too. Not from just Adam’s amazing connection to this song, but from the rudeness of the “fans.” I added my comments to the post, saying most of this, but felt it deserved a post on its own.

I guess you can’t stop people from singing along, that’s a lot of the fun of going to a concert. I’m sure artists appreciate that. It’s got to be flattering to them for so many to know their lyrics inside and out to a song that isn’t radio-play. I don’t know if there’s a protocol about singing along to fast versus slow songs, but when an artist like Adam connects so much to his ballads that his performance is visibly altered, I’d like to let him have his moment, and command the stage by himself. He doesn’t have backup singers or dancers then, so we should follow his lead. The constant conversation and shout-outs are really a lack of consideration for the performer. We don’t know what Adam can hear from the stage. He may be so into his performance that he doesn’t even hear it. But it seemed like you could almost see Adam searching for new areas of the audience to focus on, one that is getting his message.

When someone is talking and taking away from my enjoyment of the show, I don’t have any problem with letting them know. Let’s all agree on what to say. Something like “I have been looking forward for so long to hearing this amazing man sing, and I would really appreciate it if you’d hold your conversation until it’s over” is non-aggressive and gets the point across. Whattaya say Glambs?

~ Carol – Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. AllaboutAdam says:

    At one point, i turned around and quietly said “Shhhhh…” to the people around me… but it didn’t help much. I admit, I sang along several times throughout the night, and so did most people. But when you’re there – with him in the house – you get a feel for what’s appropriate – and when. You can tell when the crowd is louder than he is. So at times singing along is cool, but as for cat-calls….. never. I felt bad for him when that happened… it was somewhat degrading during that particular song . Thankfully, he was connected so deeply that it didn’t distract HIM… once again a sign of his impeccable manners and professionalism. Let us all return the favor, shall we? Loving him also means showing respect for him – as he does for us.

    • I will be seeing Adam in a Casino venue. Imagine everyone will have a buzz on or worse. Suppose the individual atmosphere dictates how raucious the crowd will be. I suppose there are “idiots” in any crowd and it is probably not legal to bring a stun gun and zap them?

    • I agree with you 100%. Although I haven’t seen him live yet (will in Sept)–he DOES deserve respect from us. These other rude idiots will get theirs!!!

    • Me I would just say to the rude people to shut the F@#k up. Thats just me though. No filter just like adam.

    • I was at 2 concerts now, Mystic Lake and Milwaukee…4th Row.. Everyone is so over come by emotion when Adam takes the stage.. It is juat like a MAD HOUSE of emotions…The energy is WILD and Hott…Adam looks right into your eyes…staring…drawing you into his spell deeper and deepeer… I found myself SPEECHLESS.. I was in a trance state but also overcome with emotion too. I did let Adam sing and then just let it out. In Milwaukee there were 2 girls behind us starting to sing LOUD during Soaked.. I just turned around and siad “PLEASE PLEASE, can we hear Adam”?
      They stopped right away.
      So I think most people are just so fricking excited and overcome with his sexxxxx appeal and BEAUTY (He is sooooo much more Beautiful/Handsome in person then any picture i have ever seen, SHOCKINGLY BEAUTIFUL) that it is hard to control. But if you are polite and reimind them, the loud mouths will stop. It’s just so hard to control yourself.

      I have been to every rock concert that came through Milwaukee growing up and even met a lot of bands.. I also met Tommy and Monte At Mystic in the hot tub….but I have never ever ever ever been overcome with this much emotion for anyone but ADAM LAMBERT… It just perplexes me.. and how he has this effect on all of us… from all walks of life..ages…races…genders.. and makes us all feel like little school kids…freaking out over HIM!!! When you go to a concert you will feel so much energy in that room it will be Explosive… building up all night … and then ADAM’S PICTURE COMES UP ON A SCREEN AND EVERYONE SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER….INSANE..AND I WAS ONE OF THEM… INSANE…..My daughter was one of them… the 76 year old couple in front of us were one of them…( they are traveling around the country seeing Adam,said HE BROUGHT THEM BACK TO LIFE..and she had a tee shirt on that said “Who the Fuck is MICK JAGGER” ..Luv Them)
      We are all INSANELY IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN!! And it just erupts when he takes that stage…. and continues to build as he sings and wraps that other worldly VOICE AROUND YOUR HEART…CAPTIVATING YOU…OWNING YOU…then SEDUCING YOU ALL NIGHT WITH HIS SALACIOUS MOVES….then MELTING YOUR HEART WITH HIS SWEET SMILES AND COMMENTS….UNBELIEVABLE NIGHT!!
      I have 2 more concerts to attend and I am SO HAPPY FOR ANY OF YOU THAT ARE GOING TOO. Just talk to people… you will meet the most amazing people ever at his concerts…. look for the good.. and you will find it…Let yourself go and have FUN!!!

      • OK.. I spoke too soon and just watched the video @ Baltimore and YES I agree these people were very Rude throughout Adams Soaked… I have not heard that at my shows…

        If you watch the Milwaukee Soaked Adam had TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE AUDIENCE… The crowd was very very wild and crazy and that is why Adam did the SEX ON THE STAIRS FOR US.. he gave back what we wanted and did Mirror all of us…Sexxxy Crowd!! .BUT watch when he starts to sing SOAKED, The crowd was LOUD..Adam put Both arms out to his side and slowly moved them down…Claming the crowd and got Total Contol and silence… It was beautiful and I felt his POWER over us!! So cool..
        The Baltimore crowd was actually talking during the singing…NOT FANS!! If you are truely Adamized, you will not talk when he sings..
        I would tell them to “SHUT THE F%$#@K UP TOO!!!. No one better do that near me!!

        • I watched the MuchVideo Awards yesterday because of Adam, why else, right?

          Anyway, I noticed during Adam’s performance, almost everyone had a video recorder. I appreciate the videos; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to watch all the fantastic YouTube videos of our favorite singer. BUT, I was wondering, does this block the view of the people who are standing in back of the video taker? It seems to me that the best seats in the house could be the worse with everyone extending their arms over their heads with a video up against Adam’s face. Is it better to get balcony seats and a pair of good binoculars?

          Who the heck is Snookie anyway? Seems like anyone can be in a reality show. We should all star in a Glambert reality show. Maybe, we’ll be able to present Adam with his Grammy.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        You have just expressed my every thought.. to a “T”. I’ve been speaking and emailing the very same comments for 3 days myself! ALL IN CAPS TOO… Isn’t it hard? How can you REALLY communicate it to others? EXPLOSIVE, SHOCKINGLY BEAUTIFUL….SUCH perfect descriptions… and that STILL doesn’t say it all, does it? There are NO adjectives… The experience of his concert is the ONLY true adjective. HE IS THE JOY, THE CLASS, THE VOICE of ALL VOICES, the sum of everything beautiful and the BEST I have EVER SEEN in my life. I crazy mad for him even more than i thought i could be. Making plans for two more concerts in August. He owns my heart for sure.

  2. the listening is the only way to understand…

  3. I agree, we are there to hear Adam not anyone else’s conversations 🙂 xxx

  4. I hope they soon get it that they should not sing along to certain songs and please let Soaked be one of them. and please no hollering until he is finished. how can he get a DVD published if all you hear is the audience. Please, Im begging

  5. I also have listened in amazement to the beautiful aucustic versions of so many songs and then some one who thinks they’re special scream. “I love you Adam or worse, Marry Me……”
    To hear such a beautiful voive and to be in the present of someone so out of the ordinary is a privilege, no screaming should erupt till the songs is over, wild loud passionate screaming but yes please don’t sound like a nutjob during those special moments.

  6. If u listen closely at the end of the Soaked video, u can hear someone say “shame on you for ruining the show” or something like that! I was cracking up bc I also felt the same way. Let the man sing one ballad without everyone else. That is really his moment in the show!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi…this is my video and I didn’t know that would be recorded. The lady was just about next to me and all I could do was nod. People around me clearly laughed when that guy said “I’m right here, Adam!” That group of guys was so obnoxious last night.

      Still the best night ever!

  7. Adamisamazing says:

    This is a great reminder to keep it quiet and respectful. It is definitely one of my pet peeves for people to talk or scream during well…anything, but especially Adam’s concerts. You just want him to have his quiet moments when he is putting all that he does into his songs. I remember at Fantasy Springs (Indio, CA), his first solo performance, when this girl warned us that she was going to scream during his performance. Well, the other huge fan on the other side of her, told her to please not scream. She appreciated her enthusiasm, but she told her we’re here to hear Adam, and Adam only. She didn’t scream, and I am always thankful that someone said something to prevent the screams. I have two concerts coming up, and I’m hoping that people will get the message and keep the conversations and screams to a minimum out of respect for Adam. Really good reminder for all of us Glambs and fans.

  8. I never really thought about the screaming. Thanks for that reminder. The last concert I attended was The Rain. They impersonate the Beatles. I was sitting in the balcony, and we were all dancing and singing along. But when it came time for “John” to sing “Imagine,” we all sat down and kept quiet. It was beautiful. The same for the song, “Yesterday.” I will sure remember that. I surely don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience.

  9. I have tickets for the Roanoke,Va performance and I am just hoping that we Virginians show some hospitality and do not scream at him during the concert. To me, as a 61 year old, that shows a tremendous lack of respect for both Adam and the other audience members that have come to hear the beautiful gift that he possesses and uses so well!!!!His gift includes both his voice and his amazing message and vision. He knows that we love him he can feel our energy in the same way we feel his when he is on stage. The love shared between a performer and his audience is a beautiful thing and if the everyone would settle down and be open to that experience they would get a lot more out of the whole concert and so would the rest of us. The screamers are missing the point and the message, I think. Shut-up, sit down and bask in the love.

  10. There is definitely a difference between enjoying the concert experience and abusing the concert experience. We, as fans, have to be considerate of the people around us, but also understand that most people go to concerts to enjoy the music and sing to songs that they have been blasting on their radios for months. That being said, I respect Adman’s music as much as any fan, but I think it is a bit silly to suggest that people cannot sing or yell at appropriate times. Seriously, it’s not a play, it’s a concert.

    • I agree with the “appropriate times” statement. I think most of us are concerned with the people that are talking very loudly (not singing) during the performance, and cat calling in the middle of the serious songs.

      I recently paid big $$$ to see James Taylor in an amphitheater. Right behind me was a couple that were a bit too tipsy that talked during the performance, but they would stop talking to clap at the end of every song. I asked them to be quiet. That worked for about one minute. Eventually, the girl lit a cigarette (which was not allowed) and the crowd around us basically turned into a mob and the couple got the message and left. It was pretty hairy, but we all finally got to hear just James Taylor for the final 30 minutes of the concert (with the appropriate yells and applause of course).

      It’s hard to gauge what each individual’s level of fun and participation is. But in the end, hopefully everyone will stay within a certain level of respect to those around them.

      At any rate, Adam’s talent is worth partaking, and I will cope with the cards I’m dealt.

    • If you watched the video “Soaked” in question, you would see that it was not an “appropriate” time for these rude people to yell something out. He was in the middle of this beautiful, slow song. I think this was the first venue that I have heard anything at all like this, so hopefully people will either learn to stop this, or this was an isolated incident in Baltimore. It is also okay to have a difference of opinion, but choose your words carefully everyone. The majority of people on this post agree with Carol. And, we do not consider our opinions “silly.” Since respect is the issue, here, I hope that we can all have a respectful tone when posting and express our opinions with the feelings of others in mind.

    • No No. They are just saying that during one of his more slow songs, where it is just him singing and no back up or dancers, please wait till he is done. Then scream all you want. Just be mindful. That’s all.

    • I would never suggest that the audience should not be interactive and sing with the songs that we love so much but that said, screaming during a ballad is very different. I will be singing and dancing with everyone else and cheering and clapping. I didn’t mean to sound like everyone should sit in silence. What u said above about appropriate times is what we need to remember. thanks….sm

    • I respect everyone’s opinions, even if I am not fully agreeing with them, but keep in mind that videos can distort the crowd depending on the location of the videographer. I was at the Baltimore show and was not disturbed at all by this shout-out. I didn’t even hear it…granted, I may have been really into the song;)

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        I was directly in front of Adam and I heard several shout-outs… so I’m sure he heard them too. I just wanted to say that it was bad enough trying to listen and take in his Soaked performance without distractions, but even more than that, I felt offended that the shouters were treating him that way. “How dare they?” was my attitude. Doesn’t he deserve better? Those of you that attended know what I’m talking about.

  11. My fav is SOAKED and I totally agree that all the fans have to give Adam undivided attention and respect for his slow music….Maybe one of the bands or dancers could request, in behalf of most of Adam’s fans: To be focused and feel Adam’s love and Adam’s super vocals, during his slow/emo ballads. Can’t wait to see Adam in SFO. Daily I read all the articles and watch all your beautiful videos. Thank you for all the recent updates. We all share the same love…”ADAMORE”..Besame…. mucho….

  12. Adam has obviously worked very hard to stage an awesome production, and the greatest compliment and show of appreciation from his fans would be to listen to the music…really listen… and let him do the entertaining. Perhaps seats would help.

  13. Cathy A. says:

    My concerts are yet to come and I am also concerned about being able to hear everything clearly. In a way we can relate this to musical theatre. I have attended many and even though there is alot of speaking parts when the players are singing everyone (well almost everyone) holds out until the song has ended. There is nothing more distracting or irritating then to hear people talking or hollering when it is obvious how much emotion the performers are trying to give us. I know concerts are on a different level but he is still performing and is due that respect. I hope the message gets out there so everyone can enjoy every moment of Adam’s beautiful voice. Thanks

  14. Gotta tell you there’s really no way to ask rude people to respect what they don’t already respect. I’ve had two drinks poured on me for politely asking people to stop screaming in my ear about stuff totally unrelated to the concert. If they’re that rude and don’t get it the odds are pretty good they won’t. Sorry to be a bummer but I’ve found it’s a waste of energy. I just wait until the concert volume is loud enough to drown them out…or I move. Sad.

  15. My friend used this line when she went to one of his concerts and there were “loud” people around her, she turned around, looked them in the eye, and asked “What is your favorite song of Adam’s?” “They then told my friend, she then said thank you, now I know what song to talk loudly when it comes on”. Believe it or not they got the point and was quiet.

  16. Carol I agree with you 100%. I will also add that Adam is used to performing musical theatre where not only are cameras not allowed, cell phones are off. The audience is supposed to pay 100% attention to the fine actors on the stage. Granted the atmosphere is different in a concert, especially when outdoors but the bottom line is RESPECT period. Please give Adam the respect he deserves.

  17. The one song I want to hear unadorned with other’s pathetic attempt at singing is Soaked. If people want to sing along with the fast numbers like Fever, IIHD, I don’t have a problem. But please folks, be silent on the ballads and let this man’s beautiful voice shine through. Many people–like me–will be travelling thousands of miles at great expense to see his show. Please, don’t spoil it for us. Keep in mind, I don’t care who you are, you can’t sing as well as Adam. Why would you pollute the environment with your noise. You can still have a great time without adding your voice and showing everyone you know the words. We all know the words, Thank you for your consideration.

  18. Dianne Hill says:

    Fans should also look at it from say, my perspective. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I pray that one day Adam will come to our shores. Until that happens the only way I can see him is through all the wonderful video clips that fans take the trouble to film for us all. It is the only way I can see Adam and I have to tell you I hate hearing all the screaming and talking that goes on during Adam’s quieter songs. I can still picture Adam in Europe (the country escapes me – was it Berns) when he was singing Broken Open and that woman wouldn’t shut up and at the end he got up off the stool and called her “chatty Cathy”, I laughed out loud at that, but all the way through the song I was sitting in front of my computer, telling her to “shut the F**k up”. It was so annoying and distracting. I can’t imagine paying out money to see Adam and then talk all the way through his performances. I know we all get carried away and during the rockier songs it is okay to sing along – as long as you can sing – I have heard so many that can’t sing at all. I also hate hearing a fan scream out “marry me”, what on earth do they think Adam is going to do on hearing that statement. Do they think he is going to stop singing and say “of course I will marry you”, it is always a female voice too, never a guy. Do they realise what “gay” means. I know we all love Adam, I absolutely adore him, but I have way too much respect for him to ever do something like that to him.

    All I ask is that the fans please think of others, we all want to see him and HEAR him.

    Dianne, Glamb #356

    • Your comments are always great! I love your perspective! I can’t imagin how anyone could
      possibly want to talk and lose concentration on ADAMs performance. Watching ‘soaked’
      with nattering people drove me nuts! AFTERALL THIS IS THE MASTER AT WORK!

      • Dianne, that last mention was of course especially for you!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Jill, thanks for your comments. Hey, I have just realised that I have not replied to your email the other day, but I have posted what you wanted on a couple of sites and also sent it to my email glamily group.

          I wish you luck with selling the tickets. I am sure you won’t have any problems on that score.

          • glamaus says:

            Have e-mailed you Dianne…..Stock that Glitter! Thanks for posting for me.
            You guys in NZ are the Best!

  19. I do agree with your point Carol. I have been to many concerts and this is not new. I’m just hoping Adam is not bothered, knowing Adam, he will what he wants to say. I guess it’s not getting into him yet. I remembered one incident where he stopped one person rudeness and/or loudness.

  20. What if we made 8 1/2 x 11 posters saying something like
    “Please do not interrupt the show or Adam by singing along loudly or by hollering things when he is singing slower songs like Soaked and Mad World. All of us are here to enjoy Adam in the best presentation possible. Sing along and yell when it’s a fast song; please do not do so when the song is slower, more emotional, or Adam is more obviously connected to it.
    Thank you!
    — Glambert Staff”

    What do you think? Would it work?

    Or you can give me a microphone and I’ll take care of it… “Hey all you rude people! Shut the fever up!”

    — Sandra

    • Oh, and post those things on all the doors, both outside and leading to the auditorium.

      • LuvAdam476 says:

        @Sandra Great idea but 8 1/2 x 11 would be to small. Need something that will catch the eye. People are going to hone in on getting in and getting a good spot, not reading stuff on the doors.
        To bad each venue couldn’t have one of those Jumbotrons and it flash across that! Those always get peoples attention, especially before the concert starts.

        Gloria476 Glambert #476


  21. Or have a clipboard outside and have people pledge not to sing loudly or yell comments at Adam during the slower songs. Have people sign it and then spread the word. You could even make buttons that say something like “I admire Adam’s voice so much that I am polite when he sings those wonderful slow songs.” … or… “Please don’t shout or sing during Adam’s slower songs.”

    Just some suggestions to try to get the word out…

    • Or — “A DVD may be recording the event tonight. Please keep it way down when Adam sings slower songs, as the equipment may not pick up the nuances of his voice.” You (or I) can walk among the people announcing beforehand. I can look very official with a lanyard ID, etc. and people will listen to me. (Also, I can be intimidating when necessary.)
      What ever you want, people! Speak, and it shall be done!
      (I will be in Costa Mesa twice and San Diego once.)

      • danagram says:

        I am on board with you. I will also be at those three shows. Can not wait!

  22. If someone next to me at the concert acted that way , I would be forced to play dentist and do an extraction! Sorry but, Adam brings out the mama bear in me!

  23. Lol – Adam brings out the cop or karate sensei in me, where no one dared question anything the sensei was having you do. There was always a reason from a strong sensei, and if you had learned to trust his or her judgment, you happily went along with the program.
    What we need is our own security to supplement their paltry attempts at security. Any volunteers? This is NOT a power trip, but an effort to give ADAM the best concert experience possible.’
    I used to run tournaments that seated 5000 people or more, and we controlled the crowd.
    Plus – something I was wondering – is there a first aid station at these venuesa? There should be, if not.
    – (Sandra)
    Bakersfield, CA

  24. LuvAdam476 says:

    Lots of good ideas posted. I am going to two Glam Nation Tours, one in KC, MO and the other in Oklahoma City, OK. I hope people will respect Adam and not shout, scream have conversations through the slow ballads like SOAKED and SLEEPWALKER. Just want to hear that beautiful, incredible instrument, his voice!!! Not sure how I’ll react if people are rude, will try politeness first, then make them feel like idiots if necessary! Whatever it takes (My Family Motto).

    Hopefully enough people will read these posts and get the hint. Do the appropriate thing at the appropriate time. I disagree that if someone can’t sing they shouldn’t. Just because they have a tin ear don’t keep them from having fun and I doubt Adam would hear that one person anyway unless they are right there in front of him. Basically, use logic, reasoning, RESPECT and BASIC COMMON COURTESY!!!

    Gloria476 Glambert #476


  25. I know what you mean about the screaming,,it is an insult to an entertainer,,,and the audience,,I am going to Adam’s concert soon and dread not being able to see because everyone stands up and I am very short and cannot see over the heads,,or swinging arms, Being in my 80s I don’t get to many things nowadays and would love to enjoy Adam’s concert,,,Any suggestions on what I can do to enjoy his concett are welcome,,,

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      @Cricket, if you are going General Admission, standing room only, contact the venue ahead of time and tell them you will not be able to stand for such a long time. If it’s not a sold out venue they may have a seat available for you.
      I’m 55 and was going to take my mom who is 73 but can’t stand for long periods of time. I called the Venue, explained the situation and they had seats available, which was great, but my mom changed her mind about going so I kept my GA ticket instead of going for an upgrade.
      Good luck Cricket, let us know how it all works out for you!!

      Gloria476 Glambert #476


  26. Evette #419 says:

    Its my opinion that people who shout out at inappropriate times, yell inapproprate things or sing along show a disrespect to the artist. I know its all about having a good time and I thought I was only jealous of the “attention getters” but I see other people agree. I go to an entirely differant place when I’m listening to an artist like ADAM. Its almost a Zen place. Unfortunately, when there are outbursts etc. I suffer in silence!

  27. IDOLize says:

    talking and laughing and having a loud conversation during the show seems to me – not comming from true Adam fans.
    As for NOT singing along- your joking ar’nt you ??? this is the only part of intimacy we can have with Adam while we’re up close to him, unless of course it is a slow emotional song then a true fan would just stand there gobsmacked while he worked inside our heart and soul.

  28. AdamAddict says:

    Singing along quietly is fine but if u sing like U R in karoke sooooo no ok!Heloooo,~wave hand~who pay to hear U sing??If the person beside me sing so loud,I would just stare at her and when she look back and ask me why I stare at her, I would say “Of course I look at U,who else I should look?I pay to see U and hear U sing!” Let’s see if she/he got the point!LOL! 😛

  29. kat23morg says:

    I really do not mind if people sing along as long as I can hear Adam…It is when the dumb ass fans talk to each other…Video from Wango Tango I believe is a perfect example…he was singer an acoustic Aftermath and there were these girls close to camera and mic…just babbling away…not listening…being so rude to him and those who wanted to hear…in that case…yes I will tell them to be quiet…hech…when you are in a movie theater you do not sit there and carry on a conversation while watching…same here.

  30. Ima Ramorah says:

    2cents, yes catcalls and sing alongs might be annoying to you, but with all probability with the ear piece in and the hum of amps and instruments behind him he most likely doesn’t hear a thing other then his own amazing voice. 🙂

    and having been to many concerts both up close and in nosebleed seats there seems to be a time-(warp) lapse between when the lucky floor seats and the bleeders hear the same note. So cut the bleeders a little slack while their warbling a second or two after you might be annoying, they have just heard that blissful moment for themselves.

    the cat callers come in both sexes, both *bitchy* men and complelety zoned women yell sexual coments and toss clothing articles. Adam’s professionalism can handle it.
    goddess knows I’ve been at concerts where the stage managers could open a second hand store of tossed articles.

    people handle their bliss differently.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      And some people handle it with ZERO regard for the performer. Here are the facts: He adjusted his earpiece more than once after hearing the shouting. The song was SOAKED. He was pouring his heart out. The yelling was inappropriate for THAT SONG. The small children and teenagers in the audience were better behaved than many of the adults. There were NO nosebleed seats in Baltimore, so no time-warp. Still, much of the Baltimore crowd was RUDE. The most rude were the males. Sorry, it’s the truth. For him to have made a comment at one of the other venues means that he hears it, and he would rather NOT hear it. That kind of “bliss” should have stayed home that night and yelled disrespectful comments at their TV. Adam deserves better.

  31. I may have mentioned this before, not sure, but in the sixties someone hired a bus to take us
    to the Odeon Theater in Glasgow, Scotland to see the Beatles.
    I was so disappointed, as the fans there never stopped screaming throughout the whole show.
    I think my sister and me were the only non-screamers, as we had come to see and HEAR the
    Beatles. When it comes to fans out-singing or screaming while the artist is singing. I go ballistic!! Which brings me to Adam’s fans over here. At the Nokia theater, I thought the fans showed a lot of respect. Then again, I was sitting in the back – no way, can I stand all that time, so I couldn’t hear if anyone up front was singing loudly enough. I don’t think so.

    I agree! Fans should zip it, if they go to one of Adam’s concerts. It shows a lack of respect if you are singing loudly enough that the people around you can hear you. Besides, it is Adam that we go to hear, not someone who is not on stage. Sing, if you must, but do it so quietly that the people around you can’t hear you. Especially, when Adam is singing numbers like Soaked or Broken Open. The latter he did not perform, but he may perform it at another venue.


  32. Same thing happened in Hammond during the acapella parts of Soaked….and I was so irritated. I guess it’s people calling out trying to get his attention, but it really breaks the mood he sets and I’m sure it must annoy him a little, too. I have no problem asking people to be quiet, but then you sometimes end up feeling even more uncomfortable the rest of the evening depending on how they take your request. Luckily, this isn’t something I even remembered from the concert until I read this post about it happening again…everything else must’ve erased any of the negativity that I had felt for that brief moment. Light & Love, right?!?!

  33. Vocalsrule says:

    I don’t think Adam would try to control anyone. As he says “It is all LOVE”
    If we learn nothing else from him, how about assuming everyone has great intentions and no one is trying to ruin a show. They are just excited.

    There is the occasional out of control person who should be handled by their own friends for everyone’s benefit. Last weekend, I asked a drunk mom (with 2 little girls!) to yell at me instead of constantly hurling insults to her own son’s team! Eventually, the coaches talked to her – my only regret is that I don’t know if she was driving. Those poor kids. If she had been loud and obnoxious but not insulting, it was ok. In a concert, if they are sincere, it is ok. If they are just loud drunks – call security. Def let the 14yr olds scream. Remember your first rock concert?

  34. delibel (Nederland) says:

    I realy do not understand why people scream and talk during the slow songs,it is so beautifull to take that all in.
    Then when the songs are sexy and fun you can scream as loud you whant.
    I hope once in my life, to see ADAM and hear hem live and I whis that every one respect the artist.

  35. KO's smiling says:

    I don’t think it’s people like us who are doing the really bad heckling and screaming. They are friends of people who work at the venue or are part of the crew and are just happy to go to a show where they can get in free or early or drunk and not get kicked out. They’re not Adam fans and probably had no idea what they were in for.

    Maybe a group of Adam-loving girls brought their boyfriends who got silly drunk and starting making fun of everyone? I could see that happening, too.

    Anyway, I’ve been bringing ear plugs to shows for years and I find it helps block out the noise without lowering the volume of amplified sound. I’m gonna enjoy my show to the fullest and not let it bother me!

  36. cheryl 334 says:


    Just wondering if these people are the very young or just the very rude. I don’t bother with too many words when asking for some consideration of Adam and the people who came to HEAR the CONCERT, not the big mouths who don’t know how to behave in public or at least in a concert where the MUSIC and SINGER are the reason we are all there. But, ‘an eye to eye’ glance at someone makes my point very well. If I have to say something to someone who’s already such an idiot, ‘nice’ words will go right over their heads as they just don’t ‘get it’ in the first place But, ignoring these idiots is not the way to handle it. They can frustrate and anger too many people around them who paid good money, drove long distances, made a lot of plans just to get to this concert and they should be able to at least ‘hear’ Adam, not some idiot!!!!

    As far as singing along, personally, I can hear myself sing along to his CD anytime, and I wonder why people don’t see how dumb it is to sing along with every word instead of realizing the opportunity of hearing Adam’s amazing voice alone! I have heard artists say that it is so nice to hear the audiance sing their songs during the concert, but the avid and knowledgable concert goer is interested in listening to every note a great singer sings, and unless it’s just a rock band with no real connections to their songs and are just putting on a concert to let fans ‘party’ as tho the stereo was too loud, is assenine.

    I agree, when Adam sings, the fans should show their love of the music by LISTENING to it!!! Geeeeezzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do think we Glambs should take care to help these ignorant rude people to understand that if you are going to an Adam concert, come for the music, not to be loud-mouth redneck-types, or their in the wrong venue. That Adam’s fans are sure of what they came for and we are not going to stand by idly and let a few disrupt Adam’s set, and be rude to him and his fans if they do choose to come.

    I remember, this year, at a Tim McGraw concert, when McGraw saw some man being disrespectful to his companion, a woman, he stopoped the song and had security come and throw the ass out of the concert!! These kinds of things happen, and I hope Adam will say something, maybe not while on stage, necessarily, to get the word out about his concerns about his fans not besing able to hear the concert like he did on stage about that girl who decided to use her cell phone while in the front row, and kept yelling into it above Adam’s voice when he stoppled for a moment and said something to her. Loved that!

    Glambs should take notice. Not to be confrontational, but to be specific, using very few words to anyone being so rude. The words I have used in the past are, “I came to hear the concert, not you”, of course, I am too confrontational at times, and “I paid money to hear the concert, not you”, even so, I never had a problem and the idiots stopped their blabbing, as others around me felt the same way, so there was a ‘consensus’ and the blabbermouths knew it.

    It makes my blood boil when this kind of stuff goes on. I’ve heard so much of it when I watch the vids of Adam and can’t believe the crap that is going on right there in the front of the stage. I just thought I was alone w ith my thinking. Very happy to see others feel the same way.

    Something has got to be done, tho. Somebody needs to stand up and verbalize this problem. Carol, you did just that, here. Now, maybes you could send your thoughts to ‘higher ups’ in the newspapers, or other on line venues. Then, also, we Glambs could start making some noise on the internet, also, by ‘COMMENTING’ as often as possible in as many articles as we can saying how we feel. I dunno. Just a thouoght. Thanks, Carol, for bringing up this VERY IMPORTANT subject!!!!!!!:)


  37. I attended Adam’s concert in Baltimore. It was fabulous and thrilling to see him perform. I loved it!!! The fans were so excited to see Adam and did sing along to a lot of the songs. I was right up front and I don’t feel any fan was rude in a negative way. I do agree that I wanted to hear Adam sing the song…..not fans singing the song. But it was done with love and admiration for him and his talent. The venue was packed but everyone was well behaved…no pushing, etc. A great crowd that I hope Adam enjoyed performing for and feeding off of his fans energy and excitement. I hope the next time he comes to Baltimore…it will be in a bigger venue so more people can attend. The show was sold out in minutes!! Baltimore loves Adam!!

  38. adamfan says:

    I’m thinking that many of the inconsiderate people might not read this site.
    It might be helpful to make comments below a song on
    u tube (such as Soaked), where more people might view them and comment
    (politely) on other sites as well.

    At some school concerts, I noticed that many parents in the audience
    used to be so noisy talking that the teacher would put a blurb in the program
    or make an announcement before the performance outlining what was respectful.
    Sometimes they actually stopped mid-song to wait for quiet until people caught on.
    This might help, but then again this is a “rock concert.” We have become very noisy as
    a society, and the volume from sporting events seems to have moved over to music events as well.
    I’m sure Adam loves the cheers for the upbeat songs.

  39. patricia Pearce says:

    The use of a voice over as is used in theaters, asking that there be no talking and that cell phones be turned off would be a suggested way for the audience to be asked to thoroughly enjoy the concert, but to please allow Adam to “talk to them through his ballads” by listening carefully. I can’t imagine any true fan being offended in any way. In fact we’d be so grateful to know we needn’t worry.


    • cheryl 334 says:

      you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to do the same thing!!!!!!!!

      AND MAYBE MAKE ADAMS 5TH WISH CUM TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO Mary!When we all who actually listen to Adam,we cry listening to his beautiful voice while these RUDE, CRUDE AND UNACCEPTABLE people cry bcs they got yelled by you!LOL! 😛

        • AdamAddict, lmao too! All those tears. Gawd that would mean so much wetness in the venues, in more Ways than One!

          haha yes Adam would defin. be doing His Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Haha Summer, Aw yes,,,,,,,,,,Adams 5th wish on his bucket list 😉 Gawd, he was so adorable saying this! He didnt want to talk about it, its a secret and so personal for him. What a sweet loving man.
        Adam darling we can make your wish Cum true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah!

  41. I was also at the Baltimore show. I loved it, once we got through the terrible acoustics that accompanied Allison and Orianthe, but I too was wishing that people would be quiet. Especially for some of the slower songs, but actually for all of them. Adam was amazing — his voice, his look, his moves, his dancers, his band — and it was a shame to have that affected by people who paid at least as much as I did for tickets, but somehow seemed to want to hear their own voices more than Adam’s!! I also thought the venue was terrible — I hope next time Adam is in Baltimore he’ll be in a setting worthy of his talent!

  42. Vocalsrule says:

    You CAN’T control them. Be zen and let it wash over. This is not an Adam-like conversation. Ear plugs sound great – the amplification will get through. Is there one good type to use?